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Perd Gong Wic 3: Channel 3 Lakorn Showcase


One of my favorite things about Perd Gong Wic 3’s lakorn showcase (which has exponentially improved over the years) is the escalator ride down to the theater. It is Channel 3’s form of the red carpet walk. What better way to get people excited then to showcase the pairings arm in arm, gliding down the escalator? No better way, I’ll say. These are my favorite looks and it gets me even more excited for the lakorns that will air soon! Which show/pairings are you looking forward to the most?

Klin Kasalong

Yaya and James Ma

I mean, come on, Yaya slay all day.
Posters out, teasers out (see below). Now we just need the lakorn to come out.

Krong Karm

James Ji and Bella

It is bittersweet to see Bella arm in arm with James Ji when they’re not even paired in this mother in law drama. But we can take consolation that they will be friends on screen and off screen. Sigh. Act Art is savage like that. James and Bella, along with the cast, are all color coordinated in shades of red.

Thong Ake Mor Ya Tas Chaloang

Kimberley and Mario

This one is currently on air, but they don’t want to miss out on the fun! Mario is looking dapper! Kimberley is in her light and airy dress that mirrors the light hearted boran attire in Thong Ake.

Rang Ngao 2

Ken P and Janie

It’s Rang Ngao deux, with a glamorous looking pair.

Plerng Prang Tian

Nicha, Toey, and Yoghurt

Flanked by Nicha and Yoghurt, Toey is looking handsome in his relaxed hair. Missing Pon Nawasch.

Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai

Patricia and Alek Theeradeth

Patricia is looking gorgeous here, though I’m not sure about the frilly dress. Alek gets to walk the red carpet twice.

Wai Saep Saraek Kaat 2

Ja Jittapa, Alek Theeradeth, and New Chaiyapol

Alek’s second appearance, the original lakorn won many accolades and the second installment hopes to do the same.

Saat Ya Athitarn

Diana and Son Yuke

They look good together.

Rak Jang Eoie

Taew and Ter

Teaser below. This looks fun and funny. I’ve always enjoyed watching Taew dance, so this is no exception. What’s unfortunate is their costumes – everyone else gets to look glamorous while gliding down the escalator – but they get to be in costumes (for the lack of a better word).

Plerng Naga

Pream and Boy Pakorn

Is Pream in a costume or is this her outfit of choice? Boy looks good.

Random.. I know, but they are cute besties.

Yaya and Kimberley

Ch 3 has tweeted the PGW3 videos. Check them out @Ch3Thailand

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