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What are your hopes for 2019?


New Year’s Eve is upon us. Where did the time go? I hope that you were able to spend this last day of the year with your loved ones and people that make you happy. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this blog’s greatest hits and then move on to our hopes for 2019.

First of all. Thank you.

Best 10 this year:

  1. Likit Rak – Episode 1 Recap
  2. Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Ep 12 Final Recap
  3. Rang Tawan – Episode 7 Recap
  4. Reference Guide: ‘Once upon a time in my heart”
  5. Waves of Life – Ride or Go Under?
  6. Who is Pope Thanawat Wattanaputi?
  7. Rang Tawan – Episode 14 Final
  8. Time travel binge, anyone? Love Destiny & Love Beyond Time
  9. Likit Rak – Episode 12 Final
  10. Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 1 – Another Gangster Lakorn?

Majority of my readers are from the States, followed by India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

I’m glad to hear that you guys really like the recap list page and recommendations, seeing that those are the two most frequented pages. What type of content would you like to see next year? More recaps, reviews, musings? Granted, most of the postings are dependent on how the lakorns inspire me, but I do plan on writing about all the lakorns I will watch in 2019.

If you are a longtime reader, you know that I like romcoms, so I will pretty much watch any romcoms, good or bad. I’m a big fan of Broadcast Thai so most likely will tune into all their shows. I’ve been burned by Thong Entertainment a lot, so I’m going in skeptical. Act Art is reliably good, but are fearless, so I tend to get my heart broken with the endings. Last but not least, I’m going to watch all shows that are related to my puppies: Nadech, Mario, Pope, Kem, Mik, Weir, James Ji, James Ma, Porshe.

So without further ado, here’s my anticipated list for 2019:

Channel 3 (See complete list at Pantip)

Channel 7 (See complete list/pics at Neko’s site).

What are you looking forward to this coming year? Whatever it is, I hope that we will get to fangirl together. Thanks again for all your support! (All pic credit to Pantip and original owners).

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