We are here you guys! At the end of the road. I know I said I was taking a break from recapping on this blog, but this show drew me in like chocolate popcorn at a movie theater. I was here for it! What really worked for me was Peat and Kiew’s onscreen chemistry, every time they are together, it’s gold. Peat would do his revengey, douche baggy things, but Kiew was toe-to-toe with him every step of the way. The previous couple of episodes lacked that fire from Kiew and that bad boy quality from Peat, due to useless plot machinations, but the ending had me again. It brought us back to why we liked this show in the first place. If you’re gonna be bad, be bad through and through.

Peat pays a visit to Chaya, but it only made him see how much damage he has wreaked in the name of revenge. He tells Chaya that he’s sorry, but Chaya replies that she won’t forgive him. Peat is willing to wait, as long as she’s going to be ok. Chaya starts crying and lays her head on his shoulders, this is when Kiew shows up, watching by the hospital room doorway. Peat tells Chaya that Kriss wanted to hurt himself today because of what Peat has done to Chaya. Although they worked it out, Peat adds that he wants to clear things up with Chaya too.

He takes her hand gently and tells her that he won’t abandon her, and that he will take care of her as a friend. Chaya doesn’t want that though, she angrily questions if there is no way that he could love her. Peat asks to stay friends because he loves Kiew. Chaya claims there is no way they can be friends now, because she already loves him, and they ought to just hate each other. She pushes him away and falls to the ground, thinking about all the times he showed no interest in her, but that she had reached for it anyway. Peat watches her cry with agony, her nose starts to bleed but he could not take a step forward. Kiew rushes in and calls the doctor, who says she will proceed with chemo.

Kriss arranges care for Chaya, calling her parents, and watching sadly by the door as she sleeps. He thinks back to how much he loves her and utters that she has to be ok, that she can’t leave him.

Peat clears things up with dad as well. Back at home, Dad peers at his son and says that he could stop questioning his love now, that Dad loves Peat every much. Peat nods and then kneels down, an act of repentance and regret. “I’m so sorry, Dad.” This is what Dad ever wanted, so he kneels down too, and they hug it out. Happy tears, you guys.

Kriss takes care of his love, who keeps asking why he’s being so nice to her when all she has given him was a hard time. Kriss tells Chaya that he won’t go anywhere. He admits that before he would do these things just so she could love him, but now all he wants is to be there for her and to take care of her. Chaya apologizes, she says that she should be able to love him. Kriss says that it doesn’t matter anymore, whether she loves him or not, he’s going to stay by her side with no conditions. He doesn’t want her to feel badly, and that they will overcome this scary time together. Aw, Kriss! We see the side effects of the first day of chemo on Chaya, the beginning of hair loss, the nausea. Peat tries to stop by, but his presence made her condition worse.

As Peat leaves, Kriss tells Chaya that he has forgiven Peat already, and that she should too because that is the only way they can become friends again. Chaya concedes that she doesn’t know if she could forgive him. Next thing we know, Chaya pulls a last ditch effort and calls Kiew over. She basically asks Kiew to give up Peat. Though being the smart cookie (where have you been?!) Kiew tells Chaya that she should focus on her health and get well, because Kiew only wants what’s best for Chaya. She doesn’t bring up Peat, because Peat isn’t a product one could ask for.

But it doesn’t mean that Peat is off the hook. The puppy waits for Kiew in her room and gave her a big smile when she opens the door (the kind of smile that will make anyone weak, I tell ya).

However, Kiew wasn’t feeling it, she gave him the resting bitch face. I love it. He realizes she’s not that happy to see him and his smile fades. “We need to talk,” he starts, but Kiew has nothing to say to him. “Why are you still mad at me? I’ve repented.” Oh Peat, never change.

Kiew looks at him, “I do forgive you.” This makes him smile and he takes her hand.

“But it doesn’t mean I won’t divorce you,” Kiew corrects. HAHAHA.

“Why?” he asks, face stricken.

“Because I don’t know if your vengeful motive is gone. What if it comes back?” Valid concern.

“It’s gone, let me prove it to you,” he presses.

“No. I’ve thought about it, no matter how much I love you, I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want to be hurt again. I can’t bear it anymore. Let’s end things here,” she says.

“But I can’t..”

“I can! I will start a new life without you.”

“But I can’t live without you!” Peat exasperated.

“Oh yes you can, you’ve never needed me before,” she reasons and then takes a good, sad look at his face. “You’ve succeeded. Every time I look at your face, I feel hurt. Don’t torment me anymore, I can’t bear it.”

Those words hit him like a ton of bricks. His eyes well up with tears and he takes a step back, realizing that she’s truly done. There’s nothing else he could say to win her over. “I’m so sorry. I will go.” He walks out of her room, but gives her one last look, shaking lower lips and all. My poor puppy!

Sometime later we find out from Khatha and Pat that Peat has disappeared, and Kriss/Chaya are gone too. Pat says that they’ve experienced some tough times, they need some time to sort things out.

We find out Peat is back in Seoul to mend his heart, but it just looks like he’s going down memory lane, visiting all of the spots that reminds him of Kiew. Kriss brings Chaya abroad too. She’s wearing a knit beanie because her hair has fallen off, and she tells him not to look at her, but to look at the pretty view. Kriss laments that she is always the most beautiful to him. Chaya tells him again that she doesn’t know how to repay him, but Kriss urges her to treasure herself, and that is enough for him. They play in the woods and perhaps Chaya has started to open her heart to Kriss.

Back to Peat, he thinks about the sweet times with Kiew in Seoul and wandering aimlessly around town. As he reaches a bridge overlooking the beautiful fall colors of the city, his handkerchief – Kiew’s handkerchief that he kept – goes flying to the ground. It gets picked up by none other than Kiew.

In a flashback, Kiew found out that Peat had run away again (LOL). Kiew exclaims that she was only messing with him – just a little! She is flabbergasted at his lack of patience, she tells dad in disbelief that she expected him to persevere more than this, because she had persevered so much. LMAO. We see in another flashback of flashbacks, that during the bedroom scene where she told Peat that she wants things to end, and Peat finally leaves the room – Kiew had wiped her tears with a SMIRK. HAHAHA. Omg, I love this. Theepat reminds her that Peat isn’t like her, he has low levels of perseverance and high levels of sulkiness. Dad also reminds her that Peat has always been the one to go looking for her every time. He questions what would Kiew do if Peat never comes back? Pat agrees, she wonders if Peat would find another love some place else. Lol.

Back to present time, we see that Kiew followed him everywhere in Seoul, just enjoy watching him agonize over her. Gosh, that’s so embarrassing, it’s funny. When finally, she picks up the handkerchief and proceeds towards him. “I didn’t think you still kept this, did you fall for me since then?” she asks.

“Yes.. have you been following me all this time?” he asks, lol.

“Yea, I see the lonely and sad walk you’re doing. It’s like you’re filming a music video.” LMAO.

He glares and starts to walk away. I love his pettiness. Kiew tells him, “if you leave this time, I won’t follow you.” So he hugs her instead. “You’re not mad at me anymore?”

“How can I come this far and not forgive you?” she questions back. He hugs her a little tighter and uses it as an opportunity, “stay with me forever. I promise I’ll be a good boy.” Oh don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep, puppy!

Kiew gives him the side eye, “I don’t believe it.” Then she tries to walk off, but Peat gathers her from behind. He tells her that he has loved her all this time and that his revenge plate is clean. All is left is love, and that he loves her very much. Aw!

Kiew relents that anyone could say that word, which prompts Peat to say that she could slap him anytime he does anything bad. Oh I’m enjoying this too much.

Kiew starts to raise her hand, which startles Peat, “You’re going to slap me now?”

“Stay still, you said I could,” she reminds him. Peat shuts his eyes instead and awaits her punishment. This time, the punishment fits the crime and she pulls his face down for a nice long kiss. Kyaa!

Sometime later Kiew asks for her ring back. Peat gives her a smile and removes the ring from his necklace. Kiew says that they’re husband and wife, that she forgives him, and they will start over. He kisses her hand in response. You lucky duck. She asks for his hand next, as they promenade on their official, real honeymoon.

Meanwhile Khatha charms Pat and asks her to be his girlfriend. I would melt too if someone plays the saxophone like that.

Kiew sends their honeymoon photo and video to Dad. She tells Dad that although her and Peat did not start off on the right foot, everything they’ve been through made them stronger. It taught them how to love and how to build a life together. Kiew writes that she now knows that love can erase sin, and that dad’s love gave them today. Dad starts crying tears of joy as he reads and watches the video.

Peat says he realizes that Dad’s love brought them together. Kiew replies that it’s a little late for that realization, but Peat says better late than never. Lol. He tells her that he loves her for the millionth time and leans his head against her shoulder, like the adorable puppy that he is. Then he makes us swoon some more by swooping down and claiming her mouth for another kiss. Kya!

That was so cute. This lakorn knows how to close out a show with two people that truly made the show what it is! A melo, revenge, romance story that had all of the Kdrama flavors and lakorn addicted pacing. It was so good when it’s good, but also had some recipe for disaster as well. The directing was on point, however the writing lacked some major imagination towards the end – but the twists and the chemistry throughout the show kept me rooted to watch how the finale played out. And I’m glad I stayed, because I’m glad to see the old Kiew back. Her different ways to handle Peat – when he pushes her away (even though he doesn’t want to) she stubbornly makes him see what he’s missing. That tenacity kept it interesting, instead of a crying heroine who stands by the sideline that we got in the last few episodes. So to see her give him the final dose of his own medicine, to break his heart a little, was actually very nice. Does that make me a bit satanical? I’m sure some may not think that is even enough punishment, but I’m good with us ending it here. With Kiew being the boss, with Peat choosing to step into the light and being happy, and with the future slaps and kisses they will endure in their marriage. Perhaps someone should slap ME.