Things become clear in today’s episode, and the bad things that people do in this lakorn world, becomes something that cannot be taken back. Lines are crossed irrevocably (unless there is a twist beyond twist). I didn’t want us to go down this lane, because I’d like to think that we stick with the “pink” part of this story, but alas, show has a point to prove, and it is that there are some stains that cannot be washed out, no matter how hard you scrub it.

Dad tries to do damage control regarding the real heir debacle that leaked on the news, he gets his offspring in the same room, which is his first mistake because Peat spites that Dad could just come out with the truth and admit that he’s not the real son, and that Kiew is the real heir. Which of course makes Peat piping mad because he realizes that she has the most to gain so she must have been the one to leak the news. Peat starts shaking her like she’s a bottle and the truth will spill out of her. He thinks because he doesn’t love her that is why she’s retaliating. Pfft.

Dad urges them to focus on solutions because now is not the time to point fingers. Peat points more fingers and says Dad started this (lol this child) which of course Dad says he would be the one to fix this and also find the culprit who leaked the news, he just needs Kiew and Peat to lay low. Peat declares that he is going to hurt her so much worse and she ought to be able to bear it. But he says this with tears running down his face, so his threat isn’t effective. He’s so all bark but no bite, well maybe he bites a little.

This latest case does impact the business and the stakeholders, as the company shares dropped. An emergency board meeting is announced, and the shareholders indicate that the best course of action is to divulge who the real heir is. Dad is stuck in a rock and a hard place, but he does say that both Kiew and Peat are his legal heirs.

Once alone Kiew finally has time to think and breathe (without Peat attacking her and Kriss getting in her space). Kiew recalls her promise to dad that she would be ok living the rest of her life as his adopted daughter. Sticking with her promise, Kiew interrupts the board meeting by setting the record straight: the news report is baseless. She points out that she does have the most to gain if it’s true, so why would she admit it isn’t true? Peat wanted to storm into the boarding room to state his case, but overhears Kiew’s confession, and is doubly confused. The shareholders say that her words alone would not prove anything, but Dad chimes in that Peat and Kiew are legally married as well, so they have equal share, and can both take care of the business.

Dad addresses the media next, and Peat, unable to withstand the suspense, drags Kiew away for answers. He says it doesn’t make sense that she leaked the news and now she’s professing that she’s an adopted child. Kiew is fed up and tells him that she didn’t leak the news and doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Chaya shows up and hooks on to his left arm like a sticky purse you can’t get rid of and says “they” don’t believe Kiew, and that she just wants to look good in the media. Lol. This chit. Kiew realizes that no matter what she says, they’ll twist her words, so she merely says that she’s not surprised they love each other because they have the same mindset. Oh, burn. Peat asks if she’s mad because Chaya is right, and questions if she wants him to be in her debt. He wants her to wise up and know that he’s a pretty ungrateful person, as she can see from how he treats Dad.

So Kiew launches at him with the biggest burn yet just to get him to shut up: “Yes I have an agenda! Is this what you want to hear?” She scoffs, “my plan is to end everything ASAP, I don’t give a crap about this real heir thing anymore, I want to stay in the present and not dwell in the past like you. I want to be HAPPY! I want dad to be happy! But you don’t care to hear this, because you only care about yourself!” Gold stars for Kiew!

Peat spites that he doesn’t need to care about anyone else’s feelings when no one took his into account, which Kiew argues that he’s not the only victim here. She claims that if he thinks they’re happy about the past indiscretions, then he’s crazy. Ha. She tells him that she’s going to stop caring about him since he already has someone who understands him.

Chaya, the twat, chimes in that people who love each other understands each other, which Kiew wishes them well and that they would stay that way, so that her sacrifice, her means of protecting everybody means something. Ack, Peat hears this bit and scrunches his eyebrows, he has more questions, but first, he keeps envisioning that Kiew is turning her back on him, walking away from him, and this would not do. He’s not ready, never ready, to let her go. So he latches on her arm and proceeds to drag her to a quiet place where they can hash this out.

Peat takes her to a remote area, and they stand on a small bridge. He demands answers, indicating that they are alone now, and she can quit acting. Wait, I thought you were the good actor?

Kiew tells him she’s not acting, and she’s done having to bear this any longer, but Peat says he wants to know why she’s protecting him. Kiew relents that even if he hears the truth, he’s not going to be happy nor touched. Since he won’t let it go, Kiew finally says, “I did it for you! (I would add “I did it for you, Stupid!)” She continues, “I wanted to protect you. I cannot bear to see someone I LOVE get hurt over this. Are you happy now?” She turns around and tries to walk away, but the impact of her words hits him and he envelopes her from around her middle, like he couldn’t bear to be away from her for one more second. Kyaa!

Kiew pleads, “that’s enough Peat. Stop hurting each other anymore, I can’t bear it. If you don’t love me, just let me go.”

Meanwhile, Kriss finds out after some digging, that the accounting manager was in cahoots with Theepat on swindling the company. He trails Theepat and witnesses the man handing over money to someone – gambling debt? Loan shark? Regardless, he’s caught red-handed and Kriss uses the opportunity to find another ally to wreak his vengeance against Peat. Theepat owes a lump sum of money to some loan sharks and promises to do anything for Kriss if he doesn’t tell Khun Nai. He doesn’t want to disappoint the older man. Kriss convinces Theepat that if they ruin Peat’s life, Khun Nai would be too busy to even notice that Theepat had been swindling money. Gr. I knew Kriss was sketchy AF from the start, but this is beyond low.

Back at home, Peat orders the maid to move all of Kiew’s clothes back to their bedroom. (So apparently they each have their personal room and then the marriage bedroom.) Chaya, the conniving twat, notices how Peat wants Kiew back and feigns a spell. He deposits her in his bed, and upon seeing this, Kiew is done listening to him. He gets all huffy when he didn’t see her things in their bedroom and goes knocking on her door while his “mistress” is laying in his bedroom. What are you smoking dude? Kiew declares that she’s not going to be his tool anymore and shuts the door in his face. Chaya on the other hand starts to see that Peat isn’t being totally honest with her. But it’s not beneath her to scheme something else to keep him, I’m sure.

Kriss sets out to blame Peat over evidence of missing funds. He hands over a wad of bills to Theepat to pay off his debt, his face looks so excited to take down his “friend,” and adds that if they can put this blame on Peat, everyone would think Peat is bad. Even though he claims that friends don’t betray friends just a heartbeat ago, perhaps he no longer sees Peat as his friend. Which is unfortunate for Peat. Does Peat truly only have a handful of people who care about him without ulterior motives? This is why despite all of the crazy things Peat does, at least he is open about it. He may lash out and cry, but he’s like an injured puppy that needs some love. All’s one has to do is take that step and hold him. Methinks he can’t think straight when he’s around her. While he just wants to love her, he doesn’t think he deserves the love or protection.