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Trabab See Chompoo Ep 19 Recap 


Did we dream up episode 18? You know where Peat is, maybe slowly giving in? If episode 19 is any indication, I would agree with Kiew. Peat is very good at acting. In fact, he should just give up his Marketing Manager position at his dad’s company and become an actor.  

Kiew wakes with a terrible hangover, and like all of us, vows to never drink again (that is until the next weekend out and we want to party). She tells Peat that she doesn’t remember what happened last night, which prompts him to comment whether she remembers anything at all that she had done, which is a lot and she ought not to drink anymore. Like a concerned husband, he sticks around the room until Kiew’s hangover passes and she wakes. They have an adorable moment where he trips her and she falls right on his lap. But she doesn’t move from it, looking rather like a comfortable, satisfied cat. He questions teasingly on when she’ll stop seducing him. Kiew relents that until he gives in. But that is when the cute moment passes, and the rest of the episode seems like a bad dream. Or was it that the last episode was a good dream and now we’re faced with reality? 

Chaya shows up, making us wonder if she knows magic, but in a flashback we see Peat smirking his usual smirk as he vows to make sure dad’s plan failed. That involves calling Chaya to Seoul and wreak more vengeance. And Kiew holds her own, indicating that Peat took such good care of her last night, it didn’t seem like he missed Chaya, and that if he was indeed acting, he can put on another good act next time too, she’s always game. Peat is looking at Kiew like she grew another head. He agrees with Chaya when she said that he’s only putting on a one-time show, and that he’s going to be with Chaya now that she’s here. Kiew takes Peat’s hand and doesn’t give him permission to go. They have to do what dad ordered them to and that they are husband and wife, which leaves Chaya as a nobody. Then suddenly Kriss appears (somebody is giving out that room key way too freely), and takes Chaya away. 

Kiew hugs Peat tightly from behind and asks him to stay. He tells her that he no longer needs her, ack my heart. Kiew doesn’t give up and clings on tighter, even though Peat declares that her old tricks won’t work, his face sings a different tune. He says he will make her realize what hate is like. Then he kicks her out of the room. Kiew claims that she could never come to hate him because she loves him. She does hit the nail on the head when she states, “Please open the door, stop running away. You can run away from me, but you could never run away from yourself.” It’s like the hate he’s projecting on her is just a coverup for the hate he has for himself. Peat’s heart is stirred, but he remains stubborn.  

Meanwhile Kriss chastises Chaya for being a homewrecker and that she need only to observe Peat (instead of believing his words) and she will see how Peat really feels. Chaya disregards Kriss meddling and goes to prove a point. Here’s another character who falls for her own lies. She confronts Peat and makes him prove to her that he loves her. Next thing we know, she’s kissing him and Kiew enters the room (with a new keycard) and sees Peat putting clothing back on Chaya. He leans down to kiss Chaya, knowing full well that Kiew is watching. At this moment, all of Kiew’s perseverance shatters. She storms over and slaps him across the face. “You said you wanted to exact revenge. You want to see me and Dad in the worse pain possible. Well you’ve succeeded. You’ve shredded every last semblance of my heart until there is nothing left. I hope this makes you happy,” she says between tears, “Just let me go, don’t hurt me any more than this.” 

She walks away to cry outside in the cold, cold night. Kriss offers Peat to go after Kiew, because he knows Peat wouldn’t. Acting like the chivalrous fake that he is, Kriss declares that he will pursue and take care of Kiew now that Kiew announces that she’s done. There’s nothing like Kriss’ words that get right under Peat’s skin. He gets mad, which makes Chaya ask stupidly why he’s mad.  

Everyone returns to Bangkok, as sullen as they left. Kiew admits to dad that she has tried everything to erase Peat’s vengeance, but that she failed. Now she’s gonna leave it up to fate. Kriss leaks to the media that Peat isn’t the true heir, and the company goes into a media frenzy. Peat believes Kiew had leaked the news and Dad tries to do damage control… Now that’s what you missed in today’s episode. Tomorrow though, is another crazy day in Pink Sinner-ville, which is to say, just another normal day. Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to expect from this show, one day I’m elated and the next I’m crestfallen. They are playing with my emotions, I tell ya. Especially this one: good acting indeed.   

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