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Game Sanaeha – Round 3


Don’t let this pretty face fool you. It’s an all-out war now. Luckanai has always played the guardian angel to Khun Nu Nok spoiled, inconsiderate ways, but her harsh accusations and move at the beach prompts him to declare a war of his own: one that will not allow her to push him around anymore. Meunchanok on the other hand devises a plan to move him into checkmate position, hoping her plan will work by using the one very important thing against him.


Luckanai walks in on time to overhear that Meunchanok had devised the plan to prevent her dad and his girlfriend from interviewing with a magazine. Meunchanok wonders if the beauty queen girlfriend would tag along to the Full Moon Party.

To prevent that from happening, mom gets her media friends to book Pimunkae for a solo tv appearance in order to keep her busy for a few days. Penny tries to get intel from the maids on whether Mom has mentioned anything about Wongwait. Nobody knows apparently, but this news makes it to Luckanai who tells Penny not to try anything – in terms of trying to steal Meunchanok’s future husband. Lol. Penny says that they are cut from the same cloth and that it takes two to tango, if the man is interested in her there’s nothing he could do. Luckanai begs to differ, he says men pick a woman not based on who’s better, but sometimes, who’s easier. Ouch. But the more someone tells Penny no, the more she desires it. Penny makes sure her schedule is clear for the day and she take off to attend the Full Moon event.

At the beach Meunchanok sets up for the event but gets into a power play contest with Luckanai who reminds her that she must listen to him because he’s still her boss. Meunchanok chides that one day she’s going to take back everything from him. Then she takes off along the beach to document people who discard of trash carelessly. Luckanai follows behind to ensure she doesn’t get into trouble – lol he’s always babysitting her – but ends up scaring her instead. She loses her footing and twists her ankle, Luckanai offers to take responsibility by lifting her into his arms and carries her princess style back to the hotel. What I find most funny are the employees who are wedged in the middle of their battle of wills – and their reaction is hilarious. One of them finally figured out which “dog” had tried to bite Meunchanok and caused her to sprain her ankle. It’s the tall, not so furry one standing beside her.

Dad tries to make it up to his daughter by offering lunch and some help putting together the venue. Meunchanok gives him the cold shoulder but dad says that even though he may not be the best dad in her eyes, he still loves and cares for her and it’s not necessary that she goes about this alone. Dad thinks Meunchanok is still mad, but she makes his day by asking if he’s hungry too.

Meanwhile mom is trying to plot the meet cute between her daughter and future son in law, but Luckanai overhears this and she gets a little embarrassed of getting caught. But the show must go on as she spies her daughter getting closer and pretends to faint. Luckanai catches mom before she hits the ground and Meunchanok starts asking people around her if they have smelling salts. Wongwait comes running to help but he gets mesmerized as he locked eyes with Meunchanok. Luckanai practically rolls his eyes and tells the guy that the person who fainted is in his arms, not the one he’s staring intently at. LOL. Mom wakes up immediately once she smells salt and it’s so obvious that her and friend are faking the surprise encounter, like oh hey I know you! No one buys it, but they just play along.

Dad asks Luckanai to keep an eye out for Meunchanok and not to let her be alone with Wongwait since they don’t know anything about him. Meunchanok tells Wongwait that he can leave since they both know that their moms are trying to set them up. Though Wongwait doesn’t deny that he’s sticking around because his mom ordered him to, he does say that he likes the event she’s putting on, and that when you like someone it doesn’t mean you have to leave to spite your mother. Meunchanok notes that he’s pretty clever. She tells him to make himself useful since he has decided to stick around – and we see that involves body painting. Wongwait says he’s not going to be the only model here and prompts her for a face paint, but she flirts back and rejects it. This is what Luckanai sees as Meunchanok runs right into his chest. Luckanai chastises Wongwait for making Meunchanok look bad and Wongwait apologizes, he says he respects women as much as Luckanai does. When he takes off, Meunchanok tells Luckanai that he has no right to make decisions for her just because he may think it looks inappropriate. She goes after Wongwait and apologizes, then offers to toast drinks with him tonight. Wongwait sees this as a drinking challenge and they agree to it.

The event takes off and Meunchanok introduces the four-voluntary garbage collecting teams. She’s tasked with face painting those that have submitted trash, and a belligerent drunk randomly walks in and tells her to paint his face. He gets handsy with her but Luckanai comes to her rescue. A fight ensues but Luckanai knocks him down capably. Meunchanok doesn’t even thank him as she relents that it’s his job to oversea the event. Luckanai tells her it’s her job to paint faces, so paint his. Lol. She reluctantly agrees and Luckanai looks at her so closely that even she isn’t immune to a handsome canvas. Their moment gets broken as Wongwait interrupts them for his promised drinking challenge. Meunchanok warns Luckanai that he had better not be planning on stalking her.

When they are out of Luckanai’s sight, Meunchanok removes her hold on Wongwait’s arm and thanks him for rescuing her. Both of them notice that they are different from others and that is why they were paired up to be together. Though Meunchanok says that’s the biggest mistake. They both laugh it off and proceed with their drinking binge. Luckanai does find himself searching for them because he takes his babysitting job seriously. I honestly thought it’s some fancy benefit party, but turns out, it’s a rave party. It looks like a fun time though as they dance and drink and laugh. But they drink by the buckets and Meunchanok is especially drunk. It turns out, Penny had this planned as she makes eye contact with the girls who invited Meunchanok and Wongwait to play games and get drunk. As Meunchanok is left to watch the flame throwers, Wongwait gets accosted by Penny who begs him to walk her to her room because she’s afraid of drunk foreigners. (He recognizes her immediately as the woman he helped at the hospital). When she throws herself at him in the room, he does not resist.

Meunchanok starts to feel the effects of alcohol as she starts to see kaleidoscopes. Some bad beachgoers have their eyes on her but as she hits the ground, Luckanai catches her in time.

She doesn’t have her keycard because she had given it to Wongwait previously to pay for the drinks, and Luckanai fumbles around looking for it, and almost collapses on her as he’s trying to hold on to a cute drunk Meunchanok. Even though he is helping her discreetly in the stairway, people still manage to see them and are not pleased by their apparent PDA. He realizes that he needed to get her out of public eye and so he takes her to his room, placing her gently on his bed. And as he gazes at her adoringly, she threw up on him. Luckanai is wrapped in a towel from the waist down, as an employee returns the correct luggage, he overhears Meunchanok’s voice, even though Luckanai denies it.

Meunchanok pulls Luckanai in real close, she’s practically cheek to cheek with him, thinking he’s her pet and tells him how much fun she had today. Luckanai enjoys the coddling but hears that her happiness had all to do with Wongwait.

Meunchanok sees flashes of the back of a man and in her drunk stupor she dreams that it was Luckanai trying to do bad things to her. Lol. Meanwhile Penny takes blackmailing pictures of Wongwait in her bed.

As Meunchanok wakes, mom frets over what could have happened to her if Luckanai hadn’t come to her rescue, but Luckanai tells mom not to say that he had been the one to bring Meunchanok back to the room because she wouldn’t be pleased with the news. So mom plays along and tries to find out if Meunchanok remembered anything from last night. Mom is disappointed in Wongwait but let’s Meunchanok go on to believe that Wongwait had sent her to her room that night.

The employee who heard Meunchanok in Luckanai’s room last night accidentally told the secretary about what he saw/heard. The day’s event involves participation in keeping the sea clean, so they will be diving for garbage. Wongwait volunteers himself to be Meunchanok’s diving partner but gets derailed by Penny who calls him to thank him for last night but that she’s saying goodbye. It doesn’t sound good to Wongwait’s ears as he hears a glass shatter through the phone and rushes to see her. Since no one could get a hold of Wongwait, mom decides to volunteer Luckanai as her partner in the diving collection contest, much to Meunchanok’s frustration.

Luckanai tells her that they must take a break with their war in order to work together and win the contest. Lol. Their momentary peace is cute as they worked together to collect garbage from the sea and end up winning first place. Everyone notes how Meunchanok is smiling AT Luckanai.

Luckanai runs into Penny who says that she’s just returning Wongwait’s sunglasses back to him, but Luckanai knows that she may intend to go into Meunchanok’s room to gloat. Penny means business because she has evidence to convince people that Wongwait slept with her that night. Luckanai says he can’t believe there is still women in the world who would steal another person’s man and that she must not have thought about her own mother who works hard to ensure she succeeds in life. The insult doesn’t bother Penny because she got what she’s after, and she tells Luckanai that Wongwait came on his own accord and shows him the picture from last night. Luckanai deletes it and orders Penny not to tell Meunchanok about this.

Wongwait thinks back on his tryst earlier with Penny when she was in his arms and he promised never to leave her. He doesn’t look too happy about the turning of events, and things are about to get worse for him as he answers the door to a very angry Luckanai. In fact, Luckanai punches him in the face and says that he left a very drunk woman alone at a party when she still deliriously said that he made her happy. Wongwait apologizes and Luckanai orders him not to tell Meunchanok about what happened and to forget about the other woman. He adds that Wongwait ought to know which woman is more valuable. The female employee sees this and goes off to tell the secretary.

Meunchanok happens by the two gossiping and learns that she had been in Luckanai’s room the previous night and that the employees think they are dating but are keeping it a secret (and pretending that they don’t get along). She storms angrily away, recalling the employees naming them Romeo and Juliet because they believe that her parents don’t agree with the match.

She bangs on Luckanai’s door and pushes him away when he opens it. She peers at the painting which brings her to a memory from last night, of a shirtless man standing next to it. Putting two and two together, Meunchanok throws garbage at him, chastising that he’s equal to garbage and should know his place. Just because he dresses nice doesn’t change the fact that he’s lowly and that he can never measure to her. Ugh, this is painful to hear. She launches at him, thinking that they did the deed last night, and she asks why he did it, was it to get even or was it for money.. but Luckanai doesn’t get an opportunity to explain. Meunchanok says the employees are gossiping about them and she goes even further with her insults, that even a dog learns to be grateful but that Luckanai is just trash. Oof.

Luckanai is getting angrier the more insults are thrown his way until he says that they are not that different, really. Her parents are abandoning her. These two, they know exactly what to say to hurt each other. Luckanai says that the changes going on between her parents should show her that nothing is certain in life and she shouldn’t insult others (namely him) because who knows, maybe she will be an ordinary Meunchanok who will take his last name. Oh snap. She tries to slap him and he holds her close but she’s disgusted of him which makes him equally pissed. He says he’ll wait for the day where she won’t hate him but begging for him to hold her like this. He adds that she can deny how she feels but she can’t deny her needs. He earns a slap for that, but that only makes him say that she just made the first move in their game and that the next time she slaps him, he’s going to kiss her. She stares angrily at him as if he wouldn’t dare, but he tells her that he carried her all the way to the bed, kissing her is a piece of cake. He says that it’s time she learns that she’s not above anyone else. Someone just nominated himself! Meunchanok simmers with angry tears as she spats that he’s messing with the wrong person.

Wongwait apologizes for abandoning her that night and after a few smacks to the arms, Meunchanok forgives him. She says that a person who asks for forgiveness has a higher chance than someone who doesn’t even know he did anything wrong. She adds that she can’t blame him entirely because she got roaringly drunk as well and should be saving herself. The two make up and promise another round of Full Moon another time.

Another couple made up as well, dad and Pimunkae, with a candlelight dinner. She promises to prove to Meunchanok that she is mommy material.

Meunchanok presents her successful project to the board and it is met with applause. Dad is proud, so Meunchanok asks if she could be the VP now, lol, sorry had to laugh. This girl has guts, I’ll give her that. Dad says he’s been meaning to talk to her about that.. and next thing we know, she’s storming into Luckanai’s office blaming him for rallying the board against her. Luckanai says she’s good at blaming others when things don’t work out her way. She says she ought to reveal his true colors but then Luckanai relents that she would only say that the board isn’t loyal and are turning against her. Luckanai calls her childish to think that the board would support a newbie over someone they’ve grown with their own hands. He tells her that without the board and the President’s pleading, he’d quit the minute she stepped foot in the company, but she doesn’t believe it one bit. Luckanai says he’s actually a straightforward person and means what he says, especially what he said at the beach.

Meunchanok tattles to grandma, she vows she will never forget how much she hates him. But when grandma says that he ought to be the one to bend at her will, it reminds her of how he has reacted when he’s close to her. Meunchanok gets an idea on how she would get back at him. Grandma looks a little uncertain at her granddaughter’s satisfied smile.

Meunchanok tells dad that she is ok stepping back and learning the ropes, she understands that even though she’s the owner’s daughter, she still has much to learn. Dad is relieved to hear it because he has been bothered about losing Luckanai when the man didn’t do anything wrong. Dad then tells Meunchanok that he wants her to attend a TV interview which will cover their benefit event and efforts on the beach. She has a plan in mind and says that she’ll need someone to answer the difficult questions and chooses Luckanai.

During the interview the hosts compliment both Luckanai and Meunchanok and they proceed to answer live questions. One person questions whether Meunchanok would leave the man sitting beside her because the person wants to go with her on the next outing. Meunchanok answers with a smile that she can’t abandon this person – she touches Luckanai’s hand – because according to their theme, everything must be put away so that you can bring your friend home. They ask her if Luckanai is really a friend and Meunchanok replies that he’s the company’s treasure. The hosts tease her that he must be her own, personal treasure. Lol. Luckanai just peers at her with an inquisitive smile.

After the interview, she invites him to have crepes with her, which is a bizarre request and Luckanai mentions that. He says it was bizarre the moment she invited him to attend the interview with her.  She deflects and says that she needed him there in case there’s an impromptu question that she can’t answer. Grandma phones her immediately demanding to know what the hell happened during the interview, why is she pretending to be nice to Luckanai. Meunchanok calms her grandma down by telling her that she will never forget what he said to her or how he made her feel. She very much still hates him. However, in order to exact the perfect revenge she just needs to adjust her game plan.


YAS, I’m glad to see that Luckanai has stopped putting up with her shenanigans. I know he has always challenged her and never lets her get away with things, but he really stepped it up by telling her that he isn’t going to put up with her anymore, that’s refreshing. Though the recent twist in Meunchanok’s game plan from what we can gather in the preview makes it seem like Luckanai is going to fall even more in love with her, as if he hasn’t already protected and looked out for her enough. I hope he knows that she’s only pretending, but he’s pretending not to know. Fingers crossed.

Which makes me wonder, does she truly think that Luckanai is conniving and evil and money hungry to the point that she hates him this much? My heart is a little sad that she could never come to see the real him. I wonder at the falling out, because even as children, she seemed to like him enough, what caused her to hate him so much? It’s not like he caused her parents to divorce nor take anything that truly belonged to her? She thinks that the ultimate revenge is to turn his words against him, to make him love her and take back everything that belonged to her. She doesn’t realize how on point this is and how much it will hurt him in the long run.

To be honest, there are a couple of things that still peeve me. One, I’m still not a fan of Meunchanok. She meets her mom’s choice in Wongwait and accepts him immediately – because he’s on the same level as her, and she can open herself to liking him. On the first day they meet, she gets roaringly drunk with him, trusting him completely. Which makes me think that she’s just a snob through and through. And two, Luckanai just makes a judgment that Meunchanok is better than Penny and that Penny cannot take what belongs to someone else. Well darling, Wongwait belongs to no one. And because Penny goes after what she wants, that makes her the bad guy? Sure, she kinda plots things along and uses her wiles, but Meunchanok is a snob that insults every person that’s not born with noble/rich blood, and she goes to great lengths to destroy him. How is she any better? I don’t think he is in the position to make a judgement in terms of meddling with people’s affairs, leave that to karma.

Though in a way, I can understand where he’s coming from – Wongwait is the only man that made Meunchanok smile and happy and Luckanai wants her to stay that way – but he’s being so much the self-sacrifice quiet hero that it’s all so very toxic. Part of me just wants Meunchanok to be with Wongwait and for Luckanai to find a woman that deserves him. But there’s that whole tricky thing about love though right? You can’t always control who makes you happy or who you love, even if she drives you a little crazy. Stay strong Khun Nai! Stay strong!

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