The death of Mona and Andre hits everyone, and it makes our princess realize what’s important in life before it’s too late. Unfortunately reality itself hits Dawin who decides it’s fine time he and the princess tend to their duties, since DUTY is of utmost importance to him (or so he says). Which results in a sad, sad day to be a commander and a princess. We make progress in unveiling the true culprit and each side take measures to protect what they care about the most.

EPISODE 9 RECAP: “Shadow of the Crown”

Mona reaches for her phone and smiles to see that her son is calling, she says to Andre that maybe Alan changed his mind. But unfortunately, they will never know as their car explodes into smithereens. The impact reaches all the way to the hotel entrance, where Alan ducks. He rushes to the site and sees Hrysos flag burning on the ground and knows it’s his parents. Yikes.

Dawin and Muat Paen stops Alan from going any further as they survey the area. Dawin spots a suspicious man (though he doesn’t know that it is Hedais) and makes chase but loses his tail. The news of Andre and Mona’s death reaches everyone: grandpa comforts Kate that she still has him and her brother, while Alice hears it from the hospital and chastises herself for accusing her uncle and Mona for being the perpetrators behind her own assassination. She berates herself on why she would think something like this without evidence.

Alan takes it the hardest as he instructs Muat Paen to relay a message to Alice, that she can keep her position, he has lost so much already. He thinks back to his parents who raised him with love and is devastated.

Dawin apologizes to Alice for not being able to apprehend the culprit, but Alice says that it’s not his fault, the culprit has plotted this with care and it happened beyond anyone’s imagination. Dawin promises to catch the culprit and reports that he has assigned more protection around the prince since the baddies know he’s still alive.

The General walks into the hospital room in time to see that Alice has taken hold of Dawin’s hand and she thanks him – though her eyes say more than that – she says that Alan must feel badly because he’s the cause of this. Alice asks him to monitor Alan closely and update her if anything changes. Dawin squeezes her hand (and our heart!) and the General interrupts their moment to say that the king wants Alice back to Hrysos tomorrow.

Kate runs into Will’s arms and cries over her father’s death. She says that it’s not ever going to be the same anymore at the palace and that it’s dangerous and she’s scared. Will doesn’t have time for her silly tears and fear, so he tells her that he overheard Hrysos government needing to appease the public with a new heir and he has suggested someone whom he feels is the best fit, which surprises no one. Like how does he even have any say on who the next heir is in Hrysos? Lol.

Priew and Khun Ying thinks the fancy room at the hospital belongs to Dawin’s mom and want to pay a visit, but much to their utter shock and surprise, it’s for Naree. Alice gets rolled out and everyone bows to her like the princess that she is, and she announces her real identity to Priew and Khun Ying, lamenting to the General that there’s no point in hiding it anymore.

Priew and Khun Ying complain to Dawin’s mom for not telling them, but Dawin’s mom relents that she did say Naree isn’t an ordinary girl. The two women freak out for downplaying and for the way they treated the princess and wonder if this will impact the General’s position. Then they wonder if Dawin is married to the princess, if that would make him a prince, but mom tells them that the marriage is a sham and it’s not a pity because it’s impossible that a princess would marry an ordinary guy. But all of this conversation leads to the one thing she wants to find out: what country is the princess from? Well of course it’s Hrysos, the one country she hates above all else.

On the hospital rooftop, Alice shares with Dawin that her country has a belief that when you die, your spirit will find your true family, therefore every time she encounters a problem, she’s not afraid of death, for she would be with her mom and dad. Alice says that her dad and uncle ended on bad terms and she wonders if they can make peace now. Dawin jokes that he doesn’t know, they’d have to wait until he dies first, and he’ll report it back to her. I’m over here wishing he wouldn’t say things like that.. but Alice smiles and compliments him for his ability to console her, no one can make her feel better when she’s thinking about her dad.

Alice says that he must be missing his dad too but Dawin relents that his dad is his life. He became a soldier for the old man and if his mother hadn’t been working elsewhere, he’d be taking his dad’s place and taking care of her. Dawin adds that if the belief is true, when he dies he would have no regrets because he has done his best. Which is opposite of her because Alice cannot face her aunt and uncle in the afterlife, she regrets thinking badly of them. This makes Alice determined to say exactly how she feels and not to hold it in and regret it later. YES. But Dawin says that there are certain things he wants to say but he can’t say it out loud. Alice questions what it is.. to which Dawin just looks at her for a long time.

Mom demands to know why the General has allowed Dawin to take part in a mission knowing full well that it has implicated his family in the past. The General says the mission is over as they speak because the princess is returning to her country tomorrow and they may not even see each other again for the rest of their lives. Well that sounds tragic. Mom wants to know how she can be sure that the two hasn’t already fallen in love with each other. The General doesn’t know about that but he’s sure Dawin would do the right thing. Mom flashes back to when her husband decides to protect the king in Hrysos because he simply can’t leave the king in danger, but he opts to leave her and son in Thailand. She begs for him to stay but he declines, noting that he’s saving the life of a person who runs an entire country.

So, mom goes to see the princess and tells her that she knows her identity now and questions why she saved her life. Alice admits that she wants to pay for what her family has done to their family and mom uses this strategy to ask for a favor: “if you want to pay, I am willing to accept it. Let’s consider this a life for a life and we are even. Now that nothing is standing in the way, I am asking for my son’s life back.” Oh, mom.

Dawin tells the General that his mom ought to know that he can protect himself, but the General says she’s not worried about that, she’s concerned Dawin would fall in love with Alice. (Like it’s a crime to fall in love with a VIP!) The General says that he reassured mom already that Dawin knows this is work and for safety measure he reminds Dawin again that everyone is going back to living their own lives after the mission. Dude you’re laying it on thick here, I get it! Pfft. Poor Dawin, looking like a sad puppy, he says he’s aware of his place.

Back to mom and Alice, mom says that if Alice has any mercy on her, she would give her son back to her, like Dawin is a piece of meat. Mom goes on her knees and begs, saying that she only has Dawin left in her life, and that she’s never been afraid of any other risky missions that Dawin tackles, but when it comes to Hrysos, she’s terrified. Alice is shooketh and tears fall, like how do you respond to that?

Ugh I can’t watch what happens next, Dawin goes to see Alice and tells his minions to leave. But he couldn’t get himself to go inside, he just waits by the door, as Alice cries against it.

Meanwhile Alan slips pass Muat Paen and team’s surveillance as he obtains a fake passport and disguises himself as he leaves the country. Kate is furious he would pull this act at a time like this, but grandpa says to let it go because he has no more energy to force or fight with anyone. He wonders why the traitors are so harsh on him and what he did wrong to deserve this. Aw grandpa, you can’t control evil people. Kate says that maybe “those people” don’t wish any harm on grandpa but they just don’t agree with the choice of the heir. Grandpa wonders what will make them happy if they don’t agree with either Alice or Alan as heirs.

Once alone Kate walks the same walk as Alice during the coronation, but this time, Kate imagines herself as the one getting crowned and ascending the throne. Well hello crazy.

Dawin sees to his mom now that his mission is over, someone else will take care of sending the princess back to her country. But when Alice hears that Dawin isn’t seeing to her protection, her face falls. Didn’t he promise to see to her protection until the very end? At least until she’s in the airplane maybe? Sigh. Alice calls Muat Paen and asks for a favor, and we see Muat Paen relaying Alice’s message, that she wants to see Dawin one last time and say goodbye. Dawin looks torn, but we find out that he agrees, but to see him, she must step out of the hospital without anyone knowing.

Lo and behold our princess disguises as a nurse and walks out of the hospital like a badass that she is. The meeting place is the church, where they exchanged vows. Dawin thinks back on that fine day, as well as the time they’ve had together, to all the reality checks by the “well-wishers”. Ugh I can’t take that sad puppy look.

Alice meets him at the church and asks why he’s not seeing her off. Dawin makes the excuse that she has enough protection with the team and so he asked to take care of his mother instead. But Alice reminds him that they are standing before God, so he shouldn’t lie. She says that his mom mentioned before that he only intends to marry once, she asks whether marrying her would jeopardize his original intentions. Dawin tells her that it won’t. Alice asks him if he remembers what she said this morning, that she will say exactly what she means, without regret. She steps closer and tries to tell him how she feels but Dawin interrupts her (no don’t do it!):

He clarifies, “When I said that I will only marry once in my life, it means that our marriage doesn’t count.” Oof. He adds, “Our marriage is out of duty not out of love and not real.”

Alice retorts, “then all this time.. is there no love?”

“The only love that I have is the love for my duty, Your Highness.”

Alice’s tears fall and Dawin looks away. “What about when you said you’ll keep all of your memories with Naree?”

“Naree isn’t real.” Stop it dude! “Everything that has to do with Naree isn’t real. I’m just an ordinary soldier and you’re a princess that will rule a country, it’s time we go our separate ways and see to our duties. If possible.. you should forget everything about Naree. I won’t remember (her) either. Please have a safe trip, I bid you farewell.”

He bows his head.

Alice thanks him for making her departure easy, “like you said, everything that had happened isn’t real.” She removes her ring in front of him and walks off, with the General and team behind her. Dawin clenches his fist (with his ring firmly on his finger) – I hope your view of the floor is amazing, Dawin!

Alice is escorted to the airport, as she thinks about Dawin’s last, heartbreaking words to her. Dawin drives to their spot at the beach and thinks about his lies to her.

The King summons a meeting to discuss the current state of affairs. Kate is also present, in her pomp and flair, ready to take the reins. Each of the bureaucrats describe the situation to the King, it doesn’t sound good, from the public morale to the questions surrounding the royal family situation. They suggest that a new heir should be announced, and the king laments that he shares the same concern and has decided that the only solution to their problem is the heir. Kate is getting giddy at where she thinks this is leading to.

The King says that he doesn’t want his last remaining granddaughter to be put in danger, because no matter who he announces, that person will be put in danger immediately. Kate stands up in haste and says that if it’s for the country, she’s willing to do it. Lol. But the King says there’s no need, because the current heir is back and ready to take over. Oh the look on Kate’s face! We see in a flashback that all the assassination attempts were Kate’s doing. Ha I knew it! Alice steps up to the plate and tells everyone that they will get to work, and she will do everything she can to assure the public and to make Hrysos strong again.

Kate rages at Hedais that Alice isn’t dead but Hedais is confused because he shot her himself. She says everything that they’ve done means nothing now and Hedais embraces her, lamenting that he’s sorry for failing her. He promises not to fail this time since the Commander isn’t in the picture. Kate’s working him like she’s working all the men around her, making him believe that she has only him now and needs his help. We see that once she’s alone, she starts to lose it and scream, and in a flashback, we see how she has been holding it all in since she was a child. Show reveals that she’s behind all of the bad things in this show.

It’s cute that the dream team cares about their boss, they all know what’s up (except for Muat Ling) and keeps asking him if he’s ok. Dawin is ready to start training new special forces recruits, which is what he tells mom during dinner when she inquired about his work. She then asks about the car bombing case and questions if he still worries about the princess. Not helping, mom! Dawin relents that he can’t stop himself from thinking about her, but he sure can stop himself from getting involved, I love how he adds the last tidbit that this should make his mom happy. Hahaha. You gotta enjoy the small digs, guys. Mom looks at her son walking away, concerned.

Alice is concerned about Alan who’s in hiding and orders Petra to investigate his ticket destination. She is determined to get as much work done as possible and wants to stop anyone from interfering with the crown princess role, whether it’s on her or someone else. She’s gonna be BUSY.

And so is our Commander, who’s in charge of training the task force, he puts them to WORK, barking orders left and right. The dream team notices this and Muat Ling wonders if it has to do with the princess. Muat Hin says that the most pitiful of them all is Prince Alan who is out there alone, somewhere. This makes Muat Paen super worried about him.

Alan is at some mountainous area, thinking about the last thing his dad said to him, which is that it is time he goes home now. He’s probably back at Hrysos, somewhere in a cabin.

Alice brainstorms with Petra, and questions whether the culprit is after the position or after her. Yes, let’s be smart about this. But before she could think about this further, Will pays her a visit.

Kate apologizes to grandpa on behalf of the bureaucrats who thought that Alice won’t be returning. Grandpa doesn’t mind, he says without Alice and Alan, she would be the heir. Not helping, grandpa. Kate gives him hopeful smile and thanks him for his consideration. Grandpa asks if she has seen Will, he heard he’s with Alice.. Kate’s smile fades upon hearing this.

Will asks if Alice misses Hrysos, to which she replies that she does, but she’s concerned about the safety of the palace more than anything. He takes her hand and says that she is the Alice he knows, who is more concerned about others than herself. He sees why people love her and so does he. Pfft. Kate sees right through him and she sneers at that remark. She insinuates that Will worries about them just like his own brothers and sisters. She knows that the two countries are like sibling countries and wonder when Alice and Will would tie the knots the way that the grandpas have hoped. Alice pastes a smile on her face and says Kate is thinking too far in advance, her mind is only on the state of the country. Will and Kate give each other cryptic looks and he gets her alone to sort things out.

Will tries to convince Kate that it is his job to act like that with Alice, but Kate is furious. Kate says that he could use his government connection to make her the crown princess, but Will says it’s not that easy when the bureaucrats all respect Alice. Kate cries that she doesn’t want to lose him, but Will says the best thing she could do right now is to keep quiet and not to divulge their relationship. Uh huh, handy buddy. Petra spots them together as Will says he would be the one to tell everyone about their relationship, and that no one could replace her in his heart.

Muat Paen reviews the security footage again and recognizes that the man who walked away from the car bomb looks an awful lot like Hedais.. Meanwhile Alice wants to know if Hedais is behind the murder because it will put not only her but Kate at risk. She wants to know what his motives are. Petra doesn’t bring up what she saw, but she says that it could be someone else’s motives that’s using Hedais. Alice wonders who would have that power if she and Alan are out of the picture. Petra believes that it’s someone who wants Kate to be in power and is working with Hedais. Ah, Petra thinks Will is the baddie. Alice thinks the person must be cold hearted and ruthless, she orders Petra to find evidences and she will punish him/her.

Muat Paen shows the video footage to her commander and they confirm it’s Hedais doing. She asks to go to Hrysos and find Prince Alan and protect him. She admits that her job is done here, but if someone she cares about is in trouble, she has to do something to help. This comment made Dawin sadder.

That night, his mom comes to wake him and asks what he’s doing in the dark. He is still in a state of not-quite-awakeness and he imagines Alice coming to him. She tells him that she gets it now and that her return to Hrysos this time around means they may never see each other again. She says goodbye.. and Dawin calls out to her in his half-asleep state. Mom looks down at him in frustration.

Alan quietly mourns his father, in a breathtaking scenery.

Kate hears that a secret meeting between grandpa and Alice is taking place, the palace has stricter policies and protection. She goes to see Hedais and tells him to pause their mission, they need to get Alice out of the palace in order to do any damage. She tells Hedais that he’s the only person who has seen any value in her, and Hedais says she’s his everything and won’t disappoint her next time.


Didn’t think we were in for a second, rough goodbye did you now? Think again. Though this time around, I don’t quite understand how this will benefit Dawin for claiming that he was doing this all for duty instead of love and that their marriage means nothing to him? She was going to Hrysos anyway and she had been honest and open with him, and that she will continue to be honest and open so that she won’t regret anything should she die, I would think that Dawin feels the same way. Throughout their life and death situations, you would think that Dawin would want her to at least know that her feelings are reciprocated. Even if you won’t have a happy ending with her, why would you want to hurt her? I don’t think hurting someone you love is an answer to anything, it’s not like she’s asking him to move to Hrysos with her. We haven’t been given rules about this kingdom, such as will Alice lose her status if she marries a commoner? Like dude, I’m with Priew and Khun Ying here, he could be a prince! Lol.

So in a way, the sad situation with Dawin is something that he has brought upon himself, no matter how sad it is for me to see him sad. That poor puppy look. I’m also surprised that he didn’t honor his words at least to see to her safety, until she boards the plane. She saved your mama!

This episode felt a little slower as we unveil who the real culprit is, and now that we know for sure, the only goal to the remainder of the story is how Alice is going to catch her. I mean, what else is there left to do when the crown princess is left to her rightful place on the throne? This show is more about the safety of the princess than it is about the princess actually ruling a country, so it’s hard to imagine what else we got going for us. Which means more time for romance! I keep saying that all this sadness should lead to some semblance of happiness. All these goodbyes would make it seem like we’ll say more hellos in the future. So, hello, I’m ready. Rubbing my hands together in anticipation for the reunion, happy or otherwise! I’ll take what I can get!