Hello? Is everyone still breathing after watching this episode? It’s a double whammy kind of day. Just when we think that the biggest part of this episode is that Phor Daed returns home from Paris- that 44 minutes he was gone, he was dearly missed – we are in for a rude awakening. It’s like show is telling us that we’re getting way too comfortable adjusting to Ayutthaya lifestyle and swooning over our Ayutthaya man, that our life requires some shaking up. I’m a mixed of shaken, jarring and all encompassing stupefied, for the lack of a better word. Not to mention, my eyes are still swollen! I definitely did not see this coming..
P.S. I’m at the max of my picture bandwidth, so apologies for the lack of pictures 🙁


We open this episode with Katesurang playing matchmaker. She instructs Khun Reung to visit Mae Ying Janwat while her mom isn’t around. So on a lucky day, he finally gets her alone. He tells her immediately that there is someone whom he thinks about everyday. This seems to catch her off guard, but Mae Ying continues that she knows who he misses, and guesses it must be Mae Karakate. Khun Reung quickly clarifies that he misses Mae Ying Janwat.. not Mae Ying Karakate. Haha. But Mae Ying Janwat isn’t stupid as she relents that since he wasn’t being clear earlier, she had to feign ignorance. Khun Reung thinks she’s the most adorable woman for saying this, and Mae Ying adds that he has told her how he feels by his actions. He acknowledges that he loves her and takes her hand, questioning if she feels the same way. Sometimes you need to hear it to be sure. Mae Ying simply giggles, because time hasn’t changed for men, has it?

Katesurang lies in bed that night and suddenly stirs awake at the sound of someone calling her name. She opens her bedroom door, and to her surprise, it’s mom. Katesurang threw herself in mom’s arms as the tears fall. But it guts her when grandma shows up too. Mom wonders why Kate is crying when she’s happy, but Kate is beside herself and asks if they could stay with her forever. Aw, ugly crying here. Mom relents that they are here because they know she misses a certain someone terribly since he’s not around, and that they are only here briefly to visit her. This starts the tears anew, as Kate wonders if they could just stay with her if only for a day. This bittersweet dream stays with her through the morning as her maids look on, helpless.

The housewife lessons continue as Khun Ying Jampa prepares Katesurang for her wifey duties. Kate asks Khun Ying if she could pay a visit to Mae Ying Janwat. Khun Ying allows it, with a warning that she ought not to cause trouble anywhere else. Little did Khun Ying know that Katesurang would visit Mae Ying everyday to try and convince her to do something that’s against everything that Mae Ying believes in. Katesurang tells Mae Ying that Khun Reung can barely work or eat due to his love for her, and that if she loves him too, she ought to do something about convincing her mom to accept him. Mae Ying acknowledges that she loves Khun Reung, but that she would not lie or deceive her mother in the process. Katesurang tells her that it’s a mere white lie, and that it will all be worth it because she can marry Khun Reung, unless of course she is ok marrying some old, ugly fart. Lol. When mom tells her that some rich guy asked for her hand in marriage, Mae Ying has no choice but to lie in bed and feign an illness. She repeats fervently that she wants to die – ha, this is what she was against? A couple of days later Khun Reung approaches mom with some silk (and we’ve never seen Mae Ying Janwat get out of bed so fast).

Even though mom vows that she will never approve of Khun Reung, what he said to her though, slowly took down some of the resistance. Mom says that no one understands those who lost everything. Khun Reung gently admonishes that he understands and would like to make this house the house it used to be. Well, I’ll be. I love how the men in this show really have a way with words.

Mae Malik overhears her husband talking to the French and decides to share this with Katesurang. She tells her that there’s an army coming back with the Ambassador – about 600 men. The king has reportedly been ill off and on and Constantine has grown more powerful everyday. Mae Malik is concerned that her husband isn’t loyal to the king, since she knows that he only cares about power and money. Katesurang instructs her to think and act carefully, because if she’s accusing her husband of something, it may fall badly on her too. Instead, Katesurang advises her to talk to her husband and convince him to be good and do good things for her. Perhaps love can turn things around for him. This surprises Mae Malik who thinks Katesurang must know something about her husband. Katesurang merely says that everyone thinks he’s up to no good and it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on his actions. Furthermore, Katesurang says that doing the right thing is something you can live with, and you can make history. Now if only that weren’t so true.

Katesurang reports her findings to Khun Loong, who then shares it with Petracha and Luang Sorasak, who thinks Constantine are cavorting with the French and up to something bad.

And finally, HE’S BACK! Phor Daed, looking so fine and more mature. The pillow also made its appearance back. The two can’t seem to keep their eyes from each other until Khun Ying relents they should prepare a meal for Phor Daed. As Katesurang brings him some tea, he looks up at her and notices that she seems.. full? Lol. Katesurang immediately thinks she must have gained some weight, but Phor Daed smiles and says she’s lively and beautiful. The way he looks at her, it’s like he’s looking at every inch of her face. Katesurang asks him how he fared in the cold country. Phor Daed tells her that he’s kept warm thanks to the clothes she made. He gives her one of those looks again and says he brought a gift for her. In an antique box, Katesurang’s face light up, she wonders if it’s perfume or jewelry. Phor Daed says that it’s a book. Haha. Her face falls slightly but she thanks him for the gift anyway. Phor Daed stands his close stance next to her (as per his usual, swoony move) and tells her that he didn’t bring any French smells with him and did not get involved with a French woman.

Katesurang rounds the corner to blush and say how dang cute he is, trying not to swoon at his feet. She peers at her gift and it’s a freakin’ written journal, you guys. I swoon so hard. This guy knows his way to her heart! She loves knowledge and wants to see and do everything, so it’s fitting that he wrote his daily account of Paris to her. He wants her to see what he sees. I mean, it can’t get any more romantic than this!

Khun Loong gets Phor Daed up to speed about what he’s missed since leaving for Paris (he was gone for 2 years!) I do not like to see Khun Loong coughing! Khun Loong says Constantine got a promotion and is called Preechawechayen now, this name triggers Phor Daed’s memory and that Katesurang once mentioned this title during Constantine’s wedding.

It’s a moon filled night when Katesurang blushes over Phor Daed’s previous words to her. And as usual, she’s too busy swooning to notice that he’s right next to her. He catches her before she falls and they hold each other’s gaze. He questions what she’s doing out here and she returns the same question to him, “or did you miss me?” Hee.

He smiles and says he’s here to gaze at the moon. Nowhere is as clear as here. Katesurang surmises that one can gaze at the moon from France too. I love how Katesurang instigates for him to admit his feelings (that he misses her), and when he does, she’s always un-expectantly blown away. Like you can’t get used to being so swept off your feet. Phor Daed tells her that not a day goes by that he doesn’t miss her. AW. Then she spends all night dreaming about how swoony he is and giggling in her sleep. LOL. The servants’ expressions are the best.

Phor Daed has to report to the king that morning and tries to bid his quick goodbye to Katesurang. He says Kosa Pan wrote the report while he will read it to the King. Katesurang asks Phor Daed if he had written what Kosa Pan wrote on the diary for her. He turns to her and says, “I’ve written every, single word in the diary myself. Because when you’re thinking about someone in particular, how can you use someone else’s words.” OMG. Katesurang turns away, blushing. He gets closer and almost whispers in her ears, “when a heart is so full, one has to write it down, to contain it. Otherwise the owner of that heart would perish from its weight.” Katesurang gets goosebumps and Phor Daed pulls her closer, to warm her. Pretty sure she’s not cold anymore. He whispers, “I can hear your heart beating. You’re not so strong are you? I will return this evening for your rebuttal.” Katesurang stares after him in bemusement. She gives him a wave goodbye, prompting Phor Daed to return the wave. When he does, Ai Joi giggles loudly to himself. What is this adorable goodbye nonsense?! It’s not a bad sign, right?

Meanwhile Khun Ying has the maids scour the living room for her bracelet. When it doesn’t show up she suspects Nang Prik, her close maid, since she believes you have to suspect the person closest to you. Nang Prik balks at the accusation and shouts back at her boss that she didn’t do it, offended by the very idea that Khun Ying should believe her words. After a tense moment of bickering back and forth, Katesurang steps in and defends Nang Prik. She says that people who are thieves befriend people and try to gain their trust. Based on Pah Prik’s personality – who likes no one and mean to everyone – she’s not the person who stole it. This seems to win over Pah Prik, whose eyes watered over. The missing jewelry eventually turns up but Nang Prik turns her nose up and still hurt over Khun Ying’s accusations. But she turns over a new leaf when it comes to Katesurang, who recently converted her over. Lol.

Katesurang continues reading Phor Daed’s diary, how the Ambassador is well liked and respected, and that in one entry, Phor Daed mentioned how much he misses her, especially on the days that he doesn’t have any events to attend to. P’Yam smiles at how much this diary brings life to Katesurang. Haha.

Phor Daed’s and Kosa Pan’s report to the King was well received. They talked about how cold it was there, how people don’t wash everyday.. the King questions why they didn’t bring back a French wife, does it mean they miss their wife very much? Lol. Phor Daed doesn’t have a wife, but he relents that he misses his soon to be wife very much. AW.

That soon to be wife is in Khun Loong’s study – like what are you doing in there! Don’t tempt fate! She notices the scripture and realizes it’s Kritsinakalee. Curious, she pokes around until she sees the box that should not be opened. Upon touching the box, Katesurang collapses to the floor in a dead faint. Her spirit/soul gets kicked out of the body, absorbing into the wardrobe behind her. OMG.

Pah Prik finds Katesurang unconscious on the floor and screams. This is what Phor Daed hears upon returning home. Khun Ying doesn’t take it too seriously since it seems like Katesurang is sleeping on the floor, she orders the maids to bring smelling salts. Phor Daed rushes to her side and he gently tries to call for her to no avail. He orders Ai Joi to bring the doctor immediately and carries his fiancé to her room. Mom still doesn’t get it, until Phor Daed tells her that Katesurang is dying. Time to start fussing, mom!

Phor Daed pleads for Katesurang to wake up as he waits by her bed. “Don’t go anywhere, stay here, don’t leave.” Tears falling from his eyes, I’m a blubbering mess over here.

The doctor could not diagnose her (of course) because on the outside, she seems fine, but her heart is erratic. He wonders if she touched something, which brings Phor Daed to his dad. They both realize what must have happened, and what they need to do. Khun Loong tells Phor Daed that there is a chance that the old Karakate from 5 years ago could come back if they perform the kritsinakalee. Phor Daed is now realizing that his dad knew all along that this new Karakate is different. Khun Loong relents that of course he knew, it’s clear that their personalities are different, and that this one is loveable.

Phor Daed says he won’t stand to see her lifeless like this. He’s willing to take the risk. “I will chant the prayers. If the Karakate of mine does not return, or if she does come to but is not the Karakate of mine, but is the old Karakate, I will ordain forever. I will not have a mate forever.” OMG.

Phor Daed dresses in his religious garb (and I die, I mean, isn’t he HOT or what?) and they commence the chanting. The maids stay by Katesurang’s side, with Pah Prik assuring her that Phor Daed is trying to save her.

Katesurang finds her spirit at the Priest’s quarters. She begs him to take her home and he asks which home she wants to go to. Oh snap. Katesurang could hear Phor Daed’s kritsinakalee chanting and the Priest confirms that it’s a chanting to bring her back. But that there’s one place that she can never return to because she has ceased to exist in the place that she came from. This hits Katesurang like a ton of bricks and the tears fall. She finally learns that she’s dead in the present. Poor Katesurang. Can someone give her a hug?

Priest told her to steel herself, he’s about to show her something. We are taken back to the present where Katesurang watches over her family. Before the accident we see grandma having a nightmare that someone took Kate from her and that Kate has a short lifespan. Then the scene of the accident happened where the car flipped over and Reung stared up at the dead Katesurang helpless and in tears. Ugh, my heart. Everyone mourns her and Reung begs for forgiveness from mom, and that he’s sorry that he caused her death.

Next Katesurang receives another breaking news: she has a twin sister. Mom says that her twin sister died and they hoped she would survive, but now they’ve lost her too. Wait, what? Katsurang says she wants to hear more about this. Me too! But mom says that 20+ years with her isn’t enough, while grandma says they got 20+ years with her. Mom also says that she feels badly for Reungrit because he’s going to ordain forever. Another, “wait, what?” from yours truly. Sounds eerily familiar.

In the praying room, Reung says, “why do you have to die? I didn’t even get to tell you.. that I loved you.” Katesurang sobs for her friend. “I was going to tell you that I’ve always loved you, for a long time. Since..”

Then..we see the back of Phor Daed, and his face superimposes with Reungrit’s. GAH!

Phor Daed, wait, Reungrit says “I’ve loved you for so long” BUT HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU LOVED HER FOR SO LONG?

Katesurang finishes his sentence, “since 300 years ago right Khun Phi? Reungrit, is you, Khun Phi?”
Phor Daed’s tears are slaying me.

“Will I ever get to go back and see you again Khun Phi?” Katesurang questions, as tears consume her.


What in the actual fuck? Well I’ll be damn. PHOR DAED IS REUNGRIT? I didn’t see that coming. I’m gonna need a moment to collect myself. This twist/reveal came out of left field! If they wanted to shock me, they’ve succeeded, but I’m left a little put out by this. I’ve been swept up in this story and didn’t give a minds eye to Reungrit in the present because Show didn’t give a minds eye for Reungrit. And then we get a dobble ganger of Reungrit in the past, so of course we wouldn’t think that maybe Phor Daed is Reungrit. For one, we haven’t been given enough of Reungrit in the present to even have an idea, sure he’s always looking at her in THAT WAY, but come on. And Reungrit had his entire life with her and he couldn’t confess his feelings? That doesn’t seem like Phor Daed’s traits at all. This guy is a closer. Then he said he has loved her always and for a long time – I’m so confused! Does that mean that Phor Daed in the past will remember/know that he will love her in the future? And the long lost dead twin part! This is all happening too fast, I feel like the rug has been taken out from underneath me. Dude you got 2 more episodes, that’s not enough to satisfy my cravings! Especially when you threw me this hot mess of a twist.

Perhaps another argument they’re trying to make is that your soulmate could come in whatever body, if he’s your soulmate, then you’re fated to meet him again. Whether he’s Reungrit in present time who looks like Khun Reung in the past. I just felt like Show pulled a fast one over me, and I hate that feeling. I’d like to come to my own conclusions, thank you very much. But this episode was SO GOOD. I was a sobbing mess and I was along for the ride until the very end, until I started seeing Phor Daed’s face superimposing over Reungrit’s. It got depressing real quick – think about it – does that mean that Phor Daed in the present is left to be alone/ordained forever? My POOR PHOR DAED. I was totally ok that she got over Reungrit and fell in love with Phor Daed, but now we know that she’s loved the same person all this time. Why isn’t it ok to love someone else? Does it make it less of a soulmate plot? Ugh, dying here. Why can’t this story make sense? And just the idea that the reincarnated Phor Daed is going to be alone without his Katesurang? Even that’s just too cruel for a lakorn. I’m sure they’ll start explaining as we have two more episodes left, but golly, can’t you sprinkle some sort of concrete clues so that we’re all on the same page? Ugh show, you’re going to be the death of me. I just love you so, and I am angry that I am baffled. So please, un-baffle me.

Update to my comment (2 hrs after my original post)

Some fellow fans on twitter explained the reincarnation belief a little more. Apparently if you’re soulmates, you can see your soulmates through whatever reincarnated body they possess in this life, and also you will look different (hence Phor Daed and Reungrit). By the same token, does it mean that they will have different personalities too? And based on the past life, since Phor Daed promised that he would ordain and will never find another mate, he practically (and royally) screwed his future self from diverting from his soulmate. And because Katesurang is his soulmate and he inadvertently killed her, he has to be alone for the rest of this life. So tragic. Yet since Katesurang goes back into the past, he in a way, has another chance in that life to be with her. So people, don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep! You may end up screwing your future self. Based on this theory, the reveal was bound to happen, I’m just still kind of shaken up though with the extent of the reincarnation, but at least within this universe, the logic makes sense. Still sad, but at least I’m satisfied with the answer. Now tomorrow’s episode gotta be filled with cute to make up for all of the tears today.