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Looking Forward


Dearest Readers,

How are you? Happy belated everything – Christmas, Birthday, New Years – wait I’m not late on that. I hope the year has been kind to you. As you know, this year has been an eventful one for me personally. I welcomed the birth of my second (and last!) son – who is now 7 months old. I’ll let that sink in. I’ve aged a year wiser too and much of my day is wrapped up in work, play (with kiddos, another type of fun), eat, breathe – rinse, repeat. But in between the daily grind and the sleepless nights, there’s an indescribable magic. I look at these two adorable faces (and one older, very handsome face too) and I think there’s so much to be thankful for. This year has indeed been kind to me.

Although much of this year’s lakorns are like ships that pass in the night, one thing I can count on is that lakorns don’t really change. I don’t feel like I’ve missed much because they recycle the same recipes over and over. This is not a terrible thing mind you, since one could always come back and it would be like seeing an old friend again. In the past, when I do watch lakorns regularly, I end up comparing them with each other and come out a little frustrated. I learned that one should enjoy lakorns for what they are, and when they surprise you and aim to be more than a lakorn – to be something of a masterpiece –allow that as an exception to the rule. So I learned to focus on the lakorns that stood out for me instead.

I did not watch many, to be honest. But when I did tune in, the only lakorn that compelled me the most was Sorn Ruk Kammathep aka Hidden Love. I fell for the kind and wise hero, and the strong and flawed heroine. She was so relatable. They were so cute together. And most importantly, I was sold with their love story. Was that all needed to watch or were there more I missed out on?

Watching lakorns and writing about them are so much a part of me that I could never stop doing this. I feel like this new chapter of my life, being a mom, can add different perspective and depth to what I haven’t understood or seen before. I wouldn’t say that motherhood changed me, but it certainly busts a lot of the unnecessary bull crap out of my life. I’m so much better at being efficient and cutting out time wasters. This means that I can drop lakorns so much quicker if it’s not compelling, and I don’t force myself to watch it until the end.

So what is your favorite lakorn(s) this year? What made you pull your hair out? What new thing(s) have you discovered this year? I thought James Ma joining the Instagram world was pretty awesome. I missed seeing NY always together, I sometimes wonder if they broke up, but then they never officially came out. Don’t worry, Yaya wished him a cute birthday on IG so maybe they are still very close. Then James Ji graduated, which brought a tear to my eye, because school is cool, and we should always strive to have plan B. Margie married her sweetheart, and I truly think he knows he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Chompoo welcomed her twin boys (talk about double trouble)! My dear friend has a boyfriend (you know who you are). And I’m sure other things happened, but these are what I remember off the top of my head.

I wanted to thank you for dropping by and taking a gander, even with little updates. I know we’ve had some great conversations here, and I’m looking forward to having more with you. Thanks for your patience, I’m not planning on going anywhere. Just maybe wrangling in my two very busy children.


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