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Charebelle and Navin Tar in Fun Ruk Fun Salai


I noticed a teaser for tomorrow’s evening drama, Fun Ruk Fun Salai, and found the lead actress familiar but couldn’t quite put my finger on her name. Then I realized it’s Charebelle! She had played in several OneHD shows and will be featuring for the first time with Navin Tar and Ch.3 (albeit evening show) in an action drama lakorn that centers on an immigrant woman who enters Thailand to escape to America for a better life.

Charebelle plays the illegal immigrant who gets lured into the sex trafficking in Thailand in order to save enough money to travel to America. Navin Tar plays the cop along with Bua Wansiri who is tasked to breakdown the sex traffickers and illegal immigrants. Charebelle’s character meets First’s character as she tries to escape both the gang and cops, and realized that First had hidden in Thailand after escaping their town but has been struggling to save money for his American dream.

When Navin catches up to Charebelle, she threatens to take her own life and pleads for Navin to spare her because she had been tricked by the gangs and only detouring through Thailand to reach America, her ultimate destination. He takes pity on her and decides to help her hide until she finds a route to America. Feeling grateful, Charebelle offers to sleep with him in order to repay the debt, but Navin declines, opting to help her with the goodness of his heart. They develop feelings for each other through this time and we’ll have to find out if Charebelle’s character will reach her dream of going to America or die trying.

Navin and Charebelle look so good together! Evening dramas are usually the fluffy and cute ones, but this one looks pretty intense, raw and action packed. If you’re a Charebelle or Navin fan, you can check them out on Channel 3’s Fun Ruk Fun Salai tomorrow evening. First and Bua Wansiri play the second lead couple.

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