We are closing out the Cupid Series with Defeating Love, featuring the big boss himself, Khun Phim (Ken Theeradeth) and his feisty secretary, Waralee (Chompoo Araya). The unique thing about this couple is that we have seen their relationship throughline teased throughout the seven parts of the series. They are forever bickering until Waralee could no longer stand to work for her boss and quits. Though Boss does take some time to grovel, he earns her back at his side and realizes how much she means to him. In his words, she means the world to him. The problem is, he can’t quite confess that to her. As we all know, Boss is a proud and stubborn man, even apologizing to Waralee required some kicking and screaming. So it comes as no surprise that the biggest confession of his life is going to require lots of coaxing and time. Unfortunately, as this first episode is quick to point out, time isn’t exactly on his side.

We open with an interview with the gossip ladies about his new book “Choose Your Destiny” specifically tailored to the working woman looking for love. He advises the reader to look at the people closest to them for love. Pwahaha, did he write a book and go to an interview just to hint to Waralee that all’s she needs to do – as the ONLY SINGLE woman left in the company- is to look at the single bachelor at work? Ahem, him for example? Though he means well, Waralee doesn’t take the hint (because who would!), instead Waralee is incensed at him singling her out and embarrassing her. As she points out, there is nothing wrong with being a perfectly, hot, single woman and she sets out to prove that she could do it all: she could take care of herself by working out, learning a new language, knitting, and also being a badass at work.

Benz (the gay employee that is one of my favorite characters played by Mick Baromvud) questions why Boss couldn’t just tell her that he loves her instead of hinting in a backhand way. Boss says that every man could confess his love but not every man knows exactly what Waralee likes or dislikes. Benz begs to differ and suggests that Boss give it to her straight, but Boss admits his greatest fear: what if he confesses and he loses her? He decides to go about it his way, which means to put his foot in his mouth. So Boss proceeds to tell Waralee that he knows that the seven Cupids’ love life has got to bother her and that he’s there for her if she’s lonely. Waralee takes this to mean that the boss should stop being nosy and meddling with her affairs, totally missing the whole lovestruck look shooting out of his eyes. I love how she forces him out of his comfort zone.

So Boss goes about it a different way. He brings over her favorite dishes to her house; one of them is a snail dish. She cutely teaches him how to eat the snails since Boss has never had them before. He sneakily asks her in a hypothetical way that if he were to pursue her romantically, would she rather he confesses his feelings or demonstrates them. Ha, this guy. Waralees thinks on it and admits both are equally important because you should tell the person you like them and show them at the same time. But to her, action is more important. Boss smiles secretly, totally convinced that he knows the way to her heart. Waralee asks if he is planning on pursuing someone, but every time Boss tries to coyly tell her that, you know, she’s THAT woman, they get royally interrupted.

To make matters worse, an allergic snail reaction sends him to the hospital, making Waralee feel terrible, because she had no idea he had such an allergy. Benz points out that it’s because SHE loves snails, but that comment went over her head. What does freak her out is the next news: an x-ray indicates that Boss has a dark mass in his chest. They don’t know what it is, but worse case scenario it could be cancerous. Whaat? Waralee bursts into tears and tells boss he could treat her however way he wants to, but he has to be with her for a long time. Aw, is someone cutting onions around here? The doctor says Boss would have to come back in three months to do more tests.

Waralee stays up many nights researching how to stay healthy for her boss, but much to Boss chagrin, she does not visit him again at the hospital. Being a pouter puff, Boss tells Benz that there’s no point in confessing to her now. Though when he comes home, he sees notes from Waralee all over his condo, instructing him about food, rest, drinks, and that she’ll take him bike riding the next morning. This brings a smile to his face and he rushes to see her right away. Only, caring for her boss prompts her to reach out to an old town acquaintance name Dan Chon, who has grown up to be quite a man. He’s 23, mature and thinks he knows what life is all about. Waralee had reached out to him for biking pointers, but turns out he has a green thumb as well.

Boss comes face to face with a young man that irritates him beyond the know it all attitude, but the fact that he’s younger and much faster to freely admit his feelings. Dan tries to tell Boss to take better care of his health, because at the end of the day, if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. Boss doesn’t appreciate his disrespecting tone and schools him like old people do: he asks how old he is, did he go to school, what did he study, lol. Waralee later tells Dan that she admires that he knows what he wants and goes after it. Dan says that she’s the first person to mention that, and he’s immediately smitten. Right when Boss tries to confess that he likes Waralee, Dan beats him to the punch and asks Waralee if he could date her.

Now that took the wind out of Boss’ sail. Instead of confessing, Boss says he hates everything that she has prepared for him while he was out sick. But we know he’s just mad because she said the young man could date her. I love the side interviews where the characters turn to the audience and tell us how they really feel. It’s like we get to be a part of their internal battle, and we don’t have to “guess” what they’re thinking about. Boss is not giving up just yet. It’s like when he gets discouraged, she gives him another reason to fight for her again. Case in point, Cupid Hut is a contender to win an award as the top matchmaking company in the world. Benz suggests they put together something special for their guests to show the voting members that they’re serious contenders. Waralee comes up with a plan and gives the team a powwow that they must do their best for their boss and for Cupid Hut. This brings a smile to Boss’ face.

The day before the presentation to their clients, Waralee gets an invite from Dan Chon for his birthday. The girls at the company encourage her to go and even cover up for her. Dan Chon requests that he hold on to her phone for a couple of hours as a birthday present and proceeds to show her what life would be like if she were to become Mrs. Dan Chon. He runs an organic, crunchy café where it took him a year to design and grow everything. He shows her how to eat and savor leaves, I mean salads, and take nice long naps. Ok, I’m sold with the naps. What’s great about this scene is Waralee’s expressions and reactions to Dan Chon. Like, “are you serious?” but she plays along and gets a nice nap from it. Can’t blame her, and he’s cute and treats her like a queen.

Unfortunately that backfires. That nice long nap stretches her unavailable time to the wee hours and Boss could not reach her. He finds out that she went on a date with Dan Chon and lied to him (well her coworkers did), but what upset him even more is that she would allow herself to fall asleep in Dan’s presence and let him draw her when she barely knows the guy. Something could have happened to her. Waralee notices how upset Boss is, but when he says that he’s not mad, just disappointed, that hurt her even more. So as the clients wait for Boss speech, they heard things they shouldn’t have. The mic on Boss gets turned on (unknowingly) and Boss’ argument with Waralee gets blasted on loud speaker: that he paid his employees to find a boyfriend and that he does not believe in love and match making, only of the profits they bring. The clients all scramble in anger and threaten to sue for scamming them.

Kevin, their counterpart sends an “image maker” to help turn things around for Cupid Hut PR. Turns out he sends Boss’ ex-girlfriend. And she’s a piece of work, rolling into their joint and bossing everyone around: she tells them to do as she says and get Boss to make a statement. But Waralee is queen of the clapback and suggests that they cannot allow Boss to make a blank statement and apologize because that is creating more lies. They should have Boss make a statement explaining why he said what he said, because what people appreciate the most is when you make a mistake and admit to it. Bravo.

Boss’ ex girlfriend confronts Waralee that she shouldn’t disrespect her in the meeting, and Waralee calmly tells her that she’s sorry if ex-girlfriend is upset, but if she wants to be respected, she ought to respect people first. Bam. That is why I love Waralee. She’s a strong heroine who has a good head on her shoulders. This is not the only ex storyline we’re going to get, during the lunch with Boss, she mentioned that there’s a tree planted from her ex, which in lakorn world, only to mean that that ex will make an appearance. This will surely help step up the game in their storyline because as much as it’s so fun watching them bicker throughout the series, when it’s their own story, we need enough meat to chew on for seven more episodes. In the grand scheme of things, this is a short show, so let’s hope for some tight writing and keep up the cute and funny.

I like the contrast between Boss and Dan Chon, because they give Waralee different perspectives in life. It’s up to her to choose which ones align with hers and who she’ll be happy with at the end of the day. I like that Boss asked her whether she knows how he feels about her. Waralee admits that she has an idea, but doesn’t dare to think it’s true. This is why Boss needs a kick in the pants to confess his feelings and then act on it. And what better way to do that than by introducing new characters that will make him jealous? And shall I add, petty jealousy? Those are the best kind.

Ken and Chompoo are dynamic in this role, and together they are electric. This is when years of working together help forge a great chemistry on screen. Gah, everyone is so pretty in this show and there’s a winning OST to go along with it. Let’s hope they saved the best for last.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots, hopefully this summary makes up for in words. 🙂 That’s all I’ve got today, y’all. #lakornmommy #children #sleepisoverrated

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