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[Open Thread] #26


Pic cred IG @urassayas

Happy weekend, guys! Countdown three more days until I get to immerse in a lakorn once again. It’s been awhile, and we are so overdue for a good one. No pressure, Kluen Cheewit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching this show with one hand over my eyes.

How is everyone doing? Any plans for this weekend? Anyone still watching lakorns? 🙂 I’m also excited for the new crops that are coming to us very soon. I need some great shows to turn to after today. Or maybe I just need a drink.

My toddler is going through a sleep regression this week. That means that he used to be a great sleeper but is currently waking up screaming… multiple times a night. He has been upgraded to a toddler bed and a lock on his door. Welcome to parenthood. I am 14 weeks away from meeting my second boy, let’s just hope he’s a little less busy than this brother. So excited regardless! I hope everyone is doing well!

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