This is happening. A cute (perhaps romcom centric) lakorn starring Mario Maurer and Toey Jarinporn will air soon. The synopsis and theme is my cup of tea, because I really do like me some fluffy lakorn. And this will pair well with Kluen Cheewit, which is dramatic times twenty, Banlang Dokmai will sure to ease some of that dramatic tension.

Imagine you are an heir to a billionaire. It is almost certain that the “throne” (banlang) will fall upon your ever-cushioned bottom. Thus, Win Sattayarak (Mario’s character) is arrogant, high-strung and totally unredeemable. At least to his grandfather’s eyes. The old man begs Putchompoo, a chrysanthemum farm owner to save his grandson, he wants her to rectify his grandson’s behavior (which at this point sounds more like a personality problem) so that he could grow into a fine billionaire. He thinks she is capable because she’s brave and strong.

At any rate, upon the will reading at grandpa’s funeral, Mario’s character learns that he won’t be inheriting the throne after all. Grandpa makes Putchompoo the managing director of the billion dollar medical firm and stipulates that Mario’s character must work/live at Putchompoo’s farm for one year in order to redeem his inheritance. Doesn’t sound entirely too bad, unless you’re an arrogant, spoiled rich kid who thinks you’re entitled to it. This doesn’t sit well with the Sattayarak clan, namely our hero. Indignation, resistance and lots of bickering ensue.

Sounds fun! Mario looks adorable. I’m not sure if I’m really keen on Toey, I mean, wouldn’t it be SO cute if Mint Chalida was the lead? Oh the shenanigans to be had.

banlangdokmai2 banlangdokmai3