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Kluen Cheewit to finally air on January 23rd!


Woo and hoo! After a very long wait, Kluen Cheewit is slated to air on January 23rd (barring no other further preemptions), which means it will air after Kon Lah Khop Fah. According to the interview at Channel 3’s Entertainment Newsroom, Yaya indicates that Jeerawat, her character in Kluen Cheewit, is the most intense character that she has ever portrayed and she has put her everything into it. Yaya hopes that the viewers will like it and have empathy for her. While filming this show, Yaya has turned into an entirely different person, even her real life turned pretty dark for a moment in order to get into her character properly. Can Yaya pull it off? Please cheer her on as she takes on the most dramatic role to date! Yours truly simply cannot wait, I miss this gorgeous and talented face!


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