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Top 10 Most Searched Shows (in Thailand)


According to @drama_thai Instagram and Sanooknews, here is a list of top ten most searched lakorns (shows) in 2016:

1. Descendants of the Sun
2. Club Friday To Be Continued
3. Nakee
4. Padiwarada
5. Diary Tootsies The Series
6. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai
7. When a Man Loves a Woman
8. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
9. Pitsawat
10. Jao Baan Jao Ruen

I guess I am not surprised by Descendants of the Sun, since it seems to have taken an international appeal, although personally, I found it mediocre (but Big Boss is an adorable action hero.) This makes me want to tune into Club Friday to see what all of the talk is about. I love that Nakee, Padiwarada and Tarm Ruk Keun Jai made it on the list! Pitsawat, Jao Baan Jao Ruen are ghost stories that I’ve unsurprisingly steered away from.

Did any of the shows surprise you? Do you now want to pick up one of the shows you haven’t seen based on Thai viewers reception?

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