To My Dearest Lovely Readers:

As some of you know, and if you follow me on Twitter, I am currently expecting my second boy. This one is due around the same time as the first one, in late April, so having two under two will be an adventure, to be sure. But it’s an adventure that I am thrilled to be on, so bring it on busy boys. I don’t think it is in my DNA to make non-busy boys, much to my chagrin. The other day we sat across from a toddler of the same age as my Cam, but he was so so good, in that he sat in his chair without a fuss, just observing everything. While my wild child walks around the area, greeting random people and staring at their plates like we haven’t fed him in days. I wanted to laugh, because the alternative would be to cry. He’s so fun and makes everything exciting, even a trip to the grocery store. So I can’t imagine what it would be like to have two of him. This is a good time to take up yoga, pray and practice some breathing exercises.

Before my first “human” child, I do have this baby: my blog. Which has me thinking about the feasibility of keeping this blog thriving. It would be insane to think that I could do what I’ve done earlier and recap regularly. But I reckon I could keep it going by writing summaries, reflections and other shorter articles about lakorns. I don’t want to give up writing about lakorns altogether, because for so long, it’s been so much a part of my life and I enjoy it. It is GOOD to have a hobby, no matter how much my boys (including Mr.A) fill up my heart, and no matter how much my career has satisfied me intellectually. I am still a lakorn girl at heart, and she loves to write about a good story. That being said, it’s going to take some trial and error and play it by ear. If there is a lakorn in the making that you’d like to read about or discuss about, please submit a request!

As a background, this particular blog has been around since 2010, during the time I was an American expat in Indonesia. I was bored out of my mind and needed a place to escape. When you’re living abroad in a foreign land, besides doing all of the touristy things and eating all of the delicious local food, it’s a lonely endeavor. I found myself back in my company-rented condo surfing the television. Indonesia happened to have ThaiTV3 available, and you could not imagine my excitement. Prior to this, I had taken a break from lakorns for so long, I was too busy being courted by Mr. A, focused on achieving my career, but then, imagine that, I could watch lakorns to my heart’s content! (I mean I could turn on my laptop and watch it through youtube too, but this is live, and I am on the same time zone as my motherland! So, omg!) At least that was how I felt back then.

Back in ‘98 I was obsessed with lakorns. Well, I was obsessed about what was wrong with lakorns and what made me dissatisfied. So I picked up writing fanfics, I mean who didn’t when aol was still a hot commodity? At that time I met so many great writers and fans of lakorns that we exchanged stories and fell into this realm of fangirls. This experience still brings a smile to my face after so many years. But everything good always comes to an end, we all parted ways (I still keep in touch with one or two) and years later, when I created lovefia’s blog, I picked up writing again and also wanted to attribute the blog’s name (which is my penname) for my old buddies out there who may one day stumble upon this blog and find me. But maybe that’s the romantic in me. Men aren’t the only ones with bromances, and romance isn’t exclusive to lovers.

That is probably more history and background then you ever want to know, but I find that this blog is an intimate way to get to know my readers, and some of you have some wonderful stories as well. So I just wanted to take a moment in your day to say thank you for your continued support, there’s still more lakorns to discuss and revel and side eye.