Happy December y’all. Hopefully it’s a December to remember for you. I’m feeling cheesy lately, it’s the time of year, I can’t help myself.

On the lakorn front, remakes galore is on our horizon this month. But you know, it’s not a lakorn if it’s not a remake, so we shall get used to this trend. Channel 3’s next three lakorn lineup won’t be what you’re expecting (at least what I’m expecting), meaning Kleun Cheewit is getting preempted again. I mean this lakorn has been in the making for almost a year and a half, promising to get a glimpse of Yaya and Mark before the end of the year, but we are left to wait again. And your guess is as good as mine as to why we must wait. I just hope that “good things” come to those who wait.

Here’s the schedule:

Mon-Tues, Kon La Khop Fah (Airing December 6th) – Great and Chippy

Wed-Thurs, Dao Long Fah (Airing December 7th) – Starring new faces, Denkhun and Natalie Panalee

Fri-Sat, Kularp Tud Petch (Airing December 9th) – Top and Wawwa

Which ones are you tuning into? As you know, I’ve been on a lakorn hiatus lately, not by choice. Purely by respect and by boredom. There’s just not one that I am excited about. I am hoping that come January and the New Year, we will have a slew of lakorns to get excited about.

On a different note, I don’t typically write about other shows that I am watching that are not lakorns, because well, this is a lakorn blog, but when you have slim pickings (or nonexistent really..) you just have to look at other offerings. As you recall, I wanted rainbows and butterflies and shows that will give me cavities. In the last month or so, I’ve chomped on a few Korean dramas that made me feel quite good inside and believe that all may be right in this world after all.

1% of Anything really reminds me of lakorns a lot, that is when we have a great city lakorn that is romcom centric. You know, I just miss that feel good, relationship focused story about a couple and their road to marriage and happily ever after. I’m just tired of slap and kiss and all of these abusive heroes that we’re supposed to love. Although the hero in this kdrama starts out as an ass, by the end, you do believe him when he said that bad guys need angels.

I’ve also seen the adorable Moonlight Drawn by Clouds where I found my new favorite Crown Prince; Shopping King Louis where I don’t ever want the shopaholic Louis to change; and W-2 world where ending logic isn’t explained, but I was thusly happy they are together in the same world (so thanks to those who recommended these to me). These shows all have their endearing qualities and it just made me wistful for a really good lakorn to chomp on and recap.

Some of the readers mentioned that lakorns are becoming more like Korean dramas. In a way I agree, but I think it’s more they are striving to produce high quality shows like Korea and improving upon the writing. There is nothing wrong with always trying to do better, but we tune into lakorns for their innate quality that no other shows have. So while it’s great to check out what your neighbors are doing, keep in mind of what’s been working great for you and what keeps viewers coming back for more. Doubt this is forgotten, as evidence by the slew of remakes. So I can’t wait to meet my next crack show. Maybe, better luck next year?