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Chippy and Great in Kon Lah Khop Fah – A Summary


Chippy’s upcoming lakorn is like donning on her Tarntawan role again. Kon Lah Khop Fah plot reminds me a lot of Rang Tawan, though with a less PTSD type hero, which means less abuse towards our heroine. I’ll cheers to that any day.

Great Warintorn takes on the role of Chinpat who is the owner of a major rubber plantation in Surat Thani and is disliked by the town due to a rape allegation. His deceased friend named Sirikanya apparently killed herself and left a suicide note that Chinpat had been responsible for raping her and causing her to get pregnant. The note mentions that she couldn’t face society after that and opted to kill herself. However, there was no proof but the town is convinced he’s a dangerous man, thus he is stuck with the stigma.

Chippy plays Chanika who’s a Thai student in the states and she’s a bit of a social butterfly who likes party scenes.  Her friend (frenemy) Sansanee detests the fact that Chanika is popular and Sansanee also crushes on Chanika’s boyfriend. However she gets called back to Thailand because her dad went into intensive care, which was caused by bankruptcy – even their home will get seized. Chanika has no choice but to ask her boyfriend if he could help pay off the debt, but her boyfriend had recently invested all of his money in a new venture, thus they break up because of this.

Since Chanika hasn’t finished her studies, she could not find a suitable career. Her “friend” Sansanee wants her to stay away from the boyfriend so she recommends a potential place that will accept Chanika – her relative’s plantation in Surat Thani. Chinpat apparently falls love at first sight with Chanika at Surat Thani, but doesn’t get an introduction. Chanika makes her way to her employer’s house but meets Pantong at a coffee shop along the way (this is Chinpat’s rival). Pantong offers to take Chanika to her employer’s house since she seems to be lost, but when he realizes that it’s Chinpat’s house, he gives her a warning that the man is dangerous.

At first impression, Chanika did not want to work for Chinpat after hearing of his alleged, lurid past. But her friend Sansanee assures her that Chinpat isn’t dangerous and he’s the only one who’s willing to pay her a hefty salary, and an advance of that salary to boot. Chinpat’s opinion about Sansanee sours since he thinks she’s money hungry for asking for an advance. So Chinpat assigns Chanika to manage the institute. After messing up (since Chanika had to learn everything on her own with no guidance from Chinpat), he makes her work at the rubber plantation to punish her.

Meanwhile her boyfriend feels bad that he can’t help, but he’s not a rich person. Sansanee takes the opportunity to keep him for herself. Pantong’s younger sister wants Chanika to end up with her brother so she tells Chanika about Pantong and Chinpat’s past. Apparently they were close friends, along with the deceased Sirikanya. Pantong and Sirikanya falls in love but they don’t know that Chinpat likes Sirikanya one-sided. Upon Pantong and Sirikanya’s wedding day, Chinpat allegedly did the unthinkable and raped her, causing her to become pregnant. She ended up killing herself and left a suicide note. Keep in mind, this is all coming from Pantong’s sister’s POV. Upon hearing this, Chanika gets disgusted of Chinpat. She tries to leave his employment, but she did take a three month advance on her salary and is stuck there until she can pay it off. (She wanted to take Pantong’s job offer who will pay her the same amount as Chinpat, but first she needed to pay off the advance she took.)

So as Chanika works with Chinpat, and every time he bullies her, she would bring up Sirikanya, which causes repeat slap/kiss scene, where Chinpat literally threatens to kiss her every time she brings up Sirikanya, and Chanika would slap him in those instances. Mkay. At any rate, the house keeper notices how Chinpat looks at Sirikanya and she tells his mother, who has her eyes set on a future daughter in law already. She then sends that prospect to the house. Chinpat learns that his mother is trying to play matchmaker.

Matters get worse for Chanika, whose father gets amnesia from the brain injury. The doctor suggests that she take dad back to their house so that he can try and get his memory back. Unfortunately that would mean Chanika would have to pay off the home debt first. Chinpat offers to pay it off for her if she agrees to marry him. Beggars can’t be choosers, so Chanika agrees to marry him. And now we have a contract marriage lakorn? Ha.

You can tune into Kon Lah Khop Fah next week on December 6th. Check out the teaser below.

Neko is subbing this. Go here to watch it!

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