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[Open Thread] #25


Hi Everyone. It’s been awhile since we last talked, like talked about our daily/weekend lives. I hope these last couple of weeks has been treating you well. It’s been raining here everyday, which I guess is great for my yard and the PNW, but not so much my mood. Maybe I should move to a sunny city?

So I have been looking for some rainbow and butterfly type shows that will help lift my mood. Have you been going back to older lakorns and seeing what you’ve missed or revisiting something you’ve dropped? The 30-day mourning period that TV stations have honored has definitely proved to continue on this somber/in-awed tone, but sometimes we all need something in which we can escape to. A story. Everyone needs a good story.

Although airing shows have been preempted by the mourning period, behind the scenes for upcoming lakorns have picked up where they left off. I am still looking forward to Kluen Cheewit and hoping that show will air before the end of the year. I’m also looking forward to Nadech-Yaya’s two projects along with James Ji and Kim’s lakorn for next year. Alas, everything sounds so far away, never to be appeased.

Going back to the rainbow/butterfly shows, have you seen anything that has warmed your heart? What are your plans for this weekend? Did I almost forget about Halloween weekend? Happy Halloween dear friends! We are dressing up our little guy from Friday-Sunday haha. I mean, it’s his first Halloween, why not? I hope he can get me lots of candies 🙂

I hope whatever it is you plan to do, that you enjoy every minute of it.

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