Happy Friday you guys! I hope the week has been great for you, as we roll into the wonderful weekend (wonderful in that we don’t have to work). I’ve been in a lakorn rut in the last two weeks, if you haven’t noticed already. Really, no shows have captured my attention since OUATIMH, so I’m just twiddling my thumbs, bored as heck.

The upside is that Petch Tud Petch with Weir and Mik will air soon, which will be something to look forward to, not to say that it promises to be good. But it’s Weir and Mik, so. And just a reminder, I don’t do any fan subbing, so please don’t request that I sub a particular lakorn, because those emails will justย go into the black void. You are still welcome to request recaps or summaries.

So what are you up to? Watching? Upcoming plans?