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Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 8


Fahsai certainly earned her fanfare this episode, didn’t she? I’m impressed and doubly rooting for her even more. I’m sorry if I’ve ever doubted you! I love me a good kickass heroine, but this one fights with words. The BEST kind of fight. This episode situates us back (and nicely I might add) to where we like to be and why I’m still in love with this show. Which makes me wonder if that’s a good or bad thing. Wait, don’t answer that.

I feel like cinderella and trying to post a recap before the clock strikes midnight. Today is not my day. My computer crashed and of course right before I am ready to post a recap. SIGH. ~Fia



Chernming notices the bruises on his big bro’s body and surmises that he must have hurt himself again. Tian Kong says big bro’s condition has worsened and Chernming wonders why he hasn’t improved and asks for the doctor’s number. He indicates he may admit big bro to a doctor in Thailand so that he could observe him more closely. Tian Kong questions if something is bothering Chernming, but thankfully Chernming doesn’t share his suspicions.

Tian Kong knows something is up and learns from his minion who had been following Chernming that he did meet up with Daniel and something must have transpired because now little boss wants to take care of big bro by himself. When before, he entrusts big bro to Tian Kong’s care. Minion questions whether Chernming knows that in fact, Tian Kong has never taken big bro to the doctor. Tian Kong says Chernming isn’t his biggest concern, he’s more concerned that Daniel knows.

Mom and Dad move quick with Dr. Eit after deciding that he’s the best option out of all of the men who has expressed interest in Fahsai. (If you recall, dad intends on borrowing money from Dr. Eit to pay his debt from Mafia#2, Chernming.) Fahsai comes out for dinner but learn that Dr.Eit is joining them. Dad tells Fahsai that they can have dinner like old times, and to let bygones be bygones. What are you doing dad?!

Fahsai has a word with her dad privately and she guesses that dad is going to borrow Dr.Eit’s money. Ah, I never give this girl enough credit! Fah relents that she will take care of the debt and dad shouldn’t worry, but dad argues that it’s a lot of money. Fah is still trying to figure out a way which makes dad wonder why she didn’t think of it before borrowing his money. Ha. Fah says she was too overwhelmed at the time and just wants to save dad. But dad won’t let her handle this on her own since he’s part of the issue. He would rather borrow Dr.Eit’s money than to let them owe a mafia, dad is worried that the mafia may demand payment in the form of Fahsai sleeping with him. Fahsai defends Chernming, that he’s not a bad person. Dad puts his foot down and says he forbids her to make decisions about borrowing money from anyone anymore. Dad says that once he fixes this problem, they’re getting out of dodge.

Dr. Scum has been eavesdropping and Fahsai warns him that if he lets Dad borrow even a penny of his money, she won’t speak to him FOREVER.

Fahsai peers at her bank account, but it’s not enough to cover the debt, and she eyes the golden dragon bracelet. She proceeds to do the one thing she could control, her writing. By next morning, Chief reads her latest installment and isn’t satisfied, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. He says it’s nothing compared to Once Upon a Time in My Heart. Hey, one can’t always write a masterpiece! He wonders if she’s heartbroken since her writing seems to suffer, but Fahsai relents she’s been stressed out lately. He tells her to work things out and rewrite. He questions after the progress for OUATIMY’s ending, but even that hasn’t been completed. Lol. Chief scolds her to finish one thing at a time.

Fahsai feels a little under the weather and wonders if it’s due to the lack of sleep. But she succumbs to office mate’s demand for lunch. But as she fetches lunch, she gets kidnapped instead.

Daniel gets a video message and he knows immediately that the woman tied to the bomb is Fahsai. The person on the phone asks if he wants to play hide and seek and will give him precisely one hour before she gets blown up. Daniel is frantic and orders Chern Piu to call her friend. Fai and Nuth are advised not to share with office mates that Fahsai is missing, but they think of a way to find Fahsai – her phone has a GPS. Before her phone battery dies though, they managed to find the signal from the last place she was found. Her home. What? Nuth distracts mom and dad with a large food order for the office while Daniel and company search the perimeter of her home.

As there are two minutes left on the bomb, Fahsai could hear Daniel calling for her and she pounds her head against the confinement. That was one LONG two minutes because Daniel managed to take off his jacket, find a crow bar, TALK to Fahsai to ensure she’s ok, call for his left hand man to give him a knife. I had to laugh on this one. But in the end, with twenty seconds to spare, Daniel severs the right wire and carries her out of the tomb of doom. Mom and dad could hear Daniel instructing his men to start the car. Uh oh. Daniel literally runs with Fahsai in his arms and passes by her parents, who chase after the car to no avail.

Fai and Nuth urge her parents to hang tight and they’ll find out more details at the hospital.

On the way, Daniel caresses Fahsai’s face as her head is on his lap, she is staring at him with wide eyes. He whispers quite poignantly if she’s hurt. It looks like he is hurt more. Fahsai answers yes and he wipes her tears away.

Turns out, that was a fake bomb. Daniel recalls his dad saying that in two days there will be a new shipment of illegal narcotics. He assigns Chern Piu to watch over the family and friends while he tend to something.

At the same time Officer Thep gets a call from Tian Kong with a tip. Yikes.


Daniel arrives at the pier and discovers the members contributing to illegal activities. He notes the drug shipment and questions why they are breaking the gang rules. But unfortunately, Officer Thep shows up just in time and arrests Daniel. Oh snap.

Chern Piu rushes out of the hospital to go to his boss, but not before Fai lets him know that she’s worried about him and to take care of himself. In a sweet moment, he touches her hand and says he’ll be sure to take care of himself. Aw.

At the police station the Mungkorn Thong minions admit that they accepted a drug shipment without their boss knowing. However Daniel doesn’t give a statement until his lawyer shows up. Officer Thep smiles satisfactorily but gets another call from the same man who provided the tip: this time he says the officer will be paid handsomely if he keeps Daniel in jail. Also, he’ll continue to have a bright future if he keeps doing what he’s told. This doesn’t sit well with Officer Thep who asks Daniel if he happens to know who that man is. Daniel wonders why Officer Thep doesn’t take the offer, but the good cop says he believes in karma. Daniel relents that he doesn’t know who called the cop and he doesn’t want to speculate without evidence because he too is afraid of karma. Lol, these two. They can be good friends.

Tian Kong learns that Daniel is out on bail and is furious at the cop. He instructs little boss to prepare for a big event. Officer Thep sends the unknown number to be investigated.

Meanwhile Daniel assures mom over the phone that he’s ok and there’s no way that the police could tie him to the drug shipment because he didn’t do it. Mom wants him home quickly since the head honchos from affiliate gangs are waiting for him at home, including Suer Khao gang.

They question why they couldn’t do illegal activities when it seems his people did. Daniel apologizes for not looking after his men well, and Tian Kong insinuates what has kept him occupied then. Chern Piu speaks up that someone tried to distract boss by putting a fake bomb on Fahsai so that they could carry on with the shipment. Tian Kong laments that it means he uses his time to worry about a woman instead of doing his job. The other members suggest Daniel speak up for himself, to which Daniel says he makes no excuses. Dang. Dad states that if Daniel can’t perform his job duties, then he is no longer fit to be the leader of Mungkorn Thong. Mom argues that they’ve made their determination too soon and that they should give Daniel the opportunity to prove himself. Before excusing herself, mom says that in the five years that Daniel has been a leader, they should know his true essence by now, along with the industry that they’re in: its standard practice to frame each other.

Tian Kong relents that they can certainly vote on it, and only one person raises his hand. So by majority, Daniel and Mungkorn Thong can no longer lead the affiliates of gangs. Chernming finally speaks up (and Tian Kong’s WTF expression is priceless) and says that he thinks Mungkorn should still lead because he’s sure of their innocence. Since the vote is split (?) it is determined that Mungkorn Thong can still lead but they would need to pick a new leader. Dad steps in and says he’ll do the job since he was a former leader and Daniel’s dad. Can you really ascend the throne by your own free will? No one else speaks up.

Daniel takes the dragon ring off his finger and looks pointedly at dad.

Dad tells mom that he can no longer give Daniel the benefit of the doubt because he’s too head over heels for the girl. Mom questions whether it’s wrong to love someone, since dad loves her and he still remains strong. Dad says the difference is that mom never betrayed him, but mom argues that if there was a NEED, she would totally betray him. Haha. She adds that no one wants to betray the person that they love and Fahsai and Botan might just be baits to destroy Mungkorn Thong. Dad tells mom to cut to the chase, so mom explains that Daniel isn’t weak because he’s in love, in fact, dad is the bait that has fallen into the enemy’s traps. Nice one, mom.

Tian Kong tells Chernming that if he didn’t interfere Mungkorn Thong would not be leading the gang. Suer Khao would take the reign. However Chernming says that Daniel is responsible for killing dad by using the power of Mungkorn Thong, so he wants to exact his revenge when Daniel is part of Mungkorn Thong not some useless stray dog. Tian Kong looks down on Chernming that this should be the best he could do. He adds that big boss always said Chernming wasn’t born a tiger and wants Tian Kong to look after Chernming, so little boss should listen to him more so his dad could rest in peace. Chernming warns him to watch his words and to stay respectful of him, the minute Tian Kong challenges his honor, he’s not going to treat him as family anymore, and he’ll be treated just like a stray dog that his dad adopted off the streets. As Chernming walks away, we see Tian Kong aiming his gun at the other man’s back.

He swears that Chernming will be the first person he kills once the black book is in his possession.

Chernming visits Fahsai and questions whether she knows who abducted her. Fahsai relents that it must be one of Daniel’s enemies. Chernming wonders if she doesn’t know about what happened to Daniel, which makes Fahsai worry profusely about him. Chernming wonders out loud if she would be this concerned about him. Chernming tells her that Daniel is arrested under drug laundering. Fahsai immediately denies that Daniel had anything to do with it, he’s worked so hard to keep his gang clean. She says that even though Daniel can be ill-mannered at times (and we’ve seen that..) he’s a good man. Chernming can’t stand her complete faith in Daniel anymore and leaves. Lol.

Parima – Daniel’s mom – is the next visitor. This is their first meeting! Mom asks whether Fahsai has gotten over the shock of the abduction and bomb strapped to her, and Fahsai relents that she’s not as scared about it anymore but she’s more scared about Daniel’s situation. Mom says Daniel was forced to step down as leader, and it would have been a relief, but he’s not happy about how it happened. Fahsai asks if it had to do with the prior day’s event but mom asks if she believes Daniel was dealing with drugs. Fahsai expresses her faith in Daniel (the way that she did with Chernming) and mom tests her by asking how she is so sure about Daniel’s character. Fahsai answers the same way that Parima had tried to convince the “board” of gangsters. What happens in this scene is interesting because Parima sees a little of herself in Fahsai, they have similar take on things and the older woman could not help but smile quietly and approve of her son’s choice.

Fahsai does want to know if her abduction and Daniel’s demotion had anything to do with each other. Mom relents that no matter the end result, Daniel will never regret saving her. Which gives Fahsai the answer she needed: Daniel did suffer consequences for helping her. Fahsai returns the gold dragon bracelet in a pouch to mom and asks that mom give it to Daniel.

Mom offers her approval to Daniel, that Fahsai is indeed worthy of his love. She encourages Daniel to pursue his love no matter what happens. She adds that love makes one whole. Before leaving, mom imparts that Fahsai wants him to know that once he sees the content of that pouch, he will know what she’s trying to say to him. Daniel flashes back to the time he told her about the significance of the dragon bracelet – when she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of his love and how much he misses her – so Daniel smiles as he traces his finger over the bracelet, understanding what she wants to say to him. Aw, how symbolic.

Dad meets with Tian Kong and agrees to open a casino between the two gangs. Tian Kong feigns a big sigh which makes dad wonder what else is the problem. Tian Kong relents that they will always have a problem if they can’t get their hands on that black book.

So dad summons Chern Piu and demands to know where Daniel has hidden the black book. He warns the younger man not to test his limits or suffer the gang’s rules. Chern Piu refuses and stands his ground: he says the gang isn’t the boss of him, because only his boss could order him to live or die. And so he suffers the consequences for defying the gang leader: he literally gets beaten to a pulp. Balls of steel, this one.

Dad orders a knife next. Daniel where ARE you?! Chern Piu gets slashed in the back. And as we watch Chern Piu almost getting his arm severed, Daniel strides in like an angry god. He scolds dad for treating a loyal man this way. But dad says the black book has created a rift between the two gangs and it’s time they stop it. Funny how a few months ago, you weren’t singing this tune. Daniel argues that matters will get escalated because plenty of people want to see Suer Khao gang destroyed. Daniel explains why he had to steal that book and what it means to Chernming’s life. But Dad is unfazed, he says it’s their problem and they should only focus on the joint business venture. Daniel says it’s no wonder mom wants him to experience love because she doesn’t want him to end up like dad. Ouch. Dad slaps him and spits that everything he has done is for him and their family. Daniel says dad isn’t capable of loving people outside of his own family so that makes him a selfish person. Dad says he can say whatever he wants, but he needs to return that black book otherwise they are no longer father and son.

Daniel says no can do, because giving up the black book could mean that they may not EVEN have the opportunity to sever their familial ties. He leaves dad simmering in rage.

Daniel’s minion’s report that Chern Piu refuses to go to the hospital and wonders if they should take him back, but Daniel orders them to take Chern Piu elsewhere in the meantime. They end up taking Chern Piu to Fai’s condo (ha!) and am I the only one who notices that she tries to help him onto the bed by grabbing his ass? Fai learns that Chern Piu nearly got beaten to death by Daniel’s dad over the black book. She wonders why A-Jo decided to bring the man here, and he replies that this place (being with her) would warm his bro’s heart the most. Aw, look whose catching on to things? These minions are so adorable.

What happens next is so stinking cute I can’t stand it. Chern Piu has a nightmare and keeps calling out for his dad. Fai tends to him and gets embraced right around the hips. Ha. She comforts him by petting his shoulder until he falls back asleep. That morning Chern Piu wakes to find himself sleeping on Fai. She has a hand on the back of her head like a boss and assures him that she would be the one to take responsibility over him. Haha. He pulls away quickly which prompts Fai to say that she’s just teasing him. She HAD to hold him ALL night so he doesn’t have nightmares. You know, it’s what kind people do. She gives him the come hither look with a wink and asks if he wants to continue sleeping. I just LOVE her.

Chern Piu reports to boss that he’s doing alright, and boss is glad to hear but he wants a word with Fai. He asks if Fai would be comfortable if Chern Piu stays there for a couple of nights, to which Fai says she’s totally comfortable because she has the day off and her roomie is off working with Chief. Daniel is relieved to hear this because if Chern Piu comes back to him, the man would not stop working. Aw, look at you always taking care of your people. Fai promises to take care of him. Once she’s off the phone, she tells Chern Piu that boss ordered him to listen and to do whatever she says, and not to stop his heart from loving her. Haha. She adds that she made up the last bit though. He peers at her as if she has grown another head.

Dr.Kwan tells dad she’s going to stop by Daniel’s house per his dad’s orders to console him. Her dad wonders why she’s still meddling with those gangsters since they’re drug dealers and all, but Dr. Kwan is adamant that Daniel didn’t do those things. She trusts her instincts. Dad questions whether it’s the same instinct that believes Dr. Eit was the right man for her. Lol. Kwan says that Dr. Eit is still the right man, but she met another man who is even more right for her. Pfft.

Daniel’s lawyer assures him that the cop has nothing on him but Daniel asks the lawyer to defend his minions as well since he wants them to be off as lightly as possible.


Ah and finally, his next, most precious visitor. Daniel just gets a mere look at her face and his face turns into a puddle of goo. It’s adorable. Then when they make eye contact, I’m almost embarrassed that I want to look away. These two. Mom invites Fahsai over for dinner after her talk with Daniel.

They stand before each other and ask at the same time, “How have you been?” Niceties out of the way, Fahsai says she learned about his demotion from mom and that she feels really guilty for being the cause of his troubles. Daniel tells her not to feel guilty because someone made it work out this way. But Fahsai relents that at times she wants to thank that person because they made her realize that he still worries about her. Aw. She sweetly steps towards him and wraps her arms around his middle. Resting her head on his chest (because that’s where her head lands) Fahsai says that she has no qualms if he’s still mad about her betrayal, and she won’t even ask for forgiveness, but she will do everything to soften him up herself. Double aw.

Daniel smiles when she’s not looking and then takes a good look at her face. With a teasing (devilish) smile, he asks if she thinks he’s that easy. Fahsai is very serious when she shakes her head and says she knows him well. She adds that he has fought for them and saved a life of a traitor, so said traitor wants to fight for their relationship too. He just stands there with a satisfied smile and then he leans down and about to kiss her forehead…

But Kwan calls her name, as if shocked to see her there. A-Jo’s expression for his boss is hysterical. It’s like he’s saying “sorry for the bad timing bro…”

As Fahsai walks out to leave, Kwan stops her. She says that big boss won’t welcome her here but Fahsai laments that maybe Kwan doesn’t want her here. Kwan says that she and Daniel are a perfect match, but Fahsai says being a perfect match isn’t the same as being two people in love. Fahsai states that she loves Daniel – mom happens to walk out of the door in time to hear the rest – and that Daniel had risked a lot saving her life, so she finally realizes that it’s her turn to fight for their love. Ah, you go girl. Mom smiles and Kwan scoffs at the notion. Kwan says Fah shouldn’t go around saying that because it’s shameful. At this, mom frowns. Kwan says a man like Daniel’s caliber isn’t going to pay any mind to a silly little girl like Fahsai. The silly little girl relents that they will soon find out whether Daniel would pay her any mind. Booyah. Kwan spits that Fah will regret making an enemy out of her. Fah says bring it on, but no hitting, because she doesn’t want to destroy Kwan’s beauty and her reputation. Hahaha. Fah says the only thing she has to lose is her cab fare – and at this mom smiles. Did I say I love her yet?

Looks like silly little miss won’t be wasting a cab fare either because Daniel’s car cut off the cab driver, forcing him to break for his dear life. Daniel asks her why she didn’t tell him that she was leaving, he thought she was going to soften him over. Fahsai admits belatedly that she didn’t expect to meet her rival there. She wasn’t prepared and wanted to retreat. Haha. Daniel takes a step closer and says he won’t let anyone become her rival, because there’s only the two of them in this equation. Swoon. He takes her hand and leads her back to his car, handing a large bill to the cab driver.  The man remarks that Daniel is handsome, cool, rich AND nice to boot. Exactly, my man, exactly. I die too.

Dr. Eit lays it on thick by sharing how much bonus he receives. Mom and dad try not to look greedy but Dr. Eit says whenever they need to borrow.. The only interest he’ll charge is a free meal every day. Dad invites him over for dinner so they can discuss further.

I love how Daniel’s mom sprinkles honey over her comment that Daniel is taking Fahsai home and won’t be back for a while, did Kwan want to wait? Ha. Kwan seethes but politely declines. War on. It’s too bad you never stood a chance. But she does pull a dirty card by trying to phone Fahsai’s house and reporting to dad that Fahsai is at Daniel’s house embracing the man, but instead she gets Eit on the phone and congratulates him on his old flame. She warns him that he might be too late since Fahsai already found a more perfect man.

Ah, our duo are all smiles as they’re riding in the car together. He apparently had dismissed his minions. Fahsai says being alone with him makes her think of her Mr. Giant, and not a mafia leader, even though that’s the real him. He just gives her this melting smile. I’m not squealing. YOU’RE squealing.

Dr. Eit wants a word with Daniel, while Fahsai eavesdrop by the gate door. Eit says that Kwan called earlier to tell Fahsai’s dad that she had been over to his house, and he adds that no parent wants their child embroiled with a drug dealing mafia. Kwan is the type who is willing to do anything to win so he’s bringing trouble to Fahsai. Daniel says, “You must think that every man is like you.” Eit relents that he doesn’t know Kwan well enough – but Daniel argues, “You don’t know ME well enough.” Daniel has no plans on leaving Fahsai because as the “good” doctor said himself, Fahsai is in trouble, so how could Daniel not stay to protect her from said trouble? Gah. Eit challenges him with Fahsai’s parents, but even so, Daniel says, “like I said, you don’t know me well enough.” Oooh. Fahsai smiles upon hearing this.


Like a douchebag wimp no good for nothing man, Dr.Eit hollers to dad that Fahsai is back with Daniel. Dad storms to the gate and sees the two, Eit adds that she JUST returned from Daniel’s house. Dad questions his daughter if that was true, then yanks her into the house upon realizing that it is. Eit warns Daniel that the closer he gets to Fahsai, the more trouble she gets into.

Dad scolds Fahsai for defying him and asks if she wants him to die of a heart attack. Eit barges in and says it’s not her fault, Daniel might have asked her to come see him, and that Fahsai is always one who feels sorry for others. Fahsai yells at Eit that that’s not true, the only one who is wrong in this is Eit himself. Haha. Fahsai tears up and tells dad that he could order her not to see anyone, but he can’t tell her not to see Daniel again because she loves him. Aw! She says even dad should know how she feels about Daniel. But Dad says she can stop loving him, though Fahsai argues that if she could stop she’d done it eons ago. Furious and in tears, Dad finds a dusting stick and whips her. What are you doing dad?

Daniel storms in and asks Dad not to hit Fahsai. Dad starts to say that he doesn’t want his daughter to meddle with – but then he staggers from his heart condition. Dr. Eit tells Daniel to be on his way, but Daniel relents he’d like to spend the night to ensure dad is well. Dr. Eit says he would be the one to tend to dad but he gets a call for an emergency surgery. Ha, best use of his profession so far. Daniel gives him a subtle smirk. Haha.

So. That night dad pretends to be sleeping when Fahsai comes into his room. She tickles him awake asking to spend the night in his room. It’s so cute. Dad pouts and says that his daughter thinks someone is better than her dad. Fahsai says that he had been the one to teach her that she shouldn’t judge a person based on what others say about him. Mom adds that dad used to root for Daniel, but dad says that’s before he knew Daniel was in a mafia. Dad wonders what Daniel has done to make Fahsai defend him so much.

Fahsai finally tells her parents about her experience with Daniel in Japan. Mom perks and wonders if Daniel is the hero in her novella. I think he might just won over another fangirl. Fahsai tells her parents that she did get inspiration from Daniel and that they’ve gone through so much together in Japan. She says that he was willing to die for her and gives her respect, and it makes her believe that he’s a good person. Dad questions why Fahsai never told them, but Fahsai says that she didn’t want them to worry and she was trying to forget him. She explains that Daniel came back to Thailand and saved the magazine firm because he wanted to repay her for her troubles in Japan. Mom practically melts. Ha. Fahsai asks her parents to open their hearts for Daniel and look at him like he’s a regular person, and they would come to love Daniel just as she does.

Mom tells dad that their daughter never once told them that she loved anybody, not even about Eit, so this means that she truly loves Daniel, and that they shouldn’t give her a hard time. Dad admits that he has been trying to forget that Daniel is a mafia for a few days now. Aw, dad! But dad has a few more important questions: did he kiss your cheeks yet? SO AWKWARD. Dad, don’t ask a question you’re not prepared to hear the answer to!  Mom suddenly remembers that the novella has a kiss scene too, not helping mom!

Fahsai changes the subject and propose they do a selfie instead. Haha. I love this family. They’re so loud that Daniel, who sits in the living room could hear their boisterous chatter and laughter. He smiles to himself. He then receives the selfie pic via text message and doesn’t contain his most adorable smile. Gah.


Not only do I love the fact that Fahsai put on her fighting glove, so to speak. But that they both do the fighting for each other. Even before the empty-threat-bomb and her betrayal, either Daniel go to bat for her and their relationship, or Fahsai does it. They take turns when the other needs help, I can only imagine the end result when they both fight at the same time, like right now. It’s delicious. I actually get excited for those verbal banters because I know they can hold their own. And I love that it’s ok for Daniel to be rescued by his damsel.

The power of love is a strong theme in this show. But we’re talking about the REAL kind of love. In the past few episodes we’ve explored characters who declare they are doing things for love, when really, those are just greedy, selfish acts. REAL love propels the person on the receiving end to do things unconditionally for you. Case in point, the difference between Wang Foie and Daniel’s leadership methods. Wang Foie rules with an iron hand, with little to no affection and devotion for his underlings that when tattoo neck was threatened to get his arm severed, he folded and told on Wang Foie. Daniel on the other hand, rules with a firm hand, but his is both soft and kind hearted. He would give his life for his men, and so when their lives are threatened- Chern Piu would rather lose a limb or die than to out his boss’ secret. That’s respect. That’s love. It’s still something dad doesn’t realize yet, that his way sucks balls.

I really like Parima (Daniel’s mom’s) consistent, supportive presence in this episode. Daniel needs this influence, which is why he’s that kindhearted, sweet, perfect man that he is. OK, I’ve overlooked that tiny, tiny moment where he let his emotions take over and get all crazy. But other than that blip in his character, he is Mr. Swoony. Nobody’s perfect, OK?

This episode is SO CUTE. I felt it really took off in the last hour, after Daniel rescues Fahsai making her realize that he obviously still cares about her and that it’s her turn to go to bat for him. And we get all of these fun verbal banters and even though a part of me wants the evildoers to do their worse – because it will only make our leads stronger – I am still petrified that we’re going to suffer whiplashes from it. I love the moments between Chern Piu and Fai, but most of all, I just love the fact that our duo are on the same page again, even if she’s going to need to spend A LOT of time making up to him as promised. You’ve held hands and promised!

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