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I literally do a jig when I see that an episode is available. This episode turns things back to the gangster plot, with double crossing and mind games paramount to survival. I don’t mind it too much since the layers are pretty interesting. Everyone has a motive in this show, and we learn that things are not always what they seem. The characters are in for a shocker when they find out who is behind the conflict between Suer Khao and Mungkorn Thong, and the Chern’s family massacre. It’s actually a reprieve to focus on the action and suspense, since the romance story did a number on me. But that KISS though. Swoon.


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Daniel learns that his dad did not order the deaths of Chernming’s dad and big bro.

Oliver pays a visit to Chernming but Chernming isn’t pleased to shake hands with a two faced snake. Tian Kong explains that Oliver merely wants the black book to make him look good (yunno, reach his quota) and he won’t meddle between the power play of Suer Khao and Mungkorn Thong. Chernming mentions that Oliver must be after the $10 million case and wonders how they can trust Oliver from double crossing them. Oliver says that he could prove it: if he could resolve the case, he could get the black book from Daniel and return it to Chernming. But Chernming is disinclined to believe that he’s capable of acquiring said book, which makes Oliver furious and snaps that he shouldn’t underestimate him. Chernming continues goading that if Oliver could accomplish that, he’d done it eons ago. I love that Chernming is an asshole to everybody. His character is so consistent.

Tian Kong resignedly looks at his boss, and says that his method (using Fahsai) wasn’t successful either. Chernming states that he’s gonna have to step in himself then since NOBODY could do it. Does that mean we get to see more bromance? Yes please. Tian Kong meets up with Oliver later and hires him to complete a task. He says that since little boss couldn’t accomplish what he set out to do, they’re gonna have to take matters into their own hands.

Chernming asks for mom’s permission to take Fahsai out to the magazine event. He hands over a box delivered from HK and dad is so surprised that mom is favoring Chernming that he wants to peak in the box. Lol. Team Daniel or Team Chernming? Mom insists that Fahsai wear the dress that Chernming prepared because it would be rude not to. Besides, she’s showing up as the columnist for the magazine, so she ought to look good and mom wants to show off any event pictures to the neighbors. As Fahsai steps out in her dress, everyone is awestruck. Wait I want to SEE too!

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At the event, Daniel is looking mighty fine in his tux. He sees Chernming walking alongside Fahsai, and he is mesmerized. She’s pretty, but I’m not a fan of the topknot with her dress – perhaps a low messy bun would be more fitting.  I feel like the costume artist is focusing only on the men (because they always look gorgeous) while Fahsai gets the short end of the stick. But I digress. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

His eyes feast on her, from the top of her head to the tip of her heels; from the moment she steps through the door, to the moment her friends delight at her appearance. It’s SO swoony. Fahsai isn’t used to all of the glitz and glamour, but her friends assure her that she’s gorgeous. As she glances up, her eyes connect with Daniel. She takes Chernming’s arm though, which surprises even her friends.

Chief is surprised that Fahsai came with Chernming, he mentions that he invited the man because he expressed interest in investing in the firm, but Daniel had already beaten him to it. Chernming tells her that he wanted to do something nice for her, as oppose to Daniel who said that he did it for his mom (if you recall). Ah, the look she throws his way, and that painful, painful eyes of his.

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Daniel in a tux does funny things to me. In the VIP room, Chief assigns Nu Dee to brief Daniel, but our guy isn’t having it. He demands that he NEEDS the original person (Fahsai), even if she’s the writer now. Nuth asks for her friend to rescue her and signals that Daniel is being like the devil, hahaha, so Fahsai MUST do this.

Fahsai steps into the VIP room but no one seems to be around, until Daniel comes up from behind her. Squeal. She turns and nearly walks into him and for a brief moment, she’s caught off guard. She tells him they should get right to the briefing since the event will start in thirty minutes. Daniel doesn’t really listen, he just takes another step forward, putting them so close and Fahsai takes an unnerving step back. He sidesteps her and sits on the couch, and asks, “Are you standing there because you’re afraid I would bite, or rather, are you afraid I would..” He doesn’t finish because Fahsai walks up to the couch.

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She launches into the briefing but Daniel cuts her off, “If you’re writing about me, why didn’t you ask for permission first?” He flips to the page of her story and points it out to her.

With a solemn face Fahsai says that she wrote it from her imagination.

“Have you completed the story then?” he asks, peering up at her.

“I have..” her eyes dart up.

“Then tell me,” he starts, “how did you imagine the ending?”

“Typical happy ending like any romance novel,” she replies. She adds that if he’s not interested in the briefing, someone behind the stage could inform him of his duty. As she starts to walk off, he pulls her down on the couch next to him. He goes in for a kiss, but Fahsai says that Chernming is waiting for her by the door and wouldn’t hesitate to help her.

Daniel says he knows of a way to shut her up, and he leans down, but Fahsai questions why he’s doing this. The Daniel that she knows would NEVER do this. As she keeps talking, Daniel claims her mouth in a tender, but all consuming kiss. Wow, that was hot. Fahsai closes her eyes and allow herself to feel the kiss.

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He pulls back slowly and grazes her chin with his thumb (his hand is bandaged). He tells her that he wants her to remember the taste of his kiss until they die. Fahsai’s eyes brim with tears. Then Kwan shows up and Daniel tells Fahsai that she can leave now, while our girl is still trying to get a hold of herself from the kiss. Daniel says that he wants to spend some alone time with Kwan. What?

Fahsai walks away in tears and we hear her voiceover as she reads from her column: I don’t need the world, because you are my world. The moon is meaningful because of you.” Daniel walks in followed by his entourage as he listens to her words. We flashback to Japan where Daniel carried her or scoops her on the truck, then their goodbye kiss. She says that everything is amazing because of him and she will keep that in her heart. Their eyes connect across the room and she says in English, “I carry your heart with me. I carry in my heart.” For the purpose of the English language, let’s correct her last sentence to “I carry YOU in my heart.”

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Daniel’s eyes follow her, noticing how her eyes glisten with tears and then they roll down. They stay like this for a while: Fahsai trying to compose herself while Daniel stares poignantly at her. Aw, my heart can’t take this. Thankfully Big Sis comforts her. Chern Piu has been watching too and shakes his head, bothered.

Nuth spots a server hiding a gun and she freaks. She runs into Chern Piu who immediately rushes after the culprit. It’s time for Daniel and Kwan to take the stage, but as Daniel walks up, he only has eyes on Fahsai. So cute.

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Then everything happens so fast. The shooter aims his gun at Daniel, but Chern Piu tackles him in time. Kwan gets shot and Daniel scoops her in his arms, while Fahsai screams for Daniel – and Chernming holds her down. More shooters under disguise and everyone opens fire. Chernming sees that Daniel is out of bullets and he takes the opportunity to aim at him – wait no! Fahsai sees this – then Daniel AND Chern Piu notices this. In a suspended moment, Chernming pulls the trigger, but Daniel doesn’t go down. He’s actually shooting at the culprit behind Daniel, saving his life. Oh whew!

Chernming takes Fahsai with him even though she laments that she wants to stay with her friends. Chernming relents that the killers are only after Daniel – which makes Fahsai question why he didn’t let the killer just shoot Daniel since he wants him dead. Chernming says it’s because it would make her sad since he knows how much she worries about Daniel. Aw. But this guy is kinda calculating so I wouldn’t trust him 100%.

Oliver’s and Tian Kong’s plan gets thwarted by Chernming, which makes Tian Kong furious since he doesn’t know why Chernming saved Daniel. A minion wheels big bro over and wonders when Daniel is going to die (apparently he’s out for blood too). Tian Kong threatens the minion with a knife since he’s been eavesdropping, and says that his attempt to kill Daniel cannot reach Chernming. Big Bro is watching this and eyes the knife. He goes into immediate anxiety.

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Daniel apologizes to Dr. Apiwat for being the cause of Dr. Kwan’s injury. He excuses himself to tend to an important matter but promises to return the next day for a visit. He orders his right hand man to investigate who wants him dead.

Tian Kong pretends not to know of any involvements with the shooting earlier, he tells little boss that Daniel has a lot of enemies, surely one of them wants him dead. But Chernming says it doesn’t matter who did it, because he’s thankful. It helped further along his plan. See I knew it. Chernming explains that as a “best friend” he would be the one to acquire that black book. I guess saving Daniel’s life could ingratiates him in Daniel’s eyes.

Daniel does his best thinking by the pool, looking deep in thought and handsome as ever. He flashes back to when Chernming shoots the killer to save him. But as you know, he never shares what’s on his mind! Enigmatic and mysterious as always.

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What happens at Fahsai’s home is pretty hilarious. Dr. Eit learns that Daniel could be a leader of a foreign mafia and he rushes to Fahsai’s home to alert the parents. Fahsai confirms that Daniel is indeed the leader of Mungkorn Thong. Dad is shocked and mom says she knew it! Fahsai relents that she’s trying to get over him and mom urges her to be interested in Chernming instead, to which Fahsai says he is ALSO a gang leader. Hahaha. Dad says that even though they could be nice, they’re still gangsters and he forbids any relationship with gang leaders. Mom nods her head in agreement. Dr. Eit is quite happy to hear this.

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Daniel takes mom for a visit with Chernming and big bro as a reinforcement. She even made him his favorite dish and hopes that he remembers the taste of it. Chernming relents, as he looks at Daniel, that there’s nothing about Mungkorn Thong that he has forgotten. Daniel thanks him for saving his life but wants to know of his motive. Chernming says that he wants Daniel to owe him one. Daniel guesses that Chernming wants the black book, but Chernming says he won’t give Daniel a hard time about that, he’ll just take a raincheck. Wait, you can’t have a debt floating in the air not knowing what the preferred payment is! That’s nuts.

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Chern Piu walks mom to meet big bro – and I don’t know how Chern Piu control himself from not killing the man, since big bro did kill his parents. The significance of this scene is that at the mention of Daniel’s name, big bro recalls what he heard earlier – that Tian Kong doesn’t want anyone to say that he was set out to kill Daniel. So big bro puts his finger to his lip as if to shush mom, and says they can’t speak of Daniel to Chernming. He would be mad. Mom wants to know who “he” is. Suer Kong minion tries to take big bro away, but Chern Piu stops him and with an unnerving glance, he says “WHO says they can’t speak of Daniel?” I love Chern Piu.

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Tian Kong is made aware of this, while Daniel tries to figure out what it is that Chernming shouldn’t know. Chern Piu adds that Tian Kong had been behind the threat to Fahsai’s parent’s life, that is why she concedes to stealing the black book. They suspect Tian Kong is going rogue and disobeying orders, but Chernming doesn’t know. They wonder what else Tian Kong has done.

Later we see that Tian Kong pays a visit to big bro, dragging a bat in his wake. Oh shit. He beats big bro with the bat for punishment.

Chernming tries to visit Fahsai but dad threatens to chop off his tongue if he so much as step foot in their yard. Mafias are not welcome. Chernming relents that he’s just a man who’s sincere with the daughter of this house, and if dad wants to chop off a body part to prove that he’s sincere, then he urges the older man to get right to it. Dad barks that he’s not joking. Mom and Fahsai hold dad back. Lol. Fahsai finally tells dad that this man saved HIS life, which calms him down. She says that Chernming had paid for dad’s surgery.

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Dad has a word with Chernming alone. He demands to know the motive behind the money because dad is a believer of nothing is free in this world. Chernming admits that for repayment, he sent Fahsai to steal the black book from Daniel, his rival. Dad slaps Chernming across the face while Fahsai and mom spies from the gate. Dad yells at Chernming for daring to endanger Fahsai’s life. Chernming apologizes but says that it brought him closer to Fahsai. He declares that he loves Fahsai because she would do anything for the people that she loves. Dad says he should already know that Fahsai doesn’t love him, but Chernming is sure that one day she would come to love him.

As Fahsai sends him off, Chernming asks her if she thinks he could make her love him. She looks away as an answer so Chernming pats her head and says that she’s underestimating him. Don’t get swayed by those dimples! I know he’s cute!

Dad is determined to find money to pay back the debt but mom says that Chernming’s not rushing them. Mom is still of the mindset that Chernming is a good person. Dad argues that sure, he COULD be a good person, but they still don’t know his family or the people around him. So true, Dad.

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Big bro dreams of the past where he’s walking through a house full of dead bodies. A blade blinds him with its brightness and he screams. He stirs awake and the minion says it’s time for his medicine. I wonder what they’re giving him.  But once the minion enters the room, big bro hits him over the head with something hard and with a panic, escapes the room. He sneaks out the back door. Tian Kong realizes that big bro ran away.

Oliver sees big bro on the street and pulls over to help him. He notices the man is black and blue and muttering that “he” did it. Tian Kong appears and big bro points out that HE killed dad. Oh! We then learn, through Oliver’s conversation with Tian Kong, who the real 3rd party villain is. It’s Tian Kong. Oliver likes to know what Tian Kong is up to since he has helped him behind the scenes in a few endeavors, and in a flashback we see that Oliver has assisted in bombing the port, blaming things on Mungkorn Thong (to cause misunderstanding for Chernming), and lastly the attempt on Daniel’s life. Oliver demands to know the truth behind Chern’s family massacre, did he do it? Tian Kong aims a gun at Oliver’s head and questions whether he’ll regret learning the truth. Oliver relents that he definitely won’t, because the truth is coming from the new leader of Suer Khao gang. Well, someone is quick on the uptake.

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Tian Kong sneers and says those Chern men don’t deserve to be the leaders, they’re dumb and weak. We see in a flashback that Chernming’s dad asks Tian Kong to take care of the black book should anything happen to him, and that it can’t fall into the hands of the police nor their enemies. The book details all of the dirty cops that they’ve paid off and it could backfire on them. Tian Kong questions why big boss didn’t just destroy the black book, but big boss says it could still be of use to them. We see that Tian Kong spies the passcode.

News made it to their gang that Daniel wants all of the gangs to wash their hands of illegal dealings. They are all going to walk on the straight and narrow road. But big boss and big bro don’t agree and Tian Kong suggests that he could negotiate with Daniel. Big bro scolds that an underling like him shouldn’t go, he would do the bidding. It’s obvious that these two dislike each other, and Tian Kong is always the outsider, even though big boss took him in. Tian Kong lament that this negotiation requires tactic and skill, not brute force. Dad sides with big bro though, which upsets Tian Kong. Big bro pours the content of his wine glass right on top of Tian Kong’s head.

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Tian Kong narrates that they treat him just like a dog. He’s not willing to see Suer Khao gang go under after all that hard work. So he poisons big boss and proceeds to massacre the clan. This is what big bro sees when he rushes in – the shiny blade that ended his dad’s life. Big bro fist fights with Tian Kong until the minion shoots his leg out from under him. Tian Kong goes to town punching big bro in the head.

At the same time Chernming arrives in town after five years away and thinks that he’s surprising dad and his bro. Tian Kong sets up the scene to traumatize Chernming and pits the blame on Daniel. He shoots his own shoulder to make it even more convincing and proceeds to shoot his own minions. Damn. Unfortunately for Tian Kong, the black book goes missing. And that my friends, is how Chernming misunderstands Daniel.

In present time, Oliver questions why he didn’t just kill Chernming. Tian Kong replies that he will, but he needs the black book first. He knows that Daniel won’t give it up to the authorities if Chernming is still alive. Tian Kong needs to destroy the black book first so it doesn’t backfire on the gang and his future as the leader of the gang. Oliver asks not to be forgotten then, but Tian Kong says he would need to bring him Daniel’s head first. We see that Oliver has been recording their conversation, as safekeeping? Oliver phones Daniel and says that he has something to share. OH! Talk about gangster drama, so many double crossing, betrayals, and smart moves.

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Daniel and Oliver meet up. Daniel says that even if Oliver wants the black book, he’s not getting it just yet. Oliver bargains that he has clear evidence behind the murder of Chern family. Chern Piu perks up at the sound of that. Daniel motions for Chern Piu to step aside so that he can have a private word with Oliver, who plays the recording that confirms Tian Kong is the real killer. Oliver blatantly throws the tape recording on the ground and smashes it with his shoe. He states that if Daniel wants the evidence, he is to meet Oliver tonight with the black book. Dude, this guy is totally playing both sides.

Back at Mungkorn Thong domain, Daniel tells Chern Piu that he needs the tape because it’s the only piece of evidence that will prove Mungkorn Thong’s innocence and Chernming will finally realize the truth.

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That night as Oliver sets out to meet Daniel, he gets intercepted by Tian Kong, who chokes him from the passenger side. While dad shows up to meet with Daniel instead and questions why he actually trusted Oliver. Daniel asks how dad knows about this, but dad relents that isn’t important, Daniel is being deceived. Dad is adamant that Tian Kong would never do that to gang Suer Khao because he isn’t stupid like Daniel. Um, ok what does that have to do with anything? Are dad and Tian Kong working together? Dad scolds Daniel to do a better job keeping tabs on the members because word on the street is that one of the members is selling drugs. A new shipment is on its way and Dad orders Daniel to keep an eye on it since it could be the new drug shipment and they need to handle it. Daniel clenches his jaw.

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Dad calls Tian Kong and says that he was right about Oliver. He wonders what evidence Tian Kong has against Oliver in that he ordered men to kill Daniel. Tian Kong mentions the Lola launch. Ugh, I know dad is trying to protect Daniel, but stand down, you’re being deceived too. Dad wonders why Tian Kong didn’t warn Daniel on his own but Tian Kong relents that Daniel doesn’t budge once he trusts in someone. Just like when he trusted in Botan. Dad asks what Tian Kong wants in exchange for the help, but Tian Kong merely says he’s just doing his job in big boss’ stead. His little boss is too immature and doesn’t have the ability to lead the gang, so he’s looking out for everyone. And then Tian Kong buries Oliver alive, along with the evidence. A classical music comes on, as if he’s celebrating a masterpiece.

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Fai and Nuth wonder if their magazine firm will go under for real now after the debacle, and they prepare for the worse by packing their things. Lol. But turns out, the magazines are selling like hotcakes and stores are calling in to place more orders. The girls cheer. Suddenly they see Ramayt looking like he might hang himself and they rush over to stop him, but the Chief was only going to hang a good luck bell.

Daniel pays a visit to the magazine but it’s so tense when he and Fahsai exchange glances. Fahsai couldn’t look him in the eye as she stands before the glass door frozen. Fai had to retrieve the water from her, not wanting her friend to deal with the angst. Chief thanks Daniel again for saving them because their magazine is selling like hot cakes now, he invites Daniel to discuss their next concept. But Daniel is only here to remove himself as an investor. He doesn’t want any of the profit, he merely wants them to overcome the hardship. And since Lola is successful again, his work is done here.

All of the employees panic and gossip, which makes its way to Fahsai. The marketing girls lament that perhaps it’s a blessing because it’s scary to deal with mafias. Fahsai was just trying to stay out of Daniel’s sight, but Chief calls her back to his office. He asks Fah to bring a gift basket to Dr. Kwan at the hospital and Daniel suggests that she goes with him –eeps – since he’s on his way there. I love that Big sis signals for Nuth to help her talk Fah out of this, but there are some pain you can’t shield your friend from. Chief sends his regards with Fahsai and asks Daniel to take care of her. And this is the look he gives Chief. Gah.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.06.41

Ok on a side note, what is Fahsai wearing?! It’s hideous!

Fai races down the stairs after Chern Piu and asks him to be her informer. She’s worried about Fahsai and needs to know how things go down, so he could call her or she’d like to call him. Ha, best use of your friend I’ll say. Chern Piu relents that he doesn’t have time to call anyone but she bargains that if he do her this favor, she would take him back to the orphanage to visit the kiddos. Lol. Chern Piu looks at her with exasperation.

But once he thinks he’s alone, he cracks a smile as her number appears in his phone already saved under Pui Fai. A-Jo (left hand man) teases that he acts all tough in front of her but behind her back he’s already saved her number. Hahaha. A-Jo asks Chern Piu to drive boss as he has been assigned to handle something. But we don’t know what.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.08.20 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.07.24

And then the awkwardly cute car ride. They are silent and staring straight ahead until Chern Pui slams on the break causing Fahsai to get thrown right against Daniel.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.08.45 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.08.35

Chern Piu apologizes for the rocky drive but Daniel relents it’s not his fault. Which seems to mean it’s Fahsai’s, and she takes issue with that. She states that she has no intention to get near him, let alone touch him. Chern Piu takes a deep breath after looking at these two. I feel your pain.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.09.37 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.09.29

A-Jo’s task was to pick up flowers for Daniel. But upon seeing the lilies, Daniel barks that Dr. Kwan is allergic to them, so he orders A-Jo to pick up new ones. Fahsai is disheartened upon hearing how much Daniel seems to know about Dr. Kwan. A-Jo stammers to Chern Piu that he could have SWORN boss told him to pick up A LOT of lilies. A-Jo isn’t so quick on the uptake so Chern Piu explains that he didn’t hear wrong, but boss didn’t order flowers for anyone, he just did it to mess with Fahsai. Haha.

Daniel lays it on pretty thick about how much he’s taking care of Dr. Kwan in front of Fahsai. He helps her up from bed and apologizes for not visiting sooner. Dr. Kwan even holds his hand, and says that the cookies he sends everyday were a great gesture. Fahsai is watching this with a heavy heart, but she interrupts and gives Dr. Kwan the gift basket along with a homemade card. Kwan notes how cute it is and that Dr. Eit used to tell her all the time that Kwan is very crafty. Yeah just stick the knife in a little deeper. As they make plans to have lunch together, Fahsai excuses herself home. Once Fahsai is out of earshot, Daniel says Kwan can go ahead and order anything she wants, and he excuses himself for a moment – ha, to follow Fahsai.

Daniel stops her from leaving but Fahsai states that he’s no longer her boss since he removed himself from the firm, so she no longer has to listen to him. Daniel says that he’s not stopping her because of a boss-employee relationship, but because of his good intentions towards Chernming. He tells Fahsai to have Chernming pick her up at the hospital because he needs to have a word with him.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.11.25 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.11.17

Dad Kamin realizes that his best option in paying off the debt from Chernming is by borrowing Dr. Eit’s money. Don’t do it Dad, that’s like going from bad to worse.

Chernming shows up as requested but is shocked to see Daniel there as well. Daniel asks after big bro’s health, and indicate that if big bro was almost choked to death, why then is his health issues related to his brain?  It seems to Daniel that big bro is severely traumatized instead. Chernming says it’s not surprising, he must have been traumatized from that event. But Daniel questions whether it’s related to something else. Chernming tells him to spit it out, and Daniel asks if Tian Kong is responsible for taking big bro to the doctor. Chernming confirms because Tian Kong knows the doctor well. But Daniel suggests that there are things Chernming should do himself and not entrust it to other people, especially non family members. Chernming pushes Daniel against the banister and wants his raincheck now – he asks Daniel never to speak of his family again in exchange for the favor he owed. Chernming takes Fahsai’s hand and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.12.59 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.12.53

Chern Piu asks his boss if Chernming believed him, but Daniel relents that there’s no way (without evidence) because Chernming has known Tian Kong all his life and considers him family. Chern Piu says that Chernming will be in danger then, but Daniel says that as long as the black book is in his custody, Tian Kong wouldn’t dare kill Chernming. On another note, Daniel says that he’s happy to hear that Chern Piu is concerned about Chernming. The right hand man admits that it’s probably because they share similar fates, but Daniel tells him not to find excuses because when you’re worried about someone, you’re just worried. It’s simple as that. Truer words. Chern Piu awkwardly excuses himself but Daniel smiles and wonders who gave Chern Piu a change of heart.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.14.23 Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.13.49

That particular person is getting a call from her crush and she squeals with delight. Haha. Fai launches into a hello but Chern Piu talks so fast she couldn’t get a word in edgewise: “Fahsai is safe now.” BYE. LOL. When he hangs up, he wonders why he couldn’t just talk a little more with her. Haha.

Chernming drops Fahsai off at home but doesn’t go inside in case dad hasn’t cooled down yet. Fahsai asks what he’s going to do about Daniel’s suggestion and Chernming doesn’t understand his motive. Fahsai assures him that Daniel truly cares about him and he should consider Daniel’s suggestion. Chernming concedes and states that he’s doing this for her not for Daniel.


Uh huh, you’re REALLY trying so hard to stay away, aren’t you Mr. Giant?

This episode feels pretty heavy with the villain revelation, we were led to believe that Tian Kong was loyal to the gang but felt something shifty about him. Turns out the hunch was right and he truly is the 3rdparty who’s not only trying to make Chernming misunderstand Daniel and Mungkorn Thong, but he wants the gang for himself. I think that he thinks Chernming is easy to manipulate (which he is because he’s so trusting) but he also needs the black book from Daniel. It makes sense about big bro’s condition now that we’ve seen Tian Kong beating the daylights out of him every time, which will traumatize anyone over time, and it’s not just due to one occurrence. I shouldn’t feel sorry for another bad guy, but to be abused for so many years is tragic.

The problem is that it feels like a lot for one episode. Instead of interspersing it throughout the first six episodes, we get everything in one. It’s like a long exposition that we had to read through in order to get to the meat. Bottom line, Tian Kong is smart and Daniel needs to be careful about this guy. I’m glad though, that we’ve revealed who the real bad guy is, because then we can create new, interesting conflicts for our hero and see if he could outsmart Tian Kong. I’m just wondering how long he’s going to hold on to that darn black book and where the hell is it anyway? Is it sewn in his boxer? Briefs?

I think the way Daniel handles his dad is kind of like a son who handles an old, senile pops. You just let him run his mouth and make his commands, but you go on and do what you want anyway. Ha. It’s kind of passive aggressive because you don’t want to startle the old man, out of respect, and you know pops is doing things to protect you. BUT, to a certain extent, and when push comes to shove, I know Daniel isn’t afraid to put Daddy’o in his place. You don’t let someone tell you what to do even if they mean well.

I feel like I still can’t read Daniel and that makes it exciting. I know he wants to get over Fahsai, and Fahsai also wants to get over him, despite loving each other, but come on, don’t you feel the air when you’re together? Everything gets all hot and bothered and steamy. Can’t we just throw caution to the wind and have a second go at this? Does Daniel really need to come to another realization that he can’t live without her? And Fahsai needs to have whatever Fai is having, because she’s getting her man whether he knows it or not.

I do want to mention that I love the show director and sound director – everything about this show pulls you in and make you live in the moment. I feel like I’m part of the show, not just simply watching it. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 21.06.16


Daniel’s Dad: “Hand over that black book to me! Or we are no longer dad and son!”

Fahsai’s Dad: “I am ordering you to stay away from those mafias!”

Daniel kisses Fahsai on the forehead and Kwan sees this, shocked.

Chern Piu is bloodied up by Daniel’s dad’s minion, and dad orders another whip.

Chernming snaps at Tian Kong: “He should die because he belongs to Mungkorn Thong, just like a dog.”

As Chernming walks away, Tian Kong pulls a gun at his back.

Dr. Eit: “The closer you get to Fahsai, the more danger you bring to her.”

Fahsai gets tied down and the culprit phones Daniel that he has an hour. If he’s too late, Daniel’s woman will meet her demise.