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Pardon me while I die a little inside. You might want to lock your hearts and throw away the keys.

Recaps completed! Enjoy!. ~Fia



Fahsai, clad in only a white dress shirt, finds Daniel the Hot Giant sharing his misery with a bottle. He’s flushed as he peers up at her with tormented eyes.

“Daniel what’s wrong,” she asks, concerned.

“You won’t betray me right Fahsai?” That angst, that pleading in his eyes.

“Why are you asking me this,” Fahsai questions.

“Answer me that you won’t betray me!” he pleads, desperate to hear her answer.

Fahsai leans down, “Khun Daniel, you’re drunk now. Let me take you up to your room,” she proceeds to lean against him to take the brunt of his weight.

But he’s a giant and they collapse on the sofa, with his weight crushing her.


He searches her eyes and she tells him that she can’t breathe.

“You haven’t answered me yet Fahsai. You won’t betray me right? Please say you won’t.”

In an attempt to look innocent, she peers at his lips. She nods her head and gives him the answer he was hoping to hear. “Yes.”

“You do know how I feel about you right?” Daniel relents, and demonstrates his feelings for her by kissing her tenderly on the lips. Rawr.


Fahsai tightens her grip on his shirt (hoping for a deeper kiss? Ha) but Daniel’s face grazes her neck and immediately falls asleep. Sexy time thwarted!

Let me rewind this a few times.

Wang Foie (Daniel’s dad) checks in with his minion who reports that his son is indeed in Khao Yai with the woman, and Tiang Kong has arrived in Thailand now. Dad smiles and we see a shadow crossing Fahsai’s home in Bangkok, unbeknownst to her sleeping parents. Eeps! Not the darling lovebirds! Mom stirs upon hearing the creaking of the door and gets up to check, only when she walks in the dark room, Tiang Kong captures her.

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Daniel leans against the door and peers at the sleeping Fahsai with a smile. She wakes and wonders how she got back in bed. Daniel replies that he had been the one to carry her up. He walks over to her with a shopping bag in his hands and says that he had ordered his men to buy her some clothes. As he sits on the bed, he looks at her closely and starts to lean in for a kiss – but she stops him with a touch to his shoulder. Rhetorically she questions what he’s about to do, and of course he says he wants to give her a kiss, but Fahsai tells him he CAN’T. But why not? Daniel wonders if she’s shy but Fahsai just looks down with a blush. Why are they so CUTE?

Daniel takes her hands and clasp the bracelet over her wrist again. He says the camera has been removed and adds that this is no ordinary bracelet. Daniel says that for Chinese people, the red headed dragon represents love and affinity.

“It’s a love that has life and movement,” he continues, “and whenever you look at this bracelet, I want you to know how much I love and miss you.” Swoon.

“Are you aware of what you are saying?” she asks, feeling moved.

“I have always been aware of this,” he answers. “Since the first time I met you in Japan. I’ve tried to stop myself, but I’ve failed every single time.” And it’s his turn to ask how she feels.

Her lips turn up into a smile as tears well up in her eyes, “I love you too, Khun Daniel.” Omg.

Daniel is so pleased, he tucks her hair behind her ear and rests his forehead against hers.

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Dressed and ready to go, Fahsai ponders if she should call her Big Sis and share the swoony news. But she notices a video message sent to her by an unknown number. As she plays the video, she sees Tiang Kong holding her mom hostage. He threatens to kill her parents if she doesn’t bring him the black book, because he knows she’s with Daniel right now. He says he’ll return for her parents if she can’t accomplish her task. AND if she so much as breathe this bit of information to Daniel, she knows what will happen to them. Oh snap.

Fahsai immediately calls her dad, and learns that her mom is safe, for now. Fahsai breathes a sigh of relief, and lies to her mom that she had a nightmare and wanted to hear her mom’s voice. Mom tells her to hurry home and when she hangs up, she too has a bad feeling since things don’t add up, such as how did she wake up in front of the TV. Mom investigates the door and all is fine. She spots Chernming at the front gate and he asks after Fahsai.

But our poor Fahsai is quite jumpy now. She jumps in fright when Daniel asks her how she likes her eggs. He tells her that after breakfast, he has one more place he’d like to take her.

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It’s to Botan’s grave. Daniel tidies the grave and tells the late Botan that he brought Fahsai to meet her. Fahsai asks whether Botan used to live here and Daniel says that he made memories with Botan here. This was her favorite spot, they talked about him quitting the mafia life and spend the rest of his life with her, at that very spot. It’s a tranquil area where the green grass grows and the trees flourish.

Fahsai notes, “You both must love each other dearly.”

“We do,” Daniel says.

“Then why did you –“ she starts to ask and he finishes the sentence for her, “killed Botan?”

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We flashback to the betrayal moment where we see Daniel wanting a private word with Botan after he found out that she had been the one to leak the information to their enemy. They embrace each other the moment he walks in her room. Botan cries and apologizes. He holds her at arm’s length with tears in his eyes, “Botan, I don’t need apologies. I need to know why you did it. Did someone forced you to do it? Tell me and I will go and KILL him.”

Botan could only cry and say that no one ordered her to do it. She did it on her own accord, they paid her well to do it too. Ouch. She adds that if she has a lot of money, she could leave this forsaken place. She’s fed up.

Daniel eyes swim with tears and he asks her if she no longer loves him. Botan relents that she loves him but she doesn’t want to be like his mom, the Lady Boss of Mungkorn Thong who has everything, but the one thing that mattered: love and outward affection from the person she loves. She adds that it’s because love is seen as a weakness for them. Botan says she’s not strong like his mom. Daniel gently shakes her and questions why she didn’t approach him straightforwardly, but instead commit what is considered as a treason for the gang. Botan relents that she is willing to accept the punishment, but Daniel says she can’t die. He immediately thinks of a plan to trick his gang. He says she would wear the bullet proof vest and fall into the water, and Chern Piu will wait for her by the water and take her to the place she wants to go.

His voice starts to quiver as he promises never to bother her again, she would be dead to everyone here and to him. He pulls her in for one last bear hug. Gah. His tears are killing me.

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But what happens instead is we see blood seeping through her chest as Botan falls into the water, dead.

In present time, Fahsai says, “she didn’t wear the bullet proof vest.”

Daniel says she left him a note which begs him not to blame himself. She doesn’t want him to be responsible for her mistakes. She also asks that no matter what happens now, she wants him to prevail over his enemies by forgiving them. Daniel is devastated and the uncontrollable tears fall, his shoulders shake. He mourns her alone in his room. I can’t help but cry along with him.

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Daniel questions, “Is this really someone who says she’s not strong?”

Fahsai steps close to him and perhaps she’s speaking to her own feelings, but she says that she can understand how Botan feels. Botan may not want to betray him, but she has her reasons. Daniel argues that people who love each other shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. Fahsai says that the “reason” could have to do with him. Daniel says that is WHY she should tell him. I couldn’t agree more.

He takes her by the shoulders and tells her that from this moment on, they are lovers and no matter what happens, they can’t have secrets. Daniel continues that they have to tell each other everything. She agrees. Omg. TELL HIM. Daniel tucks her into his side and rests his chin on her head. Fahsai tears up from the lie she just told.

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Fahsai overhears Daniel on the phone with his left hand man that he’ll check to ensure that the black book is still with him. Rumor has it that the black book is missing. Fahsai keeps her ears peeled and offers to go back with him. Daniel orders her to wait for him at the house and sniffs her cheeks like he’s practically taking her soul, and threatens to do more than sniffing if she doesn’t obey him. Fahsai relents and he taps her nose affectionately.

But Fahsai follows him anyway and peers behind a large tree. She sees Daniel taking the black book from Botan’s grave.


Big Sis Fai tells Fahsai over the phone that she’ll respect whatever decision Fahsai comes to, regarding the black book, but the upside is that she could be done with Chernming once and for all. Fai gets an unexpected (but pleasant) visitor at her doorstep. Chern Piu doesn’t look too happy about being there but he says boss ordered him to protect her. Aw, she gets her very own bodyguard.

Daniel tells Fahsai that he has some business to tend to and that he’ll be right back.. which makes Fahsai think that this is the perfect opportunity to get that black book. Why does this seem too easy? She apologizes out loud to Daniel as his car turns around the bend, and that she has to save her parents. Fahsai makes her way back to the grave, but one of Daniel’s guard phones him and reports that she’s falling right into Daniel’s expectations. I KNEW Daniel is too smart for his own good. But even the news unsettled him.

Fahsai walks over to the grave. Ah, I can’t watch.

Then we’re back with Fai and Chern Piu. She’s pacing her bedroom while Chern Piu overhears her call in the living room. Dude, the door isn’t even SHUT! Fai says she’s worried about Fahsai and that she ought to just tell Daniel the truth. Gah. Chern Piu reaches her in two steps and demands to know what Fahsai is up to. Fai admits that Fahsai found the black book and Chern Piu could only say, “that can’t be..”

Fahsai takes a hold of the “black book” and Big Sis calls to question whether she’s sure it’s THE black book. So Fahsai opens it.. to find it BLANK. My fingers are literally covering my face. I can’t watch.

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Daniel stands right behind her, calling out her name. The pages of the book flies into the air, just like their relationship, scattered. He recalls his father warning him not to obsess with her too much because she’s betraying him and working with Chernming to steal the black book. At the time Daniel denies it outright, which is why he set up this scene to reveal the truth, hoping upon hopes that she wouldn’t walk into it. But there’s no denying it now.

He flashes back to her promise not to betray him the other night. The pages of the book keeps flying away until there’s nothing left. Like his trust in her. Daniel walks away.

Fahsai rushes after him, in tears she tugs at his arm and begs him to listen to her.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” he questions. Angry. “Are you going to make excuses that you didn’t mean to betray me? That you don’t want to be my woman just like Botan?”

“I HAD to do it,” she says.

“I know everything.” Jesus Christ. “You needed money to save your dad, you were threatened by Chernming.”

“You knew?” she cries, distraught.

“There are no secrets in this world, Fahsai. But the one thing I want to know the most – what makes it so necessary that you had to keep it from me?”

“I was afraid,” she answers.

Now Daniel’s tears are threatening to fall. “I get it. And I admire your bravery, you risk your life to protect your family.” His voice starts to shake, “but if you can’t trust that I can protect you, I can’t trust you either.”

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He walks away, but Fahsai envelopes him around the middle. “I love you Daniel.”

He peels her hands away, his eyes reddened. “And I love you, Fahsai. But we can’t be in love.”

A motorcycle roves nearby, it’s Chernming, trying to stomp on my heart. He comes dashing in and upon seeing her tears he punches Daniel right in the jaw. Daniel welcomes the pain and they fight. They go at it while Fahsai tries to stop them, until she runs off in tears.

Chernming tells Daniel that his job is done here, Fahsai belongs to him now.

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Fuck, Show. Are you trying to kill me? It hurts so good.

Fahsai yells at Chernming for causing a misunderstanding between her and Daniel. She says that he ordered his men to capture her mom and threatened her to find the black book or else he would kill them. He denies any involvement but she shows him the clip. She asks if he’s satisfied now that Daniel hates her guts. She spits that from now on, she’s never going to concede to anything. Chernming says he’ll take her home, whether she believes him or not, but Daniel certainly isn’t going to take her home. I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Fahsai looks a little dead inside as they head home, she could only think about her last encounter with Daniel. Chernming pulls over on the bridge to make sure she cools her swollen eyes, he doesn’t want her parents to worry. He says that he can swear that he had nothing to do with Tian Kong threatening her parent’s life. Fahsai says it doesn’t matter whether he knew about it or not, but Chernming is of the mindset that he wants her to know that he’s sincere. Fahsai argues that it’s not sincerity if he wants her to steal the black book from Daniel. He says that he followed all of the rules and never crossed her. He laments that he still wants to court her. I guess strike while the iron is hot?

Chernming asks to be her friend until she’s ready for the next step. Fahsai doesn’t say anything, just stares out into the water and touching her bracelet.

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Once back in his domain, Chernming smacks Tian Kong for hurting the ladies. He says he’s trying to make Fahsai love him and Tian Kong is ruining everything. Dude, I hope you know you can’t MAKE anyone love you. Tian Kong promises not to disobey his boss again. Chernming orders him to find out who hurt Fahsai in Khao Yai – since Tian Kong admits he didn’t commit THAT particular offense.

Wang Foie is pleased to hear that his son broke up with Fahsai. But mom knows dad’s game, she says that he had been the one to alert Tian Kong about Fahsai in the first place, which causes Tian Kong to threaten Fahsai about the black book. Mom says that he’s mean but dad relents he’s doing this out of the love for his son. Mom says he can hang on to that love of his then, because she’s going back to her son. She’s going to prove to him what true love looks like. Go mom.

Chern Piu walks up to his boss while the man sips his whisky/brandy/pick your poison. Daniel remarks that Chern Piu must have known about this a while ago and wonders why he didn’t tell him. Chern Piu says that he doesn’t want boss to get involved with Chern Ming again, he thinks that boss ought to just return that black book to Chern Ming. Daniel says that Chern Piu already knows what will happen if he’s not in possession of the black book, Chern Ming will be destroyed by the other gangs. Daniel is holding onto the book for safekeeping, and to protect Chern Ming. It’s his only leverage against other gangs. Chern Piu is all, “Let him deal with it so he’ll finally know that the person he hates the most is actually the person who loves and is concerned about him the most.”

Daniel says no, he needs to find the true culprit behind Chern’s family demise first. Chern Piu wonders about boss and Fahsai then, but Daniel forbids him from bringing up her name again. He states that they’re DONE, just like his drink, bottoms up.

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Chernming brushes big bro’s hair and asks if he remembers a sentence from a novel he used to read to him. “You don’t love the woman because she’s pretty, but she’s pretty because you love her.” Chernming says he found the woman that he thinks is pretty.

Fahsai takes off the golden dragon bracelet, and as she opens the nightstand drawer, she spots her story.

The next morning she tells Chief Ramayt that she changed her mind about her story, she no longer wants to publish it. She feels that it still needs a lot of work but she has other stories that she can present. Chief only wants that story because he finished reading it and he thinks it’s great. Ramayt guesses that the hero in the story is Daniel. So astute. Fahsai assures him that she and Daniel are not an item (much to her dismay.) Chief is actually quite happy to hear this because they have plans on making Dr. Kwan and Daniel a shipping pair when their next volume launches. As if her heart isn’t breaking enough, Chief shows her the photoshoot pictures.

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Speaking of Dr. Kwan, she calls Daniel, who wonders how she got his number. Dr. Kwan says she got it from Ramayt and she wanted to discuss the magazine launch. She adds that the reporters may want to play matchmaker and inquires whether that will make him uncomfortable. Daniel says he doesn’t have anyone and it doesn’t bother him, but it might bother her. Dr. Kwan relents that she’s good with it (practically beams over the phone) and suggests they get together to discuss how they should react to the media.

Dr. Kwan wastes no time returning her ring back to Dr. Eit. She coldly tells him that she’s breaking the engagement and she won’t tell him why because that would hurt him even more. Dr. Eit is adamant that he wants to know what he did wrong. She finally tells him that she found a better man, a more suitable man. She warns him that if he wants to remain as the best doctor at her dad’s hospital, then he can’t act out in public. She tells him that one has to choose the best option for oneself, just like he chose her over Fahsai. Karma’s a bitch, I hear.

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Chernming is over the moon that his big bro seems to have improved a lot after seeing the doc in HK. Tian Kong says that seem to be the case so that is why he wants little boss to tie up loose ends here so they could go home. I think it’s really cute how much Chernming loves his big bro. Tian Kong gets a call that informs him who the culprit is behind Fahsai’s kidnapping in Khao Yai. They found tattoo neck and learn that he works directly for Wang Foie. Tian Kong even reports that the tip he got about Fahsai being with Daniel in Khao Yai also came from Mungkorn Thong. Tattoo neck refuses to divulge who ordered him to kill Fahsai though, but after a threat to sever his hand, Tattoo neck admits it’s Daddy’o. So much for loyalty. Chernming gives permission to chop off the man’s hand. Gross.

Daniel tells mom he’s trying to quickly finish up work in Thailand so he could go home, but mom relents that if he’s leaving his heart here, then there’s no point in going home. Dad shows up and argues that even if there’s only a spirit left in his body, he still must go home and fulfill his duty. Dad says they have a lot to iron out and he prefers to do that face to face. He wants son to know that everything dad has done is for Daniel’s best interest. Daniel laments that he should have listened to dad.

Tattoo neck shows up at Mungkorn Thong’s domain with a severed hand. Chern Piu asks boss what he wants to do now, since Chernming knows dad had been the one to order Tattoo Neck to kill Fahsai, and Chernming will surely tell Fahsai.

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Chern Ming is not slow in the uptake as we see him arriving at Lola to see Fahsai. Fai sees him and has a bone to pick with him. She verbally launches into him but when he apologizes for his people, it took the wind out of her sail. She didn’t realize he didn’t know. He promises that no harm will come to them. He brownnoses and says he wants some of that sweet fish sauce from Nuth, then he hands over a picture of him and Chern Piu since Chern Piu had cut ties with him and he no longer needs to keep it. Dude knows how to charm the girls.

Fahsai isn’t handling the breakup very well, she refuses to eat and is spilling tears on her paperwork. When Chernming sees her like this he says he wishes Daniel could see what he’s done to her. Nu Dee walks in on them and asks for an introduction. Fahsai says he’s a friend, but Chernming says he’s currently courting her and hopes to be a boyfriend in the near future. Fahsai glares at him but Chernming says he’s only speaking of the truth.

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Daniel is affected by the breakup too. He sits motionless in his office unable to get any work done. Dad shows up unannounced and witnesses this, and wonders if they need to find another woman who looks like Botan so he could forget Fahsai. Daniel says, “You are misunderstanding something, Dad. I don’t love Fahsai because she looks like Botan, but I LOVE her because she’s her.” And that’s why we love you.

Dad questions, “You love a woman who betrayed you and cannot be trusted?”

He assures Dad that he’s working on forgetting her. Dad’s all, “Better hurry it along and don’t give anyone the reason to call you an idiot.” Dad gets cut short of his scolding when an old employee faints. Dr. Kwan happens to be in the office and gives CPR to the man. Dad wonders why she chose to be a cardiologist and she says for filial reasons, apparently her entire family are doctors and they happen to not have any cardiologist, so she stepped in for that role. Pfft. Dad hints that Dr. Apiwat must be so proud of a daughter who isn’t only beautiful and smart, but she helps resolve problems. Dr. Kwan invites Daniel to lunch despite his busy schedule, and Dad just steps in and urges Daniel to go. Interesting how Daniel just looks from dad to Kwan, as if he knows what the old man is up to.

Dad boasts to mom that he has met a suitable woman for Daniel.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.38.11 Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.38.18

During lunch Daniel chews his food while his mind is on other things. Kwan passive aggressively says that he should have told his dad he wasn’t interested in dining with her, as if calling for some attention. Daniel relents he has a lot on his mind but he does want to treat her a meal for saving his employee, so she should know that he wants to be here. Kwan is pleased to hear this since she doesn’t like forcing anyone.

Kwan then gets a call from Nu Dee informing her that Fahsai will be at the dress fitting and if that makes her uncomfortable she can pass on it today. Nu Dee tells Jane that she knows Kwan well, because that woman is going to show up at the dress shop and bite at Fahsai like a dog. But Kwan has another, much tastier plan. She invites Daniel to tag along with her.

Chernming happens to be at the shop accompanying Fahsai as well, he shows off different dresses for the event but Fahsai declines every one of them. They are looking comfortable and chummy when Daniel and Dr. Kwan walks in. Eeps. Daniel looks at them and puts on an indifferent face. Ah, so awkward. Fahsai peers at them with hurt in her eyes.

Big Sis Fai spots Right hand man coming down the hospital escalator as she’s going up. She waves for his attention and proceeds to walk backwards to him. Haha. She teases that it must be fate since they keep meeting, and asks if she could have an hour of his time.

Daniel checks his watch, looking impatiently around. He turns and sees Fahsai discussing the concept with another employee and he couldn’t look away. Chernming sidles next to him and thanks him for the opportunity to get closer to Fahsai. Daniel says Chernmin is abominable, using a woman as a tool to gain what he wants. Chernming retorts that his own father is worse with what he did to Fahsai. Daniel clenches his jaw but Chernming says that he won’t tell Fahsai about Dad because he doesn’t want to hurt her even more. He goads that Fahsai is starting to forget him, Daniel. Neener neener neener. When Fahsai tells Daniel that Chief also wants him to try on the suits for the event, Daniel turns away without a word. Probably so she doesn’t see the steam coming out of his ears.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.38.33

In Daniel’s dressing room, Fahsai pokes her hand through the door and hands over a suit. She says Chief wants him to try this one on too. He clenches his jaw again (gawd that’s hot) and angrily pulls her in the room, locking the door behind them. Gah. He pushes her against the wall, while Fahsai questions what he’s doing and what he wants from her now.

Daniel spats, “A lesson to a traitor.” Oh no, Daniel.

“I’ve already received my lesson,” she retorts.

“Not a chance,” he bites back, “It’s not enough. You must hurt the way I’m hurt.”

And then he presses his lips against hers in a forced kiss. Yikes! He rips the side of her shirt and holds her arms up. He kisses her again, and looks at her tears streaked face. And he goes in for another round of forced kisses, but Fahsai screams for Chernming’s help. That seems to do the trick.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.39.12 Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.39.32

He steps back and releases her, shocked at his own madness. Fahsai storms out in tears. He looks himself in the mirror and doesn’t like what he sees. He punches at his reflection, as if punching himself.

Fahsai tries to cover up her torn shirt as she calls for Chernming’s help. Ah man, this is so sad. He takes off his jacket for her and comforts her. Daniel steps out, looking ashamed of himself. Chernming wants to pummel Daniel’s face but Fahsai stops him and begs him to take her home. Daniel watches Chernming escort Fahsai home in remorse. That should show you! Kwan witnesses all of this and looks at Daniel questioningly.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.39.47 Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.40.16

Ah and a much needed diversion! Fai takes Chern Piu to her orphanage on her day off. She’s so sweet. She brings a trunk load of toys for the kiddos and Chern Piu smiles as the kids embrace her. He sits awkwardly as two girls stare up at him expectantly. They ask if he would like to be kittens like them, he declines brusquely until one of the girls puts a paintbrush to his face. This time he yells at them, scaring the entire playground full of kids. A toddler starts to cry. Easy, Chern Piu, easy.

Fai rushes after him and says he needs to apologize to the kiddos before leaving. Chern Piu doesn’t see that he has done anything wrong, he argues that they were pranking him. Fai corrects him: they want to PLAY with him, not prank him. He doesn’t care, so Fai yells that he’s heartless and he can’t blame that on the loss of his family. She’s right about that, this one is on him. Chern Piu grabs her wrist and warns her not to speak of his family. Fai says it doesn’t matter if he’s going to treat her this way, but she’s going to continue speaking the truth. She says the kiddos are worse off than he is, some don’t even know who their parents are. She adds that some lost their parents too due to bad people but they’re not crazy like him.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.40.44 Screenshot 2016-08-17 21.40.58

Chern Piu’s eyes fill up with tears as he watches her storm away. Fai cries as she bitches that she won’t like him anymore, and it’s such a waste to like him in the first place. Lol. She wipes her tears as she collects the goodies from her car, but as she returns to the playground, we see Chern Piu sitting like a statue so that the kiddos can paint his face. He finally cracks a smile and takes turn painting their faces. Fai stands there and observes, we can see that she’s falling even more in love with him. She confirms that she will continue liking him then. Ha. This is too adorable.

Dr. Eit shows his face at mom and dad’s restaurant, asking for his “regular” dish. Dad laments that he has forgotten all unnecessary information that has to do with unmemorable people. Ha. Mom orders dad to make the dish anyway.

Fai smiles as she watches Chern Piu wipe his face. She invites him back next time since the kids seem to like him. Chern Piu declines, claiming he’s a busy man. Fai wonders if he’s upset because she scolded him and invites him to celebrate her upcoming birthday here. Fai offers to wipe his face with a wet wipe in order to get the paint off his face, but the picture of Chernming and Chern Piu falls out of her bag. Eeps. Chern Piu doesn’t see it yet, since he’s too busy looking at her pretty face. They remain staring at each other for a suspended time, until he spots the picture, she’s not fast enough blocking it from him. Chern Piu learns that Chernming had recently visited them and Fai says he had nothing to do with those death threats. Chern Piu looks away, concerned. Tell me what you’re thinking!

Speaking of the devil, Chernming takes Fahsai home and tells her that she can call him anytime if she feels down. Fahsai says it’ll pass (I guess just like things passed when Chernming forcibly smooched her too). Jesus Christ these men. Chernming says that if she wants to be the luckiest woman in the world, she should open her heart up to him. Doubtful. That seems to be the furthest from her mind as she tells him to head on home. Poor Fahsai.

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Fahsai learns that Dr. Eit has moved back home for a bit now, and mom is busy packing a meal for him. She tags along to Dr. Eit’s house, but it’s dead silent there. Mom says she’s worried about him since he didn’t look so good earlier, he was depressed looking. Fahsai remembers her last conversation with Dr. Kwan and she starts thinking the worse. But turns out, Dr. Eit is totally fine. She blames him for scaring the bejeezus out of her. They both peer at each other knowing why she thinks he would do something stupid. Dr. Eit says that he’s ok after the breakup. He apologizes for treating her poorly but Fahsai’s that she has already forgotten about it. He stops her, it couldn’t be that she has forgotten him already, he questions whether she still loves him. Fahsai lets his hand go and wonders why he’s so sure about that. Just because she’s worried about him, it doesn’t mean that she still loves him. She walks away and Dr. Eit vows that he’ll make her love him again. What.The.Hell.

Once alone in her room, Fahsai takes out the gold bracelet and flashes back to the onslaught of unwelcome kisses from Mr. Giant. She wants to throw it against the floor, but doesn’t have the heart to do it.

Daniel tends to gangster matters. His left hand man seems to be up and running again, as he checks in on Tattoo Neck, he reminds the man of their rule. Since he’s handicapped now, once he’s healed, he’s just as valuable as a stray dog. Damn. However, because Tattoo Neck has been loyal to their gang, Daniel promises to send him off with money and situate him well in Hong Kong. But before he does, there’s one question that he wants to ask, “Did my dad order the death of Chernming’s dad and big bro?” Ooh, snap. I love our smart hero, let’s see if he could uncover his own father’s true colors.


Oh my. Where to start? So many feels and it’s all so convoluted. But first and foremost, Mr. Giant! I thought you were our Gentle Giant! Ugh, why, oh why did you have to go and humiliate yourself, Fahsai, and US?! I guess he’s not perfect, but I really thought he was better than that. The plus side of this (if there is EVER a plus), it kinda puts Daniel and Fahsai on even grounds now, they both hate each other, but now Daniel has to atone for his mistake. Which in a way, is better than him trying to forget and be indifferent. Now he has to make it right by her (and us).

He always wanted to protect her and was devastated that she couldn’t trust him, and he always talked about the fact that she SHOULD trust in his protection – yet he goes out of his way to prove her wrong. How could a trustworthy man try to force himself on you? He broke that trust. Sure, one can argue that she broke it first, but no one deserves to be manhandled that way. I like that show is not brushing this off as if it’s his right to punish her or that he could because they love each other. Show actually makes him LOOK at himself in the mirror, and he certainly didn’t like that. Fahsai’s reaction is great too, because she’s frickin’ terrified as any normal woman would, and I’m sure it’s like eating crow when you see “your” woman running into the arms of another man because of you. Doesn’t feel so good, does it? I was hoping we wouldn’t go there, but if we did, at least the reaction makes sense. He’s remorsed, unlike Chernming who seems to have enjoyed the force kiss. So at least there’s a difference.

I thought I would comment more on Fahsai’s betrayal, but then Show threw me a monkey wrench. But thinking back on her choices, it’s easy to see that she made those choices when push comes to shove. People don’t always know what the right solution is until someone else points it out. Honestly, it’s a human flaw to be afraid. I don’t think she ever thought of outwardly betraying Daniel, and she can’t entrust a man completely (I mean, look where that got her) so she’s still a little wary. Sure, she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and that they are good, but deep down, there’s still a part of her that hasn’t given her heart to Daniel completely.

Perhaps that is the crux of their problem. They don’t actually really know know each other, you know? Daniel feels emasculated because he expects people to trust him, I mean, he’s the leader of Mungkorn Thong, people give their lives to him, why can’t the person he loves confide everything to him? He’s given her so many opportunities to confess, yet she keeps falling for his tests. She’s brave when it comes to saving others, but so so afraid to look out for herself. I hope that now that we got all of the fears and betrayals out of the way, we can focus on redemption. These two have so many things to work through, I’m going to need a large glass of wine to help dull the pain. Maybe even a whole bottle.

The nice thing about their situation though, is brought on by their choices, not outside factors. Sure, dad and Tian Kong may have done the most damage, BUT our duo stand by their choices and must suffer the consequences. I might enjoy watching them grovel before the reconciliation. Does that make me sadistic? This show just messes me up, in the best way possible. Gah, I love you to pieces, even if you make my heart beat one minute and then resuscitate it the next. I’m such a goner and welcome this sweet, sweet misery.

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