The next Ch.3 weekend lineup – after Sai Lap Rak Puan ends – is Leuat Rak Torranong, a period drama. This is Diana Flipo’s first lakorn as a leading lady, if you recall, she was the second lead in Tarm Rak Keun Jai. The production team behind this is Maker J, Nok Jariya. It looks quite dramatic, but I did notice that some of the stills have cute romantic flare. It has been awhile since we’ve last seen the talented Pope! Well, at least on this blog anyway. If anyone is going to play Khunchai again, with the ability to tear your heart out with his devastated tears, it’s Pope Thanawat. So prepare your handkerchiefs for the weekends.

Not only that, Tanya Tanyaret plays PutGrong, the very mean mom to Diana’s character, Gratin. The story starts with a pregnant Putgrong who plots for the police to arrest her husband, a renown thief called Suea Gat, while she’s in labor with Gratin. Putgrong feels deceived by Suea Gat – she thought he was wealthy – and left her first husband and daughter to be with him. Turns out he’s just a thief so in order to get out of the marriage, she wants to lock him up for a long time. THEN she dropped her newborn off at his sister’s to be raised because she didn’t want to have a child with him in the first place. Putgrong is determined to marry well.

She has a distant relative who works as a servant at Narai Manor. The owner is Khun Prasan, a single dad to Pope’s character, Ram. She makes Khun Prasan fall in love with her and marries her, as well as bring her first daughter to live with them (her first husband died). But Little Ram refuses to accept Putgrong as his stepmom nor her daughter into the family. His nanny – Mae Nim (his mother’s relative) – teaches him to be a gentleman. Hatred is mutual, so Putgrong finds ways to mess with Ram and Mae Nim.

News that Putgrong remarried angered Suea Gat who spent years in jail, he even attempted to prison break. So when he does get out, he finds his daughter who grew up quite unruly. She acts like a boy and talks like a boy. He plans to take Gratin with him to the city and find her mom, revenge on his mind. When they confront Putgrong at the mansion, Ram watches how this event transpired from the house. And that is how our hero meets the unruly heroine, as her father gets shot before her eyes.

Putgrong lies about what happened to his dad, but Ram manages to unveil the truth, thus, Putgrong is forced to take Gratin under her wing and raise her at the mansion. She bullies her own daughter to no end, like dude SHE’S YOUR DAUGHTER. Mae Nim feels badly for Gratin and wants her to do well, because she truly believes that it doesn’t matter if you have good or bad blood in you, what matters is your behavior and good deeds. Ram also feels for Gratin and they develop feelings for each without even knowing it.

WELL. If you can take the weekend period drama, this one is for you. The romantic throughline sounds really cute though, who doesn’t like watching Pope play the protective role? I really do miss his face. Check out the stills and teasers below.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.06.00 Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.06.07 Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.06.14 Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.06.20 Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.06.26 lueatraktoranong2