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Once Upon a Time In My Heart – Episode 4


This is me giving Ch7 the side eye. The struggle is real when watching their lakorns. It’s like they don’t understand that when you have a crack show, the feasibility- heck, the AVAILABILITY – is of the utmost importance. It’s like a drug that you can’t get and it’s KILLING ME. All I can think is gimme gimme gimme. But thankfully, after many hours of searching and waiting and waiting.. I finally found a stream.

I swear this show, it’s just not healthy for me. But on another note, I’m just excited to be excited about a show again. And I don’t care if I can’t survive the cuteness.

Ep 4 full recaps completed ~Fia


Chernming bargains her father’s life for a black book. He wants her to infiltrate Daniel’s home and bring the black book back to him. In exchange, he would “save” her father’s life. Chernming says that the black book contains private information that can turn incriminating when fallen into Daniel’s hands. Fahsai tells him that she can’t betray Daniel because he had saved her life. Yet Chernming threatens not to save dad, if his efforts cannot be repaid. This makes Fahsai realize that Chernming is the one behind her dad’s debacle in the first place. Furious she slaps him across the face and spats that he lost a father too, how could he do this to her?

Chernming grips her by the shoulders and remind her to stay in the present, the biggest issue is saving her dad. Would she want to be the daughter who CAN save her father but chooses NOT to? He adds that that will be the biggest regret of her life. Dayam. Fahsai eyes burn with tears, she finally relents that she will do it – get that black book – but not because she’s afraid of Cherming, but she wants to help her dad. Lastly, she sends an unsettling look his way and leaves a remark that stays with Chernming: “I also want to help Daniel be less involved with you. I know that the dirtiest person is YOU, not Daniel.” Burn.

Chernming doesn’t feel very good after that verbal lashing. But his big bro’s condition is his biggest concern. He wants to bring big bro back to his doctor in HK, but Tiang Kong suggests to let him go instead and little boss can stay in Thailand, since his plan to obtain the black book seem to be going well.

Devastated by what she has to do, Fahsai drags her feet to the hospital, and she doesn’t get any moment to steel herself for the task ahead when Daniel and right hand man are already at the hospital ward visiting her father. She asks how he found out and Daniel peers at her face (which still has tears in her eyes) and says that the magazine employees told him.

They convene at the rooftop where Daniel asks her who hurt her father. When she tells him that they were just some people at a restaurant, he demands to know: who, what, how many people etc. It’s so cute.

Fahsai thanks him for his concern and tells him not to dwell on it anymore because dad already forgave them. Daniel asks whether forgiveness can be used with people who don’t see its value. Fahsai asks a question in return: does he see the value in forgiveness? And if he had done something wrong to someone, would he like to be forgiven? Daniel guesses that she wants him to be forgiven by Chernming. Fahsai says that it is better than trying to defeat him all the time. Daniel says it’s too late between him and Chernming, but Fahsai argues that starting over is never too late, one just need to sit down and talk. Ah, if only it were so simple. Fahsai adds that she may not know him that well, but she trusts her gut, and it tells her that he’s a good person.

Before she could ask that he return the black book.. Daniel’s spidey senses spot a man watching them. He fights the stranger off and the two trigger guns at each other. However, it’s Officer Thep, who recently heard about her dad’s issues and wants to pay a visit. He glares at Daniel and tells Fahsai that he’s investigating groups of foreign mafias who are wreaking havoc in their country. Daniel says that if the Officer is referring to the debacle at the pier, he had no intentions for it to end up that way. The office scoffs that he ought to know the result of working with an enemy of his enemy (Khalif vs Suer Khao). Fahsai walks over to Daniel and questions why he would want to induce even more issues between him and Chernming, but Daniel says that it’s worth it when it comes to the profit he will make off Khalif’s partnership. Always the business man. Daniel welcomes the Officer’s investigation into this matter.

Once alone, Daniel stops Fahsai from leaving (who looks quite resigned) and asks her what she had been about to ask of him. Fahsai tells him to forget it because he’s probably right about it being too late between him and Chernming.

Big Sis Fai and Assistant-to-Chief Nuth arrive at the hospital and Fai spots right hand man (His name is Piu!) and she gets excited at the thought of seeing him. Ha. Nuth however, stops her friend from entering saying that it would be rude to interrupt the man. Fai wonders if something happened to cause Nuth to be afraid, but Nuth speculates that right hand man (it just sounds better to call him right hand man.. or Mr. Right Hand Man) that he’s a mafia and its best they keep their distance. Nuth has to literally drag Fai away who keeps turning her head back to take another look at Mr.Right Hand Man’s profile.


Nuth runs into Officer Thep who is currently heading out due to his annoyance with Daniel. He asks her if Daniel is trying to date Fahsai and Nuth says she doesn’t know, but she would love it if he did because they are such a good match. Haha. Officer Thep argues that Fahsai is almost half Daniel’s size, so just talking would be difficult for Fahsai because she has to constantly look up. Good to know you worry about the kink in her neck. The officer adds that Daniel isn’t good enough for her anyway, once he finds enough evidence, he’d either lock the man up or deport him.

In the hospital room, Nuth shares with the parents of recommended temples for dad to help him ward off bad luck. Mom pouts that she won’t let dad go out anymore but Fahsai relents that dad wouldn’t dare go out anymore anyway. Funny, Fai is missing, Nuth claims that she needed to use the restroom very badly.

But of course, that was just an excuse to see right hand man and to question what he did to her friend to make her so afraid of him. Right hand man suggests she ask her friend that, and if her friend hasn’t told her, it means she shouldn’t know. He adds that nosy people never end well. Haha. Fai retorts that she hasn’t seen anybody with a bad mouth end up well either. Right hand man tells her to step aside, but she refuses and defies him – until a gurney comes around a corner and knocks her against him – where he could have caught her, but lets her fall right on her butt. Right hand man says the nurses told him to step aside, and he was just following orders. Hee. He extends a hand to her, but a boy rushes by crying for his dad, caught his attention. The image reminds him of a time where he too was crying for his dad while something burned and people held him back.

Fai rushes after him and questions whether he was traumatized as a child. She says she understands how he feels, but right hand man disagrees. Fai explains that she lost her parents at a very young age and became an orphan – of course she understands – and has told herself that she must be rich and pretty so that her parents’ spirits can rest in peace. He turns away and tells her to mind her own business, but Fai makes the mistake of grabbing the mafia from the back. He instinctively uses self-defense on her, injuring her shoulder.

Right hand man says he’ll take care of the hospital bills and Fai spats that that is a given, she’s not going to get hurt and lose money too. Ha. Daniel need only give right hand man one look before right hand man apologizes to Fai with a bow. But that doesn’t seem to soothe the anger, Fai tells her girls to take her away.

On their way back home, Right hand man tells his boss that he didn’t intend to hurt Fai. Boss says he knows, it’s just that right hand man could not control his own anger. He says that one is the only person in control of one’s emotions, it’s nobody else’s fault, so right hand man would need to blame himself. Tough love.

Dad’s surgery is underway and becomes a success. Mom asks Fahsai who loaned her the money for the surgery expenses. Fahsai lies that he works at the magazine firm and the money would just be deducted from her paycheck each month.

Fahsai thanks Dr.Kwan for the successful surgery and Dr. Kwan says she’s just doing her job, but if Fahsai feels particularly grateful, she ought to stay away from Dr. Eit. Fahsai is confused and says she has been staying away from him, but wonders if that is what Dr. Eit had said. She tells the doctor that not everything she hears could be the truth but lets it go because she doesn’t want to stir up trouble between the two. This gives Dr. Kwan pause though, but repeats her stance: stay away from my boyfriend. Fahsai gives the doctor a sweet smile and says, “Actually I wanted to thank you for taking Dr.Eit away from me.” Another burn.

Chernming has been listening in and compliments on her ability to control her emotions. He thought a war was going to break out. Fahsai says she’s not one who likes to compete all the time (like him) but Chernming questions whether anyone likes to be a loser. Fahsai says it wouldn’t be about losing or winning if he understands forgiveness. Chernming says it takes two to tango, but Fahsai argues that she has never seen Daniel trying to win over him. Chernming says just because she hasn’t seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Being ever the devil’s advocate, Fahsai questions whether he has seen it with his own eyes that Daniel was the perpetrator.

Chernming immediately gets angry and grips her by the shoulders, he lists all of Daniel’s supposed crimes and says that all of these things convinced him that Daniel is despicable. Chernming releases his hold and says he needs the black book to redeem gang Suer Khao, and only after that, he might be free from the gang. He asks when she’s going to start so that he could help her efforts along, and Fahsai questions what he has in mind.


Fahsai pays a visit to Daniel’s office, offering an innocent smile when she sees him, and probably wracking her brain for an excuse. She says she was in the area and wonders if she left her pen here. Lamest excuse ever. Ha. Daniel peers at her questioningly, like she’s grown another head. She says it’s an EXPENSIVE pen, and oh what a shame to lose it. He just sits back with a subtle smile and watches her searching for her pen. Instead she’s looking around for the black book, as if he would put it in plain sight.

Daniel gives a little laugh and says she won’t find what she’s looking for here, the room has been cleaned. Fahsai looks away guiltily and excuses herself – but not before Daniel tells her to wait and he can take her back.

In the car, she’s peering around the seats hoping to find something. She’s terrible at this. Then she notices right hand man taking out a black book – is it THE black book? Her face is comical – but right hand man merely reads the boss’ schedule. I’m dying here. THEN, Fahsai thinks she’s being inconspicuous as she extends her hand to reach for the pocket of the passenger chair.. but Daniel asks her what she’s looking for. Ha. She changes the subject when she notices that he’s working on his tablet/phone. Fahsai scolds him for ruining his eyes and that work can wait. Daniel actually listens and puts it away. How cute. Right hand man smiles too.


But then right hand man notices that they’re being followed and the motorcyclist opens fire at their car. Daniel covers Fahsai, holding her close. Right hand man orders left hand man to take boss and Fahsai back and he would be the one to punish those men. But boss says it’s too late, they’re long gone and to take him and Fahsai back to HIS house. Gulp. Daniel says he doesn’t know who those men are and he needs to keep her safe in the meantime. Fahsai thinks back and realizes it must be Chernming’s doing, so she succumbs and agrees with Daniel, despite feeling nervous about going to his house.  Well, I can’t say that Chernming’s plan sucks.

They arrive at the dragon’s lair, oops, I meant Daniel’s mansion, and Fahsai looks like a fish out of water as she glances around the opulence. She gets a text from Chernming to go to Daniel’s bedroom because the black book might be there. But Fahsai gets so nervous that she bumps into Daniel when he calls her name and drops the phone. Oh no. She immediately reaches down before him and picks it up. You’re not looking suspicious at all.

Daniel asks her what’s wrong since she hasn’t looked very happy. Fahsai replies that the only thing that makes her worry is her dad.

Fahsai excuses herself to the restroom and Daniel gets called away to meet with Khalif. Once in the privacy of the restroom, Fahsai picks up Chernming’s call and tells him to stop texting her, she’ll get caught. Chernming says he’s just trying to help her, but Fahsai says there’s no way she could go to Daniel’s room. This is the mafia’s domain, she can’t wander freely like at a market. Lol. He tells Fahsai to use housekeeper Lee since she doesn’t have a very good memory.

Fahsai notices that Daniel is meeting with a guest so she takes the opportunity to sneak upstairs, she received detailed instructions from Chernming as to the location of Daniel’s bedroom.

Meanwhile Daniel asks Khalif what he plans to do about Suer Khao. Khalif says that he wants to take over Suer Khao’s market place and make them destitute. Daniel says he’s surprised that Khalif would deal with them this way and Khalif wonders if Daniel expects him to punish them. Khalif says when it comes to important matters, he won’t use force. Killing an enemy while they’re alive is so much more fun. He gives Daniel a creepy smile, as if sending him the same message should he decide to cross him. Khalif agrees to their partnership, but not before saying that he heard of a pretty little miss that Daniel is currently hosting in his home.

Daniel heads upstairs once Khalif leaves, thinking that Fahsai is in the backyard sipping her tea – per Mrs. Forgetful Lee. But Fahsai is actually rummaging through his room. She quickly hides as the door shuts behind Daniel, clutching the book that had fallen to the ground. He makes his way to the restroom, while Fahsai hides in his wardrobe, peering at the man as he starts to disrobe. He has a strange feeling that someone is watching him, but he continues to unbuckle his pants – while Fahsai is muttering “please don’t take it off”. She gets so bent out of shape about this that she smacks herself in the nose with the giant book. Haha. She is about to get revealed as Daniel opens the closet door, but is saved by right hand man who alerts him that Chernming is within sight.

Daniel observes Chernming with a telescope, the man appears to be chilling by his motorcycle. Right hand man is willing to drag the man for questioning, but Daniel says to let Chernming go on thinking that he’s safe, it’s better for them that way.

Since the coast is clear, Fahsai walks out of his bedroom. She passes by his office and overhears their conversation. Right hand man reports that the shooter during their meeting with Khalif turns out to be all of gang Suer Khao’s former members. Chernming didn’t have anything to do with it – but right hand man thinks Chernming believes that Daniel had been the one to order it and frame gang Suer Khao. Right hand man wonders why boss just won’t tell Chernming the truth so that he would stop messing with them. But boss says they know Chernming well. Just as she heads down the stairs, she gets caught by one of his men. Eeps!

Guilty, Fahsai turns and see’s the expanse of his bare chest (with a red dragon tattoo spanning down his abdomen). And I just find this scene funny because she’s looking up at him- sporting a bloody nose – and her eyes trail the length of his pants down to you-know-what. She flashes back when he was about to take his pants off – then the bloody nose gets worse. Haha. Daniel freaks out, orders his men to get the first aid kit and scoops her in his arms. He places her on his bed and is now screaming at his men to hurry up. She’s looking at him like this is all coming out of left field.. she keeps trying to say that she’s quite alright, but Daniel is all “stay still” and tends to her nose. Gah. So cute.

Fahsai’s reaction is all of our reaction. She braces herself from his proximity, practically taking big gulps and remembering to breathe. He asks if she’s ok since she’s been holding onto the comforter for dear life. Fahsai mutters that he should probably put a shirt on. Daniel smiles and says that she has already seen him with his shirt off in Japan. Fahsai relents that it doesn’t matter how many thousand times she’s seen it, she could not get used to it. He gets ever closer to her and asks if he’s that handsome. Haha. Fahsai replies with an “mm” concurring with his remark and asks if he’s happy now. He brushes his hand over her hair with a smile. He says he’s quite happy.


But that little admission doesn’t excuse her from explaining why she came upstairs, and Daniel asks her about it. Fahsai remembers Mrs. Forgetful Lee and lies that the bathroom downstairs wasn’t functioning well so Mrs. Lee told her to use the one upstairs. Mm hm. So convincing. But Daniel accepts it for now. Before leaving, Fahsai asks for a hug from Mrs. Lee and the right hand man notes that she has a good personality. But they just don’t know that she feels badly for using the poor forgetful housekeeper as an excuse. Right hand man says to his boss that her personality is a good fit for the Lady Boss of Mungkorn Thong. Daniel tries not to smile too openly.

Fahsai reaches her colleagues home and shares that although she didn’t find what she was looking for at Daniel’s house, she did learn something new. Big Sis Fai suspects that someone wants the two gangs to misunderstand each other. She asks if Fahsai told Chernming about this yet but Fah doesn’t think he would believe her. Nuth tries to interrupt their talk to no avail until Fahsai notices that Nuth has been pouting. She admits that even though they (the mafias) are good looking and all, they are cruel, she shivers just thinking about it. Fai presses for Nuth to divulge what she’s learned and Nuth wonders if the right hand man is the person trying to pit both gangs against each other. Fahsai says he seems pretty loyal to Daniel. This reminds Fai of the two tattoos that she has seen on Piu’s body. They conclude that he’s the first suspect.

That night we see Piu meeting up with one of Khalif’s minion who reports that Big bro will be sent back to HK. Piu says it will certainly make things easier.


Chief of LOLA tries to sell Daniel on maintaining paperback magazine instead of going digital, as so many of magazines these days. He believes it keeps in the tradition that not only do people want to read the magazine, they also want to keep it as a keepsake. Chief goes on and on which makes Daniel grow impatient. He tells the Chief to stop beating around the bush and give it to him straight: what does he want? Lol. Chief says he wants Daniel to be featured in the magazine. Daniel declines it outright because he has an officer penning an investigation on him, he doubts readers would want to buy a magazine that features him. Chief is totally bummed and let him observe their first draft.

Piu (right hand man) gets a text and excuses himself, Fai spots him leaving and tails after him. He catches her off guard and presses on why she’s following him. He gets threateningly close but Fai says she’s not the fearful type. Piu argues that the brave ones die quickly. They smile back and forth until Fai lets out a piercing scream for help. Haha. Piu tells her to hush, because it’s not looking so great for him.

Daniel peers at his minion like “again dude, wth?” Piu could only look back at his boss with resignation. I love this bromance. It’s like Piu could not handle disappointing his boss.

Fai lies that she only went after Piu so he could take responsibility over her, but she saw his gun instead and freaked out, that’s why she screamed. Daniel asks how Piu could atone for his mistake and Fai asks that Piu take her home tonight since she has to work late. Whatever she’s plotting, I like it. Daniel agrees on his right hand man’s behalf but Piu says he’s not free, until he gets that “look” from Daniel which bodes no argument. Daniel says he wants some “personal” time with Fahsai anyway. Keke. Chief notes the doting look that Daniel sends Fahsai’s way.

Chief approaches Fahsai next to ask her for a small favor – he wants Daniel on the magazine. If she could get him to agree then they’ll feature Fahsai’s story.

Daniel visits her parents at the house and watches the parents flirt with each other. It’s adorable. He could not help but give Fahsai a smitten smile. But their moment gets interrupted by Dr.Eit who apologizes for showing up unannounced. Dad says they’re quite used to his lack of announcements. Ha. Dad introduces Dr. Eit as a former neighbor, because saying he’s a future son in law to a hospital chairman would be sarcastic. Lol, go dad. Dr. Eit squirms.

Big Sis Fai and the right hand man is so cute. She’s totally fangirling over him as she watches him from her office that night, but plasters on an indifferent face when he catches her looking at him. When she comes down and he gruffly helps her with her bags, she shyly smiles at him.

On their way to her condo, she blasts music in his car and he immediately shuts it off, lamenting that he does not like music. Fai says that she read somewhere that it’s beneficial to listen to music during traffic, it de-stresses you. Piu says the opposite, music makes him sad. She’s defiant though and starts to hum to the tune of her own music. When he drops her off, she could barely thank him before he speeds off. Haha. The look on her face, so classic. Then Nuth’s car shows up as planned and they tail after his car.

Meanwhile dad excuses himself to bed but suggests that Dr. Eit grab his plate on his way out, indicating that Dr.Eit should head on out too. He leaves no mercy for the man who hurt his daughter. Dad smiles at his daughter and says that she has quite the charm, being so young and all. Fahsai says that Daniel is her boss, he wouldn’t think anything of her. Dad laments that he did not even bring up Daniel’s name. Ha. Guilty. Dad says he can tell that Daniel likes her, and dad could also tell that Fah also has feelings for Daniel. Fah hangs her head, unable to rebuke. But she admits that she does like Daniel but she won’t allow herself to love him too much without getting to know him better.

Dr. Eit pulls out the “familiar” card, meaning he knows Fahsai better than Daniel. He says that Daniel must be new around here and since he’s only a shareholder at the magazine firm, and not one who works there every day, it’s no wonder Dr.Eit has never heard Fahsai mentioning his name. Daniel asks if Dr. Eit has never heard of his name or just never got the chance to talk to Fahsai. Ha. Dr. Eit boasts that he has talked to Fahsai many times, in fact, the other day he dropped her off at work. Daniel surmises that Dr. Eit must have been the reason why the hospital removed their support. Dr. Eit tells him not to make accusations, and Daniel says not to take it the wrong way, he just wants to thank the man who allowed him to meet Fahsai. Dr. Eit questions whether Daniel likes Fahsai, to which Daniel says they will keep this between themselves, and reminds Dr. Eit not to forget the plate on his way out, in case dad learns it’s still here and will get mad. I love Show’s verbal banter and all those hidden challenges.

Fai and Nuth spy Piu and wonder what he’s up to – he’s standing in the middle of the street with a baseball bat. They see a motorcycle speeding towards him, and two men pulls on a rope which knocks the motorcyclist to the ground. The girls scream “It’s Chernming!” – then Piu walks up to the man and beats him with the bat, knocking him out cold. Nuth and Fai both scream in fright and Nuth immediately texts Fahsai that right hand man is about to kill Chernming.

But Daniel happens to sit by her phone and sees the text message. Yikes. He asks Fahsai for her friend’s location.

Shirtless and furious, Piu beats the man who keeps laughing. It is indeed Chernming, who scoffs that that is this the best Piu could do and did Daniel send him? Piu says he wishes boss sent him so he could punish the dog who double crossed them. Chernming continues laughing which earns him another punch to the face. Piu says he can go on laughing but he’ll soon realize that hell is real.

Nuth wonders if they should call Officer Thep but Fai thinks it’ll make matters worse. They spot Daniel arriving with Fahsai. Daniel peers up at his right hand man and Chernming right at the edge of the construction building. He shakes his head at Piu, sending telepathic message not to push Chernming over the edge. But Piu let’s go… and Chernming’s body falls and hits the ground with a thud.

Oh the sadly devastated look on Daniel’s face.

Back at Daniel’s mansion, he tells his men how disappointed he is. He punishes Piu with a smack across the face, his hand print left its mark. Piu apologizes but he won’t stand for Chernming to do all of the damaging to his boss. Daniel says he MUST withstand it and to think of the big picture. Being a water that puts out a fire isn’t dishonorable. He adds that Piu can’t let all that anger and hatred in his heart to overshadow his honor and make him forget what is right and wrong, and committing dishonorable acts. Daniel asks what is the point when you lose all of your honor? Daniel takes tough love to another level, but that is why he’s such a great leader. Fahsai watches this from the balcony.

She apologizes to Piu upon seeing him later. She says she’s the cause of discord among him and Daniel, but Piu says that if she hadn’t done it for his boss’ best interest, he’d kill her already. Fahsai says he makes himself look cruel by constantly threatening to kill people. But she knows he has a good heart because he made sure the fall wouldn’t kill Chernming. Piu relents that he just wants to scare him to death so he would quit messing with his boss. Fahsai notes that it is great Daniel has such loyal people by his side. Piu says that it’s nothing compared to what boss and his family has done for him.

He flashes back to his younger years, and the foursome – Daniel, Botan, Chernming and Piu – congregate to play guitar and sing together. Turns out, Chernming and Piu are cousins! But Piu’s dad is upset that Chernming’s dad wants him to step down as the leader and give him the position. But Piu’s dad thinks that his son (Piu) is the strongest candidate. Ohh, this takes the relationship between Daniel-Piu-Chernming to another level. Piu’s dad says he’ll never concede to this.

That night as Piu plays the guitar, his household gets bullied by Chernming’s dad and big bro. Those two are cruel as they gun down Piu’s mom. Piu rushes to the living room in shock to see big bro sneering after the shooting. The gang members hold Piu down as he screams that HE.WILL.KILL. big bro. Chernming’s dad asks Piu’s dad whether he would step down or watch his only son die in front of his eyes. When dad refuses, they light him on fire. Piu watches his dad get burned to death and gets up to shoot randomly at everyone.


He finds himself by a bridge and prepares to hold a gun to his head. But Daniel came to see him. He says dying won’t fix anything. Daniel sees Piu as a relative by default since Piu is related to Chernming. Piu spits that they’re not his kin. Daniel questions whether Piu wants to die because of them, after they’ve caused his whole family to die already. Piu says he has nothing left, but Daniel begs to differ, “You still have yourself. I believe that your parents won’t want you to meet the same fate. They want you to live, in their stead.” Piu softens and cries by those words. He lowers his gun and let the tears fall. Daniel welcomes him to gang Mungkorn Thong. And that, my friends, is how Piu became right hand man and has two tattoos.

In present time, Piu tells Fahsai that boss didn’t want him to remove the tiger tattoo, because he wants it to serve as a reminder of where he came from. Fahsai says it’s no wonder he has two tattoos, which causes Piu to glare at her as if questioning HOW DO YOU KNOW? Fahsai admits Big Sis Fai told her. Oops.

Piu says that they (the gang) don’t have secrets with each other, because there are no secrets in this world. He turns to her and warns her to keep that in mind. Don’t think that he doesn’t know that she worked with Chernming. Fahsai panics but says that it must be a misunderstanding, he shouldn’t make hasty accusations. Piu says he doesn’t accuse people without evidence, and he hands over a phone which shows a recording of her talk with Chernming in the hospital. Oh man, Piu, go on with your bad self. You are so caught, Fahsai.

Fahsai gulps and says he’s been following her, but Piu relents that actually, he has been following Chernming. He didn’t imagine he would see Fahsai agreeing to betray his boss. Fahsai’s tears are falling now and she says that her dad is dying and she needed to help him. She has no choice, but Piu says there is always a way out: it lies in whether you look for it or allow your judgement to be clouded. Piu says he won’t tell boss about Fahsai and Chernming working together because he guarantees that she will NEVER find the black book. As a parting word, Piu says that if boss wants to kill Chernming, there is no way Chernming would have survived till this day. This means that everything that boss is doing, is intended to help Chernming.

But I don’t think he will ever let Chernming know, because as boss walks by the sleeping Chernming, he takes out a gun. It so happens that Chernming wakes in time to see Daniel holding his gun and he immediately mistakes Daniel for trying to kill him. They fight until Chernming gets a hold of the gun and pulled the trigger. Only, there’s no bullet. Everyone rushes into the room to see Chernming pulling the trigger. Daniel holds one hand up and says that a dangerous man like Chernming should not be next to dangerous things – he holds up the bullets. The two get in another fist fight until Fahsai gets in between them and tells them to knock it off. Desperate, Chernming uses Fahsai as a shield so he can get away. Daniel says he didn’t need to do that, he can go home safely. Chernming says he stopped believing Daniel’s words from the day Daniel killed his dad.

They follow him out and it’s a tense moment until Fahsai tells everyone to put their guns away and that she would go with Chernming. Nuth wonders why they aren’t doing anything to save Fahsai but Daniel says he knows Chernming well, he wouldn’t hurt a girl. Big Sis Fai is not inclined to believe this and says it’s a mistake to cheer him on if he’s such a wimp. Ha. Daniel tells them to go inside and enjoy their snacks, it’s the best thing they can do to help Fahsai. Calm as a clam, this one.

But of course he’s right. Chernming instructs his men to take Fahsai home now that he’s safe. She decides not to go and made some food for Chernming. I mean she knows he wouldn’t hurt her, after all, they were “working” together. But it’s pretty pathetic that he would still use her as shield.

As she brings the food to him, he asks after the black book. Fahsai says that there might be more to the issue between him and Daniel than he knows. She explains her recent findings and that Daniel does really care about him. Perhaps she just sounds like she worries about him, and it’s getting to him, or he’s just trying to win over Daniel again, but Chernming holds her by the back of her head and pulls her close.. for a KISS? Oh snap! Did they kiss?!


I don’t think I’m ever going to root for Chernming to be a romantic rival (although I know he will be one), because, c’mon, Daniel is the walking, talking Mr. Dreamy McGiant. It’s not even a fair comparison. To me, Chernming just seems like a silly boy who hasn’t grown up, while he watches his best friend reach his potential. He has never seen Daniel DO any of the crazy shit he professed that Daniel did. Unlike Piu (right hand man) who has seen with his own eyes that Chernming’s dad and big bro cruelly murdered his family. That’s justification. But Chernming just believes whatever people are telling him, which is unfortunate because Daniel really cares for their friendship and has done everything to protect his friend. Even if it means he would look like the bad guy.

The romantic rival part – well, Fahsai already has her heart set for Daniel even though Chernming try as he might, want to steer her away. Show might mess us up a little by teasing us, but at the end of the day, Fahsai always stays true to her heart. Well, at least I hope, but I have enough faith in our heroine to feel comfort in her rational decision making. Because Piu already took the reign and made her feel badly for opting to betray Daniel in order to save her father. Like I said, there are other ways out! Don’t make a deal with the devil. But no matter what, seeing different sides of Daniel seems to bring her back in. I mean, how could you NOT love this guy? Even though Daniel is still that quiet enigma to me and I just want to keep unwrapping him, at the core, he’s all aces. Gah, and Mick? Well you already know how I feel about HIM. He makes Daniel come to life.

It’s really nice to see the backstory about Piu and how he became so loyal to Daniel. Because, bromance! You can never have enough loyal people on the hero’s side. I’m really loving the interactions between Big Sis Fai and Piu and I can’t wait for more. This is why a show is addicting, ALL aspect of the show- leads, second leads, villains, the families, every character keeps the story interesting and makes me want MORE.

Especially, I love that our leads KNOW their attraction and feelings towards one another. This gangster world is already fraught with besties fighting and leaders trying to overthrow one another, the last thing we need are misunderstandings between the leads and people denying their feelings. And the verbal banters? Love. * Holds hands out for more.

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