It’s not you, it’s me.

I am going to say it, Plerng Naree, and Tik-Mai combo, just isn’t doing it for me. The premier episode felt slow, languid, dazed and uninspiring. Some glaring issues for me lies in three areas: (1) the directing, which creates such a boring world; (2) the writing and characters; and (3) the actors, which may have to do with the characters they portray, and then, maybe not.

Tik plays Theepop who retires from the police force due to his father’s health and filial duties. He is tasked with learning the jewelry business and helping an old family friend’s struggling business. So he travels abroad to Saijeet where he learns the jewelry business and meets a pretty face at the park. He reunites with her back in Thailand at the company they both work for – but she denies ever stepping foot in Saijeet. Well, that is because she’s Princess Pririsa of Saijeet and is on a mission to seek revenge for her mother who developed severe disability from the abuse of her father’s family members. She’s going rogue on this one, incognito by pretending to be a common person applying for a secretary position at the company. We’ve no clue as to how she will seek justice. Will she make their life miserable? Ruin their business? Make them pee in their pants? WHATYOUGONNADO Princess?

Tik looks so dazed in this whole episode, like he’s just staring at his costars and reading his lines. Someone give him some caffeine, please. I don’t know what I’ve been drinking, but it’s giving me some sort of immunity against Tik’s charms. Gasp, such blasphemy. I can’t even say that he looks great in this show, perhaps he needs more makeup? As for Mai, there’s something about her acting that I couldn’t quite put my finger on while watching the first episode, but I’ve realized now what it is. She’s always “ON.” Meaning, I feel like she’s acting all the time, Princess Pririsa or Risa (as the common girl) doesn’t feel natural. There are some characters that you watch and you feel like they’re real and you want to get to know them, but when Risa comes on screen, I know I’m watching a lakorn. Having said that, I actually quite liked the Crown Prince and the bestie girlfriend, they make their characters come to life.

Perhaps if one of the areas in the directing, the story, and the acting is actually stellar, I may be hooked from the first episode and be inclined to stick around to find out. But everything in this pilot episode feels slowly paced, dull characterization, and actors who look half awake. Perhaps some of you quite enjoyed it. This is clearly the case of, it’s not you it’s ME.

Can you think of a premier episode that is bad but went on to be a great show? How did you like/dislike Plerng Naree? Are you going to stick around to find out whether it’ll improve?

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