It’s finale week! The truth comes out and another life is lost, however Show continues to explore trust as the central issue today. Even if evidence stares Tarntawan in the face, will she remain steadfast or buckle towards her bias? Should Suriyen act out like everyone anticipates him to or do something differently? You know what Einstein said: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Shall we expect a crazy Beast or a changed man? Buckle your seatbelts everybody, it’s gonna be a rocky road before we close out this series.


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Tarntawan follows Suriyen as he broods by the beach. Night has fallen. But when she steps towards him, he takes a receding step back, until he completely walks away from her. She cries alone as the tide washes her feet and the sun rises. Suriyen returns to scold her for standing there all night.

“Why, are you worried about me?” she questions. “You’re just acting tough and angry but you’re really worried about me, right?”

“What do you want?” Suriyen asks, tired.

“I’m sorry,” she says.

“Is that all?”

“I didn’t mean to deceive you,” she explains, “I helped Khun Visut because back then you were a sadist. I hated you and I had to do everything to survive. But then I got to know you and understand that you’re not the same person that everyone sees.”

He looks at her, quiet.

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“Are you mad at me?” she finally questions.


“That’s not true.”

“If I am mad at you, I’ll act out violently,” he retorts.

“Then what’s the matter, why aren’t you acting out violently?”

What he says next is beautiful, “I don’t know.. but I’m not angry. I just don’t want to be what I was like before. Making everyone afraid of me, causing everyone to run away from me. I don’t want anyone to runaway anymore,” he says, and shuts his eyes from the pain. “I want you and Nong Phit to stay here. With me.” AWWWW. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.” He turns away from the admission.

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“Khun Phu…” Tarntawan utters, touched by his words. She sweetly backhugs him, pulling him close. “I’m going to stay with you. I won’t go anywhere.”

Double aw.

Tears roll down his face by her words and actions. Allow me a minute to take this all in.

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Officer Ekk confronts Pensiri about what he saw last night, he surmises that she secretly loves Visut. Pensiri is forced to admit that she does but he can’t tell anyone because if Visut finds out, he’d only mock her.  Visut happens to see them standing by her bedroom door and wonders if they’ve spent the night together. Officer Ekk takes the opportunity to make him jealous by saying what if they did? Visut looks uncomfortable at the idea.

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That naptime on the beach is oh so cute. Tarntawan and Suriyen try to catch up with some sleep (because as Tarntawan stands on the shore all night, I bet Suriyen was watching her from afar not getting any sleep either, ha).

Suriyen says that he’s thinking about sending Nopasit back with the police and let them handle it from here. Tarntawan asks him what he had discussed with Decha on the phone that day, she heard Decha had made an offer.

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Suriyen peers at her and says that the old man wants Rai Phu Tupdao and has done everything in order to get it. This makes Tarntawan wonder what this land has that makes Decha do such horrible acts in order to obtain it. Suriyen suggests she get some sleep, but Tarntawan is too curious. She keeps prompting him until Suriyen pulls her down to lay next to him. Ha, so cute. He pulls her even closer, as if for a kiss, but she pushes him away with a smile. What a tease, Show. But she does let him hold her hand while they nap.

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Officer Ekk, Pensiri and Visut gather to discuss Decha but Visut has a hard time concentrating since Officer Ekk keeps flirting with Pensiri. Lol. They surmise that Decha is behind everything.

Nopasit visits his wife’s grave and apologizes profusely for his actions. Tarntawan questions her brother as he cries by the grave, “Do you even love P’Suri? I’ve never seen you act like you love her when she’s around, you only go to casinos and become very selfish. So why are you acting sad now? What will that get you? P’Suri won’t ever know.” Then she throws the question out into the void, “why do people do this?”

That question propels Suriyen to reflect on his own selfish actions, how he refused to even see his sister when she reached out for help, he turned her away instead. Suriyen utters that he’s sorry. He watches Tarntawan putting her arms around her brother to comfort him, and that no matter how bad her brother is, she still remains by his side. He probably wished he did the same. The regret is real.

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The family plays together one last time.. because as Officer Ekk takes Nopasit back, they get ambushed along the way. Nopasit gets kidnapped by Dam Gern and Officer Ekk is knocked unconscious.

Uncle Phu Bear tries to reassure both his nephew and Tarntawan that all is well, they pinky swear that if dad takes too long to visit, Uncle Phu Bear will take Nong Phit to visit him in BKK. The employees note that they look like a real family. When Tarntawan has no appetite, Nong Phit tells Uncle Phu Bear that bad kids who refuse to eat must be spoon fed, he demonstrates this by feeding Uncle Phu Bear, so that Uncle Phu Bear can feed aunty in exchange. So cute.

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But happy times take a downturn from here. Suriyen just finished reassuring Tarntawan that he has his men looking for an update about Nopasit, when his men suddenly report that Nopasit has gone missing. He gets a call from Dam Gern (to which Tarntawan could not hear), the shooter tells Suriyen to meet him in the woods alone if he wants Nopasit back alive. Suriyen rushes out without telling Tarntawan what’s happening. Ah, this isn’t going to work out very well, is it?

At the golf course, Visut and Pensiri appears before Decha to goad him. They show him Athit’s necklace and says that they’re getting close to finding the man, as well as the truth about his father’s death. Visut says that he hopes rumors aren’t true that the culprit is the same person who killed both stepmom and his dad. He adds that they have a trusted source, a famous designer. This got dad’s attention peaked. Later Pensiri says that Rujira is the key to taking Decha down. Yeah, I thought we’ve already established that.

Suriyen goes to the meeting place in the woods where he sees Nopasit bound, but he’s too late in stopping Dam Gern who threw a lighter into the pit. He fights off Dam Gern and proceeds to take his shirt off to fan the flames. This is when Tarntawan rushes in and screams into the fire (she had followd him from the farmhouse). She tries to run in but Suriyen holds her back, where she faints from the shock.


But when she comes to, Tarntawan is back at the farm house, hand wrapped in bandages. She doesn’t recall how she got there, only that her brother was burned alive. The police shows up to get a statement from her, and based on her reaction, we are almost led to believe that maybe she doesn’t trust Suriyen after all.

Suriyen is off to see Decha to confront him about Nopasit’s death, instead the whole truth came out. He realizes that Decha blamed him for stepmom’s death, killed Suri and now has killed Nopasit in order to leverage for Rai Phu Tupdao. He wants Athit to be indebted to him so that he would give up the land. He even gave Sopha to Athit, but at the end of the day, he still didn’t get the land that Athit promised, and that’s what makes him furious. He tells Suriyen how unfair it is. Decha also knows that Suriyen is tired of being the Big Boss and that he never wants to do it in the first place. He’s just holding a spot for his dad in case the old man comes back. Decha offers to take everything off his hands, because he would be delusional to think that his dad would ever come back to claim everything again. His dad’s probably living abroad with another family. Ouch.

But Suriyen stares at him, furious. He tells Decha that all this time he thought he had been the one to kill his stepmom and he felt so guilty, so afraid. He even has nightmares every night. He wonders why a grownup would involve a little kid but Decha says it’s all in the name of justice. Suriyen spats that he no longer will respect Decha and will do everything in his power to ensure he gets punished lawfully.

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Speaking of the law, which is questionable at this point. The cops urge Tarntawan to say that she saw Suriyen throw in the match because they can nab Suriyen with this. He’s lived above the law and they could not take him down in the past, this is their opportunity. Talk about motive for the cops. How do you call yourself a cop when you want evidences to work for you? Tarntawan after making us suspect that maybe she doesn’t have Suriyen’s back, finally spells it out to the police: I didn’t see who did it, but one thing is clear, Nai Phu did NOT do it. The cops say they’re trying to help her (sure) and she spats that they could go find the real culprit then. Haha. Go Tarntawan!

But Suriyen is not off the hook, Decha had sent over a voice recording to the police with Nopasit’s claiming that Suriyen plans to kill him by burning him alive. They play this for Tarntawan to hear.

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Next thing we know, Visut consoles Tarntawan who is crying. She doesn’t know how to tell her nephew about his dad when the poor child already lost his mom. She also don’t know who did it and why they would do something so atrocious to her brother. Visut tells her that she can get through this. He has been in the same position when his dad died but he got through it. He tells her to be strong. His support comforts her and she holds him close. This is what Suriyen and Pensiri sees when they walk in. Both are a little devastated inside.

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Meanwhile the baddies are confident that Suriyen will get arrested because everyone wants a piece of him.

Visut assures Tarntawan that Decha is definitely the one behind Nopasit’s murder, and probably everything else, they just don’t have the evidence to prove it. Tarntawan refuses to let Decha get away with it and making Suriyen pay for his crimes. She encourages the two (Pensiri and Visut) to go to BKK and try to convince Rujira to help them.

That night Tarntawan and Suriyen have a lot of baggage to clear away, but instead of coming out as if they’re asking for each other’s reassurance, they just sound like they’re biting each other and not trusting each other enough: it’s pretty clipped and goes something like this:

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Tarntawan: “Where did you go?”

Suriyen: “Decha’s house.”

Tarntawan: “Why.”

Suriyen: “To ask him why he did it, and what does he want.”

Tarntawan: “So it’s his doing right?”

Suriyen: “Then who did you think did it? What did the cops ask you?”

Tarntawan: “Lots of things.”

Suriyen: “Like?”

Tarntawan: “Like who lit the fire.”

Suriyen: “And what did you say?”

Tarntawan: “That I didn’t see it.”

Suriyen: “Did they let you listen to the recording? What did you say?”

Tarntawa: “What did you think I said?”

Suriyen: “Why do you look at me like that?”

Tarntawan: “Nothing.”

Suriyen: “Tarntawan! If you have something to ask me, just say it.”

Tarntawan: “YOU have something to ask me, so YOU say it!”

Suriyen: “I told you to spit it out.”

She can’t stand it and walks away, to which he follows.

“You wanted to ask me if I did it, right?” Suriyen spats.

She spins around, “I told the cops that you didn’t do it because I TRUST you.

“You really said that?” he questions. Oof. “Why do you still suspect me then?”

“I’m not questioning you, I merely want reassurance,” she replies. “You want me to trust you but you’ve never trusted me.”

She tells him to treat people the way he wants to be treated, you know, grade school stuff, since these two are having such grade school conversation. You did it, no YOU did it! But I didn’t do it! Haha.

Finally Suriyen spits out, “I’M SORRY OK!” It’s so great, his head literally hangs from the shame. “I’m stressed out!”

Tarntawan tells him not to be afraid because he didn’t do it, but Suriyen says that they’ll make it look like he did it, the cops will believe them because of the evidences.

And that’s when Nong Phit appears, and in tears he cries, “Uncle Phu Bear killed my daddy!” OH NO.

He suddenly hyperventilates from the panic attack.

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At the hospital Tarntawan tells Suriyen she would be the one to explain everything to Nong Phit. The boy may have another panic attack if Suriyen tries to explain it. Because later at the mere sight of Suriyen, Nong Phit screams for Uncle Phu Bear to leave and passes out from the shock again. Poor Suriyen AND Nong Phit. Tarntawan begs for Suriyen to give Nong Phit some time, but the doctor tells Tarntawan that she should explain the natural way of things for Nong Phit: that people die. Tarntawan had struggled with how she would go about doing that, since she too is still mourning her brother. She doesn’t want to take Nong Phit away from Suriyen because that would kill him but Nong Phit can’t seemingly stay at the farm because his health would worsen. La-Or surmises that it sounds more like Tarntawan doesn’t want to abandon Nai Phu.

Meanwhile Rujira manages to threaten her dad enough to see her sister. Officer Ekk, Pensiri and Visut gang up to try and convince Rujira to help them out, but she still refuses, saying that it would make her a bad daughter. Um ok, I guess she gets the selfishness from her dad? There’s a reason why we can never come to like her. The gang encourage her to do the right thing. Then Visut decides it’s a good time to mess with Pensiri, don’t mind if I roll my eyes. He makes her think that her parents got kidnapped by Decha and in exchange for her parent’s safety, she needs to become Decha’s wife. WTF Visut? But her sexy outfit does strange things to him.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.52.51 Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.41.38

Tarntawan figures out a way to help Nong Phit come to terms with his father’s death. She goes to see Suriyen for a one on one talk, in case something gets misconstrued if she calls. She asks to move back home with Nong Phit – to BKK. She says that he’s too young to understand something this complex and will need some time. But Suriyen is adamant that both of them stay put at the farm, he would be the one to leave for now. He could even build a new house for them, but he doesn’t want them to leave. And he gets even more perturbed when she receives a call from Visut, Suriyen accuses her of moving to BKK with Visut. Haha, is someone jealous? Tarntawan calls him out on it with a smile, but he tampers it down with denial. He says she’s using their nephew as an excuse to be with Visut. Tarntawan questions whether he doesn’t trust her then, but he laments that he doesn’t trust them both. Ah, wrong thing to say mister, I know you’re jealous but..

Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.53.04

Tarntawan angrily spits that since he chose not to trust her, she’s not going to trust him anymore either.

Really, are we doing this again? I hope you’re both being sarcastic! I swear these two.

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Finale preview:

Pensiri in her sexy dress: “You’re made for Kate, but I’m made for you.”
Tarntawan takes Nong Phits hand as they hide by the wall.
Rain pours on Suriyen as we hear his voiceover: “If you’re thinking about taking Nong Phit away, can you change your mind?”
Nai Phu kicks some ass and goes after the baddies.


Jealousy can make lakorn characters say the stupidest things, I swear. Sometimes I wish Suriyen would realize that you can’t force people to do things. You should just let them do what they want to do (because they will) and let them come back to you! Haven’t he heard that if someone is meant for you, they’ll find their way back to you? Sigh.

Not a lot of new things occur in this episode, aside from Nopasit’s death (but he’s kind of a useless character in Show’s viewpoint anyway right, he’s just a means to start the conflict), and the rest of the episode is spent talking about the same things over and over, like Rujira is the key to taking down Decha but we just can’t convince her! Even if we have four to one she just won’t budge! Which really makes you question the authority in this show, justice is so bleak and powerless it’s no wonder people like Big Boss has to take matters into his own hands.

And I hope he does it soon. Go kick some ass and take names, Suriyen.

Granted, I’m glad Tarntawan has faith in him and Suriyen opts not to get all violent again, so why are they even arguing? Ha, over the stupidest things anyway. Why waste time pouting when you should make up! Go take more naps by the beach! Give more backhugs! How about a kiss? Yes, I’m still holding on to the hope that we get a kiss. There’s one more episode yet, don’t break my heart!

See you at the end of the road, you guys. This better be good.

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