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Rang Tawan – Episode 10


When I think Show is going to take us to familiar places, they do something that pleasantly surprises me. If last week’s episodes are about Suriyen’s heart unraveling, this week’s episodes mark the moment Suriyen let’s go and allow himself to love freely and unabashedly. The thing that gets me though is that Tarntawan chooses to trust Suriyen completely and by doing so, it allows Suriyen to let the softer, more human side of him to come out. If he cries over his past love, smiles openly at Nong Phit, and find ways to make up for his past discretions with Tarntawan, I may just die. This one is sweet and funny, but also moves our story forward, because several things come to light. Let’s find out what those things are.


Suriyen waits for Tarntawan outside of the restroom, making Tarntawan on edge and wondering if her call with Nopasit had been heard. She mulls over whether she should confess the truth, and surprising me and Suriyen by the honest route. She tells him that her brother called but she hung up immediately. Suriyen already knew that Nopasit called since he’s been tracking her movements, and he wanted to know how honest she’ll be. She warns him not to do anything with her brother and asks him to swear by his words. Suriyen relents that “swearing” is for the liars, not for him. He inquires if there’s anything else she’s hiding that he ought to know.

Cue to Officer Ekk forcing Rujira to go with him to see Suriyen. He threatens that she’s under protection so she ought to do as he asked. Pff, this cop is a pain in the ass if you ask me. He tells Rujira to clear things up with Suriyen, and that she shouldn’t live the rest of her life in fear. Rujira is happy with her life the way it is, thank you very much, but Officer Ekk is trying to test the waters and find out the truth behind the murder of Suriyen’s stepmom.

He would be sadly mistaken because Suriyen has anticipated their arrival, thanks to Tarntawan, and he tells Officer Ekk that he could inquire all he wants about Suriyen, but that he should leave Rujira out of this. Officer Ekk lies that he’s dating Rujira (he even takes her by the shoulders and pull her close) and that he doesn’t want Suriyen staying involved in Rujira’s life. Suriyen knows that the officer is trying to get a reaction out of him and asks what the guy really needs. As a child, Rujira was the only person who believed that he wasn’t the killer behind his stepmom’s demise. He just doesn’t know that she had witnessed it all with her own eyes. In anger and to protect Rujira, Suriyen punches the cop and tells him not to get Rujira involved in the investigation because he doesn’t want to see Rujira hurt. In another flashback, we see that he has a tendency to punch others in order to protect Rujira. But his violence has the opposite effect on Rujira who laments he is always like this. Tarntawan sidles by the cop and questions why the hell he’s doing this.

Near tears, Rujira begs for Suriyen to let her go. She doesn’t love him and will never come to love him. Those same words were also said in the past and still hurt him all the same. Tears stream down his face on their own accord as he says that he never asked her to love him, he just wants her by his side, as a friend even. But why did she have to cut ties with him completely? Rujira admits that she just wants everything to be over, which makes him wonder if she’s still caught up about his stepmom’s death. She confirms that she knows he wasn’t responsible, she tells him to not feel bad about it and because she knows (who did it), she cannot be with him. Which of course confuses Suriyen even more. He relents that he’s not asking her to marry him nor asking her to love him. Rujira begs again, “If you love me and concerned about me, let me go. Don’t make me feel worse than I already am.” She walks away, leaving Suriyen in a pool of tears.

Nong Phit clocks this and follows his uncle. Officer Ekks wonders out loud that if Nai Phu wasn’t the one who killed his stepmom, then who’s the real murderer? That’s for YOU to find out and for us to know.

Nong Phit offers a handkerchief to the older man, who questions whether he’s still afraid of him. Nong Phit admits that he’s a little afraid, to which Uncle Phu Bear tells him to stay away, ha. Nong Phit immediately says he’s not afraid anymore. Tarntawan peers at them from the doorway with a smile.

When they’re back at the farm, Visut pays a visit with a bouquet of flowers and apologies. Tarntawan relents that she’s no longer mad at him since his method seem to have worked. They look over at Nong Phit and Suriyen who are on horseback. The employees all lament that Nai Phu never allows anyone on the horse, he must really love Nong Phit now. Pensiri questions whether Tarntawan hasn’t forgotten all of the bad things Nai Phu has done to her. Tarntawan relents that she’ll never forget but she does understand him which allows her to move on. Pensiri asks the million dollar question, does that mean Tarntawan has feelings for him? Tarntawan merely says that she’s not that crazy, but Visut sees the plain truth.


Even though Pensiri is falling hard for Visut, she still encourages him not to give up on her friend. She suggests that if he wants to gain brownie points, he could encourage Tarntawan not to give up on her dream of becoming a designer. He submits for the Rujira Designing Contest on Tarntawan’s behalf.


At Suri’s grave, Suriyen says that when his family was alive they weren’t together, but they finally get the chance to be together in the afterlife. He tells Tarntawan that if he passes, he’d like to be buried here as well. Nong Phit seems to sense his uncle’s seriousness so he takes Uncle Phu Bear’s hand and tries to cheer him up. Tarntawan starts to notice how much Nong Phit is preferring his uncle over her, and she starts to feel threatened. Commence the competition of “who does Nong Phit love more?” I could watch this ALL day.


She worries over the energetic play between uncle and nephew but Nong Phit doesn’t want to stop. He even gives his uncle water so that they can continue playing rough. Tarntawan tells Uncle Phu Bear that her nephew is a well behaved child, he’s not into that sort of thing. But Nong Phit hangs on his uncle’s leg as a demonstration. Haha. Does she NOT know boys? They are crazy. I can attest to that. Tarntawan brings over grapefruit next but instead of singing along with his auntie, Nong Phit asks his uncle to go horseback riding instead. Uncle Phu Bear says in a high pitch voice and gets ever closer to her – “Nong Phit doesn’t want grapefruit anymore” neener neener. Haha. Then he head butts her. I die. Tarntawan fumes in jealous anger.


Suriyen starts to catch wind that Tarntawan is acting like a jealous adult. He calls her out on it after she demands to be the one to teach Nong Phit how to swim. With the blowup floater between them, Suriyen leans over and says that from now on, there won’t be Aunt Kate anymore – then he BLOWS in her face – because there’s Uncle Phu Bear now. Hahaha.

At Nong Phit’s in door playhouse, he relents that it’s his secret home and outsiders aren’t allowed. With a smile, Tarntawan knows she’s an automatic in. Uncle Phu Bear wonders what he needs to do to become an insider – and Nong Phit with a gleam in his eyes, says that IF Uncle Phu Bear shows him his secret barn home, then Nong Phit will allow him into his secret home. An eye for an eye, smart kid. Uncle Phu Bear concedes, and so Nong Phit takes his uncle by the hand and welcomes him in. Aw.

Uncle Phu Bear warns Nong Phit not to touch anything in the barn house, they are there just to look. Nong Phit basically gives him the “sure..” look, but he then asks to be hoisted up to the top of the haystack and inquiries about the myriad of toys on the shelf. Uncle Phu Bear hollers ‘no can do’, but gives in anyway because when Nong Phit throws you one of his looks, you’ll step over coals to appease him. Nong Phit holds onto the old toys, but when Tarntawan tells him that his mom had bought all of these toys for his uncle, Nong Phit understandingly releases them.

To show him that his mom is indeed Uncle Phu Bear’s twin sister, they go through a photo album together. He wonders where that grandpa in the picture is at, and auntie encourages him to beg Uncle Phu Bear about his whereabouts since he’s the only one who knows.

The little family play all of the toys together and even pretend to be robots. Why are they so CUTE? It’s amazing to watch Suriyen let go. Nong Phit even learns to get up on his own after a fall, because Uncle Phu Bear taught him that a great person knows how to help himself. Tarntawan is concerned because Nong Phit is all “Uncle Phu Bear this and Uncle Phu Bear that,” the boy even wants to watch movies with his uncle instead of reading a book with his auntie before bedtime. Suriyen could tell she’s still wary of him, whether she’s still afraid or simply afraid of losing Nong Phit, he doesn’t know but wants to do something about it.

So the next day, he has a man to man talk with his lawyer. YES. Suriyen asks the laywer, albeit reluctantly, whether his past actions towards Tarntawan was really that bad. The lawyer asks if he could be honest (when are you not?) and says that his actions were horrible and cruel. Ha. Suriyen questions what he should do then, but the lawyer encourages him to do what he feels he wants to do in order to make things right. If those things are “good” things, then boss need not feel embarrassed by it. Aw. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LAWYER?

Next thing we know, Tarntawan and Suriyen are at the ice cream making shop. Tarntawan wonders what he wants by taking her there, but Suriyen merely says that he noticed she liked doing these things and he just wanted her to feel good. Aw. But he throws in Nong Phit’s excuse, that he wants her to be happy here so that Nong Phit is willing to stay for good. Tarntawan says that for a minute she thought he actually cared. Suriyen back pedals and admits that he actually does care.. but Tarntawan relents that he doesn’t need to pretend, because no matter what, she’s sticking around the farm even if he kicks her out. Suriyen admonishes that he won’t kick her out.

After a beat, he looks at her pointedly and utters, “I.. I.. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all of the bad things I’ve done to you.”

She peers at him, “Who forced you to say this?”

“No one.”  Ha.

“You’re doing this for Nong Phit then?”

“How come you don’t believe me?” he questions. “You should forgive me when I apologize.. so that we can start talking like friends.” Aw.

She notices how serious he is, “I can be your friend, but answer me this first – how did you get your wounds?”

We know she already knows, but wants him to confide in her.

Just as she took the step to trust him, he takes a step closer to her as well. “My stepmom abused me.”

It was a tough confession and Tarntawan knows it. She asks him to take her stargazing tonight as a peace offering.

As they peer up at the starry night, Suriyen asks what’s on her mind. Tarntawan replies that it’s been a long time indeed since she got to look at the stars. It makes her feel good and she thanks him for taking her out. Suriyen admits that what’s on his mind is the darkness and how dangerous this place is. He adds that if he were here alone, he wouldn’t be afraid, but she’s with him so..

“Are you worried about me?” she asks with a smile. “Thank you..”

He peers at her, “I wanted to thank you too for making me feel better.”

Tarntawan notes that his name means the sun, but he likes to act like the burning sun in that anyone who comes close are singed to death. But right now, he’s the evening sun, who is warm and peaceful. Suriyen asks which time of the day she likes him better and she utters this one. But she also wants him to be the morning/rising sun so that he can be lively. Suriyen wonders with a smile what she would do if he becomes that lively morning or calming evening sun for her? OMG. Tarntawan blushes and tickles him, thinking that he should laugh or smile in order to be lively. I don’t even know what SHE will do with herself if he turns on his charms. Heck, I don’t even know what I would do.

Suriyen tickles her and they fall back on the car with a laugh. The atmosphere is charged as they look into each other’s eyes, suspended in the moment. He lays back down next to her, their hands almost touching. Suriyen looks like he’s itching to touch her hands..

Ah, all this fun though makes us see how much the trio are growing attached with each other. But someone has to work, and Nai Phu is called back to reality. His guards report that Sia Paworn had been the one who’s framing him for the illegal logging. It looks like he has ties with Khun Decha. In addition, the phone that Nopasit had been using belonged to Kaekhai. Suriyen begins to piece that puzzle, and he sets out to do a couple of things. We see that the first one is to meet Nopasit (eeps!) and secondly is to meet with Kaekhai to test his suspicions. No one ever said our Nai Phu is stupid.

Visut and Pensiri tries to encourage Tarntawan to enter into the fashion competition. They surmise that since Nong Phit and Suriyen are getting along, she should start focusing on her own dreams. Also, the more that Suriyen loves Nong Phit the less likely he would hurt the boy’s dad. This seems to give Tarntawan peace of mind and she opts to compete. Suriyen fiinds out she’s competing in Rujira’s company. Tarntawan already has her spiel ready: she knows he isn’t happy with it, but this is what she wants and she will succeed in it, not even he could stop her. Suriyen just looks at her in his way and says he wasn’t going to say anything. Lol. He just asks her not to say that name in front of him, it hits a nerve. Tarntawan thinks he’s still sensitive about Rujira, but Suriyen says that he could not come to understand Rujira’s actions or why she’s so afraid of him – to the extent of cutting all ties – when he did nothing wrong. So when he hears that name, the question of Why Why Why seems to reoccur and he’d rather not feel confused anymore. I love how he explains it to make her understand that he’s really not that into Rujira “that way” anymore. Gah.

Speaking of Rujira, she falls sick after the confrontation. Officer Ekk catches her in time before she faints dead away. As he helps her, she moans and pleads to dad to stop hurting her.

Visut thinks he’s going on a date with Tarntawan since he’s helping her buy fabric for the competition. When Suriyen hears about it, he seems to think it’s a date too and gets immediately jealous. Haha. He stammers to his lawyer that it’s her job to watch their nephew! She can’t go on and flirt with a guy! LOL. The lawyer explains to Nong Phit that uncle is only becoming this way because HE wants to take Tarntawan on this date – er – shopping. Hahaha. Oh how I love thee. The lawyer reminds his boss that he wouldn’t be able to crash the date even if he wanted to since he has to meet with Kaekhai.

And things get tensed real quick. Suriyen asks after Kaekhai’s stolen cellphone and whether Nopasit had been the one to steal it. Before she could divulge about her dad, Decha shows up. And it’s a small world because Tarntawan is having lunch with Visut at the same restaurant. Apparently any important meeting takes place in said restaurant. She spies them from afar and sees Suriyen shaking hands with Decha, but she can’t hear a thing.

What goes on in that conversation though, only Decha and Suriyen know since there’s hidden meaning behind it. Suriyen says Decha must have something to tell him, but Decha relents Suriyen may already know everything. Kaekhai chimes in that her dad let Nopasit stay at their house – which gives Suriyen the final clue- and he says he now knows who has ill intentions towards him and wants to kill him. Kaekhai wonders if it’s Nopasit he’s referring to, but Suriyen says it’s a person he respects actually, who acts all good in front of his face but is dishonest behind his back. Kaekhai agrees that he should kill that person. Decha tells him that Suriyen knows what that person wants, why not give in and go their separate ways? Decha further adds that there’s something at Suriyen’s house that that person desires, it’s something no one knows of, only Suriyen.

Tarntawan, Visut and Pensiri contemplate what secret is between Decha and Suriyen. Tarntawan is adamant that Suriyen is not the type of person who would do things to benefit himself. Love that faith in her. But Visut and Pensiri advises that you just never know since anything can happen. Even though Suriyen has a softer side, there is also the malevolent side to him.

Kaekhai finally sees her father’s true colors when they return home. The man orders her to steer clear of Suriyen, but she defies that she won’t ever stop seeing him. This earns her a slap and she falls to the couch. In tears she wonders if this is why her sister left their home – Dad must have abused her to no end. She yells at her dad for being a psycho and storms off. Dad forbids her from leaving the house, and he looks away in pent up anger. Clearly the real monster is Decha.

In tomorrow’s preview:

Suriyen: Get ready to pay for your crimes to P’Suri!
Khetarwut: You’re gonna let him send me to jail?!
The old shooter reappears, uh oh.
Kaekhai holding a knife: You can’t imprison me here!
Visut: Kim must have gotten forced to marry Nai Phu
Officer Ekk: I think it’s must more complicated than that.
And it’s Nong Phit’s birthday party!
Nong Phit: All I want for my birthday is my dad.
Tarntawan: So cute. Then in English she says SO CUTE.


I don’t know but this episode seems pretty damn cute to me, can I handle the next episode? The tension is going to be upped, that’s for sure.

I loved a lot of things about this episode, the screen time, the fun moments, but what drew me is the established connection and the softer quieter moments between Suriyen and Tarntawan. Through Tarntawan and Nong Phit, we see that he truly is a good person if allowed the opportunity. Someone once said that a gentlemen is groomed and not born – Suriyen was given lemons throughout his life, no guidance and is groomed to be tough and unfeeling. Basically, he grew up as a beast, who can’t even fathom that his actions are cruel or wrong. The only sense of justice he has is by the people around him, his lawyer who advises him what is right and what is wrong – the people of the farm who relies on him to make a living – things like that. It’s no wonder he keeps begging for Rujira to stick around, he doesn’t want to lose another person he loves. So I am happy that by letting Rujira go, he gained two new people in his life, who reciprocate his love and trust, and teach him to be a better person.

I also like that the efforts are made by both sides, Tarntawan and Suriyen. A relationship has to work both ways, which is a stark difference between Suriyen and Rujira. He had been the one making all of the effort. Although I’m wondering how Tarntawan will react when/if she finds out Suriyen is harboring her brother. The nice thing about this though, is that she has come to an understanding that Suriyen loves his nephew, so he can’t, by sheer love, hurt the father of his nephew. She’s begin to have faith and trust in Suriyen, and I hope he doesn’t disappoint her. I hope Show continues to pleasantly surprise us! Go ahead, have away with my heart!

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