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Mew Nitha On the Big Screen “Fan Day, Fan Gan Kae Wan Diow”


I miss our little mouse, Mew Nitha, and was wondering what she has been up to. This September we’ll get to see her pretty face on the silver screen, and in a romantic comedy to boot. She will be starring alongside Ter Chantawit in “Fan Day.. Fan Gan Kae Wan Diow” (Partner Day.. Partner for a Day) by GDH 559 Production. This would be the production and Mew’s first time on the big screen, which takes place in Hokkaido.

The story is an interesting one: it centers around Ter’s character, Denchai, who’s a 30 year old IT nerd. He’s pretty invisible at the company he works for, not everyone even knows his name, which is pretty upsetting to him. However he meets Mew’s character, Nui, who works in the marketing department, and he had to fix her computer. She’s the only one who remembers his name and he develops a crush on her. He knows it’s impossible that a nerd like him would ever attract nor have a chance with a beauty like Nui.

One day his company sends employees to Hokkaido’s ski resort for vacation. Denchai prays to the resort’s love bell in hopes that Nui could be his girlfriend even just for a day. Little did he know that fate could be such a jokester. Nui gets into a ski accident and lost her memory- and it’s the type of amnesia (TGA) that causes her to lose her memory for exactly a day. Denchai takes the opportunity to lie to Nui that she’s his girlfriend and they spend that fruitful day as boyfriend/girlfriend.

Yeah, that’s not going to backfire at all. Sounds great and I love me a nerd story. With Ter frontlining this, it’s going to be a hoot. The sad part for me anyway, since I’m in the States, is that I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to see this little gem, since I’m STILL waiting to see Love Sucks with Taya Rogers. This would be a good time to acquire some superhero powers and transport myself.

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