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Between Love and Duty – Sai Lap Rak Puan

Following Tayard Arsoon, Andrew and Ploy’s lakorn – Sai Lap Rak Puan – will give our weekend a nice laugh. This is an action, romance, comedy lakorn that centers around Din (Andrew’s character) who’s a top secret government spy agent. It’s so secretive that he can’t even tell his significant other, Ran (Ploy’s character), what he does for a living. Instead everyone is led to believe that he’s a sales agent, which is not up to par with Ran’s hi-so status (at least per her mother anyway). Looks like not only will Din battle with his real job while trying to maintain his love life, but he has rich in laws to contend with. Even the teaser says you can’t start a marriage with lies, because it means you’ll have to lie to your wife for the rest of your life. Gosh, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. A sweet disaster. So far the show looks funny and their relationship seems adorable. If Din weren’t a secret spy agent, I’m pretty sure life would have been smooth sailing for him. I like the conflict set up already. Andrew looks great as the funny, skilled secret spy agent, because when you’re dealing with life and death situations, it’s best to choose laughter over tears, since tears are inevitable.

Here are the teasers:

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