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Another big blow as we close out this week’s episodes, and lead into finale week next week. This episode will leave you gasping for air, crying for the higher power, and wondering if our characters will ever recover from this. Definitely it is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready? Brace yourself.


Mirantee confronts Chayakorn about the phone conversation she overheard back at Casa Studio. She questions whether he’s in cahoots with Soamika and releasing the clip that almost ruined a marriage. Chayakorn doesn’t answer and takes off to meet Soamika, but Mirantee is not to be swayed. She follows his car and eavesdrop in the corner.

Soamika gives Chayakorn the memory card from her video camera and demands money for the land, she intends on breaking the marriage up for good. Chayakorn does not give her the check (haha) and chides that (1) he can’t trust that she might not have made another copy (2) until she stops using dirty tricks, he won’t write her a check and (3) he NEVER told her to ruin Anusaniya’s life, he merely wanted Anusaniya to see the doctor for what he is. I am glad that Chayakorn gave Soamika a nice verbal lashing.

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Soamika chases Chayakorn on the highway, demanding to finish their conversation and get her check. As he tries to evade her car, his car crashes into a medium and he is thrown out of the car and into the ravine. Boys and girls, wear your seatbelt! This scene was done so well, my mouth is literally hanging. Soamika leaves the scene and Mirantee gets a shock of her lifetime. She rushes to his unconscious body and cries for help.

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Chayakorn undergoes emergency surgery. Mirantee, in tears, shares with Anusaniya that she thinks that the clip is Chayakorn’s doing. Wait, no! She tells Anusaniya that Chayakorn has been meeting with Soamika and are working together, but at the scene Chayakorn wasn’t willing to pay Soamika and that’s why there was a chase on the highway. Anusaniya relents that she’s not going to fault Chayakorn, because what he did made her open her eyes (she said it made her stop being stupid, pfft.)

Chayakorn is in critical condition, he has brain hemorrhage and they’ll need to see if he can survive the night.  Ack. Mirantee’s face hurts my heart, and then Dad! He faints from the news, and gets admitted to the hospital. Satawat gets called as the attending and he ensures that he’ll take good care of Dad, Anusaniya pretends he doesn’t exist. Gah.

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Meanwhile Soamika stammers that it’s not her fault and she flashes back to when Chayakorn is thrown out of the car.

Satawat offers a handkerchief to Ansuaniya as he sees her crying and assures her that Dad is in good hands – but she lashes at him – should she believe him? In the past she believed every word he said and look where that’s gotten her. Ouch. He follows her to Chayakorn’s ward, where they learn that he has stopped breathing and the doctors are working on resuscitating him.

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The next morning Dad asks if Chayakorn is conscious, but Grandma says that if Chayakorn doesn’t wake, would Dad take his organ. OMG. Dad basically chastises her for even considering that. We then see a flashback where Chayakorn tells his mom that he has volunteered to be his brother’s donor (and this is when I lost it, crying!) Chayakorn says that his brother is the only other person who is good to him and he hasn’t done anything to make him proud. There’s not a dry eye in Dad’s hospital room. But Dad relents that Chayakorn will wake because he wouldn’t let his brother die before him. The aunties all chime in that Dad should accept Chaya’s organ but Dad angrily spats that they never believed that Chaya was his blood brother anyway. Dad says that if he really wants to donate his organ, then he would need to get his ass up and tell him in person. Aw, Dad.

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Mirantee is at Chayakorn’s bedside and apologizes for any actions that caused him pain. She promises not to cause any more trouble for him when he wakes, and that she’ll not interfere in his life anymore.

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Anusaniya gets lightheaded and as she peers up, she notices a pregnant lady, which triggers her to take a pregnancy test. Dun dun dun. Baby Nuth-Wat is on the way! And of course the last person she probably wants to see is her baby daddy, Satawat, who had prepared lunch for her. He notes that she hadn’t eaten all day (because he has spies all over the hospital) and tells her there’s nothing he doesn’t know about in this hospital. Wanna bet? Anusaniya dumps the food in the garbage to show him she means business.

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Soam feigns ignorance about Chayakorn’s accident when Dad asks her to visit the man. Gina pays Soam a visit and wants retribution for her miscarriage. She tells Soam that if they find out that it was Gina who switched the clip, Gina won’t stay quiet. She wants Soam to continue to take down Anusaniya. As a last ditch effort, Soam sells all of her stocks in order to buy a house. She tells Mom that she won’t hand over the keys unless the deed reflects that Satawat and Soamika own the home. Mom makes the promise. Eeps. She then gets her son to sign off on allowing her to be the power of attorney, so that she can sign all documents on his behalf. And of course he signs his life away.

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Anusaniya tells Grandma to go home and rest since she hasn’t gotten any sleep watching over Chayakorn. But Grandma says that she never gets tired taking care of her son, once Anusaniya becomes a mom, she would come to understand that a child is the most precious thing in her life. Little did Grandma know how true her words are right now.

Gina sneaks into Anusaniya’s room to leave a set of keys. Grr. But she finds the debt agreement and takes a picture of that. She also finds the marriage certificate indicating that Anusaniya and Satawat are legally married. She reports all of this to Soamika who sneers that if Anusaniya signed the marriage certificate, it means she must love the doctor. Which is a good thing in Soam’s eyes because the more Ansuaniya loves the doctor, the more pain she will experience. She commands Gina to take a picture of that certificate so that she can create a music video for Anusaniya’s funeral. The one person I wouldn’t be sad to see perish in this show is Soamika.

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Soamika taunts Anusaniya at her place of work no less, that she’s looking for furniture for her new home with Satawat. Since Anusaniya gave Satawat the boot, he came crawling back to her. Ugh, this chick. Anusaniya would usually lash out, but instead she takes it calmly and says that she doesn’t want a man like that anyway.

Aunt Nan encourages Anusaniya to find out why Wat’s household is in such a rush to buy a new home and who they sold the land to. And then it hits Anusaniya, Soamika must be serious when she said that she bought a house with Satawat.

Anusaniya goes home and contemplates what she’s going to do about her husband. Gina happens to be in the room too but doesn’t get a chance to take a picture of the marriage certificate – but she does make off with some of Satawat’s clothes. And then, Anusaniya finds the set of keys and recalls what her aunt just said to her.

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She goes to the new house with Mirantee, the set of keys in her hands. It’s really sad to see that she’s hoping and praying that the key won’t fit – a semblance of hope for their marriage – but alas, the key does fit.

At the same time, Chayakorn gains consciousness, but his movements are jerky and abnormal and has to undergo another surgery.

Mirantee tells her friend not to lose hope yet, the house looks brand new and it doesn’t look like anyone has moved in yet. Anusaniya questions that if it’s not true, why would Satawat have the key. She pulls open the closet door and notices his clothes in there too – I will say Soam is very detailed in her scheme.

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She shows up right on time to pour more salt on Anusaniya’s wound by showing her the deed of the house. Gah. Soam says that it shows Satawat is serious about coming back to her, so now they can really share a man. She adds that Satawat is very tired of Anusaniya, and took the money from Soam to sell the land in order to pay off the debt quickly. Anusaniya says that they are perfect for each other – so Soam tells her to end things with him because he sure wants to end things with her. Besides, she remarks that there is nothing good about Ansuaniya – who begs to differ – at least she’s not going to stoop to Soam’s level.

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Mirantee snipes that she doesn’t believe the good doctor would fall for a person like Soam (ha) and the only person who can clear this up is Chayakorn, they just need him to gain consciousness. That kinda took the wind out of Soam’s sail for the moment.

Anusaniya and Mirantee rushes back to the hospital to get news of Chayakorn, who has a successful surgery and they’re just waiting for him to wake up. Satawat happens to be the doctor delivering this news and it’s all too much for Ansuaniya to see his face again, and she slaps him. Everyone gasps.

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Anusaniya says that she knows about everything and that he’s been trying to play both sides for money. She details everything and Satawat tells her it’s a misunderstanding. Which doesn’t make matters better because Anusaniya cries that she wants a divorce and will never believe him again. She gets lightheaded from the anger and Satawat tries to help, but he gets pushed away.

Aw. I hate that the doctor is in the dark about everything, and he just watches as his life goes crumbling down, so out of his control. James Ma evokes bewilderment and pain so well in this part. Dad doesn’t look like he’s quite convinced of the doctor anymore though.

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Dad questions Anusaniya if she knows for sure Satawat did this. His daughter assures him that she just got back from the house and Satawat did betray her. Dad still thinks that the doctor wouldn’t do something so short sighted, and Anusaniya blurts out that she couldn’t allow her child to have a father like this. Omg. Dad is shocked to hear that she’s pregnant. Anusaniya says that he probably knocked her up so he could get more money from Dad. She tells Dad that Satawat can’t know she’s pregnant because he might have planned this with Soam so they can pay off the debt and be together. Dad wonders why he would do such a thing, but Anusaniya isn’t surprised because he never loved her. Dad tells her not to worry since she’s pregnant, he’ll handle this.

Mirantee shares everything she knows with Satawat and that Saomika has evidence (in spades) of his betrayal, what is he going to do. Yes, doctor, what ARE you going do?

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He goes to see Dad who says that no explanation will work this time. If he truly wants people to believe that he doesn’t want a divorce from Nuth (and thus a union with Soam) then he need to get Soam out of his life. About damn time someone is saying this! Too damn bad that the good doctor can’t come up with this conclusion on his own. Dad says that he needs to prove himself- he can’t allow some woman to bully his wife this way. He needs to show that he is worthy of being the head of the household. Dad is sick and tired of seeing his daughter hurt. Dad is basically telling him to grow some BALLS. Satawat guarantees to end everything today.

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Soam’s Dad finds out that she gave money to Wat’s mom and he’s furious. He orders his henchmen to kidnap Mom. He’ll handle her himself.

Meanwhile Satawat tells Soamika that he’ll bring his mom to the new house, they need to work things out. He reiterates that she take everything back, he doesn’t want her money.

Mom apparently has loss more money at the gambling table and even asks people she hasn’t seen in a while to borrow money. This woman needs an intervention or AAA! She then gets kidnapped.

After the video debacle, there is repercussion for Casa Studio, the public claims that the company is disingenuous. Anusaniya orders all advertisements to be taken down. Anusaniya realizes that she left her medicine for pregnancy nausea somewhere.. which is when Gina, who’s in Anusaniya’s room again taking pictures of the marriage certificate (where can a girl get a set of locks up in here?) and she finds Anusaniya’s medicine. She flashes back to when she saw Anusaniya throwing up at the sink. Of course, the baddies will know everything. Gina shares this latest news with Soamika who turns her evil eye up a notch.

Satawat goes to rescue his mom and tells Soam’s Dad that he never pursued Soamika, he should question his daughter. That earned him a few punches. Perhaps it’s good that mom sees her son getting beat up because of her. Soam’s Dad orders him to get the divorce papers if he wants to save his mom’s life. Gah, as if we don’t have enough people to guarantee this breakup!

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Satawat calls Soamika to release his mom but she snipes that his mother deserves it. She questions if he’s going to choose his wife over his mother, and she spies Anusaniya walking from the company. This doesn’t look good. Soamika is in her car as Satawat says over the phone that no matter what, he’ll never be with her. Soamika steps on her accelerator, aiming right for Anusaniya.. oh no oh no oh no.

The car goes slamming into Anusaniya and she flashes back to the sweet times she had with Satawat. OH NOES. What the hell is wrong with this show? Two miscarriages?! Are you going to eat children alive now?

Anusaniya gets carted off to the emergency room, blood everywhere. Gah, her baby!

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Chakree and Mirantee says it was a hit and run, and the car belongs to Soamika. Dad tells them to get the cops after her. He surmises that after Satawat talked to Soamika, she must have gotten angry and did this.

Anusaniya cries, shocked that someone would go to this extent. She pleads for her father to end this for her. Ah, so heartbreaking.

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Satawat races to the hospital where Dad has a one on one with him – Dad says he’s taking his daughter back because Satawat failed to do as he promised. He can’t protect his wife – heck, I’d even go as far as to say that he can’t even protect himself. In the end, Soam ends up attempting to kill Nuth. Satawat stares on with shock, Dad adds that he’s not willing to lose his daughter as the doctor has lost his. Dad states the hit and run caused Anusaniya to miscarry. The news register slowly on Satawat’s face, he’s speechless. Dad wants their divorce to happen asap and stops Satawat from barging into the room. He tells Satawat that  Nuth doesn’t want to see him and he ought to stop hurting her. Satawat hangs his head.

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The nurse gives him Anusaniya’s belonging in a bag, it includes the dress she was wearing when the accident happened, along with her wedding ring. It’s heartbreaking to see him hugging the dress to his chest, wanting to be close to her and mourning the baby he didn’t know he was having.

Soam’s dad learns through the news that Anusaniya experienced a hit and run – personal vendetta – and he recognized the car immediately. And why is the cops so slow about making their arrest?! Dad yells at Soam for trying to kill someone, but Soam argues that Anusaniya isn’t dead yet and she was just trying to teach her a lesson. WTF. Dad orders his henchmen to ensure the cops don’t know that Soam was behind the wheels.

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The news report that Soamika denies being at the scene and the cops are still trying to find evidence surrounding the attempted murder case.

Shortly after, we see the minion reporting to their boss that the cops have evidence convicting Soamika. Dad thinks fast on his feet and when Satawat goes to demand that Soam turn herself in, Dad orders him to tell the cops that he was with Soam that time and Dad will free Mom. God damnit. Satawat swears he’s not going to let them off easy – they will pay for breaking the law.

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Soam’s Dad tells the press that his daughter did not drive the car that day because she was with Satawat. They have been living together since Satawat separated with his wife. Furthermore Soam couldn’t have done that because she’s happy with the doctor and the doctor is in the process of divorcing Anusaniya. Hearsay. The news reported that Soam’s Dad’s former employee is the perpetrator.

The aunties think Satawat gave a statement that he was with Soam, they ponder how Anusaniya will take this news. Mirantee tries to be the devil’s advocate but Anusaniya merely says this is Satawat’s true colors.

Apparently the last person to know about the news is Satawat. His OB friend tells him what’s written on the news and Satawat flashes back to what Soam’s Dad threatened him to do. The cops want Satawat’s statement regarding the case. I hope he has a plan!

Meanwhile Soam’s dad says he’ll take the fall if Satawat double crosses him.  Soam shakes her head in denial.

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Chayakorn finally gains consciousness and the family looks on with happiness. Aw so the aunties do care. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember what happened and wonders why Nuth and his brother are in hospital gowns. Anusaniya explains that a lot has happened but they’ve overcome it all and he should consider it as waking up from a nightmare. Dad orders Chaya not to die before him. Ha.

Anusaniya gets reminded of her pregnancy loss when she saw a very pregnant lady. Satawat comes up from behind her, but doesn’t let his presence known, and takes her back to her room.

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When she realizes that Satawat is there, she tries to evade. Satawat explains that he didn’t help Soam, but they have his mother so what does she expect him to do? Um… Anusaniya  tells him to just sign the divorce papers otherwise she will sue him and he’ll surely lose everything. Satawat questions why she didn’t tell him that she was pregnant and she retorts that she didn’t want a baby daddy like that, he’s selfish and how is he capable of raising a child? He asks for a chance to prove something but Anusaniya questions if there’s anything left for her to love. Satawat relents that even if there’s no chance that they could end up together, what he’s about to prove will be in memory of his child. Anusaniya spits that he can just get lost and that is payment enough.

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I don’t even know if they can recover from this. Betrayal, attempted murder, and now a miscarriage? Blows after blows. Do we even want to recover? Should we throw in our white flag?

One thing I want to see is Satawat taking control of the situation. He has been the victim, the puppet and the tool that the baddies use against Anusaniya. He’s flailing about, innocent as can be, and ALWAYS ten steps behind the bitches. I keep screaming at the TV for him to DO something. Stop saying you’ll prove yourself. I hope he doesn’t disappoint next week.

Sure, the scheme that Gina and Soamika pulled are almost full proof, but it’s painful to watch Anusaniya just falling for it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It’s frustrating, predictable and makes our heroine out to be such a weakling.

And then Chayakorn doesn’t remember anything? Let’s hope he remembers and decide to do the right thing.

This show is killing me this week, and it’s not even the good kind where I can die a sweet death. It’s the kind where I might need to find a blood pressure medication. Find me a doctor. Any doctor. NOT Dr. Satawat.