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When a Man Loves a Woman – Episode 12


Things can always get worse, right? In today’s episode, the frustration and angst gets built up and you have to wonder if Soamika’s shenanigans will best everyone and their mom again? Although she won’t win the award of ‘most creative villain’ nor ‘smartest villain’, the point is that we have a relationship as thin as a thread, and even the dumbest villain can tear it apart. Give me more of the cute, Show, we’ve already been dealt with a near blow in the last episode. This one may just make me throw something at you.


Satawat and his wife spend their evening at his mother’s home because he wants to show her what it’s actually like to live at home, you know, like regular people. She’s launching a new design set and in order to understand the enduser, she needs first-hand experience. Satawat states that the value of the furniture, like his L-shape sofa, lies in the use of it and not so much the cost. Anusaniya observes how homey it feels to be in Satawat’s house, mom is reading a magazine on the couch, a maid is watching a lakorn and crying, and another maid is doing yoga on the floor. It’s a stark difference between her grandiose mansion filled with nosy aunts and selfish second lead.

Speaking of nosy aunts, Aunt Nan phones Mom to chastise her son for not producing an heir already. She states they need to be compensated for their matchmaking endeavor because she needs money to help fund her boytoy’s new gym. Pfft. Furthermore Aunt Nan threatens Mom that she is still in debt with the illegal gambling world, if Khun Pohn knows, he would never want to associate with her. But mom notes that they are so lovey dovey and Anusaniya is head over heels for her son.

Anusaniya remarks how nice it is to spend a simple dinner with the person you love. She eyes their bed and wonders if another woman has lain on the bed before. Satawat relents that many people have been on this bed, which earns him a pillow in the face. Ha. He says that he likes it when she’s jealous, it’s rather cute and pulls her in for a back hug. To him, it’s an expression of her love. Anusaniya denies the jealousy, which only earns her a lift in his arms. They are so cute. Mom catches them like that when she goes into their room and notes later that Anusaniya will surely pay up. Oh, mom.

Mirantee goes undercover at the club for her story, but as she takes a photo of a celeb/hi so person, her camera phone flashes. She’s caught! The girl decides to beat her up for writing stories about her. Chayakorn happens to be at the same bar and walks in on time to save Mirantee from additional lashings. The girl forgives Mirantee in consideration of Chayakorn, but wants her apology. Mirantee grumbles to Chayakorn why she would need to apologize when the girl is an adulterer, but Chayakorn tells her to pick her life or her story. Well when you put it that way..

Chayakorn realizes that Mirantee is hurt and could not walk so he hoists her into his arms and effortlessly carries her ALL the way to the apartment. There’s something admirable and romantic in his strength. She empties the content of her bag searching for her room key and they get caught in each other’s gaze. Mirantee watches with a smile as he picks up after her, in spite of herself.  She tells him to stop being nice and kind to her, she’s trying to get over him. Aw.

Soam’s dad pays a visit to her, chiding that she’s become like a bug that no one regards. She’s disregarding her own self for a man that will never love her – furthermore, no man will love her as much as HE. Dad encourages Soam to return home and start over, which she does, but she agrees too quickly to forget Dr. Satawat. Now she’s even playing on her own father’s sincerity.

Satawat tells mom that he would like to officially deed their house over to Anusaniya along with putting their additional property up for sale. He wants to use the purchase in sale funds to pay towards the debt. Mom balks at first, but says she will find out if anyone is interested in buying the property. As soon as her son is out of earshot, mom complains on how she’s going to get anything back from Anusaniya.

Well, I wouldn’t worry about that. Anusaniya notices the stack of bills that Satawat pays for his mother, which includes, utilities, credit card etc, and is floored at how much her husband has to do for his mother. But she soon learns – after a commotion from the front gate – that Mom also owes a huge debt to a loan shark. She has been hiding this from her son, but tells Anusaniya that she took out the loan to pay towards their debt. Anusaniya is willing to pay off mom’s final debt but mom is not to get in additional debt or tell Wat about this. Oh boy. Thankfully the two maids eavesdrop and immediately alerts Satawat of this, who discovers the real truth – his mom has been in a gambling debt. She tells him that she started gambling so she could help pay off the debt, but ends up losing. Mom, the house always wins!

Anusaniya gets a scathing phone call from her mother in law, who blames her for backstabbing. She thinks Anusaniya had been the one to tattle to Satawat. Her husband tells her not to give money to his mother again, he doesn’t want people going around saying he’s a gold digger. More importantly he doesn’t want them to keep secrets from each other, this means they aren’t being honest. Satawat rips the check and says he’ll handle the debt, he also shares his plans on the house and property with her – he doesn’t want her to be ashamed to have a husband like him. Aw.

Dad overhears from the doorway. He notes to Anusaniya that night that she has been smiling more since she married Satawat. He surmises that he made the right decision to ask the doctor to marry her, he knew from the get go that Satawat loves her, otherwise he wouldn’t step up and endure the humiliation. Dad adds that it is time the good doctor can hold his head high in their household, by being legally married to Anusaniya. Oh snap. Dad says that the marriage license not only will make Satawat a proud husband, but it will be a good start to their family life.

Next thing we know, Anusaniya drives her husband to the official office to sign their marriage license. This takes Satawat by surprise but Anusaniya relents that it is her way of showing that she’s happy to be married to him. Aw. Satawat says there’s all that money they need to clear up and he doesn’t want her family to talk – but Anusaniya relents that those things come up IF they get a divorce, and he’s not planning on divorcing her right? Heh. Anusaniya adds that she trusts him and wants to start a family with him. That shut him up and our couple gets legally married and recognized by their country.

Soam happens to see mom at the jewelry shop selling off her valuables. Soam purchases it back from the jeweler and pays a visit to mom. She offers a helping hand, claiming that she still loves Satawat, and that mom should come to her if she’s in a financial bind. Mom double dips and shares with Soam that Satawat wants to quickly pay off the debt and free himself from the marriage, so she asks Soam if she’s interested in purchasing the property. Soam says she will consider it if mom can guarantee that Satawat will come back to her. Don’t make a deal with the devil!

Soam’s dad is playing matchmaker too as he sets her up to meet with Chayakorn with the excuse that he’d like Chayakorn to help Soamika with their business. Chayakorn turns it down but Soamika corners him in the restroom and says that she wants her dad to think that she’s getting back with Chayakorn to distract him from Satawat. She asks to borrow money to buy the land so that they can have evidence that Satawat took the money from her. When Anusaniya finds out, they’ll break up. We don’t know if Chayakorn agrees to her scheme, but Mirantee spots them leaving the same place together.

Mom contemplates Soam’s offer that night, and gets accosted by the loan sharks’ men. They threaten her to pay up or die! And so mom grasps at her last hope and agrees to sell the land to Soam. The younger woman even offers to help get the house back for mom, because if mom uses it to pay off the debt, she will have nothing to her name. Soam makes mom promise that Satawat will divorce Anusaniya, and that the house will be under Soam and Satawat’s name to ensure that the doctor comes back to her.

So mom tells Satawat that they were able to find a buyer and Satawat doesn’t question much after mom says she was able to sell it quickly because the buyer wants to help her out. Satawat instructs mom to give him the cash so he can give it to Anusaniya, but mom asks for a portion so that she can buy a small house of her own. Satawat concedes but wants to see the house first, though mom finally convinces him to just buy it because he won’t have time to see it. Seriously, so many red flags.

Chayakorn finds out the source of his brother’s happiness, Satawat and Anusaniya are legally married now. He wants to confront her but walks in on a meeting with her and Chakree, the newly appointed manager who’s taking their uncle’s place. He’s a longtime friend/school mate of Anusaniya’s. After seeing how lovey dovey Satawat and Anusaniya are together, and learning that Satawat is a source of Nuth’s inspiration for the new collection, Chakree suggests that the both of them can be presenters for the new collection. Chayakorn wants to make sure Anusaniya has made the right decision in signing the marriage license and Anusaniya relents that she trusts her husband and he has more than proven himself to her.

Aunt Nan finds out her boytoy is cheating on her with another older woman with more money. Karma. He says whoever can buy him happiness, he will provide happiness to them. Pfft. So out of anger, Aunt Nan goes to Mom’s house and both threaten each other to out the truth if they don’t get any money. In the end they decided to terminate their teamwork.

Satawat and Anusaniya pose for the new collection – it’s a pink sofa where couples can sit opposite each other. (It looks a little ridiculous, but maybe cute for a ladies’ room). They are adorable together as always even though Satawat states that he’s not an actor and feels uncomfortable doing this photoshoot. But their cuteness makes everyone around them a little uncomfortable. Haha. Namely, Chayakorn who looks on with a little sadness.

Khun Lek scours the room for valuables to sell in order to gamble and takes Gina’s things, but as she tries to stop him she hits her head against the night stand. She reports him to the cops for domestic violence and this news makes it to Anusaniya and Satawat, who offers to handle Khun Lek’s problem for her. After getting him out of the police station, Satawat follows Khun Lek to the bar where the younger man gets sloshed. Khun Lek tells him to mind his own business. Soamika sees Satawat there and gets an evil glint in her eye. She says she will help make up Chayakorn’s mind about lending her the money since he’s taking his sweet time.

On with Soamika’s pretending to be drunk and falling all over Satawat. This boy never learns! She spills her drink on him and he tells her she’s in no condition to drive, that she should call her dad’s minions to pick her up. She pretends to fall over other men and gets Satawat to come to her. Ugh, I can’t watch this. Why do you care doctor?! You said you won’t believe anything she says anymore! But he escorts her out of the building, leaving Khun Lek drunk and on the couch. Chayakorn shows up just in time to take Khun Lek home, accomplishing a task that Satawat says he’ll handle. Then, Chayakorn gets a message about Satawat’s location.

In the car, Satawat finally realizes that he’s being tricked by Soamika again. Oh, you idiot. Then she proceeds to seduce him, Satawat apparently is no match for her because he can’t seem to stop her. Forgive me if I can’t stop rolling my eyes. Chayakorn sees them in the car getting it on.

Satawat phone goes off and Soam threatens to take the call and thank Anusaniya for sharing her husband. What a frickin homewrecker. Satawat says that he’s not afraid if Soam tells Anusaniya about tonight because his wife knows what kind of a person she is. It won’t work. Soam argues that Anusaniya can’t handle this one and we later see that Soam has it all filmed.

She even wins over Chayakorn who is willing to invest in her little scheme.

Satawat goes back to Khun Lek but finds out someone has already taken him home. Anusaniya wonders why her husband isn’t picking up his phone and Chayakorn tells her that he has tried to protect her love for Satawat, but the man is alone in the car with Soamika. Anusaniya’s face falls and she waits up for her husband.

Satawat explains that he saw Soam at the bar and took her to her car because she was too drunk, however he doesn’t elaborate on what went on. Anusaniya reminds him that HE was the one to tell her that they shouldn’t have secrets and do things they’d regret. She also brings up the fact that he promised not to meddle with Soam even if she were to die in front of him. Satawat admits that he broke his promise and offers to tell the truth. Which is of course too late since Anusaniya is on a roll and way too angry to hear or believe anything he says. Ah, these two.

Satawat chases after his wife and explains that Soam tried to seduce him but he didn’t let it happen. Anusaniya takes fault with the fact that he lied to her (or hiding the truth from her- same difference). Satawat is in the doghouse.

Anusaniya gets the promotion pictures back (a quick reminder that they can go from hot and cold with a snap of the fingers). But she refuses to take any of his calls. Ha, but everywhere Nuth goes, she sees the promotion stills or videos. Finally he goes to see her and tells her that he would never betray her. She is disinclined to believe it since this isn’t the first time. He wonders what he can do to make up for it, and she suggests he continue to be the presenter for Casa and work to pay off the debt. She’s not willing to make the company suffer because of him, nor lose out on any of the money. Are we doing this again?

That night both toss and turn and think about their happier times.

Grandma surmises that the two are getting in even bigger fights now. Dad starts to doubt whether he’s totally wrong about pairing them up when they’ve learned nothing. That’s what I’m saying. But dad still feels assured that he made the right decision because the doctor loves Nuth and Nuth just needs to endure the good and bad with the doctor.

The next morning Anusaniya gets a little nauseous. Oh, we know what that means in the lakorn world! Satawat pleads that he’s innocent and to trust him. He gives her his kitten eyes and leans in for a kiss, but she turns her face away. Aw, sad.

Gina and Soamika contrive for their next plot, the video of Satawat and Soamika in the car.

Meanwhile the event opening for the new chair/loveseat/sofa begins. This is a moment where Satawat gets to take advantage of his wife and she has to pretend she likes it. They have to work together to build a chair and at the end, he pulls her onto his lap. Next, they are interviewed about their love life. The host says they have a behind the scene clip of how cute these two are. The clip is hijacked by Gina though, who plays the video of Soamika and Satawat in the car, apparently hot and heavy. Satawat you are surprised by this, because.. ? The assistant demands they find the person who switched the CD.

Anusaniya storms out and Satawat makes chase, she spits that he must be satisfied – but Satawat doesn’t think Soamika could do that – which of course earns him a slap to the face. Anusaniya says that he’s just an easy person. She wonders what positive attributes he has because ever since she married him, she’s only been embarrassed by him. They get swarmed by the media.

Gina lays low, running away from the security guard. As she takes the stairs, she trips and falls against the railing where she subsequently finds blood between her legs. Ack.

Chayakorn phones Soamika to chide her for ruining Casa’s reputation. He demands for the CD otherwise he’ll rescind his agreement to fund her scheme. Mirantee happens to walk by and overhears everything. Good.

Dad is disappointed that Satawat betrayed Nuth, he had trusted the younger man. Satawat takes the blame since he did break his promise. What bothered dad more than anything though is that Satawat let his trust in people destroy him. Satawat promises to work hard and make Nuth trust him again. Points for not giving up.

Dad consoles Anusaniya and asks her not to be angry at Satawat. He wants her to have a clear head and listen to what Satawat has to say. She tells him she has given him plenty of chances, to her own detriment. Dad reasons that if Satawat and Soamika had an affair, why would Satawat reveal it to the world? Nuth admits that she doesn’t yet know whether he did the deed on his own accord or just became Soamika’s pawn. Dad encourages her to work things out with the doctor, but she surmises that she may not have anything left in her to trust him again.


The angst and frustration can be tiresome in this show– we have the familiar set up and it’s just a matter of time before Anusaniya falls under the pressure of the second hand. I mean, after last episode’s debacle, she was already looking so weak – then Soamika deals her the latest blow. The bottom line is that our couple just doesn’t trust each other enough, their marriage is forged under pretenses and the two are just starting to accept their love for each other. And way to lay it on thick Show – they are now married legally too! And she might be pregnant with his child! But now he’s caught cheating! All familiar tropes.

What Show does great is showing us that Anusaniya – with all her jealousy and love – has only gone into this relationship half ass. Emotionally she hasn’t gone in all the way, because in the back of her mind, she still thinks that one day, Satawat will betray her because she’s just not worth it. I think only until she sees her own worth, she would stop expecting that people will disappoint her. I wish she was smart enough to NOT fall for Soam’s cheap tricks.

Satawat on the other hand, has so much faith in their marriage and himself that he believes – frustratingly so- that she’ll trust him. That even if he made a small white LIE, things will work out. He’s going to be the death of me. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, that’s why dad says it’s his strength and weakness. Still, his actions are so idiotic to me – book smart but not so street smart, which is kinda losing the character’s appeal to me. He admits of his shortcomings and will try to make it up, and they are so cute together that I want them to make up (of course!) BUT, they both have to put on their grown up pants.

Someone give me a drink.

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