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When a Man Loves a Woman – Episode 4


What a great episode – so much development on the character and relationship front. Matchmaking goes in full swing, and only one of the aunties may actually win, but not in the way that she had hoped. We see a budding understanding but also a dissipation of what was. Things change and will our heroine survive this newest revelation? Let me grab a cold one and get this episode on the road.


At the department store Anusaniya and Satawat come face to face, each expecting to see the person they are supposed to meet. Anusaniya spats that he ought to wait somewhere else for his girlfriend, as if her dress fitting is for her uncle’s eyes only. She learns that someone is playing some practical joke on her since her uncle did not ask her to meet him at the store.

Satawat phones Soamika who tells him that only his mother could have arranged such a meeting. She fumes at the notion that his mom is trying to match Satawat with her rival. As Anusaniya walks out Satawat tells her that apparently Soamika did not ask him to meet her at the shop, and Anusania snickers that that is obvious because she and Soam have different standards, whether it is a dress or men. Satawat apologizes for wasting her time, but imparts a biting comment before he leaves: the high standard men she’s referring to? There won’t be a lot to choose from if her mouth continues to be this way. Hahaha burn. Then he turns away with a smile. I die.

Satawat confronts his mother regarding her meddling. Mom claims she’s serious, she wants them to get married. Satawat argues that it will never happen because Anusaniya can’t even stand looking at him. (Notice how he didn’t say that HE didn’t want to marry her). Mom states that Anusaniya’s household are currently looking for a suitable son in law and she thinks her son is the best of the lot. Satawat reminds her that she used to say he could find someone ten times better than Anusaniya. Ha. Mom admits that she made the comment before she knew better about Soamika. Satawat chastises his mother to be nicer to Soam because he’s decided to start dating her.

The matchmaking by her four aunties are in full swing. As Anusaniya enters the party, her first auntie swoops in and sends her to a prospect. The man compares true love to the value of fine wine. The person must be worthy of it. Anusaniya laments that placing a value on a woman like that will take the romance out of the marriage. He notes that although she may be perfectly fine being single and beautiful, she too is searching for her soulmate, but has not been successful because of the same reasons.

Mirantee spots Anusaniya conversing with a man and she thinks about Chayakorn pleading for her help to remove these men from Anusaniya’s life. She comes up with a good idea to help Anusaniya, since the man is a wine connoisseur and has chosen the perfect wine for Anusaniya. We see after each tasting, Anusaniya passes the glass of wine to Mirantee who chugs it. At the end of the tasting the man (who’s now drunk) claims that she’s not valuable like his wine since it takes no effect on her – in that she just drinks them without enjoying it. He waves bye, leaving Anusaniya a bit offended. Mirantee falls to the floor in her drunken stupor.

Soamika shows up at the party and is surprised to find that Anusaniya and Mirantee are college buddies. She was too busy during college to pay attention. She sidles up to Anusaniya and suggests that if she gets a new man, she ought to pass him to Soamika first for a tasting, since they have the same taste in men after all. Anusaniya retorts that she might try sampling food on the street as well than since Soamika likes it so much, better yet, maybe she should pay that doctor to breakup with Soamika. She wonders what he will choose between being debt free or having Soam as a girlfriend. She thinks 60 million is worth it when she could see Soamika die of a heartbreak. Soam panics and Anusaniya chides that she has no faith in her boyfriend, what is she so afraid of?

Chayakorn removes drunk Mirantee from the scene as she keeps trying to blind Soam with her camera flashes. He thinks she’s drunk because they were offering free wine tasting. Hey don’t judge! Anusaniya tells her uncle that Mirantee was helping her and drank all of her tastings. Mirantee (brave while drunk) says that he asked her to help breakup any dates that Anusaniya was on, she was just doing what he had asked. Chayakorn covers her mouth and takes her home before she could divulge any other secrets.

Anusaniya sees the now drunk Soamika in Satawat’s arms who claims that her man shows up willingly while Anusaniya couldn’t pay someone enough to show up. Ouch.

Meanwhile Mirantee loses the content of her stomach in uncle Chaya’s car. He pulls over at a car detailing shop. Their bickering is so cute. He says that she ought not to think about getting back into his car so Mirantee tries to hail a cab. Chayakorn thinks she’s in no condition to get into any car and tries to wash the stench from her hands and face.

Satawat takes Soamika home and as he is cajoled into carrying her into her bedroom, he runs into her dad who chastises his daughter for bringing a man to sleep with at home. He claims that no good man will want her since she’s so dirty like that. Satawat remarks that he’s surprised a father could say that about his own daughter. Dad argues that the whole town knows about this, but Satawat chides Dad should be the first person to defend his daughter and the last person to slight her. Dad wonders why she does those shameful things and Satawat answers that she’s just provoking her father. As a dad he ought to protect his daughter and put her feelings above the naysayers. Soamika’s eyes well up with tears as she looks at the doctor. You can tell that she’s falling in love with him for real. And who could blame her?

Dad understands now why Soamika is so head over heels for the doctor, she even asked him to pay off the doctor’s debt. This is news for Satawat, but he merely states that money can buy him, but an apology will suffice for Soamika. But dad is stubborn and keeps his mouth shut. Soamika cries that she will never hear it coming from his mouth. She takes off and cries in a corner, where Satawat comforts her. He gets a room at the hotel for her and she pleads for him not to leave her. Soamika pins him beneath her and tells him that she loves him and falls asleep.

The next morning we see him waking up in his office, apparently having spent the night there.

Second auntie proceeds with the second matchmaking attempt under the guise of business. She brings Anusaniya to a hotel to meet the second prospect who is imparting dharma teachings in the outdoor patio. As Anusaniya escapes to talk on the phone, she runs into Soamika and calls her out on her walk of shame. Soamika insinuates that people who love each other want to spend the night with each other (she’s referring to her and Satawat). Anusaniya chides that she’s bragging so much, isn’t she afraid that Anusaniya would steal him away? Soamika is confident that Satawat is a one woman kind of man and there is no way someone could steal him away. An employee interrupts the two with a payment for the room, she claims that the man who brought her here left the money before he left the hotel last night. Anusaniya smiles and states it must be payment for services rendered. Ha.

Khun Phon had his checkup at the hospital and Aunt Nan suggests Anusaniya pick up medicine or any medical advice from the good doctor. Wink wink. Aunt Nan proceeds to describe the virtues of Dr. Satawat, stating how lucky any girl could be if she were to date him. Dad thinks that he is already dating Soamika, but Aunt Nan shut that down quick. She says that Soamika is just pursuing Dr. Satawat because she wants him but Dr. Satawat has no interest. Aunt Nan says that his mom had confided that Anusaniya is just the doctor’s type, but that unfortunately he doesn’t feel worthy because he is their debtor, especially when Anusaniya is constantly chastising him. Dad listens with interest.

Anusaniya walks by Dr. Satawat’s office and overhears the nurse saying that the doctor is looking worn out and he should take care of his health. He has been overworking himself day and night. True to his words, Dr. Satawat gives Anusaniya his month’s paycheck that he worked so hard for. He doesn’t want her to think he’s bailing so he’ll be giving her monthly payments. Anusaniya thinks back on what Soamika said earlier, that the doctor can’t bear to be away from her day or night. Anusaniya assumes that Dr. Satawat must be receiving money from Soamika for sleeping with her and is disgusted. She suggests he reserve some of his energy, but Dr. Satawat says he has plenty of that strength left in order to pay off his debt. Haha. I’m sure they are talking about two very different things.

Dad sees Dr. Satawat caring for other patients and smile. Aunt Nan doesn’t fail to praise the good doctor’s attributes again. Dad asks Anusaniya to buy a gift for Dr. Sattawat to express their gratitude since he has done so much for them – above and beyond his call of duty. Step-Grandma adds that he lets her call him and ask questions all the time. Anusaniya spats that maybe she should write off a portion of the debt, she’s sure he’d love that. Dad scolds her from obsessing over the debt. He wants her to differentiate debt from gratitude and suggests that she should consider him in a different light. Anusaniya is speechless while Aunt Nan smiles and calls Satawat’s mom to report that Dad had just given Dr. Satawat the greenlight! Aunt Nan says that it’s up to the two now on whether they will actually notice each other.

But mom doesn’t leave it up to the two. She sends her son to the bookstore to fetch a book for her, and it just so happens that Anusaniya is at the bookstore too. He approaches her with a smile and quip “and we meet again.” She wonders if he’s here to meet Soam again but Satawat begs a more important question, why is it that he sees her everywhere he goes? Anusaniya surmises that it is either a good or bad fate. He offers to help her take the bags to her car without payment (haha). Oh, are we making excuses just to see her a little longer?

Third aunt spots her niece with the doctor and approaches them with a smile. She calls Satawat out on his excuse and says that the books aren’t heavy enough that Nuth couldn’t carry by herself. Third Aunt sends the picture she took of the two to her sisters, and adds that when she calls them out the two immediately parted ways, which is suspicious. Chayakorn listens to all of this with concern and even the aunties surmise that it must mean something because Nuth does not appear out in public with anyone else other than with her uncle. Chayakorn disagrees that Nuth could be interested in a man like the doctor unless someone around here (ahem Aunt Nan) is trying to play matchmaking. Dad argues that there is nothing wrong with the doctor, why can’t he date Anusaniya? Chayakorn tells everyone to think of Nuth’s feelings, she wouldn’t like it if people are constantly pushing her towards a man. But Aunt Nan wonders if he’s referring to his own feelings, if her dad doesn’t even concern himself nearly as much as Chayakorn, how exactly does Chayakorn feel about Nuth then? Chayakorn doesn’t answer.

Satawat discovers that he took Anusaniya’s books home with him by mistake. Anusaniya turns her nose up at the fact that Dr. Sattawat purchased books on massages haha. Why does it matter what book he’s reading (nevermind that those aren’t actually his books), someone doesn’t like the idea that maybe Dr. Sattawat will use those skills on Soamika?  Lol. Mom gets caught for setting up the bookstore scene, Satawat tells his mom that Anusaniya won’t become interested in him because of that. If anything she’ll think he’s a stalker. Satawat orders his mom to stop meddling or else.

Satawat tells Soamika that he’ll be going to a seminar for several days at Chiang Rai. She begs to join him but he reminds her that she has some photoshoots to do. Soamika spots the books about designs in his office and gets angry when she hears they belong to Anusaniya. She returns those books to Chayakorn and advises him to keep Anusaniya away – and also, in case he isn’t already aware – his household is trying to push Nuth and Dr. Wat together. But tell Chayakorn something he already doesn’t know.

Aunt Nan suggests Anusaniya meet a potential Japanese client in Chiang Rai, it’s a good opportunity since the man seldom comes to Thailand. Anusaniya agrees to go and Chayakorn offers to tag along. He approaches Aunt Nan when they’re alone and tells her that he knows what she’s trying to do. She admits that she’s matchmaking Nuth with Dr. Wat because they are suitable, but Chayakorn begs to differ, they are doing this for their own benefit. Aunt Nan claims that he’s not playing the worried uncle right now, he also has his own motive.

Third Aunt wants to introduce Nuth to a celebrity, but Nuth finds it even hard to converse with the man above the roaring screams of his fans. Second Aunt peers at her sister’s attempt across the hall and seethes. Ha, I love how each aunties have their own favorite prospects and are competing for their niece’s affection.

Chayakorn agrees to do the promotion program for the charity for Mirantee’s company if she continues to help keep Anusaniya away from a ‘dog on the street’ (aka Dr.Wat). Anusaniya spots her friend with her uncle and wonders how they are together – but Mi claims that uncle, like other men, cannot refuse her. Anusaniya smiles at the thought that her uncle may have some special feelings for her friend. She decides to tease her uncle and says that they are a good match, one day Mi will make uncle develop feelings towards her. Uncle gets all huffy and says that she shouldn’t be pushing anyone towards him, she should know how sucky it feels to be matched made (is that even a word?) and he knows deep in his heart who he should love. Per Aunt Nan’s doing, Chayakorn has to stay in the city to cover a meeting for Anusaniya while she’s away in Chiang Rai.

At the promotion program with Mirantee, Chayakorn learns that she couldn’t ask Dr. Satawat to do the program because he’s away at a seminar in Chiang Rai. Uh oh. Chayakorn surmises that this is his sister’s doing. Mirantee figures out that the dog on the street that uncle was referring to is Dr. Satawat.

Both Dr. Satawat and Anusaniya arrive at the hotel in Chiang Rai. As Anusaniya enters her room she hears a man whistling and thinks it’s the Japanese client. Aunt Nan told her that she booked her room next to the client’s. Anusaniya tries to peer at him from the barrier of the balcony to no avail.

Satawat notices Anusaniya at the hotel restaurant and immediately dodges. He calls his mother who denies having anything to do with it. She says maybe it’s a small world or it’s fate. Satawat states that he’ll make sure she won’t ever see him for the three days that he’s here. Little did he know that the person he’s trying to avoid is residing next door to him.  Anusaniya hears the door shutting at the room next to her and makes chase for the person she thinks is her potential client.

Chayakorn orders Mirantee to get a hold of Dr. Satawat. But Mirantee wonders how much more possessive Chayakorn is going to get over his niece – does he really think he’s going to end up with his niece after all? Chayakorn admits that even if he doesn’t get to be with his niece, he doesn’t think the likes of that doctor should be able to get close to her. Mirantee questions whether Anusaniya reciprocates his feelings?

Suddenly we see that the mic on Chayakorn turns on and the group congregating below can hear Chayakorn stating that they both know it won’t work so that’s why they don’t tell anyone. That’s why they trick themselves to believing that they are only uncle-niece. Mi warns him to get a hold of himself, how will Nuth face society that is against this? Chayakorn argues that it won’t be wrong in society’s eyes – Mi finishes his sentence for him – if it happens to be that they’re not related. But Mi continues that that’s not the reality and you can’t change the fact that Nuth and his family will suffer the consequences. The group downstairs listen on with interest.

Mirantee finally agrees to help him break up Nuth and Dr. Wat, but she’s not doing this for Chayakorn’s sake, she just doesn’t want Nuth to be an object for anyone. They call Soamika to find out what hotel Dr. Satawat is staying at since they have trouble getting a hold of him. Soam freaks when she hears that her rival is in proximity with her boyfriend.

Anusaniya follows Satawat’s truck into the outskirts of town until her van got stuck on the road. Dr. Satawat receives a request to bring a young patient for a kidney transplant. Anusaniya takes off to the nearest town on foot and leaves her cellphone in the van.


Meanwhile Chayakorn is on a radio show and the hosts play a clip of the recording of his conversation with Mirantee earlier, where he admits the relationship between him and his niece. Yikes. Dad along with the entire world are listening to the station as well. Mirantee shuts off the clip in anger. Chayakorn threatens to sue since they are using it without his permission, but Mirantee pulls him aside and states that no one has a way of knowing that the voices belong to them. He blames this all on Mirantee.

Lek (Nuth’s brother) brings the recording for his aunties and claims that the wrong people are in power. If he was taking over the company, this wouldn’t have happened. Um, ok. Who is this guy again? Aunt Nan has her plan in action already, thus she merely smirks when she hears the recording.

Back in Chiang Rai, Nuth is still walking to the nearest town in heels when she spots the truck parked on the side of the road. After walking what seems like miles she thinks she has found her client, but it turns out it is Dr. Satawat picking up a patient. Both are shocked to have seen each other again and Nuth loses her footing. Dr. Wat helps her up and wonders how she got there. She admits she has been following him and wanted to say because she thought he was someone else – but Dr.Wat is pressed for time because he has a patient to rescue. The patient needs a kidney transplant within 24 hours. He asks Nuth where she wants to be dropped off because he has to head to Chiang Mai (and not Chiang Rai). But now Nuth is curious what a kidney transplant is like and wants to tag along. He hopes that she’s not aiming to steal the kidney for her father – lol even that is farfetched – and Nuth gets indignant about it, she’s not that terrible. Lol.


A call comes in on Dr. Wat’s phone – it’s Mirantee – and Nuth answers the phone. Turns out, Mirantee shares with her friend that her Aunt Nan is playing match making and Soam has found out about it. This truly looks like Nuth is trying to steal Dr. Wat from Soam. Mi’s calling to warn Nuth in case Dr. Wat is in on this too. Nuth promises to be careful. She doesn’t answer the call from Soamika, who seethes on the other end of the phone, she believes Dr. Wat is lying to her.

Khun Phon confronts his brother on how they were able to get a hold of that clip and how much more is he going to damage the company’s reputation? Chaya’s mom reminds him that Nuth is his niece, but Chaya says he loves Nuth sincerely and how is that wrong? Mom slaps him across the face, disbelieved that her son could feel this way. Dad questions whether Chaya was going to drag Nuth to hell with him? He is destroying his niece’s life. Chaya claims that no man can love Nuth more than he, but Dad states that he loves his daughter too and his daughter will choose her father over her ungrateful uncle. He’s determined to remove Nuth from Chaya’s life for good, he has no choice now.

Dr. Satawat is scrubbing in for this operation since he promised to take on this case closely. The patient’s mother prayed and thanked the lord that the doctor was able to rescue them, they certainly wouldn’t have gotten the surgery without his help. Nuth listens and thinks about the time she had asked Dr. Satawat to move her father up the donor queue, and immediately realizes her error in judgement.

Dr. Satawat’s phone rings again and it’s Soamika, Nuth picks up the phone and Soam immediately launches her tirade for stealing her boyfriend. Nuth calmly states that Soam will not die if she doesn’t get to talk to her boyfriend for one day. There are more important things in this world than her man problems. With that, Nuth hangs up and Soam goes berserk.

The surgery ends and Dr. Satawat finds Nuth asleep on the hallway bench waiting for him. He tries to wake her but she falls asleep on his chest instead. Heh.

When she stirs awake, Dr. Satawat is asleep and she jerks herself away from him. She asks after the patient and learns the surgery went successfully, they are just waiting for the patient to wake up. Nuth shares that she realizes that kidney donation process is important to all life – whether the patient is rich or poor or unfortunate – they can still find a matching kidney and save a life. Dr. Satawat teases that she can actually come to understand this? And you wonder why she gives you such a hard time. Nuth says that she’s being nice. She thinks out loud that if he wasn’t at the right time and place, then the patient would not have received a new kidney. Nuth decides she’ll stay until the patient is safe and awake.

Hi So Online experience a great hit after Chayakorn’s segment aired. The girls are apparently going crazy for Chayakorn. The boss congratulated Mirantee for a job well done.

Chaya learns that his sister Nan had lied about the meeting that he needed to attend. Aunt Nan admits to her scheming and Chaya says that the doctor is not suitable to be the son in law. Aunt Nan begs to differ since Khun Phon has accepted him. Chaya says that at any rate, Nuth will never be interested in the doctor. Aunt Nan argues that he’ll just have to wait until she returns from Chiang Rai and they shall see. Anything can happen overnight. Aunt Nan warns him not to go to Chiang Rai otherwise she will tell on him, but Chaya could care less if he’s removed from the inheritance, he’s going.

Dr. Satawat tells Anusaniya that they can return to Chiang Rai now that the patient has woken up. As they make their way back Satawat pulls over to check on his tires. Anusaniya questions whether he had known she would be in Chiang Rai from the get go. Satawat says that she can ask him straightforwardly whether he’s scheming to be with her, and didn’t she say that she had a hard time finding a husband? Lol. Anusaniya clarifies that it is more like she doesn’t want to find one. She asks who sent him here, was it Aunt Nan? Satawat says that he ought to go and receive his reward – he heard through the grapevine that the future son in law will receive a dowry from her family – and he’s just creating the kidney transplant scene to win her over. Oh Satawat. He just smiles and urges her to get in the car. Anusaniya thinks he’s nuts (obviously she’s not taking him seriously).

They are so cute and all smiles as they reach the hotel. Then Uncle Chaya appears and Dr. Satawat heads to his room. Uncle Chaya asks what she was up to last night but she tells him it’s a long story and will regale it later. Haha, I love that she takes off to her room.

Chayakorn thinks about what his sister said earlier, that Dr. Wat was gone with Nuth all night, anything can happen. He doesn’t look too confident as he finishes his glass of wine. He questions about last night and Nuth tells him what happened. He wonders why she even went with the doctor in the first place when she knows Aunt Nan is trying to hook her up with the doctor. Nuth reassures him that no matter who the aunties bring to her attention, she’s not going to care and he should not take anything to heart. She questions why uncle has followed her here when she’s going to return tomorrow anyway. He admits that he misses her – which shocks Nuth.

Satawat tries to explain himself to Soam who doesn’t listen to anything he says anyway. Getting fed up, Satawat says that he can’t report to her every 24 hours and if she can’t handle his profession than she need not be interested in a doctor. Satawat leaves his phone in his room and takes off.

Meanwhile Chayakorn tells Nuth that they’ve never been apart like this before – but Nuth is just looking at him like she’s never seen him before. He wonders if she could accept a secret that he’s been harboring. Nuth asks if there were any problems at the company, is that why he rushed over? But he gets closer and asks her not to be angry with him and he ensures he won’t cause any trouble. He touches the heart necklace he gave her, and admits that she knows his heart belongs with her already.

But from the look on Nuth’s face, I’m sure she’s just realizing it now.

He touches her arm but she interrupts him, he should get another room, but he asks to stay with her tonight. She questions whether he’s drunk, and she starts to get a little scared and concerned. Chayakorn pulls her towards him and tells her that he loves her. Nuth breaks the hold and yells at him, does he know what he’s saying?

Satawat realizes he left his phone behind and goes back to get it.

Nuth states that he’s her uncle, how could she have those feelings for him? He asks what if he wasn’t her uncle, can she feel that way about him? Nuth spats that how could that be? He claims that others have gossiped that he’s illegitimate, they might not be truly related. Yikes.

Satawat retrieves his phone but hears voices from the room next door.

Nuth warns him not to do anything further that will jeopardize her respect for him. As she tries to get away, he hugs her close. They begin to tussle until he pulls her to bed.

And we end there. Yikes.


Great job setting up the creepiness, Show. I didn’t think that Uncle Chayakorn will get this desperate, but it seems everyone is pushing his buttons. But let me digress back to what I said previously, don’t you want to find out if you’re truly related or not? Gah, I’m getting a heartburn. I’m glad though that Nuth does not reciprocate the feelings – I mean I had a feeling that she only loves him as an uncle and would never dare to think of him as anything else – but sometimes things needed to be said so that we know for sure.

I am loving the quality time spent between our characters, Nuth is finally changing how she sees Dr. Satawat. At first she’s so snobby towards him and blinded by the fact that he’s her debtor and a possible dishonest player. But today she truly saw him as a doctor who makes a difference, and a person that is kind and caring. A turning point in that is when he jokes about setting up the kidney transplant scene to lure her and she actually doesn’t believe it.

So in a way, Aunt Nan’s scheme to get them some alone time did work, not because of a typical attraction that two people might feel about each other when they’re in close proximity, but moreso because the two shared an eye opening experience which lends one of the two to open their hearts a little more. It’s a good start to getting to know each other.

While Satawat-Soam’s “start” of relationship is slowly disintegrating not because of second or third hands, but because Soam’s inability to trust her man. She lacks the self-esteem and confidence in herself as a woman, which is why she keeps losing the men in her life. I like that Show fleshes her character out a little more with the conflict about her dad. We can see that Soam has daddy issues and that’s why she is clingy, jealous and overprotective of her man. She will have to understand she will become a product of her own fears (abandonment) if she keeps this up. I would feel a little sorrier for her if she’s a more likeable person.

Let me say again how much I love Dr. Satawat. He has such a big heart and will go to bat for anyone and anything, it’s no wonder he has so many fans.

But what makes this episode so great though is that we finally get to like Anusaniya. She’s not just a snob! Yay to that. We see that she’s a good daughter and wants to heal her father and that she is a big believer of what is right (getting her money back) and what is wrong (she could never love her uncle). But we also start to see another side to her – maybe she’s a romantic after all and is still looking for her soulmate, but is blinded by her expectations (someone like my uncle but not my uncle) that it’s difficult to see a gem before her eyes – Dr. Satawat – no matter how much she denies his qualities. Unless of course those qualities are so undeniable it resonates.

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