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An Update!


Well hello Readers!

I’m still alive.. and still very much pregnant. But I am at the home stretch! The little one isn’t even here yet but I’ve been thoroughly busy preparing the nursery, attending child birthing classes and well, trying to ignore the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. Not to mention, maintaining a full time career. I can’t say that I’m one of those mommy-to-be’s who actually enjoy being pregnant, I honestly just want to get this over with and hold my baby already. And it will come soon enough!

I apologize for my lack of lakorn updates, and thank you for the emails and checking in with me. I know Lom Sorn Rak has been on air and a few highly anticipated lakorns are lurking nearby, please feel free to share your thoughts on them here.

I have seen the first episode of LSR, just out of curiosity, but can’t wager too much since I should watch a few more episodes. However from what I gather and as you probably already know, LSR centers around twin brothers (both acted by Nadech Kukimiya). One is a rural doctor (Non) who blames his father for the death of his mother and still holds that grudge to present day. He opts to stay far away and focus on helping the village people. Meanwhile his older twin brother (Pran) works at their father’s company – Good Life Science – which orients themselves on providing equipment for doctors globally. It’s essentially allowing folks to receive health services in their home without the need to travel. Sounds great yeah? Sounds almost like Big Hero Six, ha. The ironic part about it all is that the father owns a company that intends on saving lives, yet he failed to save his own wife.

At any rate, Pran gets anointed president from his father – not due to nepotism, but from skills – and this causes Uncle Sinthorn to swear rivalry. And how does our heroines fit in this big picture? Well Patricia plays Pran’s secretary and partner in crime while Taew Nataporn plays “Patarin” an employee at the same firm who signs off on purchase orders. Unfortunately for her, she becomes a suspect for swindling the company, when she in actuality she’s just a small pawn in Uncle Sinthorn and his fellow shareholder/mistress’s scheme to take over the company.

The bigger question (outside of whether the plot intrigues you) is whether Nadech can pull off being a twin. This is not your typical long lost twin story, it’s more of twin brothers who clearly have love for each other, but due to a grudge between younger brother and dad, things are a little rough. Non is the happy go lucky doctor, while Pran plays a more serious business man. The difference in these two are their personalities and a switch of the eyeglasses. I don’t see a huge difference in his acting going from one twin to the other, but something will happen (where they may switch places?) and with that a true switch of character. Now that’s something to see.

And drumroll… another primetime lakorn that recently aired is the Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series, and first up: Tiger. I could not believe this lakorn finally aired. And worse part? I haven’t seen it yet! Please feel free to share your synopsis and first impressions here.

Unfortunately I could not get into Ab Rak Online (which ended) nor could I find the time to watch Kaew Tah WarnJai. For whatever reason, lakorns have not been appealing to me these days. But I will definitely check out the first episode of Tiger, at least for Ananda.

But do you know what I’ve been obsessed with these days? Behind the scene pictures of Two Spirits Love (starring Mario and Mint Chalida.) They are so stinkin cute, and for that, I’ve been satisfied with my dose of unicorns for the time being:

Oh and I can’t wait for this!


*Pic credit to Anyama

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