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2014 Lakorn Year In Review


It’s that time of the year again, and for once, I am happy to say that it hasn’t been difficult to pick my favorite lakorn of the year – especially since I did not watch many lakorns to its completion.

With a year full of anticipated lakorns, one understated lakorn came and swept me by surprise: Spinsters and Casanovas (Kuan Kaantong Gup Gang Por Pla Lai). With its witty and smart writing, loveable (relatable) characters, and charismatic pairings, Spinsters offered a story about friendship, finding peace with yourself (and your age) as well as love, even when it mired against traditional expectations.

Among the highly anticipated lakorns, Forget Me Not (Yah Leum Chan) is the most disappointing for me. Although the story felt similar to Jai Rao, the show missed a likable heroine and a love story that we (as viewers) can stand behind. What made the story endurable were the second leads, Kong and Rita.

Dao Kiang Deun, although touted as a sequel to Dao Kiaw Deun, got re-invented as another series of its own right, yet despite the pretty, the story failed to be as engaging as the first. I did find some distraction while waiting for the Rising Sun Series to premiere: My Sassy Rose, Nang Rai Summer, and Kularb Son Klin, which helped me to sit back and enjoy the small things in life.

The Rising Sun Series fell short of its expectations, but the pairings of Mario-Taew, Nadech-Yaya made up for the shortcomings for me. This story did a great job in presenting an engaging story world, gave us flawed heroes and a sizzling romance. The two series are far from perfect, but on a fangirl level, I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.

Now as 2014 come to an end, we can only hope for a better 2015. But unlike last year, I’m not going to anticipate anything; I’ll just enjoy the fruits of these actors labor. Who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and we’ll get another great lakorn like that of Spinsters.

Thank you for joining me in 2014! What are your favorite/least favorite lakorns this year? I know that some of you have seen much more than me and will have great feedback to offer.

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