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Roy Fun Tawan Deurd: Episode 12 Final


It’s sayonara for Roy Fun Tawan Deurd, the Rising Sun Series II. It’s an action packed finale as any climax would have it, blood, deaths (the right ones!) and late blooming revelations. I must say that the ending of this show has some similarities to the previous show, but the final nugget of conflict perhaps will bring about a necessary intro to the third story – otherwise I won’t be able to make sense of its purpose. Our hero thinks he’s bested the gang but only to be surprised by their one-upmanship. However, that’s why he has such a smart heroine, who comes loaded with reinforcements to take the baddies down once and forever. Our duo are as cute as ever as they tie the knot and seal what has been quite the journey in the last few months. But I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to Nadech and Yaya. So much chemistry. So much love.


Ryu is dealt with another blow to his self-esteem, he has lost another good person in his life: Junko. She died protecting him, like so many of the warriors, and it makes him doubt his ability to protect any of the clan members. Mayumi consoles him that Junko’s death wasn’t his fault, Takaoh had been the one to kill her and he should muster up his strength to avenge her death. Well, Ryu has a lot of revenging to do already, this is just another addition to the list, sad as it may be.

Mayumi gives him a moment alone as she returns to the hallway, picking up the pieces of the broken vase. It was Junko’s hardworking flower arrangement and when Mayumi accidentally bumped into it, we knew it was a bad omen. Mayumi thanks Junko for sacrificing her life for Ryu.

The following morning Mayumi discovers Ryu has gone funeral preparation without her, she becomes lightheaded shortly after. We know she’s not pregnant, because well, they haven’t done it yet. However, the rest of the household doesn’t know this, and especially Aikiko who has been eavesdropping in the corner and believes the maid’s gossip. She flashes back to the times people keep telling her that Mayumi is so much better than her and she vows that Mayumi will suffer.

Mayumi clarifies to Taishi upon spotting prenatal medicine that she’s NOT pregnant, she’s just stressed out and didn’t get enough sleep. Taishi looks sheepish and opts to bring her tea (and hopefully clear things with the maids too.) As he leaves, Aikiko enters the room with a butcher’s knife ready to slash Mayumi’s throat. The two tussle until Taishi shows up and apprehends Aikiko. Mayumi relents that even if she died, Aikiko still can’t force Ryu to love her. Mayumi lectures her that she has a right to love, so long as she doesn’t hurt anyone. Furthermore, Mayumi has never been angry at Aikiko, she has been through a lot and should spend the rest of her life trying to be happy. Those words finally resonate with Aikiko.

Ryu convenes with Hiro (the good cop) at a serene temple, where the cop reports that Misawa is plotting their next illegal exchange. Ryu tells him that Onitsuka will be prepared to help, but Hiro relents that Osamu (the chief that passed away) used to think that Takeshi’s help would suffice, but look where they’re at now. Ha, so true. Ryu lament that he’s NOT Takeshi and he has his own way of doing things. I hate to burst your bubble, but your way of doing things hasn’t really worked so far.. seeing that we’re going to another funeral! Just saying! Angrily, Ryu is adamant that this time around, good will beat evil. (It is the ending after all.)

Yuji assures his father that they won’t mess up this time around, he has been waiting to kill Ryu. What excites him is that after this big trading, they won’t have anymore use for Misawa and has been given permission by his father to do what he pleases with the bugger. As for Hiro, Masaru wants him dead too.

Ryu decides to keep their plans from Uncle Koji, who is still recovering, and he also forbids his bodyguards to tell Mayumi.

We know Mayumi has been sick with worry over the state of the clan’s business and especially Ryu. He pulls her close and tells her that holding her makes the stress melt away.

He teases that if they have a baby, he would hold the baby and mom like this. Mayumi moves in his arms and the two falls on the bed where things get a little more serious. As she lies in his arms, he tells her that if they have children, he’d like a boy first, and the second, third, fourth and fifth (hahaha) – Mayumi stops him and wonders if he really wants six kids. In fact, he hopes that he can make their first kid tonight, he leans down to seal the deal but Mayumi stops him. But once they exchange their words of love and Ryu looks deep into Mayumi’s eyes.. Mayumi could no less stop him from sealing the deal then breathing. Anyone beam like an idiot yet?

She wakes the next morning to find him gone for work already, much to her disappointment. Aw, no morning snuggles?

Uncle Koji is healing rather well, he’s already training away. Mayumi questions whether he knew what’s going on with the company, since Ryu and clan left urgently before sunrise. Uncle Koji relents that if there’s a business emergency, he would surely be apprised of it, which now makes him suspicious.

The baddies seem to have anticipated the good guy’s scheme and blocks their path with road tires. They invite Ryu to pay a visit to Takaoh (more like forces Ryu with guns.) Ryu gets into the car while his minions mug the camera. Misawa minion mutters that it’s probably too late for them to rescue Ryu, now that he’s gotten in the car with him.

Mayumi fears something is up. Last night Ryu showed her Onitsuka’s safekeeping, in case something happens to him (one day he says.) She told him that nothing will happen to him, well, not over her dead body that is.  As she opens the safekeeping, she notices a final love letter from Ryu, stating that he loves her and has no regrets, but it’s time for him to fulfill his duty as Soriyo and Samurai. He will never forget the way she feels, the way she smells and her love for him.

Mayumi shares the letter with Uncle Koji, who realizes that Ryu has gone rogue. They also receive another letter from Misawa indicating that they’re holding Ryu hostage.

And so we see Ryu surrounded by Misawa men as Takaoh greets him. Ryu flashes back to the final battle from last series when he was fighting with Ricky, Takaoh’s dad, and they are at the same spot. Takaoh is determined to kill him at the same spot to avenge his father’s death.

Uncle Koji prepares to leave and help Ryu while Mayumi asks to accompany him. She’d rather die alongside Ryu. Uncle Koji pleads for her to stay here because if anything happens to Ryu, she can still lead the clan. But Mayumi is not one to sit around and wait. Once Uncle Koji leaves, she sneaks in the hospital to see Haru knowing that Onitsuka’s forces cannot withhold both Misawa and Yamamoto.

And she would be correct because Ryu is one against what seems like a million. With whatever’s left of him, he tells the baddies that they have no right to bring drugs and weapons into the country. Yuji just scoffs and laughs at him, they relent that actually these goods belong to Ryu and once Hiro brings his troops to investigate, the good cops will then have to fight with Onitsuka. They paint a picture that Hiro will die on duty and Ryu would be deemed as the murderer. The goods will be confiscated by the police as evidence against Onitsuka. Case closed.

Haru agrees to help Ryu, but not for Onitsuka. He claims that he’s helping Mayumi who in his heart, is his woman. Which just makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. She tells him that she will never forget his friendship.

Mayumi gathers her prayers, her strength and resolve to save her love, her clan, and peace on earth. We currently have three forces trying to help Ryu, his bodyguards, Uncle Koji and now Mayumi and Miurak clan.

As planned, the good cops arrive (unable to say no to Masaru’s orders) and immediately they see drugs and weapons. As for Ryu, he doesn’t wait for any rescuing; he manages to free himself and reveals to the good cops that Misawa has the place surrounded. The baddies say screw to their plans and all hell breaks loose: Uncle Koji appears, his bodyguards appear, while the baddies back pedal. Ryu reveals that he already knew what they were up to, and we flash back to Junko’s death when she told him that they were going to plot his and Hiro’s death. So he walked right into their plan, feigning ignorance for an opportunity to catch them once and for all. Oh, ok.

The baddies laugh and Masaru appears, figuring out their little plan to out plan them. They reveal the big bad, and that Yamamoto and the police force will take over the country. The bloody battle ensues: Ryu fights with Takaoh, Uncle Koji fights with Misawa and bad cops, while Taishi fights with Yuji.

And what the baddies didn’t account for his Mayumi’s strategy and the forces of Miurak. Thank god for Mayumi. So, I’ll say we’re even, baddies? Not that I’m counting.

It’s so nice to see our leading lady kicking some ass, and looking better than the men. Masaru orders his son to kill Mayumi, otherwise he’ll kill her himself. But as we know, he doesn’t have the heart to fight with her, which is just as well because Mayumi isn’t afraid to fight him. Dad overhears this and decides to kill Mayumi on his own. He raises his gun, and we guessed it, Yuji takes a bullet for her. Thankfully, it’s a bullet that ends his life. Why does he get the honor of sacrificing his life? Pfft. One down, two more to go (Masaru and Takaoh.)

Ryu is looking worse for wear but he FINALLY kills Takaoh with a vindictive slash. Ryu spots Masaru taking Mayumi hostage over the death of his son. Mayumi says that he is responsible for his son’s death, in fact, he’s been dead for so long. Ah, truer words.

Everyone surrounds Masaru, but he has a bomb. In a crazy moment he releases the bomb, Mayumi frees herself from him and Ryu manages to slash the older man. (Yay he’s dead!) Ryu tackles Mayumi to the ground as the bomb goes off. Same trick from last series’ finale, I’ll say. But this time around, our good guys lives are spared.

A month goes by..

Yamamoto is still very much alive as he says RIP to his minions (Masaru, Yuji and Takaoh) who failed him. But he laughs because Hiro and the good guys can never bring him down. Little did he know that a certain someone, dressed as a cop begs to differ. It’s Takeshi- who states that he’s here to even the score – and with one slash, Yamamoto is dead.

I’ve never been so happy to see so many people die!

We pan right into wedding mode, where Mayumi dons a white kimono and looking like the blushing bride. It’s the day everyone’s been waiting for. Ryu is struck speechless by his bride.

Before she could compliment him, he tells her that he knows he’s handsome, but only because he has to be suitable for the prettiest bride. Hee. He asks her whether she’s ready to be his Okamesang, and she replies that she’s more than ready. He takes her hand and they promenade as per Japanese tradition.

They share tea, read their wedding vows before their loving friends and family. We see Haru in attendance wearing his sunglasses (heart still breaking?) and even Aikiko is there, sneaking little glances at Taishi. They thank their wedding guests and Ryu says to Hiro (who has taken role of chief) that if he finds out Hiro doesn’t feel like being a good cop anymore, he’s going to do something about it. Smiles are passed around during this happy occasion.

And it’s honeymoon time! Gah, they’re too cute looking so lovey dovey! Well deserved.

Mayumi shares that everything is happening like a dream. Ryu adds that it’s a nightmare that turned into a sweet dream. Mayumi says that love has changed the nightmare of seven years ago into a happy reality.  He says that used to be a trace of a dream that caused her pain, but now he vows to make his kimi as happy as possible. She hints that if time can change, people can change… But Ryu answers with a shake of the head and a kiss. Hee. He wants her to trust him, but she says that she already trusts their heart, because they are one. Aw.

We can’t end a day without eating at the noodle shop! The duo shares a bowl, but this time, they aren’t fighting over who can eat, but are eating quite harmoniously. I think the funniest part is watching the three bodyguards watching them eat, hehehe.

Mayumi supposes that her first task as the lady is to help him sort through an important will in the safekeeping box. (Ryu needs it to settle a dispute about land ownership.) Ryu teases that he would rather she dedicate her first task to providing him an heir, hehe. Mayumi accidentally drops the box and Ryu finds what he’s looking for, but pales. Turns out, Ryu’s father is an adopted son of grandpa, which to Ryu, means that he’s not Onitsuka. Say what, an identity crisis in the ending?

Based on the evidence, Ryu says that Takeshi is the only remaining blood relation to Onitsuka, as for him, he’s no idea who he is. Mayumi relents that grandpa had hidden this record which means that he wants it to be a secret. He was raised as another heir, which means grandpa loves him as his own. Ryu doesn’t feel that he deserves to be Soriyo since he has not even an ounce of Onitsuka blood in him. Mayumi consoles that no one knows and everyone still respects him as Soriyo.

Ryu clears his head outside and catches a glimpse of someone in his property, he makes chase. Come to find, it’s Takeshi! Doing more than killing off the big bad, but righting Ryu’s current identity crisis.

Takeshi says that he has been dead from Onitsuka (since Ryu wants to give his position back to Takeshi) he’s only here as a final farewell. Killing Yamamoto was his last duty (to which surprises Ryu who thought Uncle Koji sent a hired hand to kill him.) Ryu says that Takeshi is being selfish and doesn’t care about other’s sufferings. Takeshi argues that Ryu is more than a brother to him, and besides, the connection with Onitsuka isn’t dependent upon blood. If Ryu upholds his honor and duty to protect society, the blood coursing through his body is indeed the true Onitsuka. Aw. Ryu wonders when he’ll see his soul brother again, but Takeshi relents that when an opportune time occurs, they shall meet again.

We end where we begin in this series, it is like Ryu’s dream coming true, our duo promenading in the beautiful garden.  Mayumi says that she’s happy to see that he can smile again. He mentions that with certain things, if one changes one’s perception, one can be happier. They’ve gone through thick and thin together, Ryu is happy for today, that he has her by his side.

Mayumi caresses his face and says that his smiles remind her of their younger years, when she was in high school and he in college. He was playful, incorrigible and flirty. She tells him that his charm has never diminished, and he’s an asset to everyone around him. He claims that it’s because he’s with her. They exchange more love words and he places his hand on her heart. She grasps his hand and they promise to love each other and care for each other, sealing it with a kiss. Hugs.


Group hug! This series has come to a close, with kisses and hugs to go around. As for me, I am left feeling somewhat sad. Sad to see that we won’t see Ryu-Mayumi again, because although the story was far from perfect, they were certainly a perfect couple. I felt that the climax is another one of their “big fights” but only this time, it came to fruition. For those who actually watch for the plot and storyline, I hope you can make peace with it. I couldn’t stand behind good guys who are always talking about their duties and yet failing to be the redeeming Samurai that they are until the very last second. From the get go, I wasn’t a fan of the writing or plotting, and primarily watched for Ryu-Mayumi. Heck, who am I kidding? I watched it for Nadech-Yaya, because if they weren’t paired in this lakorn, I don’t think I would enjoy it as much. The final conflict felt like it came out of left field. I suppose this has something to do with the third story (book) and I’m not sure if or when they’re going to produce the third story, but it just felt silly to throw it in without an immediate follow up. Let’s just say overall, I’ve enjoyed this series for the characters as oppose to the story 🙂 So glad that Uncle Koji, Taishi, the bodyguards are still alive! What’s up with having the person who attempted your murder at your wedding, aka Aikiko? Lakorns like to do that. They can forgive and all is well.

How did you feel about the finale? Did it meet your expectations? How did you feel about the series as a whole? Lots of things to discuss today. As oppose to the other episodes, I’ll be chiming in with your comments below. I have more time now that there’s no more Roy Fun…and no more NY (for the time being).. but I also want to get this recap out asap so that we can commentate together! Thanks for a fun ride, Lovelies!

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