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Roy Fun Tawan Deurd: Episode 7


Mayumi has certainly earned her fanfare this episode, hasn’t she? Such is the reality in life, when you realize how precious someone is, it is far too late. But lucky for her (and us) Mayumi still has time to win over our hearts and prove herself to Ryu. And if this episode is any indication, that is a moot point, because we have already fallen in love.


Ryu undergoes an interrogation by Masaru while Koji does the same with Haru, planting doubts about Onitsuka and hoping that both will walk into the setup. The bad cops are well aware that their setup/intentions will not put Ryu behind bar, but it will serve its purpose of creating a rift between the alliance of Miurak and Onitsuka.

The warriors worry about exactly this and that all hell will break lose if Haru misunderstands Onitsuka. Koji advises that the best course of action is to have one of the warriors (Hasuma) gauge Haru’s reaction surrounding the circumstances and his member’s death. Someone is obviously trying to break the clans apart but not if Uncle Koji has anything to do about it!

Hasuma reports to Ryu that Haru seems displeased with them and Ryu decides its best he reconcile with Haru tonight, at the man’s pub, before the mistrust and doubt fester. Mayumi suggests that she goes with Ryu, because there are certain matters that a woman could help smooth out. He questions his own decision in letter her accompany him when he sees her dressed in her evening clothes. His clan is struck speechless by her beauty too and he says out loud whether he ought to keep his kimi at home. Heh.

Yamamoto is of the same mind- in that tonight his minions (Misawa and Masaru) will plot the next move to kill Onitsuka. He warns them not to fail this time around.

The head bodyguard Taishi ensures that the perimeter is secured while Ryu and Mayumi meet with Haru, who is quite surprised that Ryu has the “gall” to pay him a visit. He doesn’t believe that Onitsuka doesn’t have anything to do behind his member’s death. He merely claims that the truth will unveil itself soon enough, despite Ryu’s bid to the contrary. His trust has been severed and it’s hard for something like that to come back. Mayumi declares that they shall find out if Haru believes what he sees or believes reasoning more. With that said, Mayumi and Ryu meander to the dance floor.

Misawa clan clothes in their ninja gear and infiltrate Mirak’s holding – they are assigned to kill off all Onitsuka before they knew what hit them.

As they strike their dance moves, Mayumi apologizes for being opinionated in the meeting. Ryu tells her that there’ s nothing to be sorry about because she’s the woman that he loves body and soul. Ryu wants to hasten the wedding date and starts talking about how many kids they would have! Ha. Mayumi smiles and counters that she didn’t say that she would have his children. He dips her and says that would make him look ungrateful before his ancestors.

The ninjas take out Onitsuka one by one. And Taishi is attacked at all sides until one stabs him in the shoulder blade. Takaon wants to keep him alive enough to see the demise of his clan.

Haru steps in by the end of the dance and asks Mayumi to a waltz. Ryu tells his bodyguard that maybe Mayumi has a better chance at hashing this out with Haru.

Haru compliments her dancing skills, and practically says that she’s smart and beautiful. Mayumi doesn’t blink an eye by the compliment since she’s focused on making her case: that Miurak and Onitsuka will stay as alliances. Haru even tries to make her feel doubtful of Ryu again, that he may have another woman on the side, but Mayumi claims that she’s here in the effort to patch up Miurak and Onitsuka, and she’s already the boss lady, so nothing else concerns her. Ha.

Haru finds that he’s quite taken by her wit and charm, and professes that he will do what it takes to keep her by his side. This is Mayumi’s queue to stop dancing, she reiterates that Miurak and Onitsuka will be alliances and thanks him for the dance. I knew that Haru would be a thorn in my hide! I guess all that dancing helped Haru decide that it wasn’t Onitsuka’s doing, and besides, Haru isn’t yet ready to wage war because he realizes that the future of Onitsuka lies on Mayumi’s control, not Ryu.

Ryu and Mayumi (and two bodyguards) get cornered at the parking lot by Misawa ninjas, and fighting ensues. The fighting recedes back to the club, where Mayumi hold her own, she dangles from the air, and does an awesome job kicking ass. She spots someone aiming a gun at Ryu, who declares that he won’t shoot Ryu, rather, he’d shoot his heart. The gun changes aim to Mayumi, to Ryu’s horror, and he jumps in front of her and takes her down. A bullet hits him in midair. Damn.

It’s a headshot, the bullet lodged in the left brain. Mayumi calls out to him, pleading for him to stay awake. But darkness overcomes him and the doctors operate on him immediately. His mind flashes through his memory with Mayumi. Once the bullet is removed, his heart stopped beating. Unable to hold out any longer, Mayumi rushes into the operating room, and she orders for Ryu to wake up. In Ryu’s mind he’s in his dreams, the same spot where we started this series. But instead he sees Mayumi in her dancing garb, and she’s telling him not to leave her. He runs towards her, but she’s gone..

Back in reality, Mayumi is taken to a hospital ward after losing consciousness in the operating room. Apparently Ryu is still alive, but he could be in a coma or lose his memory or worse, become disabled. Oh great. Poor Ryu. Doctor advises that they keep an eye on his condition; once he wakes they’ll find out how he adheres to the injury. Mayumi pleads that he need only to wake up because she will do everything in her power to get him back to his old self again.


Takaoh isn’t worried that he failed in killing Ryu, he figures that Ryu got shot in the head, his chances of living a normal life is over. Yuji doesn’t lose the opportunity to rub it in that Takaoh has failed, yet again. The two nearly come to a blow but Masaru reminds them that their task at hand is to kill Ryu and Onitsuka clan asap, per Yamamoto. Yuji knows a way to be sneaky and kill off Ryu when he’s not aware. I’m sure he does.

His sneaky way is to go through Aikiko, he asks her to report to him once Ryu wakes up. Question is, can Aikiko pay him a visit when the bodyguards won’t let her through?

Mayumi rises to the occasion and practices to become a worthy leader, envisioning Ryu by her side, training her. Aw. She thinks about him and chastises herself for not realizing his love for her. Uncle Koji watches her meltdown from the doorway. He has a word with her later, reiterating that she must steel herself and stand strong on behalf of Soriyo.

The cops try to pin the latest debacle on Haru, who denies everything since they don’t have any evidences against him. Haru starts to piece the puzzle together and determines that only one clan will benefit from the fallout of Miurak and Onitsuka: Misawa. Well, glad you’re using your brains.

Yuji plays devil’s advocate with Aikiko every time she failed to see Ryu (thanks Taishi!) He suggests she be aggressive and steal Ryu back. Aikiko wants to know what he’s all about and he says that he wants both of them to get what they want. The two clink their tea cups in compliance.

Meanwhile Mayumi tends to her man and keeps him company. She places her hand at his heart and wonders if he could hear their heart beating. She tells him about a story when she was a little girl and Little Ryu had pulled on her pigtails. She was very angry, and it only came back when she learned that her fiancé was to be the grown up Ryu. Hee. (That’s new!) She talks about how they first met, that he made her very angry (again) and that she can’t seem to control herself around him. She now knows that all of those turbulent emotions were feelings that developed into love. She recalls their love under the blossom tree and cries, telling him that he used to say that no flower smells as good as the one she touched. She’s touching him now, and wishes that he would wake up. Which makes me just, aw.

Yamamoto orders his minion to eliminate Ryu and figure out a way to get rid of the three warriors and Haru. Geez, that’s a tall order.

The good cop snoops around the bad cop’s office and pulled out some important documentation that indicate Yamamoto has been handing out money to Masaru. He shares them with the three warriors. They surmise that Yamamoto might have helped Masaru ascend to the position right after Osamu was murdered.

Mayumi attempts the next thing to get Ryu to wake up from his coma: play their song on the koto. When he doesn’t come to, she takes his hand and places it on her face, telling him that she loves him. Ryu’s eyes slowly open. Ecstatic, Mayumi throws herself at him, but as she looks up, he asks, “Who are you?” Gah! Then he passes out again.

Don’t tell me he’ll be afflicted with ALL of the possibilities? Coma, memory loss, AND disability?

It is determined that Ryu must undergo another brain surgery. Mayumi takes on the surgery, claiming that she and Ryu are one; she would give his life back to him (if it kills her.)

Even though Mayumi succeeds in saving him, she’s still distraught over his condition. Yuji consoles her and tells her that no one can be strong all the time. He says he will be here for her, as a good friend. Pfft. But this piece of information (that Yuji likes Mayumi) will be a good card that Takaoh can play once necessary.

Golly, there’s a lot of characters I don’t like in this show. Another one shows up to visit Ryu – it’s Haru – and he’s quite pleased to see Mayumi. He tells her that if anything happens to Ryu, he would be happy to take care of her. How distasteful. Mayumi declares that she will do everything in her doctor’s power and heart to bring Ryu back to his old self again.

Ryu is awake finally! His first word is “Mayumi” which brings a huge smile on her face (and a huge sigh of relief on mine!) But not too fast because Ryu suddenly realizes that he can’t move his left side. He starts to panic, although Mayumi assures him that this will only last a short while, but Ryu is of the believer that if he can’t move it now, he’ll never be able to move it. Eeps. She tells him to trust in her ability to make him walk again, and she calls him her “anatak tee rak.” That seems to calm him down.

Yuji takes more of his medication to take the edge off of his father’s chiding earlier. Which, I really don’t care about this dude anymore.

Mayumi lays out all of the pictures that Ryu had taken of her. She cries that he has never left her in the last seven years, so from now on, she will stay with him forever.  How much do I love that Mayumi is pulling out all of the stops to love him and stay with him now? Happy, happy heart.

Want to know who else I hate in this show? Well, Aikiko. And she’s paying Mayumi a visit, probably trying to poison her with her words. Aikiko apologizes to Mayumi that she had just realized that Mayumi is Ryu’s fiancé. She practically oozes fakeness and asks to see Ryu. But this time, Mayumi isn’t having it. She returns the butterfly pin and relents that she no longer cares whether anything that Aikiko has told her were true or not, because Ryu has never made her feel that he has anyone other than her. Hehehe. That shut her up. Mayumi also relents that she will allow Aikiko to see Ryu..


What a sad episode, but filled with so much feelings! And Mayumi is really pulling out all of the stops, isn’t she? I heart her so much in this episode. Her commitment to love him has shown itself, she trusts him and won’t let other people tell her otherwise. Gah, I heart her to pieces. While last episode was all about Ryu, this one is all about Mayumi. I’m glad for this episode, because we get to see how worthy and strong our heroine is.

I’m also glad that Show isn’t playing the amnesia card, because I don’t know if I could handle it! Momentary physical impairment is okay, because it would mean that Mayumi will be the one to help him along.

And on a quick side note, I’ve ceased to care about the baddies in this show because one, there are way too many of them, and they raise my blood pressure. Secondly, they are going to do more damage before this show is over! Please keep my favorite characters alive, like Uncle Koji, the warriors, and bodyguards! You can be blood thirsty with Yuji, his dad, Yamamoto, Takaoh and his clan and even Aikiko. I especially don’t care about her. And Show, you do know that I didn’t include Ryu and Mayumi on my ‘alive’ wish list because they are assumed to live a long and healthy life, right? Stay away from my leads!

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