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** Disclaimer: I skipped over some minor details from this episode to get us the juicy stuff.** ~Uhrenah

Lookjun proposes a toast over a nice dinner meal that she planned out for her and Paul.

LJ: Cheers! Let’s celebrate the increase of sales for Celeb mag that has gone up again and celebrate my first income as a model.

Paul: Wait wait….can we eat now? (lifts off lid of dish) Where’s the salad??

LJ: Don’t have any….today you’re allowed to eat foods that models and actors don’t eat.

Paul is ecstatic and goes to town eating his dinner. Paul was so absorbed with eating his dinner that he didn’t notice that Lookjun had fallen asleep after being buzzed from her wine. Paul wakes her up and tells her to go to bed, but she refuses and tells him that instead she wants to look at the stars. Paul tells her that there aren’t any stars because the sky is dark tonight…Lookjun tells him that’s not a problem. Next we see Paul and Lookjun laying out on the lawn by the pool staring up towards the sky.


LJ: Pete I want to see the baby chick star….baby chick star!

She demands him and our poor Paul has to point a flashlight up the night sky to create the various constellations she’s requesting. As Paul shines his flashlight, Lookjun attempts to count all the little chicks and ends up counting the whole family, mommy chick, daddy chick, etc. Next she demands to see the hunter… Paul is annoyed but does as she request. She then realizes that the hunter will kill the chick and tells the chick star to run away. LOL she is crazy and so are the writers omg. (Matt’s outfit, facial expression, and reaction are all so funny and cute at the same time). The next morning we have a more sober Lookjun enjoying her coffee asking Paul about last night.

LJ: Ah…so last night what time did I end up going to bed?

Paul: Last night you went to bed after completing all the different constellations counts.

LJ: Well that’s your fault for making me drink so much till I was drunk. I’m going to go shower now but wait, what should we do today? It’s our long weekend, we need to find some activities to do. How about ballet?

Paul: No way….there will be no ballet, no yoga, no facials!

LJ: What about do our nails?

Paul: No way!!!

LJ: How come? What’s up just because you’re more famous now, you’re snotty now? Being difficult?

Paul turns away from her firm with his decision. Lookjun takes a phone call from her mom and receives what we believes to be bad news. She’s told to come home to see her grandma. Lookjun fearing for the worst, rushes back to her hometown with Paul. While driving in the car on their way there, Lookjun suddenly becomes nauseous and needs to vomit…after a bit of a struggle, Paul asked her if she wanted him to park so she could puke but she tells him that she already swallowed it so no need to park and no need to stop for lunch now cause she’s good to go. Eww gross!! Paul is so disgusted he looks away in disbelief and almost pukes himself. Despite swallowing her puke, as she nears her home she asks him to park this time because she needs to vomit again. As Paul helps rub her back, her mom and grandmother shows up catching them in the act and questions if Lookjun was pregnant. Lookjun is hysterically laughing and reassures them that she would not be pregnant with Pete because they should know that Pete is gay. The grandmother tells Paul that if he weren’t gay, he would be dead and not allowed in their home. Lookjun’s mom and grandmother both are anti men, in fact her whole house and business only allows female workers. All the servants and even the animals on the property are all female. Paul asks her so there are no males at all? Lookjun tells him that there is one male on the property which is a male dog. She tells him that the only reason he gets to live there is because when her grandma didn’t know he was a male until after she had already rescued him when he was hit by a car. But our crazy grandmother had requested that the Veterinarian remove his man parts before he was brought home lol. Hearing this gives Paul the shivers…. and the thinks to himself -what if they knew he was a straight man?? Yikes!

Grandma has just accepted a new worker to her home after learning this helpless ” disabled girl” has been loitering around the property for a couple of days. Paul bumps into this new worker and immediately senses that something is not right. Later we learn that in fact it was not a girl but a man disguised as a girl as part of a master plan to gain internal access to rob the home. Turns out that our Lookjun comes from a wealthy background. Her family owns a large flower farm that exports flowers all around the world. When Nut learns that Lookjun is wealthy, he has plans for her. That night Paul couldn’t sleep so he decides to take a stroll. While walking around the property he walked in on our robber trying to rape one of the servants and helps save the day. When the police show up, hilariously they’re all female as well. Grandma don’t play around here! LoL


The next day, the lakorn writes decided to do a spoof of the Ma Nak story having Lookjun dressed up as Ma Nak. The reality of it is Lookjun and Paul were supposed to take a tour around her flower business, so she dressed the part and freaked out Paul. In one scene we see Paul and Lookjun helping to pollinate the flowers making the workers think they were doing something else inappropriate. As Lookjun gave a tour of her farm to the tourist there, it really impressed Paul. It seems each day, he’s slowly discovering different sides to her. There’s a lot about Lookjun that those who do not know her well would not believe she was capable of being that way. Paul questions Lookjun and asks her why she doesn’t open up her own magazine company when her family is so wealthy. Lookjun tells him that she would not feel proud of her success if she used her mom and grandma’s money to be successful. She prefers to be independent and become successful by her own means. You go girl! Lookjun being the nurturing person she is, helps Paul wipe the sweat off his face and he returns the favor..


Time froze still in this moment because for the first time ever Lookjun felt something. Suddenly we hear the thoughts in her head say, “How come my heart is beating so fast? How come my body is numb? Don’t look at me that way, my hands…my arms are limping..Pete’s eyes look so warm and comforting….No!!, Pete’s my friend!…Pete’s gay! Please don’t feel this way Lookjun… But Pete looks so handsome…so muscular…Oh No!!…Don’t have these strange feelings Lookjun!” Oh but Pete looks so handsome today ahhh.” Paul snaps her back to reality and she excuses herself and heads home to evaluate what it was she just felt. Back in the city, we see Jum at the market selling her homemade jewelry where she was harassed by the customers there. Art steps in to save the day once again and helps her to sell her goods.

That night Paul and Lookjun decide to go visit the temple where they prayed together, donated together, and seek their fortune together as well. Lookjun and Paul happen to get the same fortune which reads: According to the books, number 3 will ensure that all your thoughts and desires becomes a success but you will have misfortune and bad things to be cautious of such as enemies who are full of hatred and will cause you separation. You will endure some hardship, but be able to overcome them and feel relief due to the good merits that you have established. Those of you who are without a partner will now find one in someone you are close to because it is going according to heaven’s plans. Lookjun tells Paul that the fortune is not accurate because it states that her soulmate is someone who is close to her but she has no one except for Pete, who is gay!


The next day during lunch Lookjun’s mom starts to become suspicious of Paul because he’s happily eating spicy foods which normally Pete would not have been able to tolerate. (We get some lakorn fillers such as scenes with Art and Jum doing pottery and Bibpo and Mintra being their annoying funny selves). Bibpo and Minta discuss their plan to expose Lookjun as being the poor country girl. They get wind of Lookjun’s address and head out to investigate. As Paul and Lookjun are touring the gallery, Paul takes endless photos which causes Lookjun to question why lately he’s been taking so many photos. Lookjun asked him if his next role was as a photographer? He just tells her yes to drop the subject. Lookjun comments about the ring he was wearing around his neck, and it triggers his memory of how he acquired it from his grandma. Lookjun notices a change in Paul’s demeanor and starts to comfort him reassuring him that his grandma is looking down on him from heaven. Paul thinks back to the moment he and his grandma had a conversation regarding the ring. Paul asked his grandma how will he know who to give the ring to in the future? His grandma replied that when he meets this person, his heart will be the one to tell him. As they are in their sweet embrace, trouble is brewing because Bipbo and Mintra are on their way. Later that night as Lookjun and Paul were out enjoying the view from the bridge, Lookjun tells Paul.


LJ: It’s so peaceful here. Sometimes I feel that I want to live in peace here forever.

To the delight of our nature lover’s heart, Paul questions: Really? You don’t like living life in the city?

LJ: Nope, I prefer living peacefully like this instead…..but only after I am sure that Celeb Magazine remains the number one magazine company.

Paul: Right now, Celeb Magazine is already at number one.

LJ: That’s true, but I can’t underestimate the fact that there are others out there ready to take down Celeb especially Line.

Paul: Lookjun, not everyone can be at number one all the time. If you’re still stuck with the idea of always wanting to be number one, you’re going to have to be tired with fighting for the rest of your life. Is it worth it? Having to sacrifice and trade your happiness with being number one?


After Bibpo and Mintra crash along the side of the road, a good Samaritan stops to help them and brought them over to Lookjun’s house. She reluctantly had to host them although she did not want to. (I don’t know if Mintra actually likes Pete/Paul or if she’s purposely trying to earn brownie points with him to piss off Lookjun) Bibpo and Minta are disappointed to discover that only is Lookjun already trumps them in the work category, but had to be wealthy as well. While Bibpo was ready to give up and befriend Lookjun, Mintra is persistent and insist that everyone has a weakness and she will find out Lookjun’s weakness is. Bibpo and Mintra plan to lure Lookjun and Paul away from the house so that Bibpo can search her room. (OMG I am speechless as to how shady these two envious people are, I can’t believe he dug through her personal stuff, after her family graciously lets them into their home and puts a roof over their heads)! Lookjun takes Paul and Minta on a little tour of her flower farm where she and Minta battle it out trying to get Paul’s attention. They consistently try to one up each other and pick the most amount of flowers.


Mintra pretends to trip and sprain her ankle. She tries to get Paul to carry her home, when Lookjun tells him that she’s faking it. Lookjun tries to educate him and tells him to pay attention to lots of lakorns and learn that the envious girls (nang rai) always uses that method to lure the main character guy (pra ak). Paul thinks back to the time when Lookjun also tripped and sprained her ankle and questions her about it. Lookjun tells him that it’s not the same thing because the nang rai’s is fake and the nang ak (main character) girls are real. She tells Paul that she’s the main character girl! Paul confused, says to himself how will I know which is a real sprain and which is the fake sprain? Meanwhile back at the house, Bibpo hits the jackpot and finds Lookjun’s secret stash of her memories with Nut. He rudely looks through her stuff and even reads her diary…OMG that is so personal okay I would freak if someone read my stuff like that. When Bibpo and Mintra finally get what they came for, they took off and went back home in a rush.


That night, Lookjun sadly sits out on the porch and says that she’s bummed that this was their last night there since they have to go back to the city tomorrow.

Paul: If you want to come back here, just let me know and I’ll drive you here.

LJ: Thanks so much Pete….other than my mom and my grandma, in my life there’s only you whose so good to me. Pete let’s be together until we’re old okay? But if you have a boyfriend, you better not leave me. Hrm how about this, you can allow your boyfriend to come live with us in the same house, but you have to devote 5 days of your time to me and 2 days to your boyfriend. Huh this is a great plan, it’s very fair. (Paul just laughs at her silliness).

Paul: And what if you have a boyfriend?

LJ: (shakes her head) I won’t have a boyfriend, you know very well that I hate men.

Paul: The guy that you used to love made that you that hurt that you have to hate every guy on earth?

LJ: I don’t have every guy on earth, I just don’t trust in guys anymore that’s all. Some people have to be hurt multiple times in order to give up on love, but for me just once is more than enough to make me not believe in love anymore.

Paul: Lookjun, if the past and the person in the past made you hurt, then just forget them.

LJ: If it’s easy to forget then that would be good. Pete….can you please caress my head softly?

Lookjun leans into Paul’s embrace and peacefully soaks up his love and warmth while he gently caresses her hair. Paul gets lost in the moment and leans in to kiss her.


Pictures credit to RNJJH IG and Rome_Chinesefanclub