Late at night Art is still because he can’t seem to stop thinking about the moment when he and Jum were on the beach watching fireworks together. To add to his confused heart, he opens up his laptop to find a whole CD of Jum’s pictures accidently given to him at work. These sudden thoughts and feelings have the wheels in his head turning and the beats in his heart skipping faster and faster. Has Art fallen in love with our tomboy Jum? As for Jum she is too busy feeling stressed and worried about her mom’s health that she does not have time to think about anything else. Every where she goes, she’s haunted by the fact that she must come up with some money for her mom’s treatment. Jum decides she will do this by taking on a second job.

Paul has finally found Frankie by utilizing the lead he got from Toey. Paul shows up to the gym that Frankie frequents. When they finally encounter each other Frankie is shocked and surprised to see Paul there and tried really hard to avoid him as if he was afraid of Paul. Frankie ended up not being able to handle the pressure of having Paul stare him down during his workouts and fled the scene with Paul hot on his tails. Paul get’s close to catching up to Frankie until he was interrupted by a old lady who crosses his path. The lady coughs on Paul as he tries to help her to a hospital. The lady apologizes and said that she had this cough for some time now and it won’t go away. Dun dun dun…..!

Meanwhile after many failed attempts, Jum finally found a second job as a singer at a night club. On her first day of work, Art follows her to the club and observes her for awhile. He was part surprised to see that she was there and yet at the same time he was enchanted by her new look and singing ability. After her performance, she was being harassed by a customer there so Art had to reveal himself and stepped in to help her. They run off together fleeing the night club employees who were after them for assaulting the perv customer. They run off into the market area and after a bit of a struggle, they eventually get rid of the thugs. Art took the opportunity while Jum was scared and venerable to be her knight in shining armor. He comforted her, took care of her, and took her out for ice cream. Jum is starting to see a softer sweeter side to Art, but they still can’t fully let go of their bickering relationship and reveal their true feelings yet.

Lookjun is back at the office thrilled with the results of the magazine sales that featured Paul on the cover. She is rewarded by her boss with a nice bonus check. She calls Paul to tell him of the good news. “Hello my beloved friend…I just called to tell you that I’m going to be staying at the office to clear some work, you don’t need to worry about me. I also wanted to call and thank you for helping to make my magazine sales skyrocket. I am soo soo happy, I even got a check from the boss!” The whole time, Paul was on the phone he didn’t answer her other than saying mMm Mmm yea as he was not excited or interested in what she had to say. She finally caught his attention when she tells him that tomorrow she wants to visit their child. Paul is in shock and has no clue what she’s talking about. Child???

Back at the hospital, Jum is filled with excitement as she just received a phone call offering her a side job to take photos of an island resort. They offered to pay her an unbelievably high salary and to cover the cost for her hotel stay and flight. The mom questions why they would do that but Jum tells her that they must be scared that she would flake on them so they secured the deal by paying her first and accommodating her really well. Later we learn that it was Art who hired her for the job to secretly help her pay for her mother’s medical costs. Art had one of his employees pretend to be the owner of the island to help coordinate his plan. (Didn’t know Art was rich) As Jum was out on the job taking photos of the island, Jum questions the “owner” as to why he hired her when she’s not a popular photographer and why did they pay her so much to do this work? The employee comes up with some random answers and Jum drops her curiosity.

Paul is anxiously trying to get a hold of Pete to ask him about this child of his and Lookjun but he is unable to reach Pete because Pete and Ba Pa have decided to do some meditation at the temple. Paul get’s off the phone frustrated and says to the photo of Pete and Lookjun…”I thought you were gay? When you did you sneak around and have a child together?” LOL. Later we learn that the “child” Lookjun was referring to are actually a group of children who live at a non-profit organization. Lookjun and Paul go there to play with the children and bring them food and snacks. Paul is so impressed and more in love with this kind-hearted side of Lookjun that he never saw before. LOL at the scene where Lookjun and Paul were playing with the puppets dolls, and he was supposed to have the doll prince kiss the doll princess, but as he utters those words “the prince will not kiss the princess” he leans in and tries to kiss Lookjun instead. Paul was interrupted by Lookjun who asks what’s taking it so long for Paul to bring the Prince doll close to the Princess doll for a kiss. (Aw so close) Lookjun giddily squeals with excitement and tells him that she feels so girly when playing this and he stops her in her tracks when he responds, ” I too feel manly”. They have the sweetest scene where Lookjun and Paul ended their day there by cuddling with the children while Paul sings them a lullaby. (Didn’t know Rome’s voice could be so sweet yet masculine at the same time).

In this episode we get some insight into Jum’s past and learn what caused her to want to become a lesbian. After her dad passed away it was just her and her mom. A nosey badmouth acquaintance tells her mom that Jum was pretty at an early age and when she grows up boys will cause her trouble. From that day, Jum was angry by her words and determined to not allow boys to affect her life nor would she be a weak female. She started to play with boys and become a true tomboy. Jum’s mom questions when she will start to dress and act like a girl. Jum tells her mom that she will do so after she gets a job and becomes successful. From fear of losing her mom and taking the advice of her mom’s doctor who tells Jum that while she has the chance, she should do whatever will make her mom happy. Jum then swears that if her mom has a successful surgery, she will finally do as her mother asks which is to become more feminine. Art even shows up to the hospital on surgery day and pretended that he was there to meet a friend, but instead he was trying to be a friend and stayed there to keep her company while she anxiously waits for the results of the surgery. Only after knowing her mom was okay did he sneak away.

Paul arrives home after a random outing at the night market (where he bumped into Art coincidently) Paul arrives home to be greeted (spooked) by Lookjun with a white face mask on.

Paul: Lookjun you look scarier than a ghost!!

LJ: That’s enough…enough! hrm…trying to act like you’re so sensitive, where have you been? Why did you come back so late?

Paul: I went out for a stroll.

LJ: Oh my…you’re dressed so manly…where did you go so late and dressed like this too?

(Lookjun peeks into the bag to see the ancient artifacts that Paul just bought and was about to toss it out)

Paul: Hey hey what are you doing?

LJ: Ow well I’m going to toss this out, it’s so old….don’t tell me that you plan on keeping this to use it?

Paul: I just bought this!

LJ: Bought it?? Why would you buy garbage for??

Paul: Don’t worry about it……why aren’t you sleeping by now?

LJ: Cause …it’s late and you’re still not home, I tried to call but you didn’t pick up….I was so worried about you that I couldn’t fall asleep.

Paul: My battery died…I didn’t think you would wait up for me, I’m sorry. Go off to bed now it’s late.

LJ: You too…don’t sleep too late or else your face will have wrinkles. (Lookjun plants a big goodnight kiss on his cheek) Goodnight!

Greed!! So sweet ah! (she got him blushing like a little schoolboy who just got his first kiss).