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Celeb Magazine staff are scrambling trying to get everything in order for the photo session as Lookjun is trying to convince Paul to take off his clothes for the shoot. Lookjun tells him the theme of the this issue is about fighting. Fighting through life, fighting with sickness, fighting with death, and love that needs to be fought for- this issue will be all about Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing). Meanwhile Line staff and Nut are also taking photos for their issue as well with the stolen model from Celeb. Serves them right, Nut is having so much trouble with his model because she refuses to put her precious purse down. Not only that but he smile becomes totally crooked due to the Botox she decides to do before the shoot. Nothing about this photo session is coming along smoothly and Nut is visibly frustrated. LOL first he tells her she needs to smile, but after looking at her smile he tells her never mind it looks better without the smile.

LJ: Pete are you tried?

Paul: No need to ask. Implying she should know he’s tired.

LJ: Aw don’t be bummed, if you behave that way people might know that you’re not a real man. Pete Pete Pete hold on, how come when you were posing, you were doing it so easily?

Paul: I was just following the direction of the instructor. Or maybe it might be my manly instincts?

LJ: Manly instinct? LOL I say you have feminine instincts more than I do. But anyway, thanks so much for putting full efforts in it for me. Without you, I would be in so much trouble. Let’s go get us something to drink.

Paul and Lookjun sit happily besides the pool and talk about how great this issue is going to be. When Paul starts to grunt and stretch, Lookjun offers to massage him.

LJ: Aw aw Pete, you must be so tired from having to act manly for half the day. Come here let me massage for you. I have to return the favor and repay you for helping me by massaging you. How’s it feeling? It feels good right? Oh my your manly veins are so tight.

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Next thing you know, as they were doing their massage session Nut and Ingorn comes along an sits next to them. Nut exclaims to Ingorn that he too was sore. Ingorn offers to massage him. Next thing you know Lookjun and Ingorn battle each other with their different positions and techniques, putting Nut and Paul through torture. Nut tries so hard to act like he’s loving it but can’t take it anymore so he tells Ingorn to stop so they can save energy for later that night.

Lookjun although braves a strong and happy face in front of others, she often hides the pain she feels inside each time she encounters Nut especially when she sees him in a happy relationship and she is all alone. As Lookjun is reminiscing on the beach with hot tears flowing down her face, she realizes that she is not over him as she tries to portray to the world.

Jum and Art are on the beach fighting over the canoe rental with Jum winning. She points out that her Canoe is number one, which symbolizes that she too is number one. She will beat Art in everything so he can dream on about being with Lookjun.

Meanwhile Bibpo and Mintra were having a conversation about Lookjun’s attack on Line staff and Paul’s sexual orientation as well. Bibpo can’t believe how masculine Paul was during the photo shoot. Back at home, Pete and Ba Pa decide that while both Paul and Lookjun are out of town, they would take this opportunity to come back home and stay during this duration. Ba Pa isn’t sure it’s a great idea but gives him to Pete. She also questions why Pete won’t just tell Lookjun the truth behind everything because she might be able to aid Pete and Paul with this cover up. Pete tells her that sometimes some things are just too complicated and he rather not because although Lookjun seems like a strong person, she still female and still sensitive-maybe too sensitive to handle the truth. Next thing Pete starts to complain about how messy Paul has made his room and how things aren’t in the right place. After complaining, Ba Pa reveals that she was one who put together the room.

Lookjun asks Paul to apply lotion on her and he can hardly contain his excitement and has is having so much trouble applying lotion on her without feeling turned on. Her and Paul run off to frolic and play near the beach waters but Lookjun refuses to actually get in the waters because she claims the sea water will damage her skin. Paul is persistent and wants her to actually go in the waters and drags her in. They are just adorable in this scene play fighting with each other.


As Art was chilling on the beach, the gals from the office tell him that they discovered an abandoned Canoe by the waters. They also comment that the Canoe was labeled number one. It dawns on Art that Jum was in that Canoe earlier so he and the team set out to find Jum.

Paul and Looking venture off together in their search for Jum and Lookjun trips and falls injuring herself.

Paul: Where are you hurt?

LJ: My ankle ow ow….I’m hurting so much I think I broke my ankles, the bones must be sticking out.

Paul: It’s not broken.

LJ: How do you know? I think it surely must be broken…oh no Pete call 191 (emergency # for Thailand).

Paul: If it’s broken it should be swollen and deformed, but look here it’s not broken nor is it deformed.

LJ: How do you know?

Paul: I learned it from a documentary.

LJ: You mentioned that my ankle is sprained right? And I’m so hurt so you must…….(She has him carry her on his back). Pete you’ve gotten so much more bulkier I forgot to mention it to you earlier. When I’m riding your back, I feel just like the heroine in a lakorn. No matter how much the leads hate each other, the moment when they ride each other’s back, they end up falling in love.

Paul: How can one fall in love just by riding on someone’s back?

LJ: Yeah that’s true. But what if the heroine holds on to the hero’s neck real tight, I bet the hero’s heart will be pumping real hard and sometimes off beat as well. Ah so corny…..but Pete, no matter what I don’t want to ride on any other guy’s back, I’ll just ride on your back – makes me so happy. Aw this lakorn just continues to give us so many sweet moments between these two! Rome’s blushing is so cute too ah!

The crew continues with their search for Jum but a few decide to sit out. Finally it dawns on Art that the direction of the wind should of blown her towards the direction of the shore. So Art and Paul decide to go searching for her near the shores. Eventually Art finds Jum stranded on an island. She is tired and distraught but so happy to be saved that she doesn’t even care that it’s Art who has come to her rescue.

Jum: Ai Art!

Art: Ho You should speak to your savior in a more polite way and call me Mr. Art not Ai Art missy.

Jum: Ai Art!

Art: Okay suit yourself then you can just sit here on this beach and stare at the stars by yourself.

Jum: Ah hold on.

Art: Okay then please tell me who am I?

Jum: Ai…Mr. Art!! Are you happy now? If so then hurry up and come get me, I’m freezing to death.

Art: Oh no I can’t do that, if I inch any closer, it will ruin my engine. You are going to have to brave the waters and come here. If you don’t believe me then you’ll have to sleep here then.

Jum: Ah okay fine, I’ll believe you then. As she inches her way towards the jet ski, she trips and falls to Art’s delight. She is not having it with him teasing her like this.

Art: You want to come up? If so, repeat after me. P Art please let me on to your jet ski. If you don’t say it then I’ll leave.

Jum repeats it in a masculine way so Art says it won’t do, he forces her to repeat it in a sweet voice. She utters the words through gritted teeth. As he helps her up, she take advantage of the moment and pushes him off the jet ski. Art tells her she needs to let him back on the jet ski. She tells him that if he does not ask her in a sweet way to let him get back on the jet ski she won’t let him come up. They eventually make their way back to the shore of the resort. Jum taunts him that when he does speak in a sweet voice, it makes it seem more handsome. Everyone is relived when Jum was able to arrive safely back to the resort. Lookjun tell her staff that they can now relax and celebrate the success of their photo shoot.

Art has set up his master plan to woo Lookjun by setting off a bunch of fireworks on the beach. He tells the staff that if a girl come down and he approaches that girl and pretend to fall on top of her. At that moment they are to go ahead and set off the fireworks. What he doesn’t realize is that instead of Lookjun coming down first, it’s Jum! He is angry that she came down to ruin his moment, so he approaches her to tell her to go away. The resort staff believes this is the correct girl, so when he see’s Jum push Art down, the staff sets the fireworks on. The blaze and light form the fireworks combined with the soft ocean breeze, makes Jum’s face glow and her hair blow softly in the winds, creating the ultimate romantic moment. She smiles with delight from the fireworks and looks beautiful in that moment so causes Art to be taken aback with her beauty and that sweet moment. When the staff, learns of this they tease Jum and Art about it.

The Celeb staff are enjoying themselves with dinner on the beach until Nut comes along to ruin the moment once again. He purposely, heads out to the beach and situates himself near their dining area. To top it off, he starts to play the guitar and serenades Ingorn with a sweet song that he once sung for Lookjun back in their college days. The second Lookjun hears this song, she is brought back to the place where they were once happy together. The song tugs at her heart and all the emotions and sadness overwhelms her. (Might I add that Nut’s voice with this song is so sweet that I stop hating him for a brief moment). Lookjun tries to drown out her sadness by getting drunk. She drinks to the point where she can barely walk and stumbles off on her own to a secluded location where she can allow for herself to let go and cry and her heart out. Paul becomes concerned when Lookjun does not return back to their location and goes out looking for her. He finds her crying beneath a tree by the shores.

Paul: Lookjun, why are sitting here like this? It’s dangerous, don’t you know?

LJ: I’m tired, I just want to sit here and rest.

Paul: If you’re tired then why don’t you just go to bed?

LJ: No I’m still not sleep yet. Can you sit here and keep me company?

Paul: What’s wrong?

LJ: Nothing- (he looks at her knowing that’s not true). I’m sad….very sad. I feel as if I’m not talented, not strong like everyone says I am.

Paul: That’s okay…..not everyone can be good and talented all the time.

LJ: No…I must be talented, I must be strong, I must win. Do you understand?…….Pete, please don’t go anywhere and leave me okay?( She gives him a peck on the cheeks) I love you Je (Sis). I am tired, can I lean on your shoulders? (Paul nods his head in agreement). Thank you so much na….I’m so happy that I have you here. Also it’s so good that you’re not a real guy. (This scene is so sad I totally feel the pain when Matt cries, she does such an excellent job acting out these emotional moments).

Paul: Ah the truth is, not all guys are bad. There are some guys around who loves animals, the elderly, and isn’t promiscuous out there. Why don’t you open up your heart and see. (He realizes that she fell asleep and probably didn’t hear a thing he just said).

Paul savors the moment and doesn’t wake her…..he lets her sleep peacefully on his shoulders. (A sweet song comes on and we can tell that Rome sang it himself….greedddd). Paul eventually carries Lookjun back to her hotel room and proceeds to help her get ready for bed. So sweet I might say, don’t we all need this kind of man in our lives?? Paul also remembers that last time, Lookjun threw a fit when Paul put her to bed without cleaning off her face first, so he goes to grab the supplies and starts to remove her make up for her. Aw

The next morning, everyone wakes up to the viral video clip of Lookjun harassing the Line staff that Ingorn had uploaded the night before. They try to prevent Lookjun from seeing this clip, but it was too late she caught wind of it and is going to get to the bottom of this clip. Paul tries to convince her to go home so she won’t run into Nut and Ingorn but it’s too late Lookjun spots them on their way out. She confronts the two, and accuses them of releasing that clip of her. Obviously Nut denies this so Lookjun tries to attack him. Paul is disappointed in her lack of control over her behavior. He scolds her and tells her that the crazier she gets the more satisfaction she brings to those who are out to get her. He tells her that her weakness is being hotheaded so they use that to their advantage and do things to set off her temper. He gives her a comparison that the monkeys in the jungle will use loud threatening tactics on its competitor, but the king of a the jungle such as a Lion will be extremely quiet before pouncing on its prey and it’s only when it has achieved his goal of getting its prey does it roar out in satisfaction over its victory. He tells her to choose whether or not she wants to be a money or the lion.

Back at the office, Lookjun’s boss is scolding her for her actions and tells her that she needs to apologize to the Line staff. Lookjun tries to reason with her and tells her that this scandal will not affect their magazine sales. She backs up her words by stating that if it does, she is willing to quit her job. Nut’s boss is happy with this scandal and praises Nut on his great work. As they are doing a press release to help promote their magazine, Lookjun shows up with her crew to seek justice for herself. She tells the reports the events that cause her to erupt and attack the Line staff members. She was able to successfully turn herself back to being the victim of the whole situation. Lookjun used this tactic as a free promotional opportunity to showcase Paul on the front cover of her latest issue. Her strategy works and his issue becomes insanely popular when fueled by the scandal news. When she arrives home, Paul greets her with compliments.

Paul: Lookjun, I saw the news, very smart of you. You got to tell everyone the truth, got your opponent to publicly apologize to you, and most importantly go to promote your latest issue.

LJ: Of course because I’m a lion, not a monkey. She walks off still mad at him. Paul doesn’t understand why she was mad so he gives Pete a call.

Pete: Haha Lookjun’s that mad at you?

Paul: Truth is, I don’t really care or anything but it makes it feel uncomfortable to live in the same house and not look at each other’s faces.

Pete: Truth is, she typically won’t stay mad for long if you use the right method of apologizing to her.

Paul walks to Lookjun’s room with Pete’s instructions in mind. He stand outside her door and texts her (Sorry I can’t read or write in Thai so I can’t translate the texts). We learn that after putting up a little bit of a fight, Lookjun gives in and opens her door and repeats what he just texted her.

LJ: So one pair of shoes with no budget? (Paul nods his head) Okay fine, I’ll forgive you. (LOL I love this relationship that Pete and Lookjun have with each other).

The next day Lookjun and Paul head out to the mall so he can purchase her a pair for shoes. Lookjun excited tries on pair after pair of shoes. LOL with one particular pair she comments that she loves the shoes even though her pinky toes stick out a bit. She tries to shove them back in. Paul comments and says if it sticks out a bit, not to get it after he looks at the price. She tells him that it’s okay it could still work. After she prances around the store, modeling all the different shoes, Lookjun finally makes her selection. Upon receiving the bill, Paul freaks out but she tells him to sign the receipt. Lookjun notices that he signed his name differently and questions him. I like how she would ask him a question but proceed to answer for him. She says that he must of changed his signature and name because a fortune teller must have recommended that to him. She then comments on how ugly and old his wallet looked as well. Now that Lookjun got what she wanted, she takes him out to lunch and tries to cheer him up by feeding him lunch. She makes silly faces to cheer him up and it works as usual. As they start to enjoy their lunch, Lookjun takes a look around the restaurant and comments that everyone there came as a pair. Paul tells her that they too are here as a couple. But Lookjun corrects him and tells him that with them its different because they are not here as lovers but as friends.

LJ: Do you know that these people probably can’t have lunch when their lovers are away.

Paul: What about you, you’re not scared of being lonely?

LJ: Someone like me has no fear of being lonely. The other day when you wern’t around, I still came and ate by myself.

Paul: So you don’t want to have someone?

LJ: Have someone for what?

Paul: Well have someone there to miss, to cheer you up, to take care of you? Something like that?

LJ: Well everything that you just stated, I am already receiving it from you.

Paul: But I’m not a guy

LJ: Well that’s the point, the reason why I love you is because you’re not a real guy. If you were a real guy, I probably wouldn’t love you. (Hearing this makes Paul bummed and sad, aw).

Can these two get any cuter together??….AHh for the most part, watching this series is so stress free because there are not too many annoying misunderstandings and meddling third wheelers. The episode ends with Jum at home cooking for her mom, when her mom suddenly collapses on the floor. Jum is freaked out and rushes her mom to the hospital.