Lookjun is at the GRGR set watching the actors Paul, Toey, and everyone shoot their scenes. She finally gets to see how horrible Paul’s acting is. She comments to the director about how bad Paul’s acting was. The director asked her as his close friend, what has happened to his acting lately? She tells him that Paul has been on medication and that it is probably affecting his acting ability. After having to CUT and stop so often, the director mumbles that this medicine Paul is on must be real strong. Next Jum appears to play her part and everyone is stunned by her beauty. Lookjun asks the director, isn’t Jum’s role supposed to be a tomboy when Jum appeared in a tight mini skirt? The director laughs so Lookjun laughs along with him until he tells everyone that Jum will be playing a sexy vixen who is supposed to seduce Saichon (Paul). Lookjun sends a photo of Jum back to the gals at the office and everyone is raving about how great Jum looks. They all start to gossip and talk about how they will all profit from Jum’s fame. Art walks by and they tell him to look at Jum’s photo, but he was not interested. Instead, he asked to come along on their next photo shoot at the beach and he told them not to tell Lookjun that he was coming because he wanted to surprise her. Back at the GRGR set, Paul is relieved that Jum has joined the series because he is no longer the only actor that sucks. LOL omg the director even asks Lookjun if Jum was taking the same meds as Paul since her acting was just as horrible. LOL. Lookjun is now concerned for her friend.

LJ: Pete, is there something that’s bothering you?

Paul: No.

LJ: If there’s nothing then why aren’t you able to concentrate today?

Paul: Well look how Jumjim is acting? Her acting is comical.

LJ: Pete, you’ve dealt with funny actors like this before and it’s never affected you before. If someone is able to affect you this much that means your acting skills have gone down.

Paul: Well its cause I’m sick, once I get better everything will be better.

LJ: Well when is it going to get better? By the time we wait for you to get better, the director will probably have a nervous breakdown or something and you’ll have to feel guilty for the rest of your life!

Paul: Can you stop it and not put more pressure on me? Each day I’m already stressed out and feel pressured. You need to leave and go back to doing your job…go! (That was mean Paul) Meddlesome! He says under his breath as she walks away.

Toey realizes that Paul is stressed out so he offers to take Paul out for some drinks back at his condo (This guy is so persistent). Paul asks Toey about Frankie and asked that Toey help to connect Paul with Frankie so they can meet. Back at Celeb magazine Lookjun confides with Jum that she was glad she visited the GRGR set with Jum today otherwise she wouldn’t have known that Paul’s acting skills were that bad. As she makes her way up the stairs, the Celeb staff informs Lookjun that their model for the next issue has just cancelled on them and they can’t find a replacement. When Lookjun learns of this, she is livid and thinks that Bibpo and Mintra has betrayed them again and told the enemies (Line Magazine) who their next model was going to be- how else did Line steal their model? Lookjun accuses Mintra of this because she had a history of doing something shady like this in the past. The big boss makes a call to find the truth behind this and when it was found that Mintra wasn’t behind it this time, Mintra demands that Lookjun pay her an apology. Mintra takes this opportunity to get back at Lookjun and publicly humiliates and tortures her by making her yell out an apology in front of all the staff. Lookjun continues to stress about who will be featured in their next issue so she tells her staff to continue to work on it until they come up with someone.

Paul was at home in his jammies catching up on TV, when he gets informed that his director was so distraught over everything he is being hospitalized and treated so it frees up Paul’s schedule for the next 3 days. Toey calls to also inform Paul that he was able to successfully find out which gym Frankie frequents. Since Jum was given an opportunity to model when they were in a tight situation before, each staff member is now offering the same service, but Lookjun is not having it. When Lookjun learns of P’Man the director of GRGR being hospitalized for 3 days, she gets the brilliant idea of who her next model will be. She tells all her staff to get ready because her model will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, Paul is at home restless and unable to sleep because he is waiting for Lookjun to come home. He tries to keep himself occupied and busy so he starts snacking like crazy. One full belly later, Lookjun is still not home. Paul is getting concerned and is wondering where she could be. Finally he can’t take it anymore and decides to call Lookjun, while reassuring himself that he’s only doing it out of routine because it’s what Pete would do, not wanting to admit that he cares and worries for her.

LJ: In a sad puppy voice… Hello??

Paul: How come you have not come home?

LJ: I’m stressed, my head hurts, and I can’t drive home myself. I think I may have to sleep here at the office.

Paul: So how are you feeling? Are you starting to feel better?

LJ: Not yet….can you come pick me up please?

Paul: Now annoyed, I’m not dumb enough to let you trick me twice. I know that right now you’re probably out partying with your staff and trying tricking me to come out like last time.

LJ: No I’m not tricking you- I truly am not feeling well. If you don’t come pick me up then I’ll have to sleep here at the office then, okay bye.

She hurries and gets off the phone with Paul before he can object or ask more questions. She then tells her staff that within 30 minutes, their model will arrive.

Paul tries to go to bed, but is fussing and fighting with his emotion and decides to give in to his stubbornness and shows up to the office just as Lookjun was counting down. As soon as he enters the door, she tells her staff to hold him down and measure him.

LJ: Pete, can you just stay still?

Paul: Hey stop stop….what are you doing?

LJ: Well the model who was supposed to be featured in my next issue canceled on me so you will need to replace her.

Paul: Oh well then why couldn’t you just tell me nicely?

LJ: If I asked you nicely, you will be picky and ask to see this, do that, etc and it would cost us too much money and time.

Paul: But tomorrow I have something to do.

LJ: There is nothing that is more important than me! If you do not cooperate, then we are through! –She gives him an ultimatum.

Paul gives her the reluctant stare as she gives him the –you better do as I say -stare back. We all know how this is going to play out though. When can he ever say no to her? Next we have a fantasy dream sequence where Art imagines how his surprise night on the beach with Lookjun will play out. He is imaging that he is a king who is about to kiss his queen Lookjun below a night sky with sparking fire as the backdrop before he is awoken from his daydream.

Lookjun and Paul arrive at home and he is still upset with her.

LJ: Pete I really didn’t have a choice, please don’t be mad at me. She tries to cuddle up close to him.

Paul: I’m not mad.

LJ: Okay then I’ll help you pack your bags then.

Paul: No need, I can do it myself.

LJ: Aw well if you’re no longer mad at me then why won’t you let me help you prep it?

She stares at him lovingly and Paul is once again melted by her adorable look and behavior. He can never seem to be or stay mad at her when she looks at him that way. He softens up a bit and tells her.

Paul: Well I know that you’ve been working hard all day so I wanted you to get some rest- he tries to reassure her that he’s not mad at her. Do you understand? If you do, then I’m going to bed now.

Lookjun feeling relieved that he’s not mad at her now takes a look at her surrounding and blurts out a sigh letting him know about the mess that he’s made with all his snacking. Paul walks up the stairs knowing he has the upper hand right now, and tells her to pick it all up. Lookjun gives him a dirty but submissive look knowing she must be the one pleasing him now. She complains about all the mess he’s made as she starts to clean up.

Pete and Ba Pa are at the condo getting ready to go to the hospital because it’s time to remove his cast. Ba Pa believes that’s all they’re set to do today, but Pete has other plans in mind.

LJ: Pete….come up here for a moment.

Paul: Ugh… I have to hear this voice from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep?? Paul sighs to himself.

LJ: Pete do you hear me? Are you coming up yet? Are you coming?

Pete is now annoyed but heads upstairs to see what she needs. Lookjun waits for him at the top of the stairs with a bunch of luggage. She demands that he carries all of it down for her.

Paul: Are you going to help carry any?

LJ: Its better you do it so there won’t be trouble. If I help, it would be more trouble.

When Lookjun reaches the bottom of the stairs she looks around wondering where Paul’s luggage was.

LJ: Where’s your luggage?

Paul points to the backpack on the couch and says there it is. Lookjun is speechless.

LJ: I didn’t say your backpack I meant the luggage with all your clothes?

Paul: It’s still that one, pointing to the backpack.

LJ: Huh? That’s it??

Paul: Yeah that’s it, what more do you need?

LJ: Well typically whenever you go out of town, your stuff is no less than mine. How can you only bring this? I don’t want to believe it.

Paul: I was too lazy to prep it.

LJ: You’re not happy to go so you’re not happy to prepare anything is that right?

Paul: Yea something like that.

LJ: And what is this? Pointing to his camera bag.

Paul: It’s mine too.

LJ: This looks just like a professional’s! Are you being a bit over? Oh and go back upstairs and bring down my other bag.

At the meeting location where they load up the car, Jum and Art are fighting for the seat next to Lookjun. Jum tells Art that the seat next to Lookjun is her regular seat but Art explains that he came first. Lookjun tells them that they’re both out of luck because she has someone who she is sitting next to already. To make matters worse, Lookjun tells Art and Jum that they must sit next to each other so they can learn to get along. Everyone eventually loads up and they start heading out to the beach.

When they first arrived at the resort, Lookjun sprays some perfume on herself then Paul. He was startled by it and asked why she sprayed him. She responded that she though he wanted some since he kept starring at her. He told her that he was only starring because he wondered why she felt the need to spray an artificial scent when they are surrounded by the natural scent of nature. Why did she feel the need to interrupt the natural smell of nature? Upon his comment, it brings her back to the moment when she was in the woods. She comments and tells him why did he just sound exactly like the stinky guy from the woods? Paul once again gets offended by this and tells her not to say that about him. Lookjun says why can’t she? Does he know the stinky guy or something? Sandy tries to break up this bicker and tells everyone they should go to the lobby to get their keys. At the lobby they were splitting up the rooms and since Paul had a room all to himself he offers Art to come sleep with him so that the other guys’ room won’t be so crowded. Art is scared and paranoid because he thinks Paul is gay. He imagines that Paul will take advantage of him and shivers at the thought of sharing a room with him. Art tries to get of sharing a room with Paul, but Paul keeps insisting so he reluctantly agrees.

As soon as they get settled in, Lookjun and her staff go surveying the area to find the perfect spot to do their photo shoot the next day. Jum and Art are fighting to hold the umbrella for her. When Lookjun picks Art to hold the umbrella, at first Jum was bummed but then she realized that it’s best Art hold it since it was a huge umbrella and labor intensive. Lookjun tells Art that she picked him because he’s the guy and he is stronger that a girl (Ha!) Meanwhile Paul loves it there because he gets to tune into nature. He is out and about sightseeing and taking photos of the scenery when he gets interrupted by Lookjun who is furious that he is out in the sun and not protecting his skin when he has to model the next day. As she tries to drag him back to the resort, she steps on a little critter in the sand and kills it. Paul literally almost has a meltdown because something of nature just died. Everyone is puzzled by his odd behavior and can’t comprehend what was wrong with him. Even as he was tending to her injuries, they were curious why he knew so many details on how to treat her injuries. Lookjun questions his knowledge and he simply tells her that he’s been learning it from watching documentaries on TV. She adds to his answer that he must be studying up on things for a TV show that he will be a guest on. Just as things were going okay, to her horror she finds Pete out on the waters riding a jet ski later that day. She is furious that he has once again disobeyed her orders to stay indoors and out of the sun. She tells Jum to take her out on the waters to go after him. Lookjun is miserable on the jet ski so Paul makes it worst and takes her out for a spin threatening that if she didn’t let him do what he wants, he won’t stop. Lookjun is furious with him and vows to get him back big time when the finally safely arrive back to shore.

Meanwhile back in the city, Pete is so desperate to stay out of the condo that he tricks Ba Pa into taking him to the mall so he can roam around since he’s been holed up inside the condo for so long. While Pete was at the mall Mintra spots him from afar and was wondering why he was at the mall when he should be out of town doing the photo shoot. She is hot on his trail and is in pursuit of him to find out the truth. When she does catch up to him, he tells her that he’s in a wheelchair because he’s filming a scene where he’s injured and that he’ll be catching up to the crew later on.

Later on in the episode we learn that Pete has a deadly fear of sticky tape and can’t stand the through of seeing it or touching it. Lookjun tries to use this fear to her advantage and as part of her scheme to get back at Paul. She starts to tape off the exit of his room so that he could not possibly get through without taking down or going through the tape barricade. Lookjun could taste the satisfaction she would get and imagines how it would all play out in her head. But to her surprise, Paul is not at not bothered by this type trap and starts to peel it off. She is floored and can’t figure out why Paul is not screaming and squirming in pain. This raises her suspicion of Paul’s identity and she starts to pick apart his behavior at the dinner table that night as well. After dinner Lookjun approaches him and questions him.

LJ: Wait….who are you? You shouldn’t cross your legs, your arms, eat too much food because you’re afraid of getting fat, you don’t laugh with your mouth wide open because it ruins your image, and most importantly you are afraid of tape!! You’re not Pete, whoever you are get out of my friend’s body right now. She puts a holy necklace around his neck and tells the demon that is possessing her friend’s body to leave immediately.

Paul thinks to himself, what crazy person is scared of tape? He also then has to think quick and come up with a response to Lookjun’s questions.
Paul: Crazy? Ghost? Spirits? You really don’t understand actors do you? Right now I’m playing the role of Saichon, an islander boy so I have to establish some confidence in my manly habits. Each thing that I do, I have confidence that it’s very manly so I chose to use it in my everyday life as practice so that in my lakorns I will be more into the role and character.

LJ: Aw okay that explains it….but wait what about the tape? You’re supposed to be scared of tape. Ba Pa and I are aware and know of this fear well. How come you dare to touch it?

Paul: Ah it’s because I was shocked. I was so scared that I grabbed it and got it stuck on me. It’s like those people who instinctively are so scared of fire but when in the moment, they even have the strength to lift up a barrel full of water.

Lookjun totally believes him and he turns to the side to make a smirk and thinks to himself that she is so gullible and believes things too easily. She apologizes to him and tells him that she’s sorry she just wanted to get back at him. They say their goodbyes and head off to bed. Back at the room, Art is layering himself up for bed afraid that Paul is going to try and take advantage of him that night. He puts on super tight pants and multiple layers making himself extremely uncomfortable. When Paul comments on his layers, asking if he would be able to sleep, Art tells Paul that he goes to bed dressed like this every night. (Uh huh)

The next morning, Lookjun learns that Line (or is it Lime?? I can’t tell) Magazine, has stolen her prime location for their photo shoot. She is not having any of it and proceeds to tear down all their stuff. Her staffs comes running back to the lobby for backup. Paul goes after her and restrains her from causing more havoc over the Line staff. Nut appears to play the good guy role and tries calms down Lookjun. His true motive is to trick Ingorn into filming Lookjun go ballistic so they can use that footage to get back at her. He apologizes to her and says he’s willing to move to a new location, giving up that spot to her. Lookjun is already pissed to the point where she doesn’t even want to use that location anymore and moves on to find a new spot.

Ingorn compliments Nut on being smart by telling her to film the incident. He tells Ingorn to erase the clip so that it would not cause any damage to Lookjun, knowing very well that she would do the complete opposite. Not only will she not erase the clip, but she will broadcast the clip for the world to see Lookjun’s uncontrollable behavior.