If there were such a thing as a star beside the moon, then I would imagine that it would look something like the picture above: mysterious, contemplative, brooding.

However, the tone of this lakorn, Dao Kiang Duen (which precisely means the star beside the moon) is the exact opposite: funny, entertaining, witty.

The charming Namtarn as Darika (Dao) just cracks me up – and coupled with the anxiety ridden, gassy hero Khun Jan? I just about peed in my pants. I love how this writer gives her heroes quite the embarrassing flaw. Remember Dao Kiaw Duen? Chai Jan is a horrible sleeper and he fears that people would judge his sleeping habit to the point that he forbids anyone to be in his room. Our Khun Jan has a sensitive stomach and when he’s stressed out (which is often) he gets bloated. Mom would force down some sort of antacid, but our heroine knows a more traditional and effective method. She examines his stomach with her hands and after realizing how bloated it feels, she makes him lie down and stretch his colon. The result? Gas relief out of both airways. Hilarious.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.24.52 PM

And this is after she discovers that he’s actually the Mom Luang Jantarakarn. No matter how angry or upset she is at him, Darika ends up helping him out anyway. I’m glad they didn’t turn a simple misunderstanding into a BIG misunderstanding. From the first episode, Darika thinks that Khun Jan is a mere Sale Employee at the mall, and he doesn’t correct her, so she becomes quite chummy with him and he gets to see her for who she is. Khun Jan is of the belief that people aren’t always the way they appear, and that just because a meal looks delicious, doesn’t mean that it is. So he’s one to put things to the test, so to speak. What he doesn’t realize though is that with Darika, what you see is what you get anyway. She would treat the Sale Employee just the same way as she would treat Khun Jan.

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But through this test, Khun Jan is able to see how capable Darika is (she convinced him to be the Flying Prince for his mall’s 50th year anniversary celebration) and how considerate she is (she changes his perspective about the essence of perfection- that his impossible requirements are at the cost of the employees sanity.) Khun Jan may be the perfect guy in many people’s eyes, but he is also flawed and Darika addresses them pointedly. Unfortunately Darika learns who he really is at the moment of reveal: the mall’s anniversary celebration. His mom confronts her and lashes out at the fact that she endangered her son’s life by convincing him to do the zipline. Which she has every right to be angry, but it’s so contrary to the essence of her character (Mom’s not Darika’s.)

Then I got to realizing… (yes, it took 3 episodes for me to come to this conclusion) that Mom is NOT Prakai Dao from the first installment. Which means, Khun Jan is not the son of Janie-Aum’s pairing from the first story. Say what? How is this even a sequel then? Is there really another couple in the lakorn world who’s nick name is Dao and Chai Jan? This is probably the most confusing part of this lakorn – the fact that I went in with the thought that this is part deux! So, so wrong.

Mom is actually Daralai. Prakai Dao wouldn’t blink an eye if her son decides to flippin zipline in the mall. I mean, she rock climbs and literally hangs from the tip of the earth to take breathtaking photographs. When I realized that Mom’s reaction was contrary to what I believe she should act, I started investigating more. Then when they actually called her “Daralai” I knew I got it totally wrong. So the question remains, why the hell is this a sequel? Is it just because our girl is Dao (star) and our guy is Jan (moon)?

I apologize for the diatribe, but this has confused me for two episodes. Thanks for clearing that up by third episode, Show. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. The good part is that Prakai Dao’s character didn’t turn out to be like this as she grew older. The bad part, well, we don’t get to see our previous leads as they age. Boo.

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I love the maximizing use of being neighbors, because it’s as close as we’re going to get to our leads living in the same quarters. When his cousin in law drugged him and tried to rape him, Khun Jan was able to seek his neighbor’s help (Darika). Speaking of his cousin in law, I think her character may be created just to irritate the heck out of me. She’s shameless – married to his cousin and still wants him. Apparently she “loved” him since high school and followed him to study abroad, but got pissed off because he keeps rejecting her. She tries to spite him by marrying his cousin, but no matter, he still doesn’t give her the time of day. Like his father, I too am curious as to how he’ll handle her moving forward.

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We also have a new conflict introduced in this show: Infah (Toey Jarinporn). Her mom and Khun Jan’s mom are playing Cupid and deciding that their kids are the perfect match. She’s actually rebellious and adorable. Khun Jan, being the good man that he is, decides to see her in her own element and find out if there’s any potential attraction. He gets Darika to take him to an orphan facility lead by Infah to see for himself. His assistant Wivit comes along too and he meets the woman who told him that she’s a transgender from their previous encounter. (This show takes gay references to another level.) After seeing her again in this context, Wivit thinks that Infah is a girl who was raised by the orphanage and makes the children pickpocket visitors. Ha. It’s going to be interesting when he finds out that she’s actually Infah, the future Miss Khun Jan. Perhaps by then, he would have already fallen in love with her?

Meanwhile Darika thinks Khun Jan is being philanthropic, but she learns that he’s just testing the other girl out (at least he’s consistent.) What she doesn’t know is that Khun Jan determines that Infah is more like a sibling to him. Which makes me wonder, how is he going to get out of this match making? How will he deter his cousin in law? And how will he come to realize the one whom he’s truly attracted to? Perhaps it’s going to require a “fake” relationship ala the first installment?

What I do love is the fact that they are always together, she continues to misunderstand that he’s gay, which makes for some good laughs, but above all, I’m dying for some romantic aspect to this drama. We’ve established the comedy, but I am so ready for the romance. Bring it, Show.