LookJun: Why are you eating without waiting for me?

Paul: You didn’t tell me to wait.

LJ: Oh Pete, don’t tell me that you also forgot another rule that you made that when we wake up in the morning we would wait to eat breakfast together.

LJ: Pete, have you stop taking the meds from the doctor?

Paul: I’m still not better so I’m still taking them.

LJ: OMGGGG I don’t want to believe that the medicine would make you this blurred and not be yourself like this.

Lookjun frustrated by his cluelessness, takes a seat next to him. She stares at him in disbelief as he eats his sandwich…..wondering where hers was.

LJ: Serve!!!

Paul: Hrm?….Oh (hands her a piece)

LJ: Pete….I really don’t want to believe that the medicine could cause you to be this loopy and rugged like this.

Lookjun glares at Paul in disgust as he takes a loud sip of his drink. She takes a bite of her sandwich and literally almost barfs.

LJ: Pete what is this????

Paul: It’s a sandwich!!

LJ: Pete! Did the medicine that the doctor prescribed you cause your cooking skills to sink down this low??? This sannd-whichhh is totally SOO NOT DELICIOUS!! You don’t need to eat it anymore!

As Paul tries to take one more bite out of his sandwich, Lookjun smacks it out of his hands.

LJ: I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT THIS ANYMORE. I will show you the skills of an Iron Chef for you to see.

Lookjun gets up and heads to the kitchen to get suited up. LOL she even puts her jewelry and rings back on after putting on latex gloves. Lookjun starts to do a dance routine and sings a famous song about cooking. She starts cutting, dicing, chopping, cracking eggs, etc. Making it seem as if she was cooking up a huge feast of various foods. Paul happily watches her and is amused by all this while feeling embarrassed for her at the same time. After cooking up a storm, Lookjun scoots Paul’s plate off to the side while setting her plate in front of him. He looks down at his plate to only find sandwiches that look identical to what he was already eating, when he was expecting a big fancy meal.

LJ: Move your garage out of the way (referring to his food).

Lookjun takes a bit of her own sandwich and exclaims that it’s so delicious. Paul also takes a bite out of the sandwich that Lookjun made.

Paul: Typical….how’s this good?

LJ: Typical? How is it typical?

Paul: Well look…..compare it to the one I made this morning…it’s the same. How is it different?

LJ: It’s different because of the to-ma-toe pieces….

Paul: That’s it??? Just these to-ma-toe to pieces?? What happened to all of the veggies you were chopping? And all the other stuff, where did it all go?

LJ: I was just doing that to create excitement. Well that’s just so I could create an environment for sandwich making.

** Warning: Going to skip over a bunch of details here**

*Jum is out for a business meeting, when she spots Pete and Ba Pa there. Pete and Ba Pa were there having lunch. Ba Pa asks Pete why he was taking so long to chew his food. Pete says that he read somewhere that one must chew each bite 50 times before swallowing, but he tells her he’s going to do 60 times just to be sure. Ba Pa tells him to just eat and he does not need to chew anymore. Pete starts to say how beautiful and refreshing the weather was. Later Pete starts to tell Ba Pa that he will remember till the day he dies to never think of committing suicide again because if you attempt it and get hurt but not die, it’s going to hurt till the day you die. Luckily, Jum does not catch up to Pete in time, so he dodged this bullet.

Nut is being scolded by his boss for overspending on the photo shoots. Nut then tries to buy out Lookjun’s team members by offering to pay them more to quit Celeb Magazine and to come work for him at Line Magazine. Some of the staff members seemed interested, but no one took the bait.

Paul is at the GRGR set and various funny things happen. (not going to into details here for the sake of getting through the episodes quickly). Lookjun is at the Celeb office in a pissy mood because she wants to know who snitched on her and tried to get her in trouble with the boss for doing the photo shoot. Jum and Art bicker again because Art tries to wow Lookjun with red roses and she shuts him down saying she didn’t like them. Art feels betrayed that the information he got was wrong. Jum tells Art that she’s not going to reveal and let him know what Lookjun likes because he’s her competition. Instead, she will tell him what she doesn’t like which are red roses and guys with long hair.

Lookjun later arrives home to find Pete dressed in a suit and screams in frustration because he was not appropriately dressed for the event that they were about to attend together.

LJ: Hey Miss Pete…..why did you dress like that?

Paul: Well…we are going to an event, shouldn’t I wear a suit?

LJ: Hello when you wore the suit, didn’t you know the theme of this event? It’s supposed to be fresh and fun on the beach? Why would you wear a suit??

Paul: Oh well I didn’t know….let me go change.

LJ: No need, I will take care of this.

Lookjun heads to his closet to finds an outfit for him. Once he was dressed, she sprays his signature scent on him. She tells him he needs to put on his sunglasses and he says there’s no need….she tells him, suit yourself if you don’t want to put it on you won’t be in trend. As she tries to exit the door, she continues to bump into it due to her not being able to see well with the sunglasses on. She tries to tell him it was a joke each time she banged her head on the door, not wanting to admit the sunglasses are restricting her vision. As she leaves….there’s a loud crash and scream from Lookjun…

Paul mumbles to himself….What crazy person wears sunglasses at night?

Paul: How’s it going?? Did you fall down the stairs?

LJ: I stumbled just a little…… (not wanting to admit that she’s hurt and he was right about the sunglasses).

Lookjun and Paul head out to the event and Paul asks her if she’s doing okay and able to make it…he offers to take her back home, but she says no way! At the event, Lookjun walks around clumsily because she can barely see. She tries to talk to interact with different people at the event and is way off in her judgment of where they were standing LOL. At the party, they bump into Nut and his GF (Ingorn)

Ingorn: Hey Jamjun…..oops sorry I forgot you changed your name to Junkiangdao….it sounds much better.

LJ: Thanks… your new nose looks much better too, but as for your boobs I recommend that you go see a different surgeon because they don’t seem to be even.( Ouch, good comeback) As for you Nut….regarding your call to my staff telling them to come work for you, you can’t forget it because they said no, it’s better working at Celeb.

Paul also bumps into various people at the party and doesn’t know them so Lookjun questions him and says that the medicine he’s taking caused him to lose his memory or what because he’s worked with all of them before recently.

Later on Nut finds a moment to talk to Lookjun because he was curious what she was up to when he spotted her talking to an older gal at the party.

Nut: Lookjun, I’ve missed you so much Lookjun.

LJ: Miss me? More like thinking of how you’re going to take down my magazine sales.

Nut: Lookjun….I never thought of us as competitors…the only thing I think of you as is the person who I love. **Flashback plays** Nut gives her a hug…and attempts to kiss her and it softens her for just a second before she regains herself…..

LJ: But to me, the only thing that you could ever be…..is the person I hate!!

When they arrived home, Lookjun tells Paul that he needs to get ready to do his duty…he is clueless as to what his duties are….he calls Pete to find out.

Pete: If you do it often, you’ll get used to it and start to remember the steps on your own. Just put on your earphones and I’ll tell you each step.

Paul: I don’t understand why you have to spoil her this much?

Lookjun arrives and gets comfy in his lap….she questions why he has earphones on… he tells her that he’s listening to music so that it could set the mood for him to do cleanse her face better.

LJ: I can’t wait for tomorrow to come…

Paul: Why is that?

LJ: So I can read the front page of the paper and read the headline about Ingorn falling head first into the water…..Why are you taking so long?

Paul: I’m ready now, about to start….are you ready? (He starts to rub her face roughly)

LJ: WahHhh? Why are you doing it so harsh?

Paul: I have to do it rough to circulate things….

LJ: And why must you bend my nose like that?

Paul: To help your breathing and open up your nose.

LJ: Really?…Oh yes I can breathe better.

Paul: Your face is looking so good and clean now.

LJ: Really? Yeah I can feel that it is better. (She totally has no clue that he’s making stuff up).

The next morning Lookjun is happily viewing the clips of Ingorn falling into the water on Youtube when Paul comes downstairs in a somber mood. She asked him what’s wrong and he tells her that he’s bored….she then asks him if he wants to go work out….not sure that Paul and Lookjun have the same idea of what working out means….but we shall see. They show up to a ballet class…LOL Paul is in tights trying to follow along with the class…..but it seems he’s paying more attention to the ASSets of the students in the class rather than following the instructor’s instructions.

LJ: Pete….today you are not focused at all.

Paul: I don’t feel so well.

LJ: You’re still not better yet??

Paul: No….and its worst now.

Next we see Pete reminiscing about his past with his lover….and it seems as if he’s trying to commit suicide again…what I don’t get is why Ba Pa was moving so slowly if she thought he really was trying to commit suicide…I was a bit annoyed with her screaming during these scenes. The story then takes us the Celeb office and shows us how well Jum’s issue is doing in sales. It’s literally flying off the shelves….causing Nut and his boss frustration. Nut then tricks his GF Ingorn into stealing Celeb’s model for their next issue.

Art shows up to work proud of his new haircut and shows it off to the staff and Lookjun, but she tells him that he was better off with long hair…he is heartbroken and mad at Jum for tricking him once again.

Lookjun takes Jum to Paul’s GRGR set because the director wants Jum to have small part/cameo in the larkon since she’s so hot right now….Jum agrees.

*pic credit Asianfuse