Channel 3 is gearing up for excitement, I can hardly contain myself. Coming right around the corner (July 16th in fact) is the first installment of the Rising Sun Series, Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan starring Mario and Taew. My greatest hope is that Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan will not go down as the most overrated lakorn this year amidst all of the promotional efforts. From the large and famous cast, to the expensive staging, the channel and producers are determined to make this show authentic and bring the beloved book series to life. One can truly hope that it lives up to the efforts.

It’s best to go into this lakorn with the mindset that at the core, it is a romance drama that transcends culture and nationality. We have a Thai grad student in Japan – PraewDao (Taew)- who finds herself under one powerful man’s affection – Takeshi (Mario.) Conflicts arise when PraewDao is thrown in the midst of Yakuza group power play, as well as Takeshi’s fiancé‘s objection.  I’m looking forward to getting swept up by the love story and maybe even the plot. Most likely this lakorn is subbed by some kind souls on Viki or Youtube, but you can certainly find recaps here.

Raak Boon 2 as well as Dao Kiang Duen- both being sequels to Raak Boon and Dao Kiaw Duen respectively – will be airing this month as well. Since I’ve recapped Dao Kiaw Deun, I will take on Dao Kiang Duen at a slower pace. (The sequel tells the story of their grown up son.) I’d really like to recap Raak Boon because First is in there, but alas, time is an issue. I’m hoping a wonderful guest writer will sign on for this? If not, there will be a summary!

Perhaps the coming weeks will give us lakorns that will make this summer a simmering and hot one!