With Trouble brewing from the last episode, the Celeb magazine staffs were discussing how they were going to redo the photo shoot for their next issue since the old photos were lost. Lookjun then decided to take full responsibility including financially funding a redo of the shoot again with her own money. The only concern was that everyone they contacted to do the shoot was not available. One day during the meeting Lookjun suddenly has an idea of who her model will be.

Poor Paul on the other hand is back at the co-star guy (Toey’s) condo again. I don’t know why Paul is coming to his condo so often? Maybe Paul thinks that Toey will be the key to finding out who Pete’s ex-boyfriend was. Paul comments that the view at Toey’s condo was nice. Toey tells him that he never noticed the view being nice until Paul was there. Paul is trying to play it cool and act oblivious to the fact that Toey is totally hitting on him line after line. They start to sing karaoke and get drunk together and play fight. (Ahh I’m not sure if Paul is so straight in this scene).

Paul comes home drunk from Toey’s condo and wakes Lookjun up from her sleep with his loud singing. She gets annoyed and asks Paul what is going on and who did he get drunk with? He says, “Oh it’s you Lookjun, do you want to sing with me? She says, “I’m not in the mood to sing.” He says, “If you’re not in the mood to sing, then what are you in the mood for?” (Implying something naughty). Lookjun tells him that he needs to go bed and she’ll walk him in case he falls and hits his head. He tells her that he’s drunk and needs her to help carry him to bed. In the room, Lookjun falls on top of Paul and as they stare lovingly into teach others eyes, he taps her and says, “Hey are you even aware of yourself that you’re such an adorable girl?” as he starts to pinch her cheeks. Lookjun says, “Pete…when you’re drunk you try to act manly huh…?” Lookjun tells him that he’s making the hairs on her arm stand up!! (This scene was way too cute right? The look on Matt’s face…aHH screams!)

At the set of the Celeb magazine’s photo shoot, the staff members inform Lookjun that everyone and everything is prepared but the model. They ask for the whereabouts of the model and Lookjun informs them that the model is on the way. Jum pulls Lookjun aside and tries to offer her some money to help with the cost of the shoot but Lookjun tells her that she will end up helping but not with money instead she will help by being the model. The concept of the shoot is “My First Time” so Jum is the perfect fit since she’s never modeled before. Staff tells Lookjun that the make-up artist just called in sick. (This was due to Nut’s doing as he stole the make-up artist from Lookjun). Lookjun calls Paul in a panic and tells him that he must help be the make-up artist for the photo shoot. Paul tries to get out of it by saying he doesn’t know how to do makeup, but Lookjun tells him that in the past, he secretly did her make up before and she received so many compliments. Paul tries to say if he comes to do the makeup; it would ruin his gay identity. Lookjun tells him not to worry; she will keep his identity a secret and give him a private area to do the makeup. Paul then calls Pete and tells him his concern, Pete reassures Paul that he does not need to worry, he will give Paul directions on how to apply makeup over the phone. As Paul arrives, Lookjun immediately comments that he’s not wearing his usual cologne. Paul told her he was in a rush so he didn’t spray any on. As Paul clumsily tries to open up the makeup, Lookjun questions why he was having trouble remembering how to open the products. Paul tells her to then get out so he can do the work. Paul then calls Pete for instructions and was guided by Pete step by step, but the results were still horrific.

While Lookjun was waiting for Jum’s make up to be applied, Art presents her with the handmade coffee cup he made for her. She tells him that it was cute. Nut walks up to Lookjun on set and greets her but she tells him to go away. Nut’s true motive was to come see how she was handling things since he had stolen her makeup artist. Since she did not seem upset or worried, he comes up with another idea to get her by hiring some thugs to ruin the set of Lookjun’s photo shoot.

After seeing a photo of the results of Jum’s face, Pete asks Paul why he continued to apply makeup when he could clearly see that her face was starting to look like a monkey’s?? Paul defends himself and says that’s was the best he could do since he didn’t know what he was doing. Pete tells him that his instructions were detailed so how come Paul couldn’t get it right? The boys discuss and then get the clever idea of having Pete come instead. Paul tells Lookjun that he must take off to his lakorn set and film one scene then he’ll be back to fix Jum’s makeup. Lookjun asks Paul when he comes back will he be able to make Jum look better? Paul reassures her that it will look better.


When Pete arrives to the photo shoot in the wheelchair all bandaged up, they ask him what happened? Pete tells Lookjun that he is bandaged because today he’s playing a scene where his character is injured. Lookjun comments that it looks so real and they did a great job of wrapping him up. He tells her that he misses her but she does not take him seriously because they just literally saw each other. After giving him a hug, Lookjun asks him when he sprayed on cologne. Pete tells her that he didn’t have it available earlier but made staff go buy it for him. Lookjun notices that Pete was struggling to apply makeup with the cast on his arm and suggest that they remove it. Pete and Ba Pa told her not to remove it because it would be hard to put it back on. After Jum’s make was done, she walked out and caused everyone to stare in awe at how she able to be transformed into a pretty girl.

After doing Jum’s makeup Pete excuses himself and tells Lookjun that he’s going back to the lakorn set. Ba Pa complains to Pete on their way out that she hates having to lie and it doesn’t make her feel good at all. Paul bumps into Pete on his way out and Pete asks him why he’s still hanging around. Paul told him that he lost his wallet and didn’t have money to pay the masseuse. Paul thinks that he might have left his wallet back at the photo shoot location. They were afraid that if someone were to find his wallet and see his ID, they would know he wasn’t Pete. Pete tells Paul that he uses a signature cologne daily so Paul must start wearing it for people to believe he’s really Pete. Two of Lookjun’s staff walks by and almost runs into them, so Ba Pa scares them off. Pete compliments her on her acting skills and jokes that he should bring her into the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile back at the shoot, Jum still can’t seem to pose properly so Lookjun stands in front of her and says, try thinking about a girl you like and then pose. Jum then starts to improve her poses after that. Toey wakes up from his drunken sleep and is bummed that he was too drunk so things didn’t go according to plan. (He was probably thinking of taking advantage of drunken Paul). He finds Paul’s wallet at his place and looks inside. When he saw that the name on the ID was not Pete’s name, he just thought that maybe Pete changed his name for auspicious reasons. As Paul was walking back to the set, he overhears the thugs say that they were looking for the shoot location to come cause problems. The staff members try to fend off the thugs but were unsuccessful, so Paul steps in to help them. Nut is furious at his men for not being able to handle the staff at the shoot. Nut questions why they couldn’t take them, and one guy tells him that one of the staff named Pete was really good at fighting. Nut is surprised to learn that Pete, the actor had any kind of fighting ability.

Suddenly Lookjun’s boss shows up to the shoot angry after being brainwashed by the backstabbing co-worker. She is mad that Lookjun took matters into her own hands and didn’t consult her about the shoot. Jum steps out and tries to take responsibility for everything- that’s when the boss sees Jum in her new look and is amazed and compliments Lookjun on her excellent choice in choosing Jum for the shoot. She tells Lookjun that she did a great job and she does not need to use her own money, the company money will be funding this shoot now.

Back at Toey’s condo, Paul shows up to get his wallet back. Paul asks Toey what happened to his face. Toey said I don’t remember as Paul has a flashback that he was the one who socked Toey in the face. The story then takes a turn and we get more of an insight into Nut’s background. We are introduced to his mom who comes to meet him and ask him for money. We can tell that Nut has this burden in life where he needs to support his money hungry parents.

After the success of the photo shoot, Lookjun treats her staff to a night out at the Karaoke bar. Toey once again is back at the condo trying to drug Paul, but luckily Paul is cautious and is ahead of the game. He tosses out every drink that Toey hands him. Lookjun wants Paul to join her and the staff at the karaoke bar so she tricks him to believe that she’s not feeling well and needs him to come get her right away. When he arrives, he is not happy at her for lying to him. She tells him that he used to do that to her and if she didn’t do that, he wouldn’t come out. When Art’s song comes on, he isn’t there to sing it, so they tell Paul to sing it instead. At first Paul fusses and says no, but he ends up grabbing the mic and rocking out to this manly song. Lookjun and the staff are shocked that Paul would be singing these types of songs. While Lookjun was singing, Art takes this opportunity to talk to Paul. Art confesses to Paul that he likes Lookjun and would like some help in courting her. Art asks Paul what type of flower and what color of flower Lookjun liked. Paul takes a wild guess and says the most common thing or the first thing that comes to mind and tells Art that Lookjun likes red roses.

Lookjun gets really drunk and knocked out so Paul takes her home. When they arrive home, Paul asks her if she’s good….she says yes only to knock out on the car, so Paul has to help her into the house. When they get inside Lookjun exclaims and says, “You’re carrying me?” Paul asks her if she would have preferred to be left in the car. Lookjun drunkenly says, “Thanks so much for not leaving me…you’re so strong, oh that’s so manly of you…so cuteee!!!” Ba Pa shows ups and asks what’s wrong with Lookjun. Paul tells her that she’s just drunk. Lookjun tries to deny it and say she’s not drunk. Paul tells her if she’s not drunk then she should be able to help herself to her room. She says no problem, just as she falls and passes out on the floor. Paul carries her to her room and lays her on the bed. Lookjun starts to cry out loud and says…”He tricked me….he tricked me into loving him and he just left me…” Paul tries to ask who she was referring to but Lookjun just answers that it was a jerk guy and she then tells Paul to hold and hug her. **(This part is so hard to understand/translate due to Matt’s sobbing and whiny voice)**She whines and cries even more and tells him that her grandpa left her grandma and her dad left her mom, she is afraid of men…afraid of love. She says she doesn’t want to be like her grandma and mom but in the end she ended up hurt like them. Till this day, she still can’t seem to forget him, she still hurts every time she sees him…..she asks Paul that these symptoms must mean she’s still in love with him right? Paul gives her another hug before she doses off to sleep.

The next morning Lookjun wakes up to find Paul cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She asks him where Ba Pa was….and he tells her that she went back to the temple. Lookjun asks Paul fix her a serving of breakfast as well. He says sure, as he then looks up to see her face he is startled and asks her if she has looked in the mirror since she woke up. She smiles and asks him, “Why is it glowing?…sometimes in the morning I have that glow and sparkle like a Nightingale bird.” He chuckles while dragging her to the mirror and says, “I’ll show you a Nightingale bird alright!” Lookjun screams in horror as she sees her face in the mirror. She asks Paul how come he didn’t clean her face and remove her make up for her last night. He asked her what that has to do with him. She asks him how he could have forgotten when he was the one that made up that rule…..that if we one of them gets drunk, the other would help clean and remove all make-up before bed! Paul tells her that he’s sorry and he forgot. Lookjun reluctantly stops throwing and fuss and tells him that she will forgive him just this once but if he does this again she will curse him to have a face full of pimples!! Lookjun then storms off and says she’s going to go wash her face and by the time she gets back, her food better be ready to eat.