Paul (pretending to be Pete) at the informal press conference at the hospital tells everyone that he did not try to commit suicide. Paul thought that he could make that simple statement and take off. The reporters pestered him for more details and convinced him to stay and take photos/answer more questions. It is hilarious watching Paul force a very fake uncomfortable smile to the cameras. His posture and everything about him is the complete opposite of how Pete would have behave.

As the nanny (Ba Pa) was wheeling Pete to his scan, Pete comments and says, “I am crying because I am so touched and surprised that Paul would help me, I never thought he would.” Ba Pa says that although she is not as close to Paul as she is to Pete, she was confident that he would step up to help Pete. Ba Pa then reminisces back to her old memories of Paul and Pete when they were younger. This flashback shows the cutest twins messing with each other. Each statement that Ba Pa was saying about Paul was totally contradicting everything that was playing in her flashback. She was saying that Paul was kind, sweet, helpful, gentle, etc all the while the flashback was showing a naughty boy who was picking on Pete.

Back to the press conference, the reporters start to question Paul and asked, if he didn’t try to commit suicide then why did he come to the hospital? Paul then stated that he came because he had a cold….then he had the clever idea of adding, that the type of cold he had was dangerous and deadly…he could have died in 3 days! Not only was it deadly, but it was potentially contagious and incurable. He said all this while he intentionally started to cough and sneeze on the reporters. As they all ran off in horror afraid of catching this contagious deadly disease from Paul, Paul busts out in laugher and satisfaction that he was able to get back at them and get rid of them at the same time.

Back in the hospital room, Pete begs Paul not to tell anyone the truth regarding his situation, not even his best friend or any friends because he is afraid that no one would understand. Pete then also informs Paul that he would need to move into his house that he shares with Lookjun. Paul was not happy about it, but willing to play along. As soon as Paul arrives back at the home, he was shocked as to how feminine his brother’s space was. He starts to take a bath as Lookjun arrives home, she heads up to his room and as soon as she sees him out from the shower, she lets out a huge scream….making the viewers and Paul believe that  Lookjun has just seen his naked body. Paul asks her why did she scream when he’s not naked?……she tells him it’s because he is wearing a disgusting ugly rag LOL! At that very moment is when Paul realized that this was the same girl from the forest because she insulted him the same way she did when she was in the forest. Surprisingly, unlike other lakorns where discoveries like this happens there is usually anger and hatred form the other party, but Paul seems to be so calm although he knew it was the same girl. She instructs him that he needs to get into his Robe….he asks her why when he was about to go to bed already. She does not give up and is persistent telling him that he needs to get into that robe NOW!! She then starts to blow dry his hair and he asks her why she was doing that. She is confused as to why he’s asking when he was the one who taught her that the hair must always be completely dry before bed so it doesn’t wet the bed sheets. She said whatever medication he is on, must be strong because he is forgetting things and is not himself. She then tells him to get on the bed and lay down on her lap so she can help do their face cleansing and skin care regime/ritual (which crazily they use what seems like a million products). As Lookjun starts to clean his face, she is mortified by the amount of filth and dirt on his face. She screams and as asks is this your face or the bottom of my feet?? He tries to explain that his face is more dirty and rough because he just got back from his movie set, but she does not believe him and tells him that it has NEVER been this way before. She goes through what seems like an endless amount of cotton pads to clean his face. As she was cleaning his face, she starts to tell him the story of the experience she had in the forest with the stinky man. He gets offended and asks her why she was still talking crap bout the guy when she’s already back from the trip. She then makes a statement and says she wonders if he will ever find a wife with that look and hygiene. Paul answers and tells her that the man probably doesn’t want a wife because if he did he wouldn’t allow himself to get that bad.

Before going off to bed, Lookjun reminds Paul that he needs to check his schedule book to see what work he needs to do. When Paul checked the book, he realized that Pete was scheduled to film a lakorn the next day. Paul then went downstairs to watch old lakorns that “Pete” or the real life Rome Patchatat played before to get an idea of his acting. After watching and repeating Rome’s lines out loud, Paul exclaims that acting is not so hard and that he could do it (boy is he wrong). Lookjun comes down to find him watching his reruns and asks why he’s watching it. In that moment, he looks up at her and in slow motion locks eyes with Lookjun and is in a trance by her beauty. This cute moment comes to a complete halt when suddenly a voice and image of the man in his head reminds him to beware of females. Despite that, he still finds himself starting to fantasize about her after she offers to give him a hug for encouragement. He tells her that he’s going to go to bed and said let me come sleep with you too. He tells her that she’s crazy and runs off. In his room, he tries to tells himself to stop those thoughts immediately and to not think of her that way because she is Pete’s friend but he loses it and can’t control his thoughts so he starts to see images of her seducing him and he imagines that he sneaks into her room and attempts to rape her. After a long hilarious struggle of turning their heads left to right, Lookjun gives in to him and says ahhh enough I’m tired, go ahead and just rape me. Meanwhile as Paul is getting it on with her in his imagination, she really does walk up to his room and walks in on him as he was straddling and kissing the pillow. She starts to record him and is happily laughing out loud that she was walked in on this gold mine of a moment. She starts to taunt him with the video clip and said he must be raping a girl because lately the manly side of him is coming out. She then asks him who was the girl he was raping? He under his breath, slips and says you…. before covering up and saying you won’t know who it is. (uh huh naughty Mr. Paul) As they fight over the phone, Paul falls on top of Lookjun and lovingly gazes at her face. How cute and romantic!!! (I love the random music that plays briefly in these cute moments and throughout the lakorn, it seems each couple/moment has its own theme song). Anyways, before leaving his room, Lookjun asks Paul where Ba Pa was and Paul tells her that Ba Pa was mediating at the temple and will not be home for awhile. Paul couldn’t stand staying home any longer, so he goes to visit and stay with Pete and Ba Pa at the hospital. While there, he couldn’t shake his thoughts of Lookjun or fall asleep so he starts to chant and pray hoping it would combat his thoughts of Lookjun, but it only got worse. He keeps envisioning scenes of her seducing him so he starts to chant louder and louder eventually creating a glowing holy light around him. LOL!! This part was hilarious!


The next day at Celeb Magazine the tomboy(Jum) tries to rub it in and taunt the surfer looking dude (Art) that she got to sleep in the same room as Lookjun during their overnight photo shoot in the forest. They both try to tell the other that Lookjun is not interested.

Lookjun calls Paul while he was still at the hospital and Paul accidently answers and talks in English causing Lookjun to tease him that he must be seeing an American guy that’s why he’s trying to speak English….Paul still sleepy says whose this? Lookjun plays along and says in English, this is Lookjun, your best friend!. Paul doesn’t know what else to say so Paul hands Pete the phone….Pete tells her that he misses her so much and wants to give her a big hug when he sees her. She seems confused as to why he would miss her when they just saw each other last night. Later after Pete was examined by the doctor, the doctor informs Pete that he must be in the cast for 2 more months….Paul freaks out and says how can he last 2 months pretending to be Pete?? Pete begs him to continue to pretend to be him. Pete begs and says that he has never asked Paul for any favors before and if Paul does not agree, he will kill himself. Paul reluctantly agrees and tells Pete that if he agrees, Pete must never think of suicide again. They decided that Pete and Ba Pa would go live at Ba Pa’s condo while Paul is staying at the house with Lookjun. Pete asks Paul whether or not Lookjun noticed any changes or has any suspicions? Paul tells him no, Pete then says gosh Paul’s acting must be really good if even his best friend didn’t notice any changes.

At the GRGR set (I love the little parts where they film this lakorn within a lakorn because the sweet GRGR song always comes on), just as the female lead was acting in a scene getting really emotional, Paul foolishly walks into the scene and loudly talks on his phone in the E-Sarn voice (Rome’s native language) oblivious to the fact that he just ruined the whole scene. At the set, Paul is introduced to one of the cast members who seems to be slightly hitting on him. Paul starts to wonder if this is the guy that beat up Pete?

Meanwhile back at Celeb Magazine, the two staff members ( Bipo and ?) who hate Lookjun is trying to sabotage her career as the editor and stole the USB which contains all the photos from the shoot they just did from Jum. Nut (Lookjun’s ex boyfriend) is being scolded by his boss about his inability to do his job, and threatens to replace him with Lookjun if he does not improve himself. Nut feeling the pressure, feels the need to do something to secure his job. He reassures the boss that he will increase revenue and magazine sales.

Jum in a attempt to stop her rival Art from impressing Lookjun with his handmade gift he placed on her desk, decides to switch out the box containing his gift with a box that has a gecko in it. Art enters her office along with Jum and asks if she’s seen his gift. Lookjun starts to read his card out loud and says this is so cheesy. She asks him if his writing is this supposed to be poem? It does not rhyme or make sense. He says it may not sound nice, but it’s words of love. After reading his card, Lookjun opens the box and screams out in horror as she sees what’s in there. She tells Art to be more careful when giving gifts to people. Jum tries to rub it in and tell him that Lookjun must be so impressed with his gift. Art tries to go find his other gift at Jum’s desk but was not able to find it. Jum walks in on him loitering around her desk and assumes that he must of stolen her USB that contained all the photos they just took. When Lookjun learns of this, she is stressed and furious. Jum tries to take responsibility and quit, but Lookjun tells her she can’t cause a problem then run away from it and quit. She must stay to help fix the problem that she caused. Lookjun informs her team that they must salvage what they can and will need to redo the shoot.

Back at the GRGR set, Paul is having trouble acting as he can’t remember his lines, acts out of the role, etc. He blames everything on his sickness and medication. There is a scene where he is supposed to beat up some bad guys and keeps saying the same thing over and over in different ways. “What?…What? now what? how come? what’s up? what’s going on? Huh? Huh? LOL! The director tells him to not even speak and just make an angry face…..which is once again way overdone. He then just stands there and growls when he is suppose to punch the bad guys. The director tells Paul that he needs to punch the guy. Paul says that he’s afraid of hurting them but the director reassures him that they’re professionals and they can tolerate the pain. Paul then takes note, and gets into karate warrior mode and starts attacking all the guys.

After filming the lakorn, Pete goes out to eat with his co-star. At the restaurant Paul orders all kinds of greasy and fried foods. The co-stars asks him when did he start eating fried foods? He usually doesn’t eat that type of thing and is selective with his foods eating only healthy things. The co-star asks Paul what he was doing later and if he wanted to back to his condo to hang out. There is special song that plays whenever there is a scene where they gaze at each other (the song says: Do you have feelings for me, do you look my way?) LOL.

Episode two ends with the scene of Pete crying and reminiscing about his relationship with his ex boyfriend…..stay tuned for episode 3!


I am going to try to breeze through episode 3-7 because I would really like to try and catch up to the current episodes as it airs. If you haven’t already noticed, I find it extremely hard to shorten my writing and have always had the tendencies to blab on and on when I write. I think so far every summary or review I have started to write, has turned more into a detailed recap…..hopefully I’ll eventually find my style and way. How would you all like to have the lakorn presented to you? Do you prefer a straight translation where I write/translate word for word what is being said and not necessarily tell the story/add input or do you prefer my current style where it’s more of a story telling that sometimes will encompass the dialog from characters when it’s necessary/important? I’ll start taking votes and work on my style. Tootles. 🙂