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Lakorn Chatter – What’s up 2014?


Since today marks the first day of (but many days – in fact years – for, and since June is also creeping up on us, I think it is apt to take stock of the lakorn that has aired thus far, as well as upcoming anticipated lakorns for the remainder of 2014.

When I was much younger, and when lakorns used to be on VHS and you’d have to go to the video store to rent them, I watched everything – from Channel 7 to Channel 3 and even Channel 5- no exceptions. Lakorns will not be ignored. As time goes by and my days, hours, and minutes are taken up by work and life, I have to be a little more selective. Also, when you watch a lot of lakorns like me, you develop a certain taste and expectations for the crème de la crème, and learn to really put aside lakorns that are not worth your time.

Let’s take a look at lakorns this year thus far.

Currently Airing

Recently premiered:

I am currently only watching Kularb Son Klin, Sanaeha Sunya Kaen and Rak Ork Rit. When you’re watching these lakorns during their scheduled days, it makes it less time consuming than to marathon it, although marathoning lakorns certainly have its appeal. You get to watch the whole story in one fell swoop, which is really nice.

The currently airing lakorns – whether evening or primetime lakorns – offer such a wide variety of storyline and plot. We have Kularb Son Klin, a girl who wants to achieve her dreams of exploring Australia: even if it means learning to be a chef, and pleasing an entire crowd of head chefs, mom and especially the leading guy. But things are more than what she anticipated when she falls in love with our guy and have to choose between her dream and her love. What’s a girl to do? Then recently there’s Rak Ork Rit, a story about a private eye accepting a murder case. How do you determine whodunit when things don’t add up? And what if everything isn’t what it seems?

And finally, Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, a story about a newly wedded man who loses his wife before the consummation of their marriage. He’s a one true love kind of man so he takes it to heart when he learns that some drunken girl had stood in his wife’s path. Instead of the girl dying, his wife who had the protection of her car AND an airbag, meets her maker. It must be fate, or a poorly written death scene. Our guy vows to avenge his wife’s death by making the other girl’s life a living hell. How will he do this? Well, he’s going to hire her to be his sister’s nurse! How the revenge plan will unfold, we shall soon find out. Is holy matrimony a good revenge plan? Well, maybe to the devil himself.. but with Mr. Hotness Dome, it might be a purgatory that many would sign up for. At any rate, it’s an entertaining show thus far.

We also have the following two lakorns that will air in the near future:

Recently completed:

Channel 3

Channel 7

Channel 5


Out of the recently completed lakorn list, I have seen three lakorns to their completion from Channel 3: Nang Rai Summer, Yah Leum Chan and Spinsters Versus Casanovas. I love Nang Rai Summer – to which I marathoned – and absolutely adored Spinsters Versus Casanovas . Out of the lakorns this year, I would say SVC has really knocked my socks off. From beginning to end, SVC manages to stick to what they’re good at – which is to make you laugh and cry along with three unconventional heroines. Let’s hope for part two. Yah Leum Chan was enjoyable in its own, convoluted way, and it’s worth it if only to tune in for Kong and Rita scenes.

As for the rest, I haven’t seen them thoroughly enough to have an opinion. What have you enjoyed this year? What are you anticipating?

For the remainder of the year, there are some big lakorns to look out for. Lom Sorn Rak with Nadech as a twin; Sai See Plerng with Chompoo Araya, Por Natawat and Chakrit Yamnam; Rising Sun Series with our four popular actors and actresses: Mario Maurer, Taew Nataporn, Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya. These aforementioned lakorns should air this year. You can head on over to Bloggerslakorns to read about other channels and lakorns that are currently filming or looking to air soon.

Alas, I’ve been asked quite frequently what I’ll be recapping next. So I’ll just turn the request over to you, what would you like to read about?

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