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Yah Leum Chan: Episode 8


I have a few words for Kemchart and they’re all very ugly. You will see them spewed throughout this episode. I’ll just get right to the recaps and you can read my thoughts on the last paragraph.

*Pictures are finally added, despite such a vexing episode! Lovelies, feel free to give your two cents below!


In the valley of Switzerland’s breathtaking hill, Kem rests his head on Su’s shoulder, feigning exhaustion. She tries to move away until he tricks her in to thinking that he’s hurt. He tells her that it’s so meaningful to him when she finally shows him that she cares about him. Bleh. They head back to their last meeting with a client.

Meanwhile atop those snowy mountains, Ganlong wipes her tears away. Eua offers a cup of coffee and tells her that she’s wasted enough tears. And just as they think that their search efforts are futile, Wiboon phones her to report that he has found Su’s itinerary and will email it over to her shortly, much to Somkit’s horror, who couldn’t stop Wiboon in time. Somkit warns Wiboon to consult him next time if he were to send any information to Ganlong – just for safety. Which confuses Wiboon to no end.

Somkit- Kem’s spy – reports to the boss that Ganlong has Su’s itinerary and she’ll know exactly where they’re staying at. He lies to Su that a new customer wants to meet them and they best hurry on over to a different town. As he walks her away, Ganlong and Eua arrive at the meeting location and she immediately recognizes the backs of Kem and Su. She makes chase – Eua trailing behind her wake – but as she taps his shoulder, it’s someone else. Right, there’s an exact couple that matches the profile of Kem and Su in Switzerland! This goose chase isn’t coming to a head anytime soon, is it?

On the ferry leaving Luzern, Kem plays the doting man, he tells her that since they are outside of their work environment, it’s time he take care of her too. He does this by keeping her warm with his jacket and making her coffee with lemon. I personally like black coffee with honey, but that’s just because I like sweet things. Su asks him with a smile whether she could fire him if he didn’t make good coffee. He smiles and can’t seem to keep his eyes off of her.

Ganlong and Eua learn from the concierge that Su had been gone for a bit now and that she did come with Kemchart. This floors Ganlong because it proves that Kem clearly lied to her so that he can be alone with Su. Now the only thing Ganlong needs (in order to end things with Kem once and for all) is to see it with her own two eyes. The best way to do this, Ganlong surmises, is to follow them to the hotel.

At their new destination Kemchart asks Su if she likes what she sees, but whether she likes it or not, he has already booked her a room here. Su realizes that there’s no client to be met and that he contrived for her to come here because he wanted to surprise her. He tells her that it’s their last night in Switzerland and he wants to do something extra special for her. He’s waited a long time for this moment – this is their closure and they may NEVER see each other again. Su concedes. Boy’s taking out all of his aces, a beautiful master suite and a spa package waiting for her when she’s ready.

Learning that Su called into the hotel to cancel her reservation, Ganlong is at wits end. She confides to Eua that she has over-exhausted herself today searching for Kem. She’s done tormenting her body and heart and she just wants to find a place to rest. Eua suggests a great spot – seemingly appearing to be nonchalant about this whole thing with Su-Kem. Ganlong says that she’s a lucky girl because Eua is so good to her. But I think that Eua focuses on the moment at hand, and when he sees a friend in need, he’s going to help that friend. Which makes him so sweet and kind and polar opposites from Kem, who’s sincere to no one.

Kem wines and dines Su amidst the misty terrace, as the sun is about to set. Kem even selected the menu himself, it’s based on what Su likes and a symbol of what he wants to tell her. For example the food items represent the fact that he will never forget their time together, that she was his love at first sight and she would be his eternal love. Su is touched by his efforts and consideration as tears well up in her eyes. Kem is touched by his own actions and driven by the moment, he cries too. They both cry as the sun sets.

In a more vibrant environment, Ganlong and Eua amble by the bar. He tells her that if she drinks on an empty stomach she’ll get drunk faster. Truer words. But Ganlong argues that her stomach is already full with stress. Because she is able to joke, Eua tells her that the real Ganlong has finally arrived. (Lol she was possessed by a frantic Ganlong?)

“If you saw Su here with Kem, would you still feel the same way about her?” Ganlong questions.

Without answering he returns the question to her, “what about you?” But she doesn’t let this one slide so he proceeds to answer, “that depends on the surrounding. If they are alone, I still can’t conclude anything. They haven’t been seen doing anything wrong. So I don’t know how I would react.”

“That’s like an answer you would give a reporter, so general! One can’t glean anything by that,” Ganlong peeves. Because if she saw the two together alone, that would tell her everything, it’ll be over. Her motto in life is you see, you hurt, you end it. You can be sad but not for long. Eua surmises that no wonder she can be depressed one day and happy the next. It’s a good trait to have because she will always make people around her happy. She wonders out loud whether Kem feels the same way when he’s around her. Eua peers ever so curiously at her. I hope he shares the same motto in life because he’s going to need it!

Kem approaches Su as she takes a deep breath staring at horizon. Su tells him that sometimes people take deep breaths because they are happy.

He takes her hand, “There is something I need to tell you besides what the food represents.” He tells her to turn around and he covers her eyes with a cloth. Holding her from behind, he kisses her cheek.

Ganlong and Eua take a stroll outside and she asks him if he knew what she’s terrible at. Eua replies that she’s terrible about searching for people. Lol. In all seriousness, Ganlong tells him she’s a terrible singer. Eua on the other hand admits that he’s terrible at dancing. He can’t seem to keep to the rhythm. Ganlong doesn’t believe it and prompts him to prove it by dancing in the streets. The crowd cheers them on and Eua is forced to dance too- and he totally lies because when he moves he’s totally adorable. P’Euaaaaa!

Blindfolded, Su is taken along a path of forget-me-not flowers. When Kemchart removes the blindfold, he whispers that everything he does is for her. Su is beyond surprised, even when he quotes everything that she has told him in the past – that she likes forget me not flowers because they have a rare color and are resilient. Kem remembers everything about her and he repeats what he said to her when he first gave her the ring: “I made the ring especially for you. Even though it’s not worth much, but it’s the only thing of its kind in this world.” Su repeats her part, “thank you for valuing our love. I will cherish your heart as best as I can.” And then they embrace. He pulls her face up for a kiss and next thing we know, he lays her down in bed and seals the deal.

The night grows quiet as Su falls asleep and Kem steps away. He texts Ganlong (who had been dancing with Eua) and much to her surprise, the goose that she has been chasing makes himself known when she had given up.

Kem wants to see her tomorrow morning and Ganlong wants to confront him and see what excuse he’ll use. Ganlong thanks Eua profusely for being with her throughout this ordeal. He holds her against his side and gave her a comforting squeeze. That is my kind of man!

The following morning Kem sends Ganlong on a scavenger hunt, that if she finds the letter she will get her answer. What the hell, the woman has been looking for him for three days and he sends her off to a scavenger hunt?? Once she discovers the letter, it says that he has something to tell her. She might be angry but it’s necessary that she know the truth as to why he went to Italy and why Aum had taken her camping. But the letter doesn’t actually say the truth, nor the next, or the next. Gahhhhh! Finally by a statue, she finds a letter that says he didn’t want to tell her that he didn’t go to Italy. He had intended for her to follow him to Switzerland but he wanted to stall their meeting time for one purpose, which is the same reason why he had asked Su to come with him. Whatever that purpose is, Ganlong seems more exhausted by the scavenger hunt than the prospect of being excited about his “preparation.”

Of course Su wakes up the next morning, alone in bed. She calls out his name and searches the room for him, to no avail. She too found a letter on the table. This boy loves writing letters.. she smiles not knowing what awaits for her inside.

Meanwhile Ganlong finds the last rose and the final letter, which says that he chose Suriyong because she is someone Ganlong trusts. His story lines up well with her goose chase earlier. Now today is the perfect time to show her what he has prepared for his special person.

Su opens her letter:

Suriyawadee. Allow me to call you by this name because no matter if you use Suriyong or a thousand other names, for me, you’ll always be Suriyawadee. The only woman embedded in my heart is Suriyawadee.

You were embedded in my heart since I first laid eyes on you. I never wavered and was committed to you. Every time I think about you, you are always the sunlight of my life. You must laugh at my foolishness. Your face is always sweet, your smile warm.

But I finally understood what cold blood means. The sunlight of my life died. You are so good to leave me for a man old enough to be your father for money. You’re so much better than me because I could never be with a woman old enough to be my mom for money. I am grateful to you for teaching me the power of money. It motivated me to be where I’m at today. The lesson did not fall on deaf ears. Thanks again Suriyawadee.

Thus I wanted to find a way to repay this grand lesson you taught me.

His letter slowly hits her.

You may think that men forget easily. You may think that you still have power over me. But you would be wrong. You are someone I will get even with. I pretended to be good to you, pretended to smile, be sweet to you– you’ve taught me well. You fell for it – the hotel, the romantic scene, recalling the past – you may have laid with other men in the past, but I will be the only man you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you’re hurt, remember that I was hurt before you. But I’m much nice than you, at least we used to love each other. I’m using the word “used to” not currently. If my love for you wasn’t that bad, you can choose to keep this to yourself. Don’t utter a word about our past, don’t let this get back to Ganlong, the woman I will marry. The woman who deserves my love.

We see Su sobbing, we see Ganlong peering through a telescope as several hot air balloons rise to the sky. One in particular strings a large banner that says, ‘will you marry me?’

Ganlong is shocked. Kem appears before her in white and tells her that she’s the only woman that he loves. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her.


He screwed one woman and proposes to another the next day! And he’s not genuine to either of them.

The last line on the letter instructs Su to remain quiet and shut her mouth. If she doesn’t want to do that then she can get the hell out of his life. He will erase her name from his heart. They are dead to each other.

Su puts her face in her hands and sob.

Ganlong calls Eua to share her good news with him. She tells him to thank Su on her behalf for helping Kem with the proposal. Eua spots Su standing alone by the Chateau. His presence surprises her but she learns that he and Ganlong had followed them to Switzerland and that Su had been recruited to help Kem with the proposal. Stone faced and unmoving, Su goes along with the story. She tells Eua that everything is over and she’s free now. Eua is concerned about her countenance, but she reassures him that she’s all right, truly. She WILL be all right.

Su stares out into the calm waters and looks at her forget me not ring. She remembers his last words and throws the ring into the water. Eua watches her from afar.

Kem-Ganlong’s good news makes its way to Bangkok. Wiboon wishes that he’ll be calmer and happier when he’s married, but Somkit fears it may get worse. Wanita eavesdrops and shares her findings with the evil sisters. They had thought that they did their due diligence in alarming Ganlong about Kem-Su but it apparently didn’t work. Something must have happened and only one person knows: Eua. However Eua relents that he knows as much as they do about the circumstances. The evil sisters try to convince him that it’s important to find out what happened because getting married is a big deal and he wouldn’t want Ganlong to marry someone she shouldn’t. They have a point, finally. Looks like Wanita is setting her caps on a new man…

Eua thinks about Ganlong and hopefully with the combination of growing adoration and the fact that he cares too much about her to let her be with a scumbag like Kemchart.

Su thinks about Kem’s words and his manipulations as the tears stream down her face. The camera pans to her late husband, “You taught me to be strong. You taught me to return the hate with love and my true self. If I fall in love and feel right about what I’m doing, no one can hurt me.” Her face crumbles. “But what if the love that I have for myself has been destroyed, what if my heart is dead now, what should I do?”

The door opens and her twin boys peak inside at their mommy. They console her and wipe away her tears.

Kem and Ganlong receive her father’s blessings, but he asks that they engage first than marry. He wants their wedding to be the first event/opening for the new hotel. Furthermore, he wants her to focus on the engagement party and finish up the hotel so she would need to take a leave of absence from Kem’s company.

Su asks her mom whether she has done anything to disappoint her. Reason being, in the event that she does something unforgiving, that would really disappoint her mom. But mom says that they will stand by her side and love her unconditionally. There will always be four people whom love her dearly. Su embraces her mom for strength.

Kem and Ganlong celebrate over a glass of wine as he spews bullshit at her again. You’re my only special someone blah blah blah. Then a bowl of prawn soup is placed in front of him and he’s haunted by memories of Su. Even as he walks to his office the next morning, he thinks about Su sitting at her desk. When he hears heels clicking on the floor, he thinks Su is walking towards him. He learns that Su officially quit yesterday. Dude, what did you expect?! Did you forget what happened the other day? Did you forget your fucked up revenge scheme?! He just gets in a bad mood and snaps at Malai because no one can please him like Su.

Honey phones her playmates Gai and Khai for ice cream. Her dad compliments Su for being a good mom who doesn’t spoil her children. When he learns that she quit her job, he immediately offers her a job to be his hotel manager. Must be nice to be Su. She tells him she’ll think about it.

Ganlong meets with Eua for a chat. She’s supposed to be working on the engagement party but she doesn’t know where to start because Kem is MIA again. Ever since they received blessings from her dad, he doesn’t pick up her phone calls or he’ll say he’s busy with work. This leaves her rather confused. She feels like a dead weight now that he’s got her, he doesn’t care anymore. Eua doesn’t like the sound of that. He says that people should be even more interested in spending time with the other person because they are starting a new life together. It’s not right to treat someone like a dead weight. Ganlong surmises that whoever marries Eua is a lucky girl. Ditto. Furthermore, Ganlong doesn’t understand why Su isn’t head over heels for Eua since he is the perfect man. These two are so cute together!

Meanwhile Su job searches and is also haunted by memories of Kem. She spies those once bellowed forget me not flowers in the yard and proceeds to uproot them all. Eua and Ganlong pay her a visit and notice that she’s removed all of the flowers, which is unusual because she loves them. Ganlong feels badly for the flowers and asks for them. She brought them all to Kem’s house, lol.

Su is in the process of dumping all of the flowers in the garbage when Kem’s car pulls over with a screech. He stops her and threatens that she must not have had enough because she gave Ganlong flowers to plant at his house. Su spats that she’s not a faker like him who pretends to shed tears and say sweet words, and she wouldn’t send flowers to hell. He counters that this hell has brought her to heaven. Eye roll..

Su slaps him (not nearly hard enough) and tells him to get the hell out of her house. She has no intentions on walking back into his life. Since they hate each other, they should just get out of each other’s lives. He has killed Suriyawadee, he shouldn’t dream of bringing her back to life. He argues that it’s not true that she doesn’t want to see him again. (Who here wants to slap him?) He refuses to leave until she accepts the truth. She tells him that HE needs to accept the truth because she never wants to see him again. Yes, sometimes we have to repeat ourselves.

I’m really confused by his actions..

Ganlong and Wanita run into each other at the mall as Ganlong purchased her stacks of bridal magazines. Wanita congratulates her on the pending nuptials and offers to be the designer for her engagement and wedding gown. Ganlong turns down the offer because she’s looking for a designer that understands her taste, as far as she can see, Wanita and her have very different styles. Also to clarify, Ganlong tells Wanita that whatever she had cooked up about Su and Kem, that’s not true. But she can continue to believe in what she wants to believe. Wanita warns her that Kem isn’t as good as she may think he is. Well, she’s right about that.

Ganlong is desperate for help with the wedding. She can’t seem to move forward with any decision-making. She approaches Kem later and asks for some help with the wedding. He designates Wiboon, but Ganlong prefers a woman. Someone who is detail oriented and has similar taste, like Su. Oh show, are you going to go there?! Ganlong wonders if Su would be willing to help her, but Kem said even if she wouldn’t he would make her. I’m officially grossed out! His revenge has no end!


Kemchart you suck! *I still love you Tik! Just not your character!

For starters, I’ve never fallen in love with Kemchart as a character, his revenge schemes and background wasn’t built well enough for me to empathize with his feelings. But I shouldn’t have to hate his character. I don’t know about you guys, but I watch a lakorn mostly for the pr’eks (unless we have one hell of a rocking nang ek, but mostly for pr’eks) so when you have a lakorn with a despicable pr’ek who constantly makes himself worse and worse, I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, I hope he doesn’t get the girl! That man deserves to spend his miserable life ALONE and save the rest of the female population from the likes of him.

We’ve had our fair shares of pr’eks who are rough around the edges or who are vengeful. But they are redeemable. We get why they’re angry and we get why they do what they do. Sawan Biang, Jam Loey Rak, Jai Rao – these guys won us over from the beginning. I’m quite disappointed that the writer/director couldn’t piece the puzzle together and realize that this character isn’t going to work. One wouldn’t, couldn’t think back and say, Kemchart is my hero.

I don’t like the prospect that the show will continue to torment Su. So Kemchart is going to make her plan HIS wedding with Ganlong? I hope this is not going to be one long drawn out torture of watching the same thing over and over again.

EVEN if the show wants us to believe that he really meant it when he’s with Su and that deep down he truly loves her and that he’s a nice guy. I don’t buy it. At this point, even if he goes down on both knees and beg, I’m not sure I would feel sorry for him.

The only saving grace for me is Eua and Ganlong in this show, but even so, it doesn’t push this lakorn to anything great. Well not for me anyway. Sad panda.

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