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Yah Leum Chan : Episode 4


It’s a good backstory episode, complete with our characters walking down memory lane. We find out Eua’s biggest regret, we learn Kemchart and Suriyawadee’s cute past. But also, we learn that the past always has its interesting way of shaping the future and character. Some characters change for the good, while other (singular, if you get my meaning) mainly turn to the dark side.


As Kanlong surveys the hotel, she spots Eua sitting by the pool. A smile crosses her face at the pleasant coincidence. She learns that Eua brought his twin brothers to swim at the pool, but the shocking part is that those twin brothers are Suriyong’s sons.

Kanlong takes to the boys immediately, who could blame her? They are adorable. Upon learning that the kiddos reminded their brother that they wanted to bring cake to grandma, Kanlong suggests that it’s even better and more meaningful to bake a cake for grandma. But what she really means is that they can create their own cake toppings. Kanlong, Eua and the boys enjoy some cake topping time. Eua observes that it’s a rare occasion indeed that Gai and Khai would listen to someone they don’t know, in fact, it’s the first.

Kanlong happens to select a small, round cake with a teddy bear topping for her special man, Kem, who peers at the cake reluctantly wondering if it’s his birthday. She tells him that he must work too hard to even remember his birthday – to which Kem replies that all it matters is that he remembers her birthday. Kanlong says that she made it in the occasion that she ran into Eua and his twin brothers. Upon hearing this, Kem is unhappy, appearing to be the jealous boyfriend. Kanlong states that jealousy is indicative of a rake because he who is a rake, fears that another person may be snooping behind his back. Kem looks at her seriously and tells her that he’s totally not like that – what you see is what you get. Liar face!

Meanwhile the evil sisters sift through a stack of pictures of Su and Kem shopping ‘intimately’. They had hired someone to follow the two while they shopped for Kanlong’s office furniture. Orn sneers that she must be really unlucky because Su seems to go after all of the men that she ‘loves’ – be it her father, brother, or now Kem apparently. Aum thinks it’s good that Su is showing her true colors because once Eua and Kanlong gets a hold of the pictures, they won’t be too fond of her. The duo plots the best way to show Su’s true colors.

Su receives a cake made by Eua who pens that this is the best cake a banker can decorate, while on her bed sits a bouquet of lilies that Kem had given her. She recalls that he wants them to start over as friends.

Kem asks to treat Kanlong to dinner tomorrow for the cake that she made for him. But he soon forgets his words when he receives a visitor the following morning. Aum calls on him to share some information and to forewarn him regarding Suriyong. She tells him the reason why Suriyong married her father is to escape a debt. Su’s father’s business tanked and owed the bank 200 million baht, which is 6.2 million dollars. Aum’s father had pitied the girl so he offered to marry Su in exchange for the debt. Su must have wanted to marry so badly because she left school when she only had one term left. Once Aum’s father died, Su immediately changes her course to pursue Eua. Due to this reason, Aum feels that Su only loves herself and money. Aum assures Kem that there is more to Su that he could not imagine, but most importantly she’s not a good person. But you know, she’s only telling him what he wants to hear, what he already supposedly ‘know.’ She’s only fueling the fire of hatred in his heart.

Now it’s Orn’s turn to work on Eua. But her bias doesn’t help her case because Eua already knows Su’s true colors and a few pictures aren’t going to convince him otherwise. Besides, those pictures only indicate that Kem is the one who initiated the contact or even the one who leaned in. Su looks uncomfortable and he trusts that Su isn’t that type of a person. He warns Orn not to show Kanlong these photos. Orn warns him in return that he will be sorry one day because of Su. But regardless of his trust in Su, that fellow Kem is not trustworthy.

The aforementioned man does his research on Suriyong’s father and the failed business. He learns that Aum’s story is true and that at the time, there was no way for him to help her. No regular Joe is able to fork up 6.2 million dollars. Kem gets a call from Kanlong chiding him that he’s forgotten their dinner date again. Kem rushes to dress and meets Kanlong at a restaurant, upon which he presents to her a cake as an apology. Kanlong tells him she’s too hungry to be angry. They can worry about that later.

It’s a romantic, candlelight evening with wine. Kanlong says that she can’t stay out too late because she will start her first day of work at his company tomorrow. Kem tells her that he didn’t forget, in fact her office has already been prepared. Kanlong retorts that it doesn’t have to be nice because he may want to fire her on the first day. She works very slowly and takes her time to deliberate. Kem thinks it’s a good thing because he’s a hasty person and she can keep him in check. But Kanlong says that Su would be the right person for the job then because she’s patient. Kem disagrees because Su’s got nothing on her. He’s gone through some experience that taught him to see what’s a gem and what’s a diamond, he doesn’t want to be an idiot anymore. Kanlong sees a different side of him today and wonders out loud that it sounds like he used to be an idiot… for someone. He says that it’s a good lesson. Kanlong reassures him that it’s human nature to experience success and failures: one must see it to believe it. That’s exactly Kem’s mantra, but on a more twisted and evil way.

The following morning as Weeboon arrives to work with Suriyong, he learns that his boss made a white lie: that Weeboon was unavailable on Saturday to shop for Kanlong’s office furniture. This further exonerates Weeboon’s suspicion that maybe Kem and Su are having an affair.

Kem watches Su arrange the desk to prepare for Kanlong’s arrival when he recalls what Aum said earlier, that Su is only good as a servant with a marriage certificate who is unable to love anyone else but herself. He approaches Su and says, “Since we are now friends, I have something to tell you. From now on, if you need money, tell me. Before I couldn’t help you because I was poor, but now I’m rich so you must tell me- as someone who used to be close to you. I’ll give it to you without asking for marriage. I’m happy to give it to you because I pity you.”

Oof, Su looks like she was stabbed in the chest. That one hurt. But later she understood his behavior, Somkit tells her that Aum paid him a visit yesterday.

Kem welcomes Kanlong on her first day, he tells her that he only comes down to greet an assistant name Kanlong and no one else. Bleh. He goes out of his way to make her feel special, that he selected all of the furniture himself and it took him all day and night. Kanlong doesn’t waste a minute and tells Su that they can get started right away.

Su explains that because Kem comes in to work at 8am, she usually starts at 7am. Kanlong balks at the horror of waking up so early. I feel you, I’m not a morning person either. Su chimes in that she would be happy to come in the earlier shift and Kanlong can come in anytime until Su leaves. Kanlong refuses to accept that Su will quit, which leaves Kem smiling in the corner, eavesdropping. His smile soon fades because Kanlong tells Su that she knows Su had been the one to pick out the office furniture. Eua had told her when she ran into him at the pool. He also told her to feign surprise so that Kem doesn’t scold Su.

Su proceeds to show Kanlong the office, how Kem likes his coffee (black coffee with a thin slice of lemon) and if he’s cranky just put a couple of cookies out for him. Heh. Kanlong surmises that she has known him for a bit now and doesn’t know that much about him. Su seems to know all of the details. Kanlong offers to try making him coffee to see if he will like it. Of course he lies through his teeth that her skills are comparable to Su’s. He has a word with Su alone (and slips calling her Wadee again), he thanks her for taking Kanlong under her wings. He takes the opportunity to touch her hand, but Su steps aside and tells him that the sooner she can get Kanlong trained, the sooner she can quit. Ha.

Kanlong goes to her kickboxing class but failed to book a trainer. Luckily Eua appears telling her that he’s looking to chat with her and found her status on facebook. Kanlong surmises that it must be important, but not until he humors her with a round of boxing. She kicks the crap out of her training partner. Eua questions on whether Kem is a playboy, but Kanlong doesn’t think so, he appears to keep his distance from girls. Kanlong tells him he has nothing to worry about because Su has a good man in her wake – Eua. Being the good, kind man that he is, Eua also says that he shouldn’t be jealous then because Kem also has a good woman on his side – Kanlong.

But what Kanlong says next hurts him more than she could ever fathom, she mentions that wouldn’t it be great if Eua met Su before his father did? Imagine that- he would be the one to marry Su. That’s not farther from the truth. This saddens Eua immensely for this is his biggest regret. He flashes back to a time where he adamantly tells his father no, he will not marry someone he’s never met much less someone who’s marrying for money. He spitefully tells his father to marry the girl instead if she’s so great. And so he does. Eua doesn’t realize what slipped through his fingers until he met her in Switzerland, where she found his missing wallet. That stranger turned out to be his new stepmom. He ignored her at first and it took some time for Eua to come around, but with Su’s demeanor and patience, she won him over eventually.

That is the thing about life. Eua did what he thought was the right thing at the time and they didn’t pan out. His father told him that this is a lesson for him: he should stop listening to what others tell him to do. This has made him more humble and he’s changed into a better man because of it.

Aum reports to her younger sister that Kem told her he doesn’t want to keep Su around anyway but that his manager had hired her and asked to keep her around. She also put a spell on Kanlong who refuses to let Kem fire her. His hands are evidently tied. Orn doesn’t understand why Kanlong or Eua are so immersed by Su, because even Eua doesn’t seem to blink an eye after seeing the photos. Aum disagrees, she knows her younger brother feels a thing or two, he just doesn’t want to express it in front of Orn. Aum has thought of a plan to get Eua and Kanlong together. Perhaps Kanlong can work with Eua as well.

Suriyong presents her parents with a matching wedding band for their anniversary, since they sold their rings to pay off the debt. Her parents are touched and when they thank her, it’s not simply for the thoughtful gift, but for everything that she has done for them. She has sacrificed herself and they know that it didn’t give her happiness. Su reassures them that she was happy to do it, she made those choices on her own. Regardless, her dad wants her to start doing things for herself now. They want to see her marry a man that she truly loves. What a touching scene, Ann is an amazing actress. The refrained tears, the eyes that speak.

Kem sits in his dining room moping, probably running out of ideas to wreak havoc with Su. Somkit shows up to report that his yard is being renovated. The analogy about plants cause Kem to come up with a new idea to cause Su some pain. Kanlong’s father asks her to take the day off from work so that she can handle some hotel business. Kanlong feels badly but Kem doesn’t mind it one bit, in fact, Su will go with him to the afternoon meeting.

Wanita spies Kem leaving with Su and demands to know what they’re doing together. Weeboon tries to ignore her because he doesn’t like talking to rude people. But she demands to be heard, he suggests that she googles the word manner and learn it. Lol.

Kanlong meets her dad at the restaurant while they wait for their special guest. Turns out, the guests are the Rattanakchart, who had been referred by a hi-so acquaintance. What a way to use your connections. It seems like every time Kanlong sees Eua she always exaggerates his name out of surprise “Pheee Euaaa.”

Kanlong’s father is relieved to hear that Kanlong and Eua are friends and that the Rattanakchart are interested in investing/partnering with the new hotel, which is Kanlong’s first project. Aum chimes in that Kanlong and Eua aren’t simply friends, they are close friends. Kanlong and Eua secretly smile at each other because they know where this is going. They text each other under the table. Lol. Why so adorable you two?

After their successful meeting Kem tells Su that he’s hungry. They go to their old spot because Kem wants to rekindle some memories. It appears to be a college lunch spot, where food is cheap and delicious. Kem orders her to wait for him in their usual table (because he knows she remembers where it is) and purchases their favorite dishes. His attempt in rekindling her memories is successful. Gosh I must say that the student version of Kem is much more endearing. But what’s there to miss when we’ve never really seen him that way? Just the devil Kim now.

Eua questions his sisters on what they have shared with Kemchart, but Aum and Orn merely tell him that they want justice served and that they don’t like to see people getting tricked. Eua tells them that the people Kemchart ought to be wary about are the two of them. He advises them that they don’t need to worry Kemchart would take Su away from him because the more they defame Su to Kemchart, the more he’s only going to hate her.

We get flashbacks of Kem and Wadee during their college days, and how happy they were together. They recall the first time they met each other, he accidentally kicked a soccer ball against her head. They recall their sweeter moments where he laid his head on her lap, or the fun moments where they laughed with each other. Gah they are so cute, but walking down memory lane is never a good idea.

Kem in present time tells Su that what happened is not her fault and she should stop blaming herself. He tells her that he understands because she did what she had to do, help her family escape debt. Despite being angry and sad because he couldn’t say goodbye, he tells her she can forgive herself.

Kem turns her around to face him, “I know you’re tired. Tired of acting like you don’t know me; pretending like you don’t remember the past. No matter how convincing you are, you never forget. Don’t fight it anymore. No matter how many times you change your name, you will always be Suriyawadee to me. I understand everything now. I forgive you- you don’t have to act or lie to others- or even lie to yourself.”

He walks away.

“Thank you,” she calls out. “Thank you for understanding.”

Kemchart then tells her that he has to pick Kanlong up so she can find her own ride back.

Now who’s acting? Mr. Kemjerk!

Su is left alone with her tears as company.

Kemchart learns that Kanlong will be working with Eua on her hotel project and he asks that she don’t work alone with him, Kemchart feels possessive. Kanlong turns the table and tells him not to be alone with Su either then, but Kemchart tells her not to feel threatened, Su is a widow with two kids, he’s got no desires for her. But he has the right to be jealous about Eua who is handsome, rich and single. Let’s add nice to it too. Kanlong tells Kemchart to trust her. He retorts that she is the best person he has met and he won’t lose her.

Su puts her son to sleep and she thinks about what her late husband told her, that he chose her to be the twin’s mom because she’s patient, dutiful and strong. Su feels that others may not look at her that way. They may despise her and think her dishonorable. Her late husband tells her that a gold doesn’t change its color. Some may just not see its value at first. Su smiles at the memory, which leads to her earlier discussion with Kemchart. She’s happy that he’s made peace with her choices and their past. It couldn’t be further from the truth, unfortunately.

Weeboon picks her up and notices how refreshed and younger she looks. He even spots a youthful picture. (The biggest difference in her look is that she let her hair down and her makeup is much more modern.) He wonders if she knew Kemchart during college, since they would have gone to school at the same time. Su denies it, indicating that she left early and didn’t graduate. Su changes the subject to her car, which has been fixed and free of charge, courtesy of Kemchart.

Kemchart peaks into Kanlong’s office and makes himself at home. He notices her doodles at her desk and is instantly impressed. Five seconds later, he tells Kanlong he wants to buy her design. In a company meeting minutes later, Kem presents Kanlong’s design for future fabric, specifically made for accessories that they will market to kids and families. He gives the podium to Kanlong who elaborates about her designs.

Kemchart is taken aback by Su’s new look when she walked into the meeting. She’s breezy and beautiful. He just sits there and smiles at her, lol. After the meeting he finds an excuse to talk to her, and he tells her that she’s returning to the old Suriyawadee that he knows, even from the way that she does her hair, makeup or even smile. He says that he’s happy that she’s returned to her old self, even though they’re not completely the same. He gets extra close to observe her but Somkit walks in on time and immediately suspects something is up. Somkit then learns from Weeboon that Su and Kem went to the same college.

Eua tells his sister that he knows what she’s up to. Investing in the hotel isn’t primarily for the bank’s benefit, she wants him and Kanlong to get close. He suggests that if she have a lot of free time, she ought to finalize the inheritance for Gai and Khai so they can fulfill their father’s will. Aum tells him that she’s already taken care of the inheritance, if he wants to know, he can contact the attorney himself.

Back at Kem’s company, he turned Kanlong’s design into a graphic design on the computer. He spots Su by the stairs and proceeds to get closer to Kanlong to make Su jealous.

Eua gives Su the attorney’s contact info and compliments her on her new look. But Su could only think about Kem’s words earlier.

The next morning, Somkit approaches Kemchart. He has wanted nothing more than to see Kemchart happily married. And now if he’s met the one for him, he shouldn’t do anything reckless. If he fails, he may lose her. Kemchart assures Somkit that he won’t fail and that he won’t lose Kanlong.

Meanwhile Kanlong and Eua choose the design for the new hotel and are eye to eye on every choice. Like minds. They are perfect for each other and they don’t even know it.

Su tries the attorney’s phone many times to no avail, which we know it is all Aum’s doing, she vows to end things with Su and Eua once and for all.



I know your game, Mr. Kemjerk!

Apparently Kemchart is playing the Mr.Understanding card, gaining Su’s trust again so he can destroy her heart later. The funny thing though, is that what he says is completely logical during their walk in memory lane: that he totally understands her past choices and he forgives her. These are the things we want to hear (and usually happens during the ending) so I like that they are incorporating this early on, knowing that he’s going to need more than those words to be forgiven by Su (and the audience) in the end. I go back and forth not really liking our hero. Think about it, he’s just not a likeable guy. We didn’t really get to meet this nice guy in college, the guy that Wadee knows. Instead, the first man we see is the man he is right now, ridden with anger. He’s plotting a revenge against Su, because he truly believes that he’ll teach her a good lesson. But he’s also not being completely genuine with Kanlong, whom he professes to love. I don’t remember Kemchart from the original lakorn to be so evil, and maybe it’s the scriptwriter’s fault, but there’s not a lot of dimension from our hero.

Now our supporting hero, P’Eua. He’s amazing. We saw a great character arc for him, he learned a painful lesson not to listen to his annoying, evil sisters anymore- and that cost him Su. Instead of marrying her, his father marries her instead. Now the second time around, he’s vowed to be a better man. His OWN man. That’s really awesome. Granted, you can’t cut your blood out and you have to pick and choose your battles, so I’m still looking forward to the fights that he chooses. From a character standpoint, I’m more in love with P’Eua than Kemchart at this point.

Despite Ann being so amazing and drawing emotional tears in the scene with her parents, her character hasn’t drawn me in. I’m categorizing her as being uber pragmatic and keeps everything bottled up inside. When you think about it, she’s kind of cold. So she leaves her current boyfriend to marry an older man so that she can save her family from debt. Then many years later, she comes to work with her ex boyfriend thinking that he should move on the way that she has moved on. Because really, breaking a man’s heart despite promising to protect it, is no big deal. He needs to get over it. Right. I think she’s a little careless with other people’s feelings. She does what she thinks it’s right and trusts that everyone understands her. I think in her perspective, everyone should compartmentalize their feelings and just move on. I’m hoping to see more to her character and that comes with time. Letting down her hair is a great start.

Kanlong on the other hand, I love her from the get go. She’s so refreshing in this lakorn, not to mention stunning. I love the fact that she and Eua knows what his sister’s are up to and they don’t feign the innocent, oh I’m so oblivious to everything. But when it comes to Kem, it’s hard to blame her because he turns his full charm on when he’s around her.  She expects people to be honest with her, and I like how she calls people out on their BS. What is not to love about Kanlong?

Can’t wait for episode 5, do tune in to Darkness Lakorns recaps for odd episodes! Until next week Lovelies!

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