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A Collaboration with Darkness Lakorns – Yah Leum Chan Recaps


Well hello there, Lovelies. I have some exciting news to share – Darkness Lakorns and I are doing a joint recapping project on Yah Leum Chan!

Combined with an admiration for her voice and writing talents, as well as time issues on my side and the interest in providing two voices and two writing styles for the readers, I shamelessly reached out to Lady of Darkness for collaboration on Yah Leum Chan. So how will this work? LoD will cover the odd episodes and I will be capturing the even episodes. We will post every episode on our blogs but during the days that we’re not recapping, we’ll provide the link for you.

Although we’ve never done this before, Yah Leum Chan seems like a great lakorn to start with – so, happy reading!

Head on over to Darkness Lakorns to read the first episode!

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